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www zkl cz,ZKL Concern Mission, ZKL Concern joint stock company a traditional Czech manufacturer of. roller bearings and the largest manufacturer of special and technological. bearings in Central Europe promotes flexibility and speed in meeting customer. requirements and the ability to take responsibility In all our activities we apply. considerate approach to the environment, We focus on industries that require precision and high operational. reliability of roller bearings in mechanical engineering applications We offer. special and technology bearings of 400 1600 diameters in an entire range. together with technical solution functionality using advanced design and. development methods and technologies, Through the development of stable business ties in the traditional ZKL. markets worldwide we intend to increase the market share and strengthen the. position mainly in the sectors of power engineering mining metallurgical. manufacturing and transport industries, The management is going to create reliable background and environment. for individual development for employees From our employees we will require. loyalty and maximum commitment to fulfil the company vision and achieve. reasonable return on the investments made,www zkl cz.
ZKL Concern Mission 2,Contents 3,Introductory word of CEO 5. Current organizational scheme 7,Sales Marketing 8,LATIN AMERICA 8. Argentina 8,Chile Peru Colombia 8,EU COUNTRIES 10,2016 BUSINESS ACTIVITIES 11. Strengthening ZKL brand s image 11,Building branded sales network 12. Processes 13, Technological development innovation research and development 14.
Quality management and environmental protection system 17. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 17,ZKL s QUALITY POLICY 17. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 19,Human Resources 20,PERSONAL GROWTH 20. EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND GROWTH 22,Significant events and changes in subsidiaries 23. ZKL BRNO a s 23,New members of the ZKL Brno s machine fleet 23. Sealed spherical roller bearings 24,www zkl cz,Special custom spherical roller bearings 25.
ZKL KL TEREC NAD OH a s 26,Expected company development 26. Research development activities 27,Consolidated financial data 30. Auditor s report 36,www zkl cz,Introductory word of CEO. Dear business partners,in 2016 we completed the difficult. period of the previous three years from 2014,when our business was impacted by several.
unexpected effects Just to remind you I,would like to mention the devaluation of the. Czech crown at the end of 2013 and the,termination of the cooperation with the VW. Group concerning the deliveries of special,tubes for the passenger cars cooling. systems The devaluation of the Czech,crown known as the Intervention of CNB had. a negative impact on the results of ZKL as,we hedged foreign currency risks arising.
from EUR and USD for the years 2014,2016 Those factors negatively affected our. economic results in the recent years by an,amount of nearly CZK 250 m and important. is that we jointly managed to eliminate those,negative effects by the end of 2016. For the above reasons to be able to finance those expenditures we had to. reduce the inventories of bearings on the stock in the ZKL Bearings CZ a s trade. organization by about 15 and reduce the operating inventories in the. manufacturing enterprises by another 15 In absolute statement this meant cutting. down the inventory by about CZK 90 m and thus freeing up cash to finance the. aforementioned losses We succeeded in doing so and I can say that the. implementation of the said measures helps to ensure gradual stabilization of the. production and sales of the ZKL bearings, Despite those difficulties and the overall decline in the production of heavy. machinery in the world i e power engineering steel and mining industry we. recorded an approximate 10 decline in the sales to a volume of CZK 1 068 m but. it is important that we managed to improve profitability measured by EBITDA by 50. www zkl cz,to CZK 101 m as indicates the below table.
2015 2016 Index 2016 2015, Revenues from sales CZK thous 1 195 811 1 068 313 0 89. Added value CZK thous 452 702 404 503 0 89, Operating result EBITDA CZK thous 66 928 101 254 1 51. Positive in the 2016 results is the acquisition of new business for the supply of. bearings to wind farms and new projects in the sector of railway bearings Those are. particularly special bearings for low floor trams manufactured in CRRC China and. bearings to locomotives for Russian railways and so on Those new projects. together with other innovative bearings underpin the expected growth in the ZKL. Group sales in 2017 and beyond The important thing is that the proportion of direct. deliveries of bearings to the primary production OEM is increasing and in 2017. should amount to approx 40 of the total sales of bearings In 2017 we expect. sales growth of around 10 4 against 2016 to CZK 1 179 thousands and efficiency. growth measured by EBITDA by 57 i e to the amount of CZK 159 m. Finally I would like to thank you all for your cooperation in 2016 for your. support in dealing with the difficult situation in the years 2014 to 2015 with our task. and goal being to continue to be a promising business partner. Ing Ji Pr il CSc,www zkl cz,Current organizational scheme. Ing Ji Pr il CSc,www zkl cz,Sales Marketing, In 2016 ZKL Group continued to develop key territories that include Latin. America Asia and Europe Business is in individual territories carried out by business. offices through direct acquisitions We further try to increase the sales of bearings to. primary manufacturers and end users The general trend is that large end users and. primary manufacturers seek to eliminate intermediaries and buy directly from. manufacturers through their dealers At the same time that trend however challenges. logistics as customer needs are transmitted directly to the manufacturer The. advantage of an intermediary distributor is greater availability of goods and that. service is now transmitted more on primary producers. The development of sales and ZKL s market share in selected territories is. documented by following charts and detailed information relating to individual. LATIN AMERICA, In 2016 Argentina contributed with more than 70 to the total ZKL exports to.
Latin America In 2015 Argentina s share was more than 60 and in 2016 it even. increased We could thus mark Argentina within Latin America as dominant despite. the fact that imports into the country are still subject to state regulation in the form of. import licences The distributor network is very good and stable. In addition to the segment of agro industry and manufacturers of gearboxes. ZKL bearings begin to gain ground also in the metallurgical and mining industries. Key to the development of sales has become a successful project of a delivery. of sealed spherical roller bearings in the segment of the mining industry Significant. segments of the territory are also iron works, Brazil s potential is high the political and economic situation in the country is. however complicated and gaining a more significant market position is a matter for a. longer period,Chile Peru Colombia, The growing inter year numbers in those countries show a stable potential of. those markets In Colombia and Peru we have managed to stabilize cooperation with. strategic business partners An important step in Chile became the cooperation with. a new strategic partner which thus completed several years major efforts to. penetrate this territory,www zkl cz, Personnel changes in the management of the Chinese office contributed. significantly to the development of new opportunities in the Chinese territory and at. the same time successful cooperation with our customers was build in the steel. industry and the power engineering sector, Ongoing are also the deliveries of bearings for Skoda 27T trams for the end. customer CSR and the preparation of a project for another operator in supplies of. bearings to the underground trains has been initiated. The ZKL representative office provides mainly deliveries to end customers and. operates in the area of technical support Within MSV International Engineering. Trade Fair in Brno negotiations with a NLC representative end customer were held. which was the basis for future cooperation, By extending the product range we managed to re build the existing.
cooperation with ELECON Promising appears negotiations with New Cheran and. The India distribution network is covered by a number of authorised dealers. Together with its master distributor ZKL was able to deliver by some 20 of its. products more than in 2015, In 2016 there was a police crackdown in India on ZKL bearings counterfeits. Bearing counterfeiting is a global problem,www zkl cz. EU COUNTRIES, ZKL market share in the European Union is stagnating In 2016 the share of. ZKL reached 0 92 which is a slight decrease compared to 2015 It was mainly. caused by the low price of commodities such as coal oil and steel For large. manufacturers of gearboxes and heavy industrial equipment this meant reduction of. market needs i e lack of orders and that was also reflected in the supplier network. The below table indicates the territorial distribution of revenues of ZKL. Bearings CZ a s in CZK thousands,Business Unit 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016. Latin America 177 972 192 609 73 660 101 506 89 420. Asia 133 166 175 884 135 785 178 600 155 240, Europe SNS Africa 191 757 144 591 158 285 171 233 144 231.
Far East 80 857 65 517 80 600 98 893 67 456, Czech and Slovak Republic 111 285 124 326 230 977 220 854 218 351. Central and Western Europe 147 867 179 158 173 595 168 141 151 668. Total 842 904 882 085 852 902 939 227 826 366,www zkl cz. 2016 BUSINESS ACTIVITIES,Strengthening ZKL brand s image. The ZKL concern has been continuously working on the development and. promotion of its image ZKL participated in several domestic and foreign fairs. Fair City Date,METALLOOBRABOTKA SVARKA Perm Russia 5 4 8 4 2016. Expomin Santiago de Chile Chile 25 4 29 4 2016,FIMAQH Buenos Aires Argentina 10 5 13 5 2016.
BIEHM Bilbao Spain 30 5 4 6 2016, CzechRaildays Ostrava Czech Republic 14 6 17 6 2016. InnoTrans Berlin Germany 20 9 23 9 2016,MSV Brno Czech Republic 3 10 7 10 2016. In 2016 those activities were focused on building the awareness of the brand. in the territories of Latin America On the European continent we presented our. company primarily on specialised fairs where we were increasing the awareness of. ZKL as a manufacturer of bearings for railway industry. We have developed activities towards the professional community when we. started to work more with the ZKL company profile on LinkedIn. Regular customer satisfaction survey showed that with the products being. offered to them they increasingly look for services and related professional. www zkl cz, consultancy Flexible response to emerging customer needs is provided by the sales. support technical department OTPP that offers technical solutions in choosing. suitable bearings attendance at assemblies of special and large size bearings or. technical training for customers and distributors, ZKL s own added value is its own research and development focused on the. innovation of the existing range of bearings expansion of the production programme. by new design series the development of special bearings and a variety of additional. services In 2016 the activities of research and development focused on toroidal. roller bearings bearings for wind farms and certification of bearings for railway. industry which in terms of the market copies segments that also have great future. Building branded sales network, ZKL has direct dealership in seven countries of the world China Mexico.
Brazil Argentina Uruguay Germany and India The main activities of representative. offices include support of distributors on technical issues promotion dealing with. complaints etc, The authorised ZKL s distribution network expands every year and authorised. distributors are the main sales channel ZKL keeps focusing on increasing the. proportion of customers from primary production especially in the European Union. as well as on increasing sales to end customers, In 2016 sales in the US had dropped due to the loss of the principal distributor. and therefore measures were taken to compensate that drop in the coming years It. is mostly about finding new potential distributors and customers among the primary. producers At the turn of the year 2016 2017 ZKL had already 6 distributors in the US. where it regularly sells its products The loss of the main distributor was thus solved. in a relatively short time,www zkl cz, One of the main goals for 2016 was also to perform process analysis and set. up processes with the support of the latest IT technologies The main processes. such as tender introduction of new products and claims management are now fully. supported by the database system Windchill from PTC. Another important improvement was achieved by using a new planning. algorithm that takes into account the turnaround custom or serial bearings and. dimension Using predictions we can calculate that level of safety stock to meet the. limits of stocks and invest money only in what is merchantable with higher probability. The India distribution network is covered by a number of authorised dealers Together with its master distributor ZKL was able to deliver by some 20 of its products more than in 2015 In 2016 there was a police crackdown in India on ZKL bearings counterfeits Bearing counterfeiting is a global problem

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