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Table of Contents,Model Summary 3,Zx1i 90T 3,Zx1i 100 3. Zx1i 100T 3,Packing List Zx1i Install 3,Product Feature Identification 4. QuickSAM Strong Arm Mount System 4,Step by Step Installation and Wiring 5. Step 1 Mount the SAM Bracket 5, Step 2 Select Voltage Tap Zx1i 90T Zx1i 100T Models Only 6. Step 3 Select the Horn Dispersion Orientation 7, Step 4 Mount the Speaker to the QuickSAM Bracket 8.
Step 5 Wire the Speaker 9,Step 6 Secure the Seismic Tab Connection Point 9. Step 7 Test System Operation 9,Maintenance 9,Detaching Speaker from QuickSAM Bracket 10. Appendix A Troubleshooting Table 10,Appendix B Painting the Zx1TM Speakers 11. Painting Process 11,Painting the Grille 11,Appendix C Technical Specifications 11. 2 Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual,Model Summary Packing List Zx1i Install.
All four Zx1i models use an 8 inch high Listed and illustrated below are the parts. excursion LF driver and a 1 inch exit included in each box of the Zx1i speaker. titanium compression driver on a A 1 Speaker system. rotatable horn to provide high fidelity full B 1 QuickSAM assembly. range sound over a wide coverage area C 1 Owner s Manual. The system also features the exclusive D 1 Warranty card. QuickSAMTM mounting system for easy E 1 SAM mounting tool. mounting and aiming F 1 Zx1i Engineering Data Sheet. 90 x 50 Rotatable Horn,Black or White Models,Phoenix Input Connector B. 90 x 50 Horn,100W Transformer with 8 ohm,bypass and Automatic Saturation. Compensation ASC,Black or White Models,Phoenix Input Connector. 100 x 100 Horn,Black or White Models A C,Phoenix Input Connector. Zx1i 100T ZX1i Series,Loudspeaker System,100 x 100 Horn Key Features.
Integrated QuickSAMTM Heavy Duty Strong Arm Mounting. Bracket Included,Indoor Outdoor Design Meets IEC 529 IP44 MIL810. Environmental Specs,ASCTM Automatic Saturation Compensation. EV8L 8 Weatheriz,W ed Cone High Output LF Transducer. 100W Transformer with 8 ohm D,True Compression Driver. 90 x 50 or 100 x 100 Coverage Patterns,Rotatable Horn Design.
200W Continuous 800W Peak Power Handling,High Sensitivity. y 123 dB Maximum SPL,General Description,bypass and Automatic Saturation. The Electro Voice ZX1i is the new standard of no compromise audio performance. and versatility in an easy to install compact sound reinforcement package. The high tech enclosure uses injection molded high impact polypropylene to make. the ZX1i extremely durable The enclosure geometry has been engineered to. provide maximum rigidity and acoustic performance The velocity compensated. port design overcomes the limitation of many small cabinet loudspeakers and F Respon. enables exceptional low frequency response without vent noise. Freq Range z, ZX1i installation is incredibly simple with the included QuickSAMTM mounting sys Rec Hipass Frequency z 40 H. tem The QuickSAMTM is a unique integrated mounting bracket which is virtually. foolproof It allows the installer to simply snap the speaker onto the bracket then Axial Sensitivity1 90 94 dB 1W 1m. tighten it to the desired position For array mounting there is an optional array 100 92 dB 1W 1m. Compensation ASC, bracket kit available which allows multiple units to be mounted together for a variety Max Calculated SPL 90 123 dB. of configurations 100 121 dB,Horizontal Coverage 9 0 or 100.
Zx1i uses a special circuit that when in transformer mode the network re configures. itself to a current actuated Hi Pass filter at the transformer primary. ry It gently rolls,ry Vertical Coverage 50 or 100, Rated System Power 2 00W Cont 2 400W Prog 800W Peak. the higher vocal frequencies and the program continues without interruption Low. frequency current is limited through the transformer eliminating low frequency LF Transducer EV8L 8. r in 203mm Drive, saturation Automatic Saturation Compensation allows many speakers to be run HF Transducer DH200t5 1 in 25 4mm Exi. on a distributed line with a 50Hz Hi Pass filter before the amplifier regardless of the Compression Driver. number of speakers on the same line the number of tapped watts cannot exceed. Crossover Frequency 1z 7 kH, the amplifier rating With the same 50Hz Hi Pass 10 speakers on transformers. Black or White Models, will have the same full sound as a single speaker at 8 ohms Nominal Impedance 8 sOhm. Minimum Impedance 6sOhm,x 50 coverage for longer throw and.
cluster applications 100 Connectors 4 Pin Phoer nix Connecto. many distributed audio applications An added benefit is horn rotation allowing the Enclosure Material Higrh Impact Polyme. ZX1i to be oriented either horizontally or vertically for complete coverage flexibility. QuickSA TM Heavy Duty,Suspension IntegratedM, The ZX1i molded polymer enclosure is inherently water resistant The addition of a. Strong Arm Mounting Bracket, multilayer grille with hydrophobic cloth and weatherized components enable the Grille Polyester PowdeAr Coated 18G. ZX1i to perform under many environmental conditions An optional weatherized Galvanized Steel. input panel cover with a gland nut is available for additional protection Dim H x W x D 451mmm x 282mm x 263m. 17 75 x 11 12 x 10 35,Phoenix Input Connector,sophis et e ig t 4 kg 18 5 lbs without Transforme. ticated crossover network integrates it with the DH2005 a 1 inch voice coil true kg 23 0 lbs with Transformer. compression driver maximum output with extended frequency response Full hipping eig kg 22 5 lbs without Transforme. bandwidth overload protection is provided for reliable long term operation without kg 27 0 lbs with Transformer. audible effect 1,Half Space Measurement,IEC Pink Noise 6 dB Crest Factor. Automatic Saturation Compensation, ASCTM eliminates distortion and Figure 1 Zx1i Install Packing List.
saturation at high volume levels and an,8 ohm bypass switch adds flexibility. Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual 3,Product Feature Identification. Illustrated below are the major components of the Zx1 Series full range speakers. A Sweep Adjustment Bolt Socket Head Bolt A, B Enclosure Attachment and Rotation Adjustment Bolt Socket Head Bolt B. C Dual low frequency ports,D Durable zinc alloy steel grille. E Cast aluminum Quick Strong Arm Mount QuickSAM,F 8 Woofer with weatherized treated cone.
G 1 exit EV compression driver,H Rotatable Logo,I Rotatable Waveguide horn E. Figure 2 Zx1 Features,QuickSAM Strong Arm Mount System. Zx1i s QuickSAM system Strong Arm Mount excels at meeting the four important. requirements for mounting speaker systems simple quick versatile and reliable Three. easy steps and you are done Securely attach the surface bracket to the wall or ceiling. click the Zx1i enclosure onto the bracket aim the enclosure and tighten both bolts. WARNING Bolt B in Figure 2 must be tightened Failure to. tighten Bolt B may allow the speaker to disengage from the. QuickSAMTM Bracket possibly resulting in serious injury. 4 Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual,Step by Step Installation and Wiring. Step 1 Mount the SAM Bracket to Mounting Surface, WARNING It is the installer s responsibility to ensure that the. mounting surface is stable and can support more than the. speaker s weight, Use only industry accepted fasteners and mounting methods when mounting the.
bracket Consult an expert if you are not sure Read steps 2 and 3 before attaching the. speaker in step 4 For standard vertical installation mount the SAM bracket as shown. in Figure 3 For horizontal mounting configurations mounting the bracket on the bottom. side as in Figure 4 is easiest allowing the speaker to be mounted closer to the ceiling. Figure 3 Vertical Mounting Figure 4 Horizontal Mounting. Figure 5 70 Rotation Range Figure 6 90 Sweep Range. Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual 5, Step 2 Select Voltage Tap Zx1i 90T and Zx1i 100T models only. Before attaching the speaker to the bracket select the proper voltage tap setting for your. installation The voltage selector switch is located at the rear of the speaker below the. input terminal panel The power taps are 100 50 25W and 12 5W at both 70 7V and. 100V with a 6W tap for 70 7V only There is also an 8 ohm bypass setting The taps are. selected by a rotary switch on the back panel A guide on the back of each speaker. shows which switch positions to use for the power settings at 70V and 100V Figure 7. below illustrates the settings,Voltage Tap,Voltage Tap. Figure 7 Voltage Tap Selector Zx1i 90T and Zx1i 100T Models Only. 6 Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual, Step 3 Select the horn dispersion orientation If necessary. For the 90 x 50 horn version you may elect to rotate the horn assembly for more. effective coverage depending on the orientation of the speaker cabinet in your. installation The horn is factory installed with the 90 coverage in the horizontal plane. and the 50 coverage in the vertical plane as shown in Figure 8 below. To rotate the horn follow the steps below, 1 Remove the logo badge to expose grille mounting screws. 2 Remove the grille assembly see illustration, 3 Remove the screws holding the horn assembly in place see illustration.
4 Rotate the horn assembly 90, 5 Secure the horn assembly back to the baffle with the horn mounting screws. 6 Secure the grille assembly to the baffle with grille mounting screws. 7 Secure the logo badge back onto the grille,Horn Mount. Grille Enclosure,Grille Mount,Logo Badge Screws,Figure 8 Horn Rotation 90 x 50 Models Only. Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual 7,Step 4 Attach the Speaker to the QuickSAM Bracket. After mounting the QuickSAMTM bracket from Step 1 to the desired surface attach the. speaker to the QuickSAMTM bracket by inserting the QuickSAMTM into slot on the side of. the speaker until it clicks in place Using the provided mounting tool tighten the two. socket head bolts A and B enough to allow aiming as shown in Figure 9 After selecting. the proper horizontal angle secure the sweep axis as shown by tightening bolt A Next. select the proper vertical angle and secure the rotation axis by tightening bolt B To. tighten the recessed bolt B insert mounting tool through hole on the side of the speaker. WARNING Bolt B is what secures the speaker to the, QuickSAMTM Bracket It is the installer s responsibility to.
ensure that Bolt B is fully tightened Failure to tighten Bolt. B may allow the speaker to disengage from the, QuickSAMTM Bracket possibly resulting in serious injury Use. of the Seismic restraint is highly recommended See Step 6. Socket Head,QuickSAMTM,Mounting Tab,Socket Head Bolt B. Recessed Inside,Figure 9 Attaching Speaker to QuickSAMTM Assembly. 8 Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual,Step 5 Wire the Speaker. Connect the wires to the speaker using the detachable 4 pole phoenix connector as. illustrated in Figure 10 The 4 connections allow for convenient loop through wiring to. the next speaker system wired in the system,Step 6 Secure the Seismic Tab Connection Point.
The rear of the enclosure includes an eyebolt for connection to a seismic restraint. Connect it to a properly rated hardware fitting that is securely installed independently of. the SAM bracket Maintain a 12 305mm maximum length of slack or less Even if. your local construction code does not require the installation of secondary support its. use is highly recommended as additional security,Security Cable. Phoenix Connector,Connector and Wires,Polarity Detail. Figure 10 Wiring and Seismic Tab Connections,Step 7 Test System Operation. After all connections are made test the complete system operation Appendix A page. 10 contains a troubleshooting table to assist in locating many speaker related. Maintenance, Your Zx1 system has been designed and manufactured to provide years of durability. and reliable service No routine maintenance is necessary Units may be cleaned by. wiping with a soft damp cloth Never use solvents or harsh cleaning agents of any kind. Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual 9,Detaching the speaker from the QuickSAM Bracket.
Loosen Bolt B See Figure 9 Press in the Mounting Tab while pulling the speaker. away from the mounting surface Press in Mounting Tab either with the included. mounting tool See Figure 11 or by hand See Figure 12. Press Here, Figure 11 Detaching Speaker Figure 12 Detaching Speaker. from QuickSAMTM with tool from QuickSAMTM by hand,Appendix A Troubleshooting Table. Problem Possible Cause s Action, Connect a known working test speaker to the amplifier. outputs If there is no sound check that all the electronics. 1 No Sound Amplifier are on the signal routing is correct the source is active. the volume is turned up and so on Correct repair replace. as necessary If there is sound the problem is in the wiring. Verify that you have connected the correct wire pairs to. the amplifier Play something at low level through the. amplifier for example from a CD player or tuner, Connect the test speaker in parallel with the malfunctioning. line If the sound level has gone or is very weak the. Wiring line has a short in it possibly a severe scrape pinch. or staple puncture If the sound level is normal the. wire is open possibly a cut wire or a missed connection. Using the test speaker move down the line and, test each connection junction until you find the problem.
Electro Voice Zx1i Owner s Manual 7 Step 3 Select the horn dispersion orientation If necessary For the 90 x 50 horn version you may elect to rotate the horn assembly for more effective coverage depending on the orientation of the speaker cabinet in your installation The horn is factory installed with the 90 coverage in the

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