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Welcome to the School of Calisthenics we re excited to have you on board. Calisthenics training is a journey packed with excitement accomplishment and self discovery. It s more than just pounding away at the gym on the treadmill or on the bench press It s about. exploring the physical movement potential we all have inside and mentally challenging ourselves to. redefine our own impossible, If you apply what we are going to teach you train hard with consistency and patience as your. individual journey progresses you are going to achieve some awesome feats of strength and. control Movements like the human flags handstands muscle ups and levers might seem a million. miles away but that is what the School of Calisthenics was established to teach. We are confident that we can support anyone to do things they currently believe to be impossible. But getting started is the hardest bit Rather than watching videos of people doing amazing things. this beginners guide is going to give you the knowledge and tools to build the basic movement. patterns and strength setting the foundations required to redefine your impossible. 2 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. WHAT IS CALISTHENICS, www schoolofcalisthenics com A beginners guide to Calisthenics 3. What is Calisthenics, Calisthenics is a form of physical training based primarily around mastering your own bodyweight. using minimal equipment Calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos and sthenos which. mean beauty and strength When the Greeks saw bodyweight training all those years ago they. named it beautiful strength, Calisthenics combines strength training and basic gymnastic movements that can be done. anywhere at home in the park at the gym or even in the office It s the most basic form of physical. training The human body is designed to move and that very fact has enabled the human race to. successfully survive a multitude of extreme events and challenges throughout our history But. modern society and lifestyles are threatening the very thing that is at the core of our existence. Calisthenics represents a de volution of training going back to basics and exploring what amazing. things the body is capable of and in the process developing strength we can use in the world not. just within the confines of a gym, Getting started in Calisthenics however is not easy Not because it is complicated but simply.
because most people just don t know how to begin It looks difficult and might even feel physically. impossible You are going to ask your body to move in ways it may never have done before or at. least not for a long time With something so new and challenging you are going to need some help. and guidance to navigate the physical complexity But now you re part of the School of Calisthenics. we are going to help you learn new seemingly impossible things However it doesn t end there we ll. also help you to improve your physical fitness conditioning wellbeing nutrition and maybe even. change the way you approach the wider challenges you face in life Calisthenics is not just good for. our body it develops mental strength and fortitude as well. 4 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. THE SCHOOL OF CALISTHENICS,The School of Calisthenics. The School of Calisthenics was founded in 2016 but our roots go back much farther than that Our. tutors have been working in the field of elite sport and athlete training for many years They have. trained athletes who have won medals at European Commonwealth World and Paralympic level. This experience of coaching combined with relevant academic qualifications is what our school is. based on and we now want to share all that with you. Teaching students to achieve new awesome and often seemingly impossible things through. calisthenics is what all our tutors are passionate about The School of Calisthenics foundations are. built upon the principle that when given the right education coaching and guidance you can achieve. awesome things Things that you might previously have assigned to the impossible box in your. Calisthenics is not impossible even if it feels like that at the start don t worry Our extensive. experience in professional sport and elite performance strength and conditioning has enabled us to. develop an approach to teaching which is progressive and systematic We understand movement. physical adaptation and exercise physiology and the school exists to apply that within the realm. of calisthenics To do that we have created a unique framework which will take you from this. beginners guide all the way to human flags levers muscle ups handstands and beyond We have. developed specific frameworks and exercises for each of these movements which can be found on. our website schoolofcalisthenics com, We are passionate about calisthenics and even more so about helping anyone begin their journey. by removing the barriers which often prevent them from even getting started let alone becoming. 6 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. USING THE BEGINNERS GUIDE,TO CALISTHENICS, www schoolofcalisthenics com A beginners guide to Calisthenics 7. Using the Beginners Guide to Calisthenics, This guide is designed to give you an insight into the phases of the School of Calisthenics. Framework that will help you to build the foundation movements and basic strength needed to. start your Calisthenics journey Once you re ready you can either sign up to one of the School. of Calisthenics face to face workshops or set yourself a goal of training towards and achieving. awesome things like human flags levers muscle ups and handstand push ups with the use of our. downloadable Training Programs, The School of Calisthenics framework is explained briefly in the following pages but for this guide.
we are going to focus on two of the phases Movement Preparation and Capacity Strength The. other two components Movement Patterning and Applied Strength relate to specific Calisthenics. movements and the exercises and progressions necessary to achieve them. In the Training Programme section of this guide you ll find links to exercise videos on our website. showing demonstrations and full coaching instruction from our School of Calisthenics tutors. The School of Calisthenics Framework, The framework is based on two key physical components Movement and Strength We ve included. an overview below to give a brief explanation of how it works and how to use it however more. details can be found at www schoolofcalisthenics com. PREPARATION APPLIED,MOVEMENT STRENGTH,PATTERNING CAPACITY. Figure one The School of Calisthenics Framework, 8 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. STAGE ONE MOVEMENT, www schoolofcalisthenics com A beginners guide to Calisthenics 9. Movement is broken down into two sub categories Movement Preparation and Movement. Patterning This is such an important part for all Calisthenics movements as they demand high. levels of joint mobility and co ordinated muscle activation. Movement Preparation, Many of the calisthenics movements place a large emphasis on the shoulders Our modern.
day lifestyles involve extended periods of sitting that often results in less than optimal postural. alignment Shoulders become tight rounded forwards the head protrudes and we lose thoracic. spine mobility This is a long way from what position the body should be in and where it needs to. be for optimal force production needed in Calisthenics If we ignore postural dysfunctions we face. an increased injury risk and can expect a limitation on our ability to progress We must therefore. prepare the body for movement It s an ongoing process but real changes can be achieved in. minutes within a session Our aim is simply to remove muscular tension improve muscle length. enhance mobility and activate the muscles we intend to use thus preparing us to move The. ultimate aim is to get back to as close to optimum posture as possible. Movement Preparation is a key element of this beginners guide as poor postural patterns are an. epidemic and getting this sorted is the first step on everybody s journey. Movement Patterning, Movement Patterning is about teaching the brain and body new movements patterns This is. particularly important when working towards a new Calisthenics movement like a Human Flag. or Reverse Lever for example as your brain and body have never linked the muscles before into. the correct movement pattern However this beginner s guide focuses on building the foundation. strength to start your Calisthenics journey rather than developing specific movement patterns. which will be covered in full detail in each of the specific training programs for the different. Calisthenics movements will be available at www schoolofcalisthenics com. 10 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. STAGE TWO STRENGTH, As with Movement the Strength component of the School of Calisthenics Framework also has two. elements Applied Strength and Capacity Strength,Applied Strength. Applied strength is specific to a chosen calisthenics movement For example to do a reverse lever. or a human flag for the first time means putting your body in a position it has never been before. and applying high levels of muscle force in that shape That takes some programming through. the movement patterning but also by using progressive exercises that allow the body to build the. strength required These exercises are specific to the goal or calisthenics movement and therefore. this phase of the framework will be covered in more detail in future training programs designed for. each specific calisthenics movements published on our website www schoolofcalisthenics com. Capacity Strength, For beginners this phase of the School of Calisthenics Framework is where the bulk of your training. will be done Building a basic level of strength in a number of key areas will set you up perfectly. to chose your first calisthenics movement goal and begin your journey It s really important that. you remember this key phrase earn the right to progress Often we see people jumping to more. advanced movements without mastering the basics or relevant progressions They want to go. straight to level 5 without really completing levels 2 to 4 Inevitably in all cases the athlete has to. come back to go through the stages properly if they are to achieve longer term success. The exercises in this phase are less specific global strength exercises that will help build strength. however we can also develop neuromuscular control postural stability robustness and muscular. co ordination which are all essential in calisthenics movements For example you can do push ups. without thinking about it or you can do push ups with some coaching points from our tutors and. get loads more physical adaptation which will transfer into your future training. 12 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. THE TRAINING PROGRAMME, www schoolofcalisthenics com A beginners guide to Calisthenics 13.
The Training Programme, By now we hope that you are itching to get started so let s introduce the exercises Following the. next section there is some information about reps sets tempo rest and how to structure sessions. so make sure you read that too as it s really important in ensuring you get the physical adaptation. you re after, The exercises we have included for you as part of this beginners guide are not just for people. getting started we still do these exercises ourselves The development and progression of basic. strength is essential and something that always needs developing. Movement Preparation Exercises, These selected exercises introduce some simple methods you can use to improve the range of. movement around the shoulder and restore more optimal activation patterns The shoulder is a. joint on which we inflict a lot of stress in day to day life due to poor postural control and modern. lifestyles It has a great capacity for movement but at the expense of stability so you need to look. Self Massage Lats and posterior shoulder Watch the video. A lot of muscular tension accumulates around the muscles acting on the shoulders and to restore. range of motion and movement quality we need to release it Try this for 1 2 minutes on each arm. at the start of your session,Mobilisation Hanging Lat Stretch Watch the video. Once some tension has been released you can further enhance the mobility of the shoulder joint. using this simple exercise Hang out in this position adjusting the shape gently to find the tight. areas for around 1 minute on each arm,Activation Floor Y T W Watch the video.
To get ready for training muscles need switching on and waking up Following the self massage. and mobilization exercises we complete movement preparation by telling the brain to activate. certain muscles which improves postural control and movement quality Developing strength and. activation in the mid and lower trapesius is something you will always need to do. Reps 10 a complete sequence of 1 x Y T W equals 1 rep. Tempo Pause for 2 seconds in each position, 14 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com. CAPACITY STRENGTH EXERCISES, www schoolofcalisthenics com A beginners guide to Calisthenics 15. 2 A beginners guide to Calisthenics www schoolofcalisthenics com Welcome to the School of Calisthenics we re excited to have you on board Calisthenics training is a journey packed with excitement accomplishment and self discovery It s more than just pounding away at the gym on the treadmill or on the bench press It s about exploring the physical movement potential we all have

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