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1 Create Your Account, Create your hum account by clicking the link provided in your welcome email. If you ve already created your account great Jump to step 2. TIP Can t find the welcome email No worries visit customer hum com click account setup. and enter the email address associated with your account. 2 Download the hum App and Provide Your VIN, Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the hum app or. login in at hum com to enter your VIN, TIP Your vehicle identification number VIN is commonly located on a plate at the top of the. dash on the driver s side viewable through the windshield. 3 Install the hum System, Simply plug the OBD II Reader into your vehicle s OBD II port. Then turn on the hum Speaker and clip it to your visor. IMPORTANT Make sure your vehicle is OFF before installing your OBD II Reader We. recommend charging your hum Speaker for at least 20 minutes prior to activation. TIP Every vehicle is different but OBD II ports are usually located under the driver s side dash. For help locating your OBD II port visit www hum com port. 4 Drive to Confirm Activation, Go for a drive and listen for the welcome greeting from the hum Speaker.
If you hear it you ve activated successfully,Congratulations. Your car is now safer smarter and more connected, TIP If you don t hear the welcome greeting press the blue button on your hum. Speaker or call 800 711 5800,The hum App, With the hum app you ll be able to stay in touch with your car and get. help that saves you time and money all from your smartphone. Auto Health, Access diagnostic information for your vehicle and catch small problems earlier so. they don t become bigger issues,Pinpoint Roadside Assistance.
Get pinpoint roadside assistance for flat tires dead batteries towing and more with. 24 7 nationwide coverage and GPS guiding help to your vehicle location. Mechanics Hotline, Connect with an ASE Certified mechanic for expert advice about your vehicle that. could save you time and money,Maintenance Reminders. Stay on top of vehicle care with maintenance reminders you can set yourself for oil. changes tire rotations and more, Locate your parked car and set up reminders to feed the meter. Service Travel Discounts, Enjoy discounts at thousands of service centers hotels and car rental locations. For more information visit www hum com or call hum. Customer Service at 800 711 5800,Your hum Portal, Login at www hum com from your computer laptop or tablet Get all the.
benefits of the hum app plus manage your account add users and. vehicles and more Check it out on a larger screen today. www hum com, Keep your hum profile up to date with your current mobile number email address password. and emergency contact,Permissions, Give additional users permission to access vehicle diagnostics alerts discounts and other. hum features via the customer portal or hum app, Invite secondary drivers to join your hum account as additional users. View vehicles activated on your hum account and set your primary vehicle The primary. vehicle s information will always appear at the top of your hum Dashboard. Plans Billing, Change your billing address update your credit card information or view other details for. your hum account,The hum Speaker, The Bluetooth compatible hum speaker is central to the service It connects.
you to a trained agent in the event of a collision Plus contacting the Mechanics. Hotline and emergency assistance is just a button push away. NOTE The area and range of communications services are limited and. dependent on cellular coverage,A Customer Service Button F Microphone. Press if you want to speak with a hum,specialist need roadside assistance or. to reach the mechanics hotline G Battery Indicator. Fully Charged,B Phone Button,Charge Immediately,Press to answer incoming calls and to. disconnect See how to pair your, mobile phone on the next page A fully charged speaker 6 hour charge. time offers approximately six weeks of,standby time or 16 hours of hands free.
C Emergency Button,Press when you need emergency,assistance You ll be connected to the. H Bluetooth Status Indicator,hum emergency center TM. D Volume Buttons,Not Connected,E Hands Free On Off Switch. NOTE Do not place your speaker in direct sunlight, When switched off hands free calling Fold the visor up to its stored position when leaving. is inactive The Customer Service and your vehicle so the speaker is not exposed to direct. Emergency buttons will continue to sunlight through the windshield or side glass. Setting Up Hands Free Talking, Help keep your hands on the wheel and stay more focused on the.
road with hands free talking Pairing your mobile phone to the. hum speaker via Bluetooth is easy Here s how, TIP For best hands free calling reception make sure the speaker is. attached to the visor in front of the person speaking. 1 Turn on vehicle ignition,2 Turn on your phone s Bluetooth feature. Turn on the speaker s Hands Free switch A,4 B for five. Press and hold the green phone button on the front of the speaker B. seconds or until the Bluetooth Status Indicator begins to flash. 5 Set your phone to search for Bluetooth devices Select hum If prompted. for a PIN enter 0000, 6 The Bluetooth Status Indicator will turn solid indicating your phone has been. successfully paired, NOTE The speaker can be paired with more than one mobile phone but not simultaneously.
For more help review the Frequently Asked Questions FAQs at www hum com. Roadside Assistance provided by Signature Motor Club Inc subject to Signature terms and conditions. Limited time offer for new hum subscribers,System in Your Box. hum Speaker OBD II Reader,12 Volt Adaptor Speaker Charging Cord. Something missing Call us 800 711 5800,Regulatory Information FCC Requirements. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules Operation is subject to the following two conditions 1 this device may not cause harmful interference. and 2 this device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation. Modifications not expressly approved by Verizon Telematics Inc could void the user s authority to operate the equipment. RF Exposure, This equipment complies with FCC Radio Frequency Exposure limits set forth for uncontrolled environment when installed and operated so that a minimum. distance of 20 cm is kept towards the nearest human body. Apple the Apple logo iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc registered in the U S and other countries App Store is a service mark of. Apple Inc iTunes is for legal or rightholder authorized copying only Don t steal music. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc,2015 Verizon Telematics Inc 53 10043 A0 10 15 15.
Your Quick Start Guide Welcome to hum TIP Can t find the welcome email No worries visit customer hum com click account setup and enter the email address associated with your account Create your hum account by clicking the link provided in your welcome email If you ve already created your account great Jump to step 2 1 Create Your Account TIP Your vehicle identification

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