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Jaguar X TYPE,Driver s Handbook, JAGUAR CARS LIMITED as manufacturer is To cover changes it is sometimes necessary to issue one or. dedicated to the design and production of vehicles which meet more handbook supplements When reading this handbook. the expectations of the world s most discerning purchasers check the owner literature for possible supplements. This handbook forms part of the owner literature supplied with For full details of the owner literature originally supplied with. your vehicle It is designed to complement the relevant features the vehicle owners should consult their Jaguar Retailer. and systems of the vehicle and make them easy to understand All rights reserved No part of this publication may be. and operate reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any. The information contained in this handbook applies to a range form electronic mechanical photocopying recording or other. of vehicles and not to a specific vehicle For the specification of means without prior written permission from the. a particular vehicle owners should consult their Jaguar Retailer Service Division of Jaguar Cars Limited. The manufacturer reserves the right to vary its specifications. with or without notice and at such times and in such manner as. it thinks fit Major as well as minor changes may be involved in. accordance with the Manufacturer s policy of constant product. improvement, Published January 2003 by Technical Service and Communications Jaguar Cars Limited Publication Part No JJM 18 02 20 35. 1 Owner information 3 Before driving,General information 1 1 Occupant protection 3 1. Warnings Cautions and Notes 1 2 Seat belts 3 1, Health and safety 1 3 Advanced occupant restraint system 3 4. Regular servicing 1 4 Child safety 3 11,Jaguar diagnostic system 1 4 Seat adjustment 3 19.
Vehicle identification 1 5 Steering column adjustment 3 21. Protect the environment 1 6 Clock 3 21, Mobile portable telephones 1 6 Door window operation 3 22. Window tinting 1 6 Window anti trap feature 3 23,Touch screen display 1 7 Mirrors 3 24. Door rear view mirrors 3 24, 2 Security and locks Interior rear view mirror 3 25. Ignition switch 2 1 Luggage compartment 3 26,Vehicle security 2 2. Key transmitter 2 3 4 On the road,Door locks and handles 2 5 Instruments 4 1.
Vehicle locking and unlocking 2 5 Warning lights 4 2. Child safety locks 2 7 Audible warnings 4 8, Alarms and audible signals 2 10 Message centre 4 9. Security features 2 11 Messages 4 10,Radio frequency 2 11 Trip computer 4 13. HomeLink Universal Transceiver 2 12 Cruise speed control 4 16. 4 On the road continued 5 Climate control,Exterior lighting 4 18 Introduction 5 1. Interior lighting 4 21 Automatic climate control with LCD screen 5 4. Reverse park control 4 23 Automatic climate control with touch screen 5 8. Sunroof 4 24,Wipers and washers 4 25 6 Roadside emergency. Parkbrake 4 27 Inertia switch 6 1,Horn 4 27 Emergency starting 6 2.
Interior features 4 28 Wheel changing and jacking 6 4. Sun visors and vanity mirrors 4 30 Vehicle recovery 6 8. Cigar lighter and ashtray 4 30 Bulb renewal 6 11, Rear centre armrest 4 30 Fuses and fuse boxes 6 15. Glove compartment 4 31 Fuse box locations 6 16,Rear sun blind 4 32. Starting stopping the vehicle 4 33 7 Maintenance, Automatic transmission 4 35 General maintenance 7 1. Gear shift interlock 4 35 Hood release 7 3,Gear selector positions 4 35 Regular checks 7 4. Sport mode 4 37 Checking and topping up 7 6,Manual transmission 4 37 Battery 7 14.
Anti lock braking system ABS 4 38 Windscreen wipers 7 17. Dynamic stability control DSC 4 40 Tyres 7 18, General driving information 4 41 Tyre pressures 7 18. Winter driving 4 42 Vehicle care 7 22,Touring 4 43 Interior care 7 22. Towing a caravan or trailer 4 44 Exterior care 7 23. Fuel and refuelling 4 45 Electrical accessories 7 25. 8 Specifications,Vehicle data 8 1,Weights average approximate 8 2. Roof rack capacity and trailer weights 8 3,Dimensions 8 4. Wheels and tyres 8 5,R performance wheels 8 5,Tyre pressures 8 6.
Tow bar fixing points 8 7, A comprehensive index is located at the back of this Handbook. 1 Owner information,Owner information 1 1, General information Jaguar Retailers Jaguar parts distribution service. Jaguar Retailers are chosen with care Jaguar Retailers stock a large number of. Whether you are new to the Jaguar, Each is dedicated to providing a Sales parts to keep your vehicle maintained. marque or have previously owned Jaguar, Service and Spare Parts facility of the and back on the road as quickly as. vehicles we are pleased that you have, highest standard possible Their service is supported by.
made Jaguar your choice of vehicle this,strategically positioned Jaguar parts. time Jaguar Retailers are provided with full,distribution centres throughout North. For safety and the pleasure you will get technical support from the factory with. America providing next day delivery to, from your new vehicle please take the comprehensive training for all their. the majority of Retailers, time to get well acquainted with your technicians Retailers workshops operate. vehicle by reading the Handbooks to a high standard and have all the Accessories. necessary tools and equipment essential, Details of the vehicle warranty are A full range of Jaguar Engineering.
to maintain or repair Jaguar vehicles, contained within the Passport to Service approved accessories including safety. booklet for USA and Canada or A current list of Retailers is included in stowage touring leisure and lifestyle. for Mexico the Service Record and the vehicle literature pack products are just some of those available. Warranty book from your Jaguar Retailership,Genuine Jaguar parts and. When left hand or right hand is used in Please ask your Jaguar Retailer for an. the text this refers to the left hand side accessories up to date brochure so you can select. or right hand side of the vehicle viewed Your Jaguar Retailer can supply you with your requirements from the latest range. from the rear genuine replacement parts and,accessories which are fully approved to. This Handbook describes every option Jaguar s original equipment specification. and model variant available and This will ensure that the safety and. therefore some of the items covered performance of your vehicle is. may not apply to your particular maintained for your complete peace of. vehicle mind,Please note that fitment of non genuine. parts may invalidate the vehicle warranty,if a subsequent fault occurs due to fitting.
sub standard replacement parts or,accessories,1 2 Owner information. Warnings Cautions and Reporting Safety Defects,Notes USA only. Take particular note of WARNINGS If you believe that your vehicle has a. Cautions and Notes given throughout this defect which could cause a crash or could. Handbook cause injury or death you should,immediately inform the National. Highway Traffic Safety Administration,WARNING NHTSA in addition to notifying. A warning is a procedure which must Warning symbols on the Jaguar Cars. be followed precisely to help avoid vehicle If NHTSA receives similar complaints. the risk of personal injury it may open an investigation and if it. On encountering the warning triangle or finds that a safety defect exists in a group. open book symbol on the vehicle it is of vehicles it may order a recall and. Caution A caution is a procedure important that before touching this part remedy campaign. which must be followed precisely to of the vehicle or attempting adjustments. reduce the possibility of damage to of any kind you consult the relevant However NHTSA cannot become. the vehicle and resultant risk of section of this Handbook involved in individual problems between. personal injury or inconvenience you your Retailer or Jaguar Cars. Caution Do not remove any warning, labels from the underhood area or To contact NHTSA you may either call.
inside the vehicle the Auto Safety Hotline toll free at. Note A note is a procedure which will 1 800 424 9393 or 366 0123 in. help avoid difficulties in the operation of Washington D C area or write to. the vehicle,NHTSA U S Department of, Vehicle Handbooks Transportation Washington D C 20590. To contact Jaguar Cars call 1 800 4,WARNING Jaguar. You can also obtain other information,Remember to pass on the Vehicle. about motor safety from the Hotline,Handbooks when reselling the. vehicle Handbooks are integral parts,of the vehicle.
Owner information 1 3, Health and safety 4 Any modifications to the fuel Seek immediate medical attention. system not specifically designed when eye contact has occurred. for this Jaguar are prohibited 8 Do not disconnect any pipes in the. WARNING Such modifications in some air conditioning refrigeration. 1 Many liquids and other circumstances could result in a system A refrigerant is used. substances used in vehicles are fire All service actions must be which can cause blindness if. poisonous and should never be entrusted to a Jaguar Retailer allowed to contact the eyes. consumed and must be kept away 5 Alterations to the electrical If refrigerant should contact the. from open wounds system including the fitting of eyes or skin wash the eyes or. These substances include accessories not designed for this affected area with cold water for. anti freeze brake fluid fuel Jaguar will cause damage to the several minutes Do not rub. windscreen washer additives electrical circuits and systems As soon as possible thereafter. lubricants and various adhesives In some circumstances this could obtain treatment from a doctor or. 2 The presence of any unusual result in a malfunction or fire eye specialist. fumes for example petrol or All accessory work should be 9 When working within the engine. exhaust fumes in the passenger entrusted to a Jaguar Retailer compartment take care to avoid. compartment and or luggage 6 No attempt should be made to contact with moving parts and hot. compartment should be corrected repair a fuse that has blown components and ensure that any. immediately by a Jaguar Retailer Always install a new fuse of the metal objects do not short circuit. If you must drive under these correct amperage Failure to the battery. conditions do so only with all comply with the above may cause 10 California Proposition 65. windows fully open a fire hazard or create serious Engine exhaust some of its. 3 By operating other electronic damage elsewhere in the constituents and certain vehicle. equipment for example a mobile electrical circuit components contain or emit. phone without an exterior 7 Avoid contact with battery acid chemicals known to the State of. antenna electro magnetic fields which is poisonous and corrosive California to cause cancer and. can cause malfunctions of the Acid will cause burns to the skin birth defects or other. vehicle electronics as well as to the eyes In the event reproductive harm. Therefore you should observe the of skin or eye contamination. instructions of the equipment wash the affected area with water. manufacturers thoroughly,1 4 Owner information, Regular servicing USA and Canada Jaguar diagnostic system. Each vehicle is given a full Pre Delivery Jaguar Retailers will arrange for Many of the vehicle systems are. Inspection to ensure that all systems appointments on a mileage distance or controlled by complex electronic devices. function correctly and that the vehicle time interval basis to ensure that all Specialist equipment is required to trace. meets its specification routine and corrective maintenance work and rectify faults in the systems and. is undertaken and recorded in the ensure that only faulty components are. Owners are responsible for the regular, Passport to Service Booklet This booklet repaired or renewed. maintenance and servicing of the vehicle, not only contains a record of vital Caution Severe damage to the. Jaguar Retailers will be pleased to arrange, information but also information about electrical system and electronic.
periodic servicing and can provide you, warranties Jaguar Cars Jaguar Car Clubs components can occur if any attempt. with details of tasks carried out at each, Tyre Manufacturers and change of is made to diagnose faults in the. service interval, ownership or address vouchers electrical system using conventional. Failure to implement maintenance at the,diagnostic equipment for example. recommended intervals could result in Mexico the use of test lamps or low. deterioration of vehicle performance and, Jaguar Retailers will arrange for impedance voltmeters The fitting of.
possible infringement of regulations and, appointments on a mileage distance or any electrical accessory should only. factory warranty, time interval basis to ensure that all be entrusted to a Jaguar Retailer. Regular routine maintenance not only routine and corrective maintenance work. helps to prevent unnecessary is undertaken and recorded in the. breakdowns and inconvenience Service Record and Warranty Book This. but enhances the trade in or resale booklet not only contains a record of vital. value of the vehicle information but also information about. warranty and a change of ownership,Owner information 1 5. Vehicle identification Warranties USA and Canada Warranties Mexico. Vehicle identification number VIN The Passport to Service booklet contains The Service Record and Warranty book. Jaguar X TYPE Driver s Handbook Published January 2003 by Technical Service and Communications Jaguar Cars Limited Publication Part No JJM 18 02 20 35 JAGUAR CARS LIMITED as manufacturer is dedicated to the design and production of vehicles which meet the expectations of the world s most discerning purchasers

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