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TABLE OF CONTENT,Introduction,Message Of Minister Of Health. The Health Minister Adviser Message,Use Of Formulary 1. Drug Control Policies And Guidelines 3,Therapeutic Listing Of Drugs 15. Appendix 108,Abbreviations 109,MOH Forms 113,Key Ward Index 125. Primary Health Care Centers Medications 135,Alphabetical Drug Groups Index 145.
Alphabetical Drug Index 161,MESSAGE OF MINISTER OF HEALTH. In the name of God the most merciful the most compassionate. In its pursuit of healthcare excellence the Ministry of Health is. committed to provide the highest quality and standards of. patient care and safety to the people of this beloved country The. objective of the MoH Formulary system is to provide safe. appropriate and therapeutically effective drug therapy consistently. throughout the MoH facilities in turn resulting in minimizing variation. and enhancing standardization, This latest edition of MoH Formulary contains updated 2012 listings as. well as easy to follow information and necessary, procedures to assist healthcare professionals in obtaining specific. Pharmacy Services, Quality of care is paramount to the Ministry of Health and as such this. Formulary Booklet has been developed for the, healthcare professional to use as a tool to provide optimum care to our.
precious patients, In conclusion I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and. appreciation to the dedicated and hardworking members of. the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee,Abdullah Al Rabeeah MD FRCSC. Minister of Health,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,THE HEALTH MINISTER ADVISER MESSAGE. According to the recommendation of the Minister of Health about. reviewing the Ministry Of Health Formulary and having an easy. portable edition It is our pleasure to introduce the MOH Formulary. drug list revised edition, This edition is carefully and extensively reviewed and modified by. adding new drugs and deleting the old unused ones Our aim is to. keep this formulary updated by adding new drugs that are approved. by the P T committee and constantly updating the list of crush card. and emergency drugs, The Formulary of the MOH is classified according to the.
pharmacological groups Other specified and more detailed formulary. booklets will be published in the near future, At the end we hope that all this efforts in successfully utilizing this. formulary will bare fruit in helping the medical staff perform the ideal. medical care finaly i wish to thank the minister of Health Dr Abdullah. bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah who supported us in our efforts to. complete this formulary, We highly appreciate efforts put forth in this issue. God bless you,Salah Fahad Al Mazroua,INTRODUCTION,USE OF FORMULARY. MOH formulary drug list is divided into three sections. The first section is a compilation of selected policies guidelines and medical. supply directory, The second section is the Therapeutic listing of all medications approved for. using in MOH hospitals, Each individual drug is arranged in a consistent format that will provide the.
following information for quick reference when considering a prescription. GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM,Code No Item Dosage Strength. 01 01 ANTACIDS,546014610 Aluminum hydroxide Tablet P PHC H. Magnesium hydroxide,P Purchasable Item Planed Item. NP Non Purchasable Item Non Planen Item, C Medication Under Controled Polices Through Prescriping. Dispensing And Administration, PHC Medication Planed To Be Dispensed At Primary Health Care.
H Medication Planed To Be Dispensed At Hospital,N Narcotic Medication. The third section is the appendix included approved abbreviations MOH forms. key ward index and alphabetical index,INTRODUCTION. INTRODUCTION,DRUG CONTROL POLICIES AND GUIDELINES,The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee is a standing medical committee of. healthcare professionals MOH hospitals The committee is composed chiefly of. physicians pharmacists and nurses with broad representation from physician. specialty groups in the hospital, The primary purposes of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee are. The committee recommends the adoption of or assists in the formulation of. policies regarding evaluation selection and therapeutic use of drugs in the. Educational, The committee recommends or assists in the formulation of programs designed.
to meet the continuing needs of the professional staff physicians nurses. pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners on matters related to drugs. and drug use,Scope of Functions, The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee functions are. to serve in an advisory capacity to the medical staff and hospital. administration in all matters pertaining to the use of drugs. to develop a formulary of drugs accepted for use in the hospital arid. provide for its constant revision the selection of items to be included. in the formulary will be based on objective evaluation of their. respective therapeutic merits safety and cost the committee strives. to minimize duplication of the same basic drug type drug entity or. drug product, to establish programs and procedures that help ensure cost effective. drug therapy to establish or plan suitable educational programs for. the hospital s professional staff on matters related to drug use. to participate in quality assurance activities related to the distribution. administration and safe use of medications, to review adverse drug reactions and medication errors occurring in. the hospital and recommend corrective action, to initiate and or direct drug use review programs and ensure follow. up of the results, to advise the pharmacy in the implementation of effective drug.
distribution and control procedures, to make recommendations concerning those drugs to be stocked in. hospital patient care areas,INTRODUCTION, to develop and or approve policies and procedures relating to the. selection distribution handling use and administration of drugs and. diagnostic testing materials,The Formulary System, hospital formulary system is an ongoing process whereby the medical staff. working through the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee evaluates drug. selects those drugs it considers to be the most beneficial in patient care a. formulary represents a continually revised compilation of pharmaceutics that. reflects the current clinical judgment of the medical and pharmacy staff Drugs. evaluated and recommended as such are called formulary drugs and are. the only agents that shall be routinely stocked in the pharmacy. Formulary Additions, A request for inclusion of a drug in the hospital formulary shall be made by. submitting a Formulary Addition Request along with supporting literature and a. signed disclosure of dual interest to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics P T. Committee This addition request form is available from MOH forms. Requests for addition to the formulary are evaluated on the basis of a literature. review of the drug s safety and efficacy as well as the availability of similar. drugs already on the formulary Generally each addition is balanced by. deletion of an existing product Individuals requesting an addition to the. formulary are asked to present their application to the Pharmacy and. Therapeutics Committee for final decision Generally one to two applications for. addition of drugs are discussed by the P T Committee at its regular meetings. The committee will make one of the following decisions regarding the request. approval with or without restriction, deferment until pertinent information becomes available.
The following rules and guidelines apply to formulary additions. 1 As per Saudi Ministry of Health directive only drugs which belong to. one of the following categories may be considered for inclusion into. a medications registered for use in the Saudi Arabia. b medications available for free sale in USA UK Canada or. Sweden from manufacturers registered within the Kingdom s Ministry. C FDA approved drug entities from manufacturers not registered. with the Saudi Ministry of Health but available in USA Canada UK. 2 Drugs with unknown formula or composition shall not be admitted to. the hospital formulary Fixed dosage form combinations of two or. more agents shall be regarded as undesirable Such combinations. may only be considered when a therapeutic advantage is. demonstrated and there are no known disadvantages,INTRODUCTION. 3 A drug may be approved for addition to the formulary for one or more. of the following reasons, a It is the only drug effective for the purpose indicated. Therapeutic efficacy will be based on Statistically Significant. Controlled Studies reported in the medical literature. b It is superior to other formulary drugs in use because of. greater efficacy for most patients or for selected patients. taking into consideration variations in patient response. decreased toxicity or greater patient tolerance,easier method of administration. c It possesses equal efficacy and safety as a currently used. formulary product but is more economical, 4 Drugs will be admitted to the formulary under a nonproprietary name The. Department of Pharmacy Services in collaboration with Logistical Services will. decide which brand to stock based on current bioavailability data cost. considerations as well as other pertinent pharmaceutical considerations. Deletion of a Drug, Suggestions for deletion of drugs from the formulary may be submitted to the.
P T Committee by any member of the medical pharmacy or nursing staff. order to control growth of the hospital formulary some additions will balanced. by deletions of another drug P T committie shall periodically review its stocks. and various therapeutic classes on an ongoing basis to effect deletion of. duplicate drugs whose usage is low or those which can readily be replaced by. less costly but equally efficacious alternatives, Deletion of products due to unavailability as a result of discontinuation by the. manufacturer Saudi MOH restriction etc will be noted at the Pharmacy and. therapeutics Committee meetings and recorded in the minutes All medical. nursing pharmacy and other related healthcare providers shall be informed. appropriately to minimize impact on patient care,Generic Substitution. formulary system which admits a drug under the nonproprietary name implies. permitted substitution of chemically and pharmacologically equivalent products. Restricted Drugs, In order to promote and ensure rational use of drugs P T Committee approves. specific usage criteria that must be met prior to dispensing certain drugs These. drugs are referred to as restricted drugs in the formulary and the restrictions. may be one of the following types,by indications,by specialty. 1 As per Saudi Ministry of Health directive only drugs which belong to one of the following categories may be considered for inclusion into formulary a medications registered for use in the Saudi Arabia b medications available for free sale in USA UK Canada or Sweden from manufacturers registered within the Kingdom s Ministry of Health

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