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Listening task,Exercise 1 16,Listen to the conversation and circle. the things that Julie asks Alex to do,Exercise 2 16. Listen again and check all the things,that Alex agrees to do and make an. on the things he cannot do,Exercise 3 16,Listen once more and make a note of. why he cannot do some things, Speaking task one Do these exercises with a partner.
Exercise 1 Memo, Make an on six of the things below that you do not want to do for your First discuss the possible. partner and think of a reason to say no Do not show your partner which six requests for each picture. things you have chosen as well as possible reasons. to refuse requests,Exercise 2, Take turns with your partner asking each other to do things. Choose any picture marked or unmarked and ask your partner to do. Always give a different,reason when you say no, When your partner asks you to do something say no to anything marked. with an and say yes to anything not marked, The rst person to get his or her partner to say yes to six things wins. Student A Do you think you could feed Student B Could you possibly pick me up later. the cat Student A I m afraid I can t I have to go to the. Student B Sure I d be glad to library,Speaking task two Do this exercise with everyone.
The teacher will give you one of the boxes 1 8 on pages 18 and 19 Walk. around the classroom and ask your classmates to do things for you and Memo. agree or refuse to do things for others,Use only page 18 if there. are fewer than eight,Ask your classmates to do things and. students in the class,write the name of someone who says. yes Do not show your box to,Use this information to answer requests. Say yes to these three things only Talk in pairs not groups. 1 Find someone who 2 Find someone who,will drive you to the will lend you ten dollars.
airport tomorrow,will help you look for,will babysit your little your dog. brother tonight,will water your,will let you copy houseplants while you. yesterday s class notes are away next week,Agree to Agree to. pick up some books at the library let your friend copy your class notes. lend your friend ten dollars help your friend carry some boxes. take care of your friend s cat downstairs,this summer go to the post of ce for your friend. Refuse all other requests Refuse all other requests. 3 Find someone who 4 Find someone who,will help you with the will teach you how to.
homework after school use the computer lab,after class. will take care of your cat,for a month this summer will pick up some books. for you at the library this,will go to the post of ce. name afternoon,and mail some letters for,you will help you carry some. boxes downstairs,Agree to Agree to, teach your friend how to use the drive your friend to the airport.
computer lab look for your friend s dog, water your friend s houseplants help your friend with the homework. babysit your friend s little brother Refuse all other requests. Refuse all other requests,Example Memo, Student A Do you think you could help me look for my dog Always give a reason. Student B Of course when you refuse a, Student C Could you possibly help me paint my kitchen this. Your friend means the,person you are speaking, Student D I m sorry but I have a dentist appointment to. 5 Find someone who 6 Find someone who,will lend you a dictionary will let you copy the.
homework for tomorrow,will pick up your laundry will help you move to a. tomorrow morning new house on Sunday,will help you paint your will feed your gold sh. kitchen this afternoon while you are on,vacation next week. Agree to Agree to, lend your friend a camcorder lend your friend a dictionary. let your friend copy your homework go to the bank for your friend. show your friend how to install new go to the supermarket for your friend. computer software Refuse all other requests,Refuse all other requests.
7 Find someone who 8 Find someone who,will help you x your car will explain the class. project to you after,will show you how to,install new computer will lend you a. software camcorder for a week,will go to the will go to the bank for. supermarket for you you this afternoon,Agree to Agree to. explain the class project to your friend help paint your friend s kitchen. feed your friend s gold sh help your friend move to a new house. pick up your friend s laundry help x your friend s car. Refuse all other requests Refuse all other requests. Match the dialogues with the pictures and write the request for each dialogue. 1 Stella Makes a request Write the requests on a, Lisa I m in the kitchen and my hands are full right now Stella separate sheet of paper.
Can you get it,Stella Oh all right but it s probably for you. 2 Professor Hall Yes Ann Marie what is it,Ann Marie Makes a request. Professor Hall Of course I ll be in my of ce after 3 00. Ann Marie Great thank you I ll come at 3 30,3 Jack I m going to the store Jill Need anything. Jill Makes a request,Jack What kind do you want,Jill Oh it doesn t matter Just get a large one. 4 Mom Makes a request,Tommy But I just walked him an hour ago.
Mom That was more like three hours ago and anyway he wants. Tommy Oh OK Here boy Let s go,Homework review Do this exercise with everyone. Walk around and talk to your classmates Read through the dialogues For each. dialogue nd someone who wrote a request similar to yours and write that. Do this exercise in the,lesson if you have,person s name next to your request time. If you cannot nd,write no one,focus Can you close the door. Could you lend me your pen Sure, Do you think you could meet me after school Of course I m sorry but. Could you possibly pick me up tomorrow I d be glad to I wish I could but I m very busy. Would it be possible for you to help me move tomorrow No problem I d like to but I have to work. I was wondering if you could possibly take me to the airport later I m afraid I can t. closing the door Not at all,Would you mind,20 turning down the volume No not at all.
Self study exercises,Self study exercises,Exercise 1 15. Listen to the conversation and check the ve questions that can be answered Then listen again and. write the answers to the ve questions,Where does Julie ask Alex to take her. www fty fty series com,What does Julie need to buy. How much money does Julie want,How many people does Julie ask Alex to. What is the English homework on,Who does Julie ask Alex to watch.
What is Alex going to do tomorrow,What time does the party start. Exercise 2 16 Memo,Add punctuation and use, Rewrite these sentences from the conversation in the correct order Then capital letters where. listen and check your answers, 1 but I have this weekend things to do yeah a million. 2 but well a small car I d be glad to it s,3 Math homework you mind but checking would my. 4 how can I the party if you can t for me but get ready for do anything. will let you copy yesterday s class notes Agree to pick up some books at the library lend your friend ten dollars take care of your friend s cat this summer Refuse all other requests ASK ANSWER 2 Find someone who name will lend you ten dollars will help you look for your dog name will water your houseplants while you are away next week Agree to let your friend

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