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The SAM E70 devices also feature an event system that allows peripherals to receive react to and send events in. Active and Sleep modes without processor intervention. The SAM E70 devices are high performance general purpose microcontrollers with a rich set of connectivity. peripherals and large memory integration This enables the SAM E70 to sustain a wide range of applications. including consumer industrial control and PC peripherals. SAM E70 devices operate from 1 7V to 3 6V and are available in the following packages. 144 pin LQFP,144 ball LFBGA,100 pin LQFP,100 ball TFBGA. 64 pin LQFP, The SAM E70 devices are pin to pin compatible with the SAM4E 100 pin and 144 pin versions except for USB. The Atmel application note Migrating the SAM4E to SAM E70 Microcontroller reference 44034 is available on. www atmel com to ease migration from SAM4E devices to SAM E70 devices. ARM Cortex M7 running at up to 300 MHz 1, 16 Kbytes of ICache and 16 Kbytes of DCache with Error Code Correction ECC. Simple and double precision HW Floating Point Unit FPU. Memory Protection Unit MPU with 16 zones,DSP Instructions Thumb 2 Instruction Set. Embedded Trace Module ETM with instruction trace stream including Trace Port Interface Unit TPIU. Up to 2048 Kbytes embedded Flash with unique identifier and user signature for user defined data. Up to 384 Kbytes embedded Multi port SRAM, Tightly Coupled Memory TCM interface with four configurations disabled 2 x 32 Kbytes 2 x 64 Kbytes 2 x.
128 Kbytes, 16 Kbytes ROM with embedded Boot Loader routines UART0 USB and IAP routines. 16 bit Static Memory Controller SMC with support for SRAM PSRAM LCD module NOR and NAND Flash. with on the fly scrambling, 16 bit SDRAM Controller SDRAMC interfacing up to 256 MB and with on the fly scrambling. Embedded voltage regulator for single supply operation. Power on Reset POR Brown out Detector BOD and Dual Watchdog for safe operation. Quartz or ceramic resonator oscillators 3 to 20 MHz main oscillator with failure detection 12 MHz or 16 MHz. needed for USB operations Optional low power 32 768 kHz for RTC or device clock. RTC with Gregorian calendar mode waveform generation in low power modes. RTC counter calibration circuitry compensates for 32 768 kHz crystal frequency variations. 32 bit low power Real time Timer RTT, High precision 4 8 12 MHz factory trimmed internal RC oscillator with 4 MHz default frequency for device. startup In application trimming access for frequency adjustment. 32 768 kHz crystal oscillator or embedded 32 kHz typical RC oscillator as source of low power mode device. clock SLCK, One 500 MHz PLL for system clock one 480 MHz PLL for USB high speed operations. Temperature Sensor,2 SAM E70 DATASHEET,Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15.
One dual port 24 channel central DMA Controller XDMAC. Low Power Features, Low power Sleep Wait and Backup modes with typical power consumption down to 1 1 A in Backup mode. Ultra low power RTC and RTT, 1 Kbyte of backup RAM BRAM with dedicated regulator. Peripherals, One Ethernet MAC GMAC 10 100 Mbps in MII mode and RMII with dedicated DMA IEEE1588 PTP frames. and 802 3az Energy efficiency support Ethernet AVB support with IEEE802 1AS Time stamping and. IEEE802 1Qav credit based traffic shaping hardware support. USB 2 0 Device Mini Host High speed USBHS at 480 Mbps 4 Kbyte FIFO up to 10 bidirectional endpoints. dedicated DMA, 12 bit ITU R BT 601 656 Image Sensor Interface ISI. Two master Controller Area Networks MCAN with Flexible Data Rate CAN FD with SRAM based mailboxes. time and event triggered transmission, Three USARTs USART0 1 2 support LIN mode ISO7816 IrDA RS 485 SPI Manchester and Modem.
modes USART1 supports LON mode,Five 2 wire UARTs with SleepWalking support. Three Two Wire Interfaces TWIHS I2C compatible with SleepWalking support. Quad I O Serial Peripheral Interface QSPI interfacing up to 256 MB Flash and with eXecute In Place and on. the fly scrambling,Two Serial Peripheral Interfaces SPI. One Serial Synchronous Controller SSC with I2S and TDM support. One High speed Multimedia Card Interface HSMCI SDIO SD Card e MMC. Four Three Channel 16 bit Timer Counters TC with Capture Waveform Compare and PWM modes constant. on time Quadrature decoder logic and 2 bit Gray Up Down Counter for stepper motor. Two 4 channel 16 bit PWMs with complementary outputs Dead Time Generator and eight fault inputs per PWM. for motor control two external triggers to manage power factor correction PFC DC DC and lighting control. Two Analog Front End Controllers AFEC each supporting up to 12 channels with differential input mode and. programmable gain stage allowing dual sample and hold at up to 2 Msps Gain and offset error autotest. One 2 channel 12 bit 1 Msps Digital to Analog Controller DAC with differential and oversampling modes. One Analog Comparator ACC with flexible input selection selectable input hysteresis. Cryptography,True Random Number Generator TRNG, AES 256 192 128 bit Key Algorithm Compliant with FIPS PUB 197 Specifications. Integrity Check Monitor ICM Supports Secure Hash Algorithm SHA1 SHA224 and SHA256. Up to 115 I O lines with external interrupt capability edge or level sensitivity debouncing glitch filtering and. On die Series Resistor Termination,Five Parallel Input Output Controllers PIO. Single supply voltage from 1 7V to 3 6V,LQFP144 144 lead LQFP 20 x 20 mm pitch 0 5 mm.
LFBGA144 144 ball LFBGA 10 x 10 mm pitch 0 8 mm,LQFP100 100 lead LQFP 14 x 14 mm pitch 0 5 mm. TFBGA100 100 ball TFBGA 9 x 9 mm pitch 0 8 mm,LQFP64 64 lead LQFP 10 x 10 mm pitch 0 5 mm. Notes 1 300 MHz is at 40 C 105 C 1 2V or with the internal regulator. SAM E70 DATASHEET 3,Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15. 4 1 Configuration Summary, The SAM E70 devices differ in memory size package and features Table 1 1 summarizes the different configurations. Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15,SAM E70 DATASHEET.
Table 1 1 Configuration Summary, Feature SAME70Q21 SAME70Q20 SAME70Q19 SAME70N21 SAME70N20 SAME70N19 SAME70J21 SAME70J20 SAME70J19. Flash 2048 Kbytes 1024 Kbytes 512 Kbytes 2048 Kbytes 1024 Kbytes 512 Kbytes 2048 Kbytes 1024 Kbytes 512 Kbytes. Flash Page Size 512, Flash Pages 4096 2048 1024 4096 2048 1024 4096 2048 1024. Flash Lock Region,Flash Lock Bits 128 64 32 128 64 32 128 64 32. Multi port SRAM,384 256 384 256 384 256,LQFP144 LQFP144 LQFP144 LQFP100 LQFP100 LQFP100. Package LQFP64 LQFP64 LQFP64, LFBGA144 LFBGA144 LFBGA144 TFBGA100 TFBGA100 TFBGA100.
Number of PIOs 114 75 44,Bus 16 bit data 4 chip selects 24 bit address. SDRAM Interface Yes,Central DMA 24 24 24,12 bit ADC 24 ch 10 ch 5 ch 2. 12 bit DAC 2 ch 2 ch 1 ch,Timer Counter,Timer Counter. Channels I O,USART UART 3 5 1 3 5 1 0 5,QSPI Yes Yes SPI mode only. SPI0 Yes Yes No,SPI1 Yes No No,USART SPI 3 3 0,Table 1 1 Configuration Summary Continued.
Feature SAME70Q21 SAME70Q20 SAME70Q19 SAME70N21 SAME70N20 SAME70N19 SAME70J21 SAME70J20 SAME70J19. TWIHS 3 3 2,1 port 1 port,4 bits 4 bits,CAN 2 ports 2 ports 1 port. GMAC MII RMII MII RMII RMII,ISI 12 bit 12 bit 8 bit. SSC Yes Yes Yes,USB High speed High speed Full speed. Analog Comparator Yes Yes Yes,Embedded Trace,Yes Yes Yes. Macrocell ETM,Notes 1 LON support on USART1 only, 2 One channel is reserved for internal temperature sensor.
Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15,SAM E70 DATASHEET. Figure 2 1,Block Diagram, See Table 1 1 for detailed configurations of memory size package and features of the SAM E70 devices. Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15,SAM E70 DATASHEET. SAM E70 144 pin Block Diagram,2 ND Q E NW,G S GT CK NC. G C G DV SD,A2 NA D DW D,G ER CO DV RE,A0 NA AL M0.
System Controller,XIN 3 20 MHz Regulator,XOUT Crystal. Oscillator,Serial Wire Debug JTAG Boundary Scan,4 8 12 MHz. RC Oscillator PMC Transceiver,TPIU In Circuit Emulator Multi port Flash. SRAM Unique ID, Cortex M7 Processor TCM ITCM External Bus Interface. NVIC ETM Interface TCM SRAM GMAC 2x,PLLA fMAX 300 MHz DTCM 0 256 Kbytes Flash.
Static Memory Controller SMC QSPI USBHS ISI,SDRAM Controller SDRAMC MCAN. 2048 Kbytes NAND Flash Logic,ERASE MPU FPU 1024 Kbytes FIFO. Backup 512 Kbytes, 16 Kbytes DCache ECC 16 Kbytes ICache ECC System RAM. XIP DMA DMA DMA DMA,WKUP0 13 SUPC Backup RAM 128 384 Kbytes XDMA. 0 256 Kbytes,1 Kbyte AHBP AXIM AHBS,XIN32 32 kHz,XOUT32 Oscillator.
Immediate Clear,32 kHz 256 bit SRAM,RC Oscillator AXI Bridge. M M M S S S S S S M M M M,12 layer Bus Matrix M 24 channel. NRST Boot S fMAX 150 MHz M,SM WDT S M,VDDCORE RSWDT Peripheral Bridge. PIOA B C D E ICM SHA, XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA XDMA. 3x 5x 3x 2x 4x 2x 12 bit 12 bit AES TRNG,PIO SSC HSMCI ACC.
TWIHS UART USART SPI TC PWM AFE DAC,Temp Sensor,R 0 CT 0 2. 3 Signal Description, Table 3 1 gives details on signal names classified by peripheral. Table 3 1 Signal Description List,Active Voltage, Signal Name Function Type Level Reference Comments. Power Supplies,Peripherals I O Lines Power,VDDIO Power 1 7V to 3 6V. Voltage Regulator Input ADC, VDDIN DAC and Analog Comparator Power 1 7V to 3 6V 4.
Power Supply,VDDOUT Voltage Regulator Output Power 1 2V output. VDDPLL PLLA Power Supply Power 1 08 V to 1 32V,USB PLL and Oscillator Power. VDDPLLUSB Power 1 7V to 3 6V,Powers the core the embedded. VDDCORE Power 1 08V to 1 32V,memories and the peripherals. GND GNDPLL,GNDPLLUSB GNDANA Ground Ground, VDDUTMII USB Transceiver Power Supply Power 1 7V to 3 6V.
VDDUTMIC USB Core Power Supply Power 1 08 V to 1 32V. GNDUTMI USB Ground Ground,Clocks Oscillators and PLLs. XIN Main Oscillator Input Input,Reset State,XOUT Main Oscillator Output Output PIO Input. XIN32 Slow Clock Oscillator Input Input Internal Pull up disabled. Schmitt Trigger enabled 1,XOUT32 Slow Clock Oscillator Output Output. Reset State,VDDIO Internal pull up enabled,Schmitt Trigger enabled 1. Internal signals,PCK0 PCK2 Programmable Clock Output Output.
PCK3 is TRACE clock,PCK4 is used for,UART USART baud rate. PCK5 is used for CAN,PCK6 is used for TC,Real Time Clock. Programmable RTC Waveform Reset State,RTCOUT0 Output. Output PIO input, Programmable RTC Waveform Internal pull up disabled. RTCOUT1 Output,Output Schmitt Trigger enabled 1,SAM E70 DATASHEET 7.
Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15,Table 3 1 Signal Description List Continued. Active Voltage, Signal Name Function Type Level Reference Comments. Serial Wire Debug JTAG Boundary Scan,Serial Wire Clock Test Clock. SWCLK TCK Input,Boundary scan mode only,Test Data In Boundary scan. TDI Input Reset State,SW DP Mode, Test Data Out Boundary scan Internal pull up disabled.
TDO TRACESWO Output,mode only VDDIO,Schmitt Trigger enabled 1. Serial Wire Input Output Test,SWDIO TMS Mode Select Boundary scan I O Input. Permanent internal,JTAGSEL JTAG Selection Input High. Trace Debug Port,TRACECLK Trace Clock Output,VDDIO TRACECLK is PCK3. TRACED0 TRACED3 Trace Data Output,Flash Memory,Reset State.
Erase input,Flash and NVM Configuration,ERASE Input High VDDIO Internal pull down. Bits Erase Command,Schmitt Trigger enabled 1,Reset Test. Synchronous Microcontroller Permanent internal,NRST I O Low. Reset pull up,Permanent internal,TST Test Select Input. Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transceiver UART x 0 4. URXDx UART Receive Data Input USPCK PCK4 can be,used to generate the baud.
UTXDx UART Transmit Data Output rate,PIO Controller PIOA PIOB PIOC PIOD PIOE. PA0 PA31 Parallel IO Controller A I O Reset State, PB0 PB9 PB12 PB13 Parallel IO Controller B I O PIO or System IOs 2. Internal pull up enabled, PC0 PC31 Parallel IO Controller C I O Schmitt Trigger enabled 1. PD0 PD31 Parallel IO Controller D I O Reset State,PIO or System IOs 2. Internal pull up enabled, PE0 PE5 Parallel IO Controller E I O Schmitt Trigger enabled 1.
8 SAM E70 DATASHEET,Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15. Table 3 1 Signal Description List Continued,Active Voltage. Signal Name Function Type Level Reference Comments. PIO Controller Parallel Capture Mode,PIODC0 PIODC7 Parallel Capture Mode Data Input. PIODCCLK Parallel Capture Mode Clock Input VDDIO, PIODCEN1 PIODCEN2 Parallel Capture Mode Enable Input. External Bus Interface,D 15 0 Data Bus I O,A 23 0 Address Bus Output.
NWAIT External Wait Signal Input Low,Static Memory Controller SMC. NCS0 NCS3 Chip Select Lines Output Low,NRD Read Signal Output Low. NWE Write Enable Output Low,NWR0 NWR1 Write Signal Output Low. NBS0 NBS1 Byte Mask Signal Output Low Used also for SDRAMC. NAND Flash Logic,NANDOE NAND Flash Output Enable Output Low. NANDWE NAND Flash Write Enable Output Low,SDR SDRAM Controller Logic.
SDCK SDRAM Clock Output,SDCKE SDRAM Clock Enable Output. SDCS SDRAM Controller Chip Select Output,BA0 BA1 Bank Select Output. SDWE SDRAM Write Enable Output,RAS CAS Row and Column Signal Output. SDA10 SDRAM Address 10 Line Output,High Speed Multimedia Card Interface HSMCI. MCCK Multimedia Card Clock I O,Multimedia Card Slot A.
5 SAM E70 DATASHEET Atmel 11296C ATARM SAM E70 Datasheet 19 Jun 15 Notes 1 LON support on USART1 only 2 One channel is reserved for internal temperature sensor TWIHS 33 2 H

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