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A Closer Look at the Parts, The Topic Sentence , A good topic sentence does three things . 1 I t names the subject, 2 I t tells what part of the subject you will talk about the. focus , 3 I t catches the reader s attention, I t snowed a lot yesterday subject so school let out. early focus , The sentences in the body explain or describe the subject by. using facts details and examples All of the ideas in the. body should be stated in the best order To help put things in. order list the main ideas before you write your paragraph . I t started to snow , big flakes came down , came down harder and harder .
Snow piled up , Principal closed school early ,The Closing Sentence . The last sentence reminds readers of what the paragraph is. about I t also gives the reader one last idea to think about . Thanks to the snowstorm we had a free afternoon , One of the sentences in a paragraph gives the main idea of t h e. paragraph This sentence is called a topic sentence The topic. sentence is usually the first sentence in a paragraph It shows t h e. reader and the writer what the paragraph is going t o be about . Circle the topic sentence in this paragraph , Trees give us many things They shade. us on hot days Their w o o d helps to build,our homes Their leaves give oxygen to the. air to help us breathe They are beautiful to,look at tool.
Create a topic sentence for, each main idea below . 1 Dancing , Dancing is a great way to exercise I, 2 A dictionary . 3 Tennis shoes ,4 A zebra ,5 Buhhifl g u m ,6 Wirtex . 7 Your grandmother or grandfather , , i, hat s Your Topic . Vrite top c sentences for each paragraph below p, There are lions and tigers in outdoor pens Wild birds are f l y i n g.
in large tree filled cages Also a visitor at the zoo can see snakes. and reptiles of many different sizes But my favorite thing to see. at the zoo is the monkey w h o swings on a trapeze in a cage b y. the popcorn stand , akpBBfcjfoii i jS, First you must listen carefully in class Next . you must study for your tests and quizzes Final , ly you must do all the homework the teacher. assigns If you follow these steps good grades, will be yours . It starts slowly and then destroys everything in its way It can. ruin homes and land It can kill people and animals So before. you strike a match remember how dangerous fire can be . it i I it it V ll I t l t JifrL H t 111 it lit lit 111 Ml ni nl lit 1. r r f m f m m J j y m m j mm j m y y, a a y y , Check your paragraphs Do all of your topic sentences n. I make sense in the paragraph Do all the sentences . relate to each topic sentence , P I J L i l i l I t I l ul it ul lit ul it nt i it nt i t nt I B.
f r j r r f f i r r r f f m m, f f , 12, Add the Middle . Last night space invaders landed in my , backyard j. I was lucky to survive with my lifel, Writing Hint What happened Were you scared . The pet you have is the most adorable pet I have ever seen . M a y I take her home , Writing Hint What makes the pet adorable . The party at school on Friday was the best party this year . The thing I liked most of all was when I danced with my English. teacher , Writing Hint Describe the party Why was it the best .
18, I f MA 1 1 W f m m, Sentences in paragraphs need to make. nse with each other They need to be con ,nected The words that help connect ideas. between sentences are called connectives or,transitions These transitions make your. writing easier to understand , Use the transitions in parentheses to. connect the scrambled sentences, below Write the new sentences in.
paragraph form Be sure to make, sense with your sentences . 1 I ll eat a salad , I feel like eating a hot cheesy pizza . I need to lose ten pounds however so today , Today I feel like eating a hot cheesy pizza . However , so, 2 She made me do my homework , My mother rushed in and unplugged my stereo . I was enjoying music in my room suddenly after that . 3 I sprinkle everything with nuts , I pour fudge or strawberry sauce over the scoops .
I love to make ice cream sundaes , I scoop ice cream into bowls first then finally . 13, Writing , Transitions, We need transitions to make our sentences flow from one to. another Depending on the paragraph we use different transitions . To show above beneath beyond in front of, location. To compare or but even so even though otherwise, contrast. To show time first next later soon after a while, To conclude or finally in conclusion as a result.
summarize, To add besides for example in addition. information, Your task is to write a paragraph that uses transitions to show TIME . The topic is your choice but make sure you have a good introductory. sentence good body sentences that use transition words and a good. concluding sentence ,r, Th Essential Parts of a Paragraph. And Then , All of the sentences you write in your paragraphs need to tie together as a unit They need to flow and. be connected as well as make sense The words and phrases that are used to connect ideas are called. transitions Here are some examples of transitions . first next then finally and so, however nevertheless so today suddenly.
and then after that in addition at last although, Here are some paragraphs that lack transitions Rewrite them with transitional words or phrases Read. your work aloud to see if it flows , 1 We re going to have an exchange student next month She needs to send In her. papers to the exchange program She will write us and send her picture We will. write her and send pictures She will travel to our country and we will meet herl. 2 It s a good Idea to get enough rest each nl ht Sleeping In too long on the. weekends could cause problems It can confuse our bodies and then we will have. trouble sleeping at nf ht If we get too much sleep we waste time and may be too. wound up to be able to concentrate When Monday morning comes we will be even. more tired It Is a good Idea to get enough rest We need to do so In moderation . 3 I was not able to do my homework last nf ht My brother broke his arm and we. had to take him to the doctor s office It was really late when we got home I set. my alarm to get up early to do my homework I was so tired that I slept through it. and had to hurry to get to schooll, Extension Collect transitional phrases There are many more than those listed on this page On. television and the radio transitions are called segues seg ways Listen to talk shows or news. broadcasts on the radio or TV news programs to hear segues between topics Jot down some of them. Speaking of unpredictable here is Johnny Hail with the weather What kind of unpredictable weather. is in store for us this week Johnny Look for transitional phrases in newspaper and magazine. mkles and stories Start a collection with the entire class contributing Look through them as a. creative warmup before your next writing assignment . 02490 How to Write a Paragraph 18 Teac her Created Materials Inc . Name Read the paragraphs below , Each one contains a sentence that. doesn t belong , What Doesn t Belong , When you find it draw a line under it .
Be ready to teH why it shouldn t be in, the paragraph . j, Morse Code is an international codefortransmitting messages by wire or radio. using signals of short and long duration Short signals are called dots and long. , signals called dashes The code was originated by Samuel Morse for use on his. telegraph The letters SOS three short signals three long signals three short. signals are an international distress signal By radio telephone the distress can is. Mayday , Birthdays are important events at my house Halloween is fun too Everyone. in the family joins in wishing the birthday person the best There s a huge dinner. with specialfood The birthday person gets to use the red birthday plate Of course . there s also a cake and candles and singing followedby presents oneforeach. year But the best part is the feeling of being a famify and knowing that you are. surrounded by love , Where do you sleep Animals sleep in many different places Horses and.
giraffes sleep standing up Bats sleep upside down Rsh and snakes sleep with. their eyes open Some birds use special muscles to fock their claws to the branches. so that they can perch on the branch without falling as they sleep Cats sleep as. much as twenty hours a day Hippos sleep in a big heap I sleep in a comfortable . soft cozy warm bed and I m glad that I dol, O 1997 by Evan Moor Cotp 49 Whtfrig FtbukHM Sonfonctf i Pvfgrapno EMC 57S. Writing q, Paragraph, Select a Subject 4 Choose an. interesting subject , Collect Details Gather your. facts and examples , For a narrative paragraph answer. who what when where and why , about your subject .
For a descriptive paragraph collect, sights sounds smells tastes and. so on , For an expository paragraph gather, important facts and examples . For a persuasive paragraph list, reasons that, support your. opinion ,ut Your Information in O r d e r, Start with vour topic. sentence , lfaplflfn the subject in the, middle sentences the body .
Sam everything up in the closing sentence , C h e c k Your First Draft Look closely at. each part the topic sentence the body and,the closing . Are your sentences clear, and in the best order , Do you need to add more. details about your, subject Check the, models on pages 58 61. for help , Correct Your Writing Use these questions as a guide.
when you check your revised writing for errors , Are your words interesting and colourful soft or. gweet instead Osgood , Have you used the right words know instead of no . and are your words spelled coryectlv , Does each of your sentences begin with a rppital. letter and end with the correct niinH no inn r hi. Paragraph Writing, A paragraph has three parts the topic sentence the. body or middle and the concluding sentence , A paragraph is like a train The topic sentence is the.
train s engine I t is the sentence that drives the. paragraph The sentences in the body are the boxcars . They carry the cargo facts details and examples that. tell about the subject The concluding sentence is the. caboose I t brings the paragraph to an end ,Topic Body Body Body Body Concluding. Sentence Sentence, Train s,Engine Boxcar Boxcar Boxcar Boxcar Caboose . Snow Day, I t snowed a lot yesterday so school let out early I t. started to snow before lunch A t first a few big flakes. came floating down Then it started to come down, harder and harder Snow piled up on the playground At. 12 30 the principal announced that school would let out. at 1 00 Thanks to the snowstorm we had a free,afternoon .
Types of Paragraphs, There are four types of paragraphs narrative . descriptive expository and persuasive Each one does. something different , A Narrative Paragraph tells a story about an event in. the writer s life As you read this model by Patrick. Brede watch f o r details that make the story interesting. and real , Prewrifing tasks After you have chosen an interesting subject . answer who what where and why about your subject . Cooking with Grandma, My Grandma and I had so much fun cooking in our. backyard First we d start by filling empty yogurt. containers with little twigs and all sorts of leaves These. were some of our vegetables We also used bits of grass. for cabbage Then we d stir our food sticks and set it in. the sun to cook We checked our dinner all the time . Sometimes we would sprinkle everything with sand for. salt and pepper Finally we would have a big feast . Organizer f o r a Narrative Paragraph, The best birthday party I ever went to was when.
Name turned age years old We,went to place ,We,We also. The very best part of the whole day was,Birthday parties can be so much fun . A Descriptive Paragraph describes a person place or. thing A good descriptive paragraph uses words that help. readers see hear smell feel and taste the subject As. you read the model by Natalie Stern watch f o r good. descriptive words , Pre writing tasks After you have chosen an interesting subject . collect sights sounds smells and tastes about your subject . Zev s Deli, Zev s deli is one of my favorite places to visit When. you walk in the door you smell corned beef and fresh. coffee and 100 other great smells There are shelves. everywhere crammed with all kinds of food There s olive. oil in tin containers pickles in jars and boxes and boxes. of crackers You can hear Zev yelling out people s names. when their food is ready My favorite thing to order is. cheese blintzes They taste s o f t and sweet and warm . Zev puts bright red strawberry sauce on my blintzes . Paragraph Writing A paragraph has three parts the topic sentence the body or middle and the concluding sentence A paragraph is like a train The topic sentence is the train s engine It is the sentence that drives the paragraph The sentences in the body are the boxcars They carry the cargo facts details and examples that

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