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U4P7E2E0 book Page 1 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. EAU46090, Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold . U4P7E2E0 book Page 1 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. INTRODUCTION, EAU10113, Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling . As the owner of the XC125E you are benefiting from Yamaha s vast experience and newest technology regarding the design. and manufacture of high quality products which have earned Yamaha a reputation for dependability . Please take the time to read this manual thoroughly so as to enjoy all advantages of your XC125E The Owner s Manual. does not only instruct you in how to operate inspect and maintain your scooter but also in how to safeguard yourself and. others from trouble and injury , In addition the many tips given in this manual will help keep your scooter in the best possible condition If you have any fur . ther questions do not hesitate to contact your Yamaha dealer . The Yamaha team wishes you many safe and pleasant rides So remember to put safety first . Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality Therefore while this manual contains the most cur . rent product information available at the time of printing there may be minor discrepancies between your scooter and this. manual If there is any question concerning this manual please consult a Yamaha dealer . EWA12411, WARNING, Please read this manual carefully and completely before operating this scooter . U4P7E2E0 book Page 1 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION, EAU10132, Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations .
This is the safety alert symbol It is used to alert you to potential personal injury. hazards Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury. or death , A WARNING indicates a hazardous situation which if not avoided could result in. WARNING death or serious injury , A NOTICE indicates special precautions that must be taken to avoid damage to the. NOTICE vehicle or other property , TIP A TIP provides key information to make procedures easier or clearer . U4P7E2E0 book Page 2 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION, EAU37230, XC125E, OWNER S MANUAL. 2009 by Yamaha Motor Co Ltd , 1st edition July 2009.
All rights reserved , Any reprinting or unauthorized use. without the written permission of, Yamaha Motor Co Ltd . is expressly prohibited , Printed in China , U4P7E2E0 book Page 1 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. TABLE OF CONTENTS, SAFETY INFORMATION 1 1 FOR YOUR SAFETY Cast wheels 6 17. Further safe riding points 1 5 PRE OPERATION CHECKS 4 1 Checking the front brake lever. free play 6 17, DESCRIPTION 2 1 OPERATION AND IMPORTANT Adjusting the rear brake lever.
Left view 2 1 RIDING POINTS 5 1 free play 6 17, Right view 2 2 Starting the engine 5 1 Checking the front brake pads. Controls and instruments 2 3 Starting off 5 2 and rear brake shoes 6 18. Acceleration and deceleration 5 2 Checking the front brake fluid. INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL Braking 5 3 level 6 19, FUNCTIONS 3 1 Tips for reducing fuel Changing the brake fluid 6 20. Main switch steering lock 3 1 consumption 5 3 Checking and lubricating. Keyhole cover 3 2 Engine break in 5 4 the cables 6 20. Indicator indicator lights and Parking 5 4 Checking and lubricating. warning light 3 2 the throttle grip and cable 6 20. Speedometer unit 3 3 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND Lubricating the front and rear. Self diagnosis device 3 4 ADJUSTMENT 6 1 brake levers 6 21. Fuel gauge 3 4 Periodic maintenance chart for Checking and lubricating the. Anti theft alarm optional 3 4 the emission control system 6 2 centerstand and sidestand 6 21. Handlebar switches 3 5 General maintenance and Checking the front fork 6 22. Front brake lever 3 5 lubrication chart 6 3 Checking the steering 6 23. Rear brake lever 3 6 Removing and installing cowlings Checking the wheel bearings 6 23. Fuel tank cap 3 6 and panels 6 6 Battery 6 23, Fuel 3 7 Checking the spark plug 6 8 Replacing the fuse 6 25. Catalytic converters 3 8 Engine oil 6 9 Replacing the headlight bulb 6 25. Seat 3 8 Final transmission oil 6 11 Replacing a front turn signal light. Helmet holders 3 9 Air filter and V belt case air filter bulb 6 26. Storage compartments 3 10 elements 6 12 Rear turn signal light and tail brake. Carrier 3 11 Checking the throttle cable free light 6 27. Luggage hook 3 11 play 6 14 Replacing the auxiliary light. Sidestand 3 11 Valve clearance 6 15 bulb 6 27, Ignition circuit cut off system 3 12 Tires 6 15 Troubleshooting 6 28. U4P7E2E0 book Page 2 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. TABLE OF CONTENTS, Troubleshooting chart 6 29, SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE 7 1.
Matte color caution 7 1, Care 7 1, Storage 7 3, SPECIFICATIONS 8 1. CONSUMER INFORMATION 9 1, Identification numbers 9 1. U4P7E2E0 book Page 1 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. SAFETY INFORMATION, EAU10264, Safe Riding Ride where other motorists can. Perform the pre operation checks each see you Avoid riding in another. time you use the vehicle to make sure it motorist s blind spot . 1 Be a Responsible Owner is in safe operating condition Failure to Many accidents involve inexperi . As the vehicle s owner you are respon inspect or maintain the vehicle properly enced operators In fact many op . sible for the safe and proper operation increases the possibility of an accident erators who have been involved in. of your scooter or equipment damage See page 4 1 accidents do not even have a cur . Scooters are single track vehicles for a list of pre operation checks rent driver s license . Their safe use and operation are de This scooter is designed to carry Make sure that you are qualified. pendent upon the use of proper riding the operator and a passenger and that you only lend your. techniques as well as the expertise of The failure of motorists to detect scooter to other qualified opera . the operator Every operator should and recognize scooters in traffic is tors . know the following requirements before the predominating cause of auto Know your skills and limits . riding this scooter mobile scooter accidents Many Staying within your limits may. He or she should accidents have been caused by an help you to avoid an accident . Obtain thorough instructions from, automobile driver who did not see We recommend that you prac . a competent source on all aspects the scooter Making yourself con tice riding your scooter where. of scooter operation spicuous appears to be very effec there is no traffic until you have. Observe the warnings and mainte , tive in reducing the chance of this become thoroughly familiar with.
nance requirements in this Own type of accident the scooter and all of its con . er s Manual Therefore trols , Obtain qualified training in safe. Wear a brightly colored jacket Many accidents have been caused. and proper riding techniques Use extra caution when you are by error of the scooter operator A. Obtain professional technical ser , approaching and passing typical error made by the operator. vice as indicated in this Owner s through intersections since in is veering wide on a turn due to ex . Manual and or when made neces tersections are the most likely. sary by mechanical conditions places for scooter accidents to. occur , 1 1, U4P7E2E0 book Page 2 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. SAFETY INFORMATION, cessive speed or undercornering This scooter is designed for on A passenger should also observe. insufficient lean angle for the road use only It is not suitable for the above precautions . speed off road use , Always obey the speed limit and Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 1.
never travel faster than warrant Protective apparel All engine exhaust contains carbon. ed by road and traffic conditions The majority of fatalities from scooter monoxide a deadly gas Breathing car . Always signal before turning or accidents are the result of head inju bon monoxide can cause headaches . changing lanes Make sure that ries The use of a safety helmet is the dizziness drowsiness nausea confu . other motorists can see you single most critical factor in the preven sion and eventually death . The posture of the operator and tion or reduction of head injuries Carbon Monoxide is a colorless odor . passenger is important for proper Always wear an approved helmet less tasteless gas which may be. control Wear a face shield or goggles present even if you do not see or smell. The operator should keep both Wind in your unprotected eyes any engine exhaust Deadly levels of. hands on the handlebar and could contribute to an impairment carbon monoxide can collect rapidly. both feet on the operator foot of vision that could delay seeing a and you can quickly be overcome and. rests during operation to main hazard unable to save yourself Also deadly. tain control of the scooter The use of a jacket substantial levels of carbon monoxide can linger. The passenger should always shoes trousers gloves etc is ef for hours or days in enclosed or poorly. hold onto the operator the seat fective in preventing or reducing ventilated areas If you experience any. strap or grab bar if equipped abrasions or lacerations symptoms of carbon monoxide poison . with both hands and keep both Never wear loose fitting clothes ing leave the area immediately get. feet on the passenger footrests otherwise they could catch on the fresh air and SEEK MEDICAL TREAT . Never carry a passenger unless control levers or wheels and cause MENT . he or she can firmly place both injury or an accident Do not run engine indoors Even if. feet on the passenger footrests Always wear protective clothing you try to ventilate engine exhaust. Never ride under the influence of that covers your legs ankles and with fans or open windows and. alcohol or other drugs feet The engine or exhaust sys doors carbon monoxide can rap . tem become very hot during or af idly reach dangerous levels . ter operation and can cause burns , 1 2, U4P7E2E0 book Page 3 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM. SAFETY INFORMATION, Do not run engine in poorly venti Never attach any large or heavy. Maximum load , lated or partially enclosed areas 167 kg 368 lb items to the handlebar front. such as barns garages or car fork or front fender Such items. 1 ports When loading within this weight limit can create unstable handling or. Do not run engine outdoors where keep the following in mind a slow steering response . engine exhaust can be drawn into Cargo and accessory weight This vehicle is not designed to. a building through openings such should be kept as low and close to pull a trailer or to be attached to. as windows and doors the scooter as possible Securely a sidecar . pack your heaviest items as close, Loading to the center of the vehicle as pos Genuine Yamaha Accessories. Adding accessories or cargo to your sible and make sure to distribute Choosing accessories for your vehicle. scooter can adversely affect stability the weight as evenly as possible is an important decision Genuine. and handling if the weight distribution of on both sides of the scooter to min Yamaha accessories which are avail . the scooter is changed To avoid the imize imbalance or instability able only from a Yamaha dealer have. possibility of an accident use extreme Shifting weights can create a sud been designed tested and approved. caution when adding cargo or accesso den imbalance Make sure that ac by Yamaha for use on your vehicle . ries to your scooter Use extra care cessories and cargo are securely Many companies with no connection to. when riding a scooter that has added attached to the scooter before Yamaha manufacture parts and acces . cargo or accessories Here along with riding Check accessory mounts sories or offer other modifications for. the information about accessories be and cargo restraints frequently Yamaha vehicles Yamaha is not in a. low are some general guidelines to fol Properly adjust the suspension position to test the products that these. low if loading cargo to your scooter for your load suspension ad aftermarket companies produce . The total weight of the operator pas justable models only and Therefore Yamaha can neither en . senger accessories and cargo must check the condition and pres dorse nor recommend the use of ac . not exceed the maximum load limit sure of your tires cessories not sold by Yamaha or. Operation of an overloaded vehicle modifications not specifically recom . could cause an accident mended by Yamaha even if sold and. installed by a Yamaha dealer , 1 3, U4P7E2E0 book Page 4 Thursday August 20 2009 9 44 AM.
SAFETY INFORMATION, Aftermarket Parts Accessories and pension travel steering travel or tor and may limit control ability . Modifications control operation or obscure lights therefore such accessories are. While you may find aftermarket prod or reflectors not recommended . ucts similar in design and quality to Accessories fitted to the handle Use caution when adding electri 1. genuine Yamaha accessories recog bar or the front fork area can cal accessories If electrical acces . nize that some aftermarket accessories create instability due to improper sories exceed the capacity of the. FUNCTIONS 3 2 3 d to OFF 1 r v n T ver r v n OPEN 80 s and warning light 20 t e r 80 ght e ed n 12 ON OPEN OPEN PUSH LOCK OFF light

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