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1 Define physiology and describe its relation to anatomy. 2 Name and describe the major organ systems of the body. 3 Name and describe the composition and synthesis of the major biomolecules as well as how the human. body utilizes them, 4 Describe the responses of the major organ systems to exercise and recovery from physical exertion. 5 Describe and relate the significance of various physiologic parameters such as heart rate cardiac output. endocrine secretions gastrointestinal and renal function. 6 Use anatomical principals to describe neural tissue and the propagation of neural signals. 7 Use anatomical principles to describe the functional differences of muscle tissue. 8 Predict describe the manifestation of physiologic dysfunction in organ systems. Warning some course content may be considered sensitive by some students. Methodology,This is a lecture lab course, You are required to participate in both components in order to receive a. passing grade in the course Lab and lecture will be incorporated into one grade. All testing will be,done within MOODLE,Evaluation Criteria. Your progress in this course will be measured in a variety of ways One of the most important tools you. have as a student is your ability to communicate Thus you must be able to clearly articulate in written. form your understanding of human anatomy and physiology You will be evaluated by 4 criteria. performance on 8 lecture quizzes these may consist of multiple choice true false matching. fill in the blank and short answer questions study quizzes assignments and discussion postings In. addition to examinations and quizzes I will regularly ask questions of the class Your ability to. participate during these discussions will positively affect your grade or negatively if you choose not to. participate You may be given additional assignments throughout the course that are intended to. reinforce information being covered,The course grading scale will be as follows. 59 or below F,NO MAKE UP EXAMS, There will be in this course It is your responsibility to check your personal.
schedule with ALL exam dates and to make adjustments as necessary All students have the option of. taking a cumulative lecture exam during finals week and using it to replace a low or missing lecture. Page 2 of 6, In an emergency an exception will be made as long as proper documentation is provided See the. Casper College Student Handbook for information on how to handle absences due to illness or death in. Casper College may collect samples of student work demonstrating achievement of the above outcomes. Any personally identifying information will be removed from student work. Required Text Readings and Materials Fox Human Physiology 14th edition text with connect plus. MediaPhys PhILS 4 0 and LS labs, 1 All Digital Connect Plus APR LS Labs Integrated for Fox Human Physiology PhiLS 4 0 Access. MediaPhys 3 0 9781259624568, 2 Print Digital Fox Human Physiology Loose Leaf Textbook Connect Plus LS Labs Integrated for Fox. Human Physiology PhiLS 4 0 Access MediaPhys 3 0 9781259671418. Class Policies Last Date to Change to Audit Status or to Withdraw with a W Grade. You may withdraw from the course any time prior to November 12th It is the student s responsibility. to initiate this,Student Rights and Responsibilities. Please refer to the Casper College Student Conduct and Judicial Code for information concerning your. rights and responsibilities as a Casper College Student. Chain of Command, If you have any problems with this class you should first contact the instructor to attempt to solve the.
problem If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by the instructor you should then take the. matter through the appropriate chain of command starting with the Department Head Program Director. the Dean and lastly the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Academic Dishonesty, Cheating Plagiarism Casper College demands intellectual honesty Proven plagiarism or any form. of dishonesty associated with the academic process can result in the offender failing the course in which. the offense was committed or expulsion from school See the Casper College Student Code of Conduct. for more information on this topic,Official Means of Communication. Casper College faculty and staff will employ the student s assigned Casper College email account as a. primary method of communication Students are responsible to check their account regularly. also where you will find course evaluation links during course evaluation periods. All assignments,and class communication should be within moodle. Page 3 of 6,ADA Accommodations Policy, If you need academic accommodations because of a disability please inform me as soon as possible To. request academic accommodations students must first consult with the college s Disability Services. Counselor located in the Gateway Building Room 344 307 268 2557 bheuer caspercollege edu. The Disability Services Counselor is responsible for reviewing documentation provided by students. requesting accommodations determining eligibility for accommodations and helping students request. and use appropriate accommodations,Page 4 of 6,Calendar or schedule indicating course content.
ZOO 2110 Fall 2015, Tentative calendar or schedule indicating course content. Week Beginning Content,1 Getting Started,Aug 24 30 Go Over Syllabus. Review Course Resources and Access Supplemental Websites. 2 Chapter 1 The Study of Body Function,Aug 31 Sept 6 Chapter 2 Chemical Composition. September 6 Exam 1 over chapters 1 and 2 due by 11 55pm. 3 Chapter 3 Cell Structure and Genetic Control,Sept 7 13 Chapter 4 Enzymes and Energy. 4 Chapter 5 Cell Respiration and Metabolism, Sept 14 20 Chapter 6 Interactions Between Cell and Extracellular Environment.
September 20 Exam 2 over chapters 3 6 due by 11 55pm. 5 Chapter 7 Neurons and Synapses,Sept 21 27 Chapter 8 CNS. 6 Continue with chapters 7 and 8,Sept 28 Oct 4, October 4 Exam 3 over chapters 7 and 8 due by 11 55pm. 7 Chapter 9 ANS,Oct 5 11 Chapter 10 Sensory Physiology. 8 Chapter 11 Endocrine, October 18 Exam 4 over chapters 9 11 due by 11 55pm. 9 Chapter 12 Muscles,10 Continue with chapter 12,Oct 26 Nov 1.
November 1 Exam 5 over chapter 12 due by 11 55pm,11 Chapter 13 Blood Heart and Circulation. Nov 2 8 Chapter 14 Cardiac Output Blood Flow and Blood Pressure. 12 Chapter 16 Respiratory Physiology, November 15 Exam 6 over 13 14 and 16 due by 11 55pm. 13 Chapter 15 Immunity,November 16 22,14 Chapter 17 Physiology of Kidneys. Nov 23 29 Chapter 18 The Digestive System, November 29 Exam 7 over chapters 15 17 and 18 due by 11 55pm. 15 Chapter 19 Metabolism,Nov 30 Dec 6 Chapter 20 Reproduction.
16 Exam 8 over chapters 19 and 20,17 Optional Final. ZOO 2110 Human Physiology Fox Human Physiology 14th edition text with connect plus MediaPhys PhILS 4 0 and LS labs 1 All Digital Connect Plus APR LS Labs Integrated for Fox Human Physiology PhiLS 4 0 Access MediaPhys 3 0 9781259624568

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