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Accessories More for your phone,Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH. Enjoy wireless music without missing a call,Active Speaker MAS 100. Share your music while protecting your,Portable Bluetooth Speaker MBS. A wireless sphere of music, These accessories can be purchased separately but may not be available in every. market To view the full range go to www sonyericsson com accessories. Getting started 5 Video Share 28,Assembly 5 More than one call 29.
Turning on the phone 6 Showing or hiding your phone number. Charging the battery 7 Messaging 31,Phone overview 9 Text and multimedia messaging 31. Menu overview 11 Voice messages 33,Navigation 13 Mobile Email 34. Phone language 15 Instant Messaging IM 34,Entering text 15. Imaging 36,Walkman and music 16 Camera and video recorder 36. Transferring content to and from a Using the camera 36. computer 16 Camera icons and settings 37, Stereo portable handsfree 18 Transferring pictures 37.
AT T Music 18 Pictures 38,Walkman player 18 PhotoDJ and VideoDJ 38. Calling 22 MEdia Net 39, Making and receiving calls 22 Internet security and certificates 40. Address book 23,Call list 26,Speed dial 26 Using the GPS 41. Voicemail 27 Entertainment 43,Voice control 27 Video player 43. Contents 1,FM radio 43 Troubleshooting 59,Ringtones and melodies 43 Common questions 59.
MusicDJ 44 Error messages 62,Sound recorder 44,Games 44 Important information 63. Applications 45 Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Use. Connectivity 46 End User License Agreement 69,Phone name 46 Limited Warranty 70. Bluetooth wireless technology 46 FCC Statement 72, Using the USB cable 48 Industry Canada Statement 72. Synchronizing 50 Declaration of Conformity for W760a. More features 51,Flight mode 51 Index 74,File manager 51. Calendar 53,Password saver 54,Profiles 56,Time and date 56.
Main menu layout 56,Hearing Aid Compatibility 58,2 Contents. Sony Ericsson W760a other third party content Under no circumstances. UMTS HSDPA 850 1900 2100 GSM EDGE 850 will Sony Ericsson be liable in any way for your. 900 1800 1900 improper use of additional content or other third. party content,This User guide is published by Sony Ericsson. Mobile Communications AB or its local affiliated Smart Fit Rendering is a trademark or a registered. company without any warranty Improvements and trademark of ACCESS Co Ltd. changes to this User guide necessitated by Bluetooth is a trademark or a registered trademark. typographical errors inaccuracies of current of Bluetooth SIG Inc and any use of such mark by. information or improvements to programs and or Sony Ericsson is under license. equipment may be made by Sony Ericsson Mobile The Liquid Identity logo SensMe PlayNow. Communications AB at any time and without MusicDJ PhotoDJ TrackID and VideoDJ are. notice Such changes will however be trademarks or registered trademarks of. incorporated into new editions of this User guide Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. All rights reserved TrackID is powered by Gracenote Mobile. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB MusicID Gracenote and Gracenote Mobile. 2007 MusicID are trademarks or registered trademarks. Publication number 1208 0991 1 P1C of Gracenote Inc. Please note Lotus Notes is a trademark or a registered. trademark of International Business Machines,Some of the services in this User guide are not. Corporation, supported by all networks This also applies to the. GSM International Emergency Number 112 Sony Memory Stick Micro M2 and WALKMAN. are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony,Please contact your network operator or service.
Corporation, provider if you are in doubt whether you can use a. particular service or not Ericsson is a trademark or registered trademark of. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Please read the Guidelines for safe and efficient use. and the Limited warranty chapters before you use Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition is a. your phone trademark or registered trademark of Adobe. Systems Incorporated in the United States and or,Your phone has the capability to download store. other countries,and forward additional content for example. ringtones The use of such content may be MEdia is a trademark or registered trademark of. restricted or prohibited by rights of third parties ATT Mobility. including but not limited to restriction under Yahoo Is a trademark or a registered trademark of. applicable copyright laws You and not Yahoo Inc, Sony Ericsson are entirely responsible for AOL and AIM are trademarks or registered.
additional content that you download to or forward trademarks of AOL LLC. from your phone Prior to your use of any additional AT T is a registered trademark of AT T. content please verify that your intended use is Corporation. properly licensed or is otherwise authorized,Sony Ericsson does not guarantee the accuracy. integrity or quality of any additional content or any. Microsoft Windows Outlook and Vista are or ii to anyone on the U S Treasury Department s. registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft list of Specially Designated Nations or the U S. Corporation in the United States and or other Commerce Department s Table of Denial Orders. countries Restricted Rights Use duplication or disclosure by. T9 Text Input is a trademark or a registered the United States government is subject to the. trademark of Tegic Communications T9 Text restrictions as set forth in the Rights in Technical. Input is licensed under one or more of the Data and Computer Software Clauses in DFARS. following U S Pat Nos 5 818 437 5 953 541 252 227 7013 c 1 ii and FAR 52 227 19 c 2 as. 5 187 480 5 945 928 and 6 011 554 Canadian applicable. Pat No 1 331 057 United Kingdom Pat No Other product and company names mentioned. 2238414B Hong Kong Standard Pat No herein may be the trademarks of their respective. HK0940329 Republic of Singapore Pat No 51383 owners. Euro Pat No 0 842 463 96927260 8 DE DK FI Any rights not expressly granted herein are. FR IT NL PT ES SE GB and additional patents reserved. are pending worldwide, All illustrations are for illustration only and may not. Java and all Java based trademarks and logos are accurately depict the actual phone. trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun,Microsystems Inc in the U S and other countries. End user license agreement for Sun Java Instruction symbols. J2ME These symbols may appear in the, Restrictions Software is confidential copyrighted User guide. information of Sun and title to all copies is retained. by Sun and or its licensors Customer shall not,modify decompile disassemble decrypt extract Note.
or otherwise reverse engineer Software Software,may not be leased assigned or sublicensed in Tip. whole or in part,Export Regulations Software including technical. data is subject to U S export control laws, including the U S Export Administration Act and its. associated regulations and may be subject to A service or function is network. export or import regulations in other countries or subscription dependent. Customer agrees to comply strictly with all such,regulations and acknowledges that it has the. Contact AT T for details, responsibility to obtain licenses to export re Use a selection or navigation.
export or import Software Software may not be, downloaded or otherwise exported or re exported key to scroll and select See. i into or to a national or resident of Cuba Iraq Navigation on page 13. Iran North Korea Libya Sudan Syria as such,listing may be revised from time to time or any. country to which the U S has embargoed goods,Getting started. Assembly 2 Slide the SIM card into its holder with. Before you start using your phone you the gold colored contacts facing. need to insert a Subscriber Identity down Always turn off your phone and. Module SIM card and the battery detach the charger before you insert. or remove the SIM card,To remove the battery cover. To insert the battery,1 Insert the battery with the label side up.
and the connectors facing each other, Use the slots to detach cover 2 Slide the battery cover into place. To insert the SIM card,1 Remove the battery cover,Getting started 5. To attach the battery cover Turning on the phone,To turn on the phone. 1 Align the tabs on the back of the,battery cover with the phone slots. 2 Snap the cover into place on both,To remove the SIM card 1 Press and hold down.
2 Enter your SIM card Personal,Identification Number PIN if. requested and select OK,3 Select a language,4 Follow the prompts. If you want to correct a mistake when,you enter your PIN press. Before turning the phone off you must,return to standby. 1 Remove the battery cover,2 Remove the SIM card from its holder.
6 Getting started,SIM card Help, The SIM card which you get from In addition to this User guide Getting. AT T contains information about your started guides and more information. subscription are available at,www sonyericsson com support. You can save contacts on the SIM card, before you remove it from your phone Help in your phone. See To copy names and numbers to the Help and information are available in. SIM card on page 24,your phone See Navigation on page. You may need a PIN to activate the To view tips and tricks. services in your phone Your PIN is 1 From standby select Menu Settings. supplied by AT T Each PIN digit the General tab Setup wizard. appears as unless it starts with,2 Select Tips and tricks.
emergency number digits for, example 911 or 112 You can see and To view information about functions. call an emergency number without Scroll to a function and select Info if. entering a PIN available In some cases Info appears. under Options,If you enter the wrong PIN three times in. a row the SIM card is blocked See SIM To view status information. card lock on page 57 From standby select Menu Settings. Standby the General tab Phone status,After you have turned your phone on. and entered your PIN the name of the,Charging the battery. network operator appears This view is The phone battery is partly charged. called standby when you buy it,Getting started 7,To charge the battery.
1 Connect the charger to the phone It,takes approximately 2 5 hours to fully. charge the battery Press a key to view,the screen,2 Remove the charger by tilting the plug. You can use your phone while it is,charging You can charge the battery at. any time and for more or less than 2 5,hours You can interrupt the charging. without damaging the battery,8 Getting started,Phone overview.
1 Ear speaker,2 A B gaming keys,4 Selection keys,5 Call key. 6 MEdia Net key,7 Navigation key,8 Volume keys,9 Battery cover slot. 10 End key on off key,11 C key Clear,Getting started 9. 12 Memory card slot,13 Charging indicator,14 Connector for charger. handsfree and USB cable,15 GPS antenna,16 Walkman key.
17 Strap holder,10 Getting started,Menu overview,AT T GPS Messaging Yellowpages. AT T Navigator Write new,Status info Inbox,Settings Mobile Email. Call voicemail,Sent messages,Saved messages,Manage messages. MEdia Net AT T Mall AT T Music,Shop Tones WALKMAN,Shop Games Shop Music. Shop Graphics MusicID,Shop Multimedia XM Radio,Shop Applications Music Videos.
Shop Videos VIP Access,MEdia Net Community,Music Apps. My Stuff Address Book Entertainment,Camera album Myself Photo. Music New contact Music,Pictures Video,Videos Games. Themes Settings,Applications,Getting started 11,Cellular Video Tools Apps Settings. Applications General,Tools Sounds alerts,Organizer Display.
Alarms Calls,Camera Connectivity,Record sound,Recent Calls. General Sounds alerts Display Calls Connectivity, Profiles Ring volume Wallpaper Speed dial Bluetooth. Time date Ringtone Main menu layout Smart search USB. Language Silent mode Theme Forward calls Phone name. Software Update Increasing ring Screen saver Manage calls Network sharing. Voice control Vibrating alert Clock size Video Share Mobile networks. Shortcuts Message alert Brightness Time cost Data communication. Flight mode Key sound Show hide my no Internet settings. Security Handsfree Streaming settings,Setup wizard Open to answer Message settings. Accessibility Close to end call SIP settings,Phone status IMS Settings. Master reset Accessories, Some menus are operator network and subscription dependent.
You can use the navigation key to scroll between tabs in submenus For more information see Navigation on. Menu only appears when a Software Update is available. 12 Getting started,Navigation To return to standby. The main menus are shown as icons Press,Some submenus include tabs To end a function. To navigate the phone menus Press,To navigate your media. 1 From standby select Menu,Entertainment,2 Scroll to a menu item and press the. navigation key right,3 To go back press the navigation key.
To delete items,Press to delete items such as,numbers letters pictures and sounds. 1 From standby select Menu To send items, 2 Use the navigation key to move 1 Scroll to an item such as a contact a. through the menus picture or a sound,2 Select Options Send. Sony Ericsson W760a UMTS HSDPA 850 1900 2100 GSM EDGE 850 900 1800 1900 This User guide is published by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB or its local affiliated company without any warranty Improvements and changes to this User guide necessitated by typographical errors inaccuracies of current information or improvements to programs

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