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Writing Web Apps,Andrew Gerrand,May 10 2011,http goo gl U5rYj. io2011 DevTools,What is Go,A programming language for today s world. Go is fun efficient and open source,Launched in November 2009. fun to work in, efficient performance approaching C for CPU intensive tasks. designed for modern hardware multicore networks,aimed at software such as web servers.
but turned out to be a great general purpose language. True open source,all development is in the open,many contributors from around the world. News from a year of development,A web server written in Go. Deploying Go in production, Prerequisite some knowledge of web servers not much Go. Some big announcements and fun giveaways,Be sure to stay until the end. A year s progress,Windows supported, Our compiler ported thanks to our open source community.
especially, Alex Brainman Hector Chu Joe Poirier Wei Guangjing. Express Go an interpreter with JIT compilation,Ergo a new compiler for Windows under development. ARM port 5g is solid,GCC4 6 release includes gccgo. GDB has Go support,Starting program home r 6 out,Breakpoint 1 runtime throw s void at runtime c 97. 97 runtime throw int8 s,gdb info goroutines,2 waiting runtime gosched.
1 waiting runtime gosched,gdb goroutine 1 where,3 0x00400c2d in main f myChan 0x0cba0 at bug go 4. 4 0x0400c9a in main main at bug go 9,gdb goroutine 2 where. 3 0x0400c2d in main f myChan 0x0c000 at bug go 4,Language simplified. Non blocking communication operations gone,select statement can do them more cleanly. closed built in gone,Too subtle and race prone,Unsized float complex gone.
use float32 complex64 etc,Slices simplified,Variadic functions easier Type. Also slice at call site,append built in added,Nicer composite literals. Open source,Already mentioned Windows port, More than a thousand change sets from over 130 mostly. external contributors,InfoWorld Bossie award,Google s Go language tries to restore simplicity. to programming It does away with numerous,constructs that have crept into all OO languages.
by re imagining how to simplify and improve the,conversation between a developer and the code. Go provides garbage collection type safety,memory safety and built in support for. concurrency and for Unicode characters In, addition it compiles fast to binaries for multiple. platforms Go shows a new exciting direction,in programming languages. A systems language,What sort of language is Go,Earliest announcements A systems language.
This confused people, Doesn t matter Go is a good general purpose language that. happens to be fun and fast scalable and efficient, A great combination for writing lots of things including. systems like web servers,such as this one,A web server. Moustachio, Our bid to enter the burgeoning photo sharing market. Core functionality,upload a photo of something,draw a moustache on it.
share it with friends,This will demonstrate Go s abilities to. serve web pages using HTML templates,receive uploaded files via HTTP. work with the file system,decode manipulate and encode images and. A web server written in Go Deploying Go in production Prerequisite some knowledge of web servers not much Go Some big announcements and fun giveaways Be sure to stay until the end 6 A year s progress Ports Windows supported Our compiler ported thanks to our open source community especially Alex Brainman Hector Chu Joe Poirier Wei Guangjing

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