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Take your passion for,photography to the next level. with optical performance that ignites,your desire to explore X10 s potential. intuitive controls and operability that,hone your senses as a photographer. and a design that invites you to master,its every possibility. The X10 cannot fail to awaken your,creativity and make every day a journey.
of discovery,Just rotate the zoom ring to switch,the camera on. And without a second thought,you ll lift the camera to your eye. and capture the moment,Capture the finer details of life. like never before through the viewfinder, you ll see a world filled with light and discovery. Sample photos are simulated images, Optical performance that reaches out to your senses.
Capturing light ever so perfectly the X10 transmits the intense beauty of a scene just as you see it. The brightness of both the lens and the viewfinder truly bring out the tones and colors that are often hard. to capture in everyday scenes, Bright high resolution FUJINON Manual 4x Optical Zoom Lens Optical zoom viewfinder with revolutionary performance. The X10 features a newly developed manual 4x optical zoom lens utlising FUJINON optical Using a configuration of 3 aspherical lenses and 2 glass prisms the newly developed. technology With superb F2 0 2 8 brightness and a 4x optical zoom ranging from 28mm viewfinder delivers superior brightness a wider viewing angle and a superb field of view. wide angle to 112mm telephoto the lens delivers high resolution optical performance so every time you look through the viewfinder you will discover new photographic. across the entire range Boasting rich descriptive performance the all purpose lens delights. captures your encounters with amazing presence, True excellence All Glass 9 Groups Aiming for high quality images Super EBC Special prism configuration ensures View scenes as nature intended. 11 Elements configuration extra bright viewfinder, All the lens elements used in the The brightness and clarity of the viewfinder lets you see ever y detail. X10 have been treated with of your picture from corner to corner and comfortably allows you to. We have used a Dach prism,multilayer Super EBC Electron frame your shot. configuration in the X10 to, Beam Coating the same process ensure we created a camera.
used for FUJINON broadcasting that was both compact in. video lenses and large format size and able to provide the. camera lenses acclaimed by ultimate clear bright view. professionals Reducing ghosting,and lens flare the treatment. promises clear image quality Diopter adjustment dial. Located next to the viewfinder the dial lets you adjust viewfinder focus from. 3 5 1 5m 1 dpt for comfortable viewing even for glasses wearers. Removing all color fringing even, Conventional optical viewfinder X10 optical viewfinder. In order to maintain the X10 s compact shell whilst ensuring high. image quality X10 has FUJINON lenses made of glass with. at high magnification ED Lens, superior optical characteristics for all elements in the. 9 groups 11 elements configuration The design incorporates an Two ED lenses have been employed for their low dispersion and. arrangement of aspheric lenses ED lenses and high refractive effective reduction of chromatic aberrations By preventing color. index lenses and are treated with FUJINON s originally developed fringing and reducing contrast the X10 lens captures images with Soft and beautiful. Super EBC Electron Beam Coating superb accuracy across the zoom range from wide angle to Newly developed OIS mechanism 1cm Super Macro Bokeh effect. Using 3 Aspherical lenses for, rich resolution and a Compact shell High resolution across the entire zoom range. By using 3 high performance aspherical lenses the X10 delivers sharp From wide angle to telephoto and from the centre of the image to the. image quality with rich resolution These lenses also contribute to a edges the X10 fully exploits the advantages of its bright lens and. more compact overall lens configuration and the X10 s compact body size demonstrates its superb resolution with the aperture at its widest. ensuring you can easily take it everywhere with you setting The X10 s optical performance is designed to capture images. with exceptional sharpness of detail and color fidelity in every scene. Spherical lens Aspherical lens,MTF Modulation Transfer Function Curve.
Focal plane Focal plane WIDE F2 0 TELE F2 8,Vertical axis Contrast. S Sagittal M Meridional, The newly developed OIS optical image stabilization At a distance of just 1cm macro The combination of the bright F2 0 2 8. Spatial frequency 80lines mm Spatial frequency 40lines mm Spatial frequency 80lines mm Spatial frequency 40lines mm mechanism shifts the group of 5 lens elements correcting photography using the X10 allows you lens and the 7 blade aperture diaphragm. S S the position of the optical axis This new mechanism to capture all the exquisite detail of capture the subject in crisp detail with a. M effectively counteracts blur by preventing shading in edge your subject from really close up beautiful defocused bokeh effect. M M areas and loss of resolution that tends to occur with. 0 1 2 3 4 5mm,Distance from the center of the image. 0 1 2 3 4 5mm,Distance from the center of the image. 0 1 2 3 4 5 mm,Distance from the center of the image.
0 1 2 3 4 5 mm,Distance from the center of the image. conventional camera shake stabilization technologies. All photos illustrations drawings and other images in this brochure are intended for illustrative purposes only. No matter what your taking a photo of you can truly. depend on the X10 to capture it beautifully,This camera will make you want to capture scenes. in everyday life that you would not have even noticed before. Sample photos are simulated images,Powered by Fujifilm s EXR techno logy. Balancing the lens with the 2 3 inch EXR CMOS sensor. for the perfect match and excellent image quality, 12 Megapixel 2 3 inch EXR CMOS sensor EXR Processor. Working in tandem with the 2 3 inch,EXR CMOS sensor the EXR Processor.
achieves a new level of performance,Tapping into the power of its two CPUs. E X R C ore and a reconfigur able,processor 1 it provides powerful and. speedy processing letting you enjoy, Conventional pixel array EXR CMOS pixel array even Full HD Movie and high speed. continuous shooting, Featuring FUJIFILM s bespoke pixel array the X10 captures high quality. images with its large 2 3 inch EXR CMOS sensor And you ll be able to enjoy. high speed continuous photography and Full HD movie shooting thanks to. the high performance CMOS element of the sensor, 1 Processor with rewritable circuits that can dynamically adapt to perform complex corrections and processing tasks.
EXR technologies take beauty to new extremes Film Simulation modes. High Resolution HR Wide Dynamic Range DR High Sensitivity Low Noise SN Faithfully reproducing the. distinctive colors and qualities,of FUJIFILM films loved by. professional photographers these,modes let you simulate the. natural tones of PROVIA the,distinctive saturation and vibrant. colors of Velvia and the smooth,tonality of ASTIA with its superb. reproduction of skin tones You Standard Mode Vivid Mode Soft Mode. can also select from various Black,White modes, In bright scenes every detail from the leaves In high contrast scenes for example when Even when shooting in low light at high.
of the trees to a wisp of hair in a portrait is shooting landscapes with a strong contrast sensitivity settings photos are crisp with low. captured with exceptionally high resolution between bright and dark areas this noise Both indoor and night scenes are. technology reproduces the natural tonality in captured naturally and beautifully B W No filter B W Ye filter B W R filter B W G filter. both highlights and shadow, In any scene EXR technology produces the ultimate in image quality. High speed response High speed Continuous shooting even Full HD Movie. No more missed shots at full 12 Megapixel resolution. Capture all the action in Full 1080p HD 30fps H 264. The EXR Processor s high speed processing powers the speedy Auto High speed continuous shooting lets you capture moving subjects and High Profile Even in dark locations the X10 uses its. Focus response so you ll never miss a photo opportunity again From other action scenes at 7 frames per second at the full 12 megapixel excellent low light per formance to record even the finest detail with amazing clarity You can also shoot using Film Simulation modes or. powering up the camera and continuous shooting to shooting data resolution L size Set the resolution to M size for even faster shooting capture movies with a soft bokeh background Full resolution still photos can be taken without interrupting video shooting And when it s. playback every operation is accelerated at a maximum of 10 frames per second time to show your creativity off all you need to do is to connect the X10 to an HDT V with an HDMI cable sold separately. All photos illustrations drawings and other images in this brochure are intended for illustrative purposes only. Designed to inspire, Inspiration borne from your exploration of the camera and your familiarization with the controls. The hunger to get out there and start taking photos The X10 s design and feel will truly inspire you. Turn the zoom ring to Look through the optical Explore the angles Touch the dial Check the settings Press the shutter. switch on the camera viewfinder Capture exactly the moment Feel the thrill racing Be confident you re capturing You ll find that the sound. Both your spirit and the That s all it takes to change you want through your fingertips exactly what you see it makes becomes an invitation. camera instantly start up your world to take more shots. 250 F 2 8 100, It is as if the heart of the photographer Through the optical viewfinder the The metal cam driven mechanism The exquisite notches of the exposure Exposure shutter speed histogram The feel and sound of the shutter are. and camera beat as one As you raise scene is revealed with crystal clarity and a special grease originally compensation dial and the satisfying and other shooting data are all important elements of the design of. X10 to your eye to frame your shot exceptional brightness and with a developed ensure that magnification torque feedback produced by the displayed on the LCD At a glance you the X10 You can even choose from 4. you can power up the camera never wide angle of view is precisely on target and the hidden metal ball in the click stop can be sure that you get the image shutter sounds. letting your attention waver from the smooth high precision zoom operates mechanism you aim to capture A mechanical shutter release cable. subject in the viewfinder perfectly can be connected to the shutter. All photos illustrations drawings and other images in this brochure are intended for illustrative purposes only. Designed to excite, The design and choice of materials are meant to anticipate your heart s every desire and enhance your enjoyment of photography. With the X10 as your companion every moment of every day the adventure goes on. Optical Viewfinder Strap attachment ring AE autoexposure Playback zoom in button AEL AFL exposure focus lock button. Die cast magnesium top and base, Quality craftsmanship Microphone L R Built in flash Shutter button Playback button Flash pop up switch Main Command dial.
Zoom Ring ON OFF switch Diopter adjustment control. Made from strong yet lightweight die cast magnesium the. X10 s top and base are not only essential components but also. create an air of solid authority and enhance the feel of the Fn Function button. product and your pride of ownership,LCD monitor,Elegant black body. Blending into every scene, The solid sensation when you hold the aluminum body The tactile WB white balance button. pleasure of the leather like texture finish The natural black look. of the X10 elegantly blends into every scene and situation Lens TTL compatible hot shoe AF autofocus Playback zoom out button RAW button. AF assist illuminator Self timer lamp Focus mode selector Exposure compensation dial Sub Command dial DISP display BACK button. Accessories,Quick shot Leather case LC X10 sold separately. With its easy opening design it adds pleasure to photography. Excellence is visible in every detail down to the color of the stitches. and the spaces in between them The top of the case snaps shut via a. hidden magnet to prevent unnecessary damage to the lens. Made in Japan,the mark of premium quality, Lens Hood and Adapter Ring set LH X10 sold separately. Each and every part of this camera is the, product of high precision engineering and the The lens hood attaches directly to the front of the lens The adapter.
highest quality standards ring and lens hood part can be separated Both are precision. machined from metal In addition the hood has a slit to avoid blocking. the viewfinder view You can also use the adapter ring to attach. commercially available 52mm filters,Special TTL Flash EF 42 EF 20 sold separately. Precision milled metal ring and dials Leather like finish delivers a quality look and durability There are two types of external flash available for the X10 GN20 and. GN42 ISO100 m, Featuring high precision parts including the zoom ring mode dial and exposure Synthetic leather is the practical choice that promises resistance to the Metal lens cap With Fujifilm s original high precision TTL flash technology you will. X10 have been treated with multilayer Super EBC Electron Beam Coating the same process used for FUJINON broadcasting video lenses and large format camera lenses acclaimed by professionals Reducing ghosting and lens flare the treatment promises clear image quality X10 optical viewfinder

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