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American soldiers in the 23rd Infantry fire on German. positions in the Argonne Forest,Congress passes Sedition Act. Battle of Argonne Forest,begins in September,Armistice ends fighting on 1919. November 11,Race riots and strikes,take place in Northern. Red Scare and Palmer,raids target,Communists in the U S 1921 1923. Chapter Overview,Visit the American Vision,1919 1921 Web site at tav glencoe com.
and click on Chapter,Overviews Chapter 19 to,1918 1920 1921 preview chapter information. Treaty of Brest Litovsk British government Irish Free State. ends Russian German war creates the Northern established by. 1919 Ireland province signed treaty,Treaty of Versailles. conference begins,The United States,Enters World War I. Main Idea Reading Strategy Reading Objectives, Although the United States tried to Organizing As you read about the start Discuss the causes and results of. remain neutral events soon pushed the of World War I complete a graphic American intervention in Mexico and. nation into World War I organizer similar to the one below by the Caribbean. identifying the factors that contributed to Explain the causes of World War I and. Key Terms and Names the conflict why the United States entered the war. Pancho Villa guerrilla nationalism,self determination Franz Ferdinand Section Theme.
Factors Contributing,Allies Central Powers propaganda to World War I. Continuity and Change Ties with the, contraband U boat Sussex Pledge British influenced American leaders to. Zimmermann telegram enter World War I on the side of the. 1914 1915 1916 1917, April 1914 June 1914 July 1914 May 1915 April 1917. U S Marines occupy Assassination of Archduke World War I begins Sinking of the United States. Veracruz Mexico Franz Ferdinand Lusitania enters the war. Edith O Shaughnessy could not sleep on the rainy night of April 20 1914 Living at the. American embassy in Mexico City the wife of diplomat Nelson O Shaughnessy was well. aware of the growing crisis between Mexico and the United States Earlier that day President. Wilson had asked Congress to authorize the use of force against Mexico In her diary. O Shaughnessy described the tensions in the Mexican capital. I can t sleep National and personal potentialities possibilities are surging through my. brain Three stalwart railroad men came to the Embassy this evening They brought reports of. a plan for the massacre of Americans in the street to night but strange and wonderful thing. a heavy rain is falling Rain is as potent as shell fire in clearing the streets and I don t. think there will be any trouble, The next day O Shaughnessy reported that the conflict had begun We are in Mexico in. full intervention Marines are due to day in Vera Cruz. Raising the flag at Veracruz adapted from A Diplomat s Wife in Mexico. Woodrow Wilson s Diplomacy, As president Wilson resolved to strike a new note in international affairs and to see.
that sheer honesty and even unselfishness should prevail over nationalistic self. seeking in American foreign policy Wilson strongly opposed imperialism He also. 576 CHAPTER 19 World War I and Its Aftermath, believed that democracy was essential to a nation s History. stability and prosperity and that the United States. should promote democracy in order to ensure a Moral Imperialism President Wilson sent. General John Pershing below to stop Pancho,peaceful world free of revolution and war During. Villa s right raids into the United States, Wilson s presidency however other forces at work at Why was Villa conducting these raids. home and abroad frustrated his hope to lead the, world by moral example In fact Wilson s first inter. national crisis was awaiting him when he took office. in March 1913,The Mexican Revolution From 1884 to 1911 a dicta.
tor Porfirio D az ruled Mexico D az encouraged for. eign investment in Mexico to help develop the,nation s industry A few wealthy landowners domi. nated Mexican society The majority of the people,were poor and landless and they were increasingly. frustrated by their circumstances In 1911 a revolution. erupted forcing D az to flee the country,Francisco Madero a reformer who appeared to. support democracy constitutional government and,land reform replaced D az Madero however. proved to be an unskilled administrator Frustrated. with Mexico s continued decline army officers plot. ted against Madero Shortly before Wilson took armed band that uses surprise attacks and sabotage. office General Victoriano Huerta seized power in rather than open warfare that burned the town of. Mexico and Madero was murdered presumably on Columbus New Mexico and killed a number of. Huerta s orders Americans Wilson responded by sending 6 000. Huerta s brutality repulsed Wilson who refused U S troops under General John J Pershing across. to recognize the new government Wilson was con the border to find and capture Villa The expedition. vinced that without the support of the United States dragged on as Pershing failed to capture the guer. Huerta soon would be overthrown Wilson therefore rillas Wilson s growing concern over the war rag. tried to prevent weapons from reaching Huerta and ing in Europe finally caused him to recall. he permitted Americans to arm other political fac Pershing s troops in 1917. tions within Mexico Wilson s Mexican policy damaged U S foreign. relations The British ridiculed the president s attempt. Wilson Sends Troops Into Mexico In April 1914 to shoot the Mexicans into self government Latin. American sailors visiting the city of Tampico were Americans regarded his moral imperialism as no. arrested after entering a restricted area Though they improvement on Theodore Roosevelt s big stick. were quickly released their American commander diplomacy In fact Wilson followed Roosevelt s. demanded an apology The Mexicans refused Wilson example in the Caribbean During his first term. used the refusal as an opportunity to overthrow Wilson sent marines into Nicaragua Haiti and the. Huerta He sent marines to seize the Mexican port of Dominican Republic to preserve order and to set up. Veracruz governments that he hoped would be more stable and. Although the president expected the Mexican democratic than the current regimes. people to welcome his action anti American riots Reading Check Examining Why did President. broke out in Mexico Wilson then accepted interna, tional mediation to settle the dispute Venustiano Wilson intervene in Mexico.
Carranza whose forces had acquired arms from the,United States became Mexico s president. Mexican forces opposed to Carranza were not The Outbreak of World War I. appeased and they conducted raids into the United Despite more than 40 years of general peace ten. States hoping to force Wilson to intervene Pancho sions among European nations were building in 1914. Villa VEE yah led a group of guerrillas an Throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s a number. CHAPTER 19 World War I and Its Aftermath 577,of factors created problems among the powers of. Europe and set the stage for a monumental war,The Alliance System The roots of World War I. date back to the 1860s In 1864 while Americans,fought the Civil War the German kingdom of. Prussia launched the first of a series of wars to,unite the various German states into one.
nation By 1871 Prussia had united Germany,and proclaimed the birth of the German Empire. Fateful Couple Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife, The new German nation rapidly industrialized Sophia visit Sarajevo the day of the assassination. and quickly became one of the most powerful nations. in the world primary emphasis on promoting their homeland s. The creation of Germany transformed European culture and interests above those of other countries. politics In 1870 as part of their plan to unify Nationalism was one of the reasons for the tensions. Germany the Prussians had attacked and defeated among the European powers Each nation viewed the. France They then forced the French to give up terri others as competitors and many people were willing. tory along the German border From that point for to go to war to expand their nation at the expense of. ward France and Germany were enemies To protect others. itself Germany signed alliances with Italy and with One of the basic ideas of nationalism is the right. Austria Hungary a huge empire that controlled to self determination the idea that people who. much of southeastern Europe This became known as belong to a nation should have their own country. the Triple Alliance and government In the 1800s nationalism led to a. The new alliance alarmed Russian leaders who crisis in southeastern Europe in the region known as. feared that Germany intended to expand eastward into the Balkans Historically the Ottoman Empire and. Russia Russia and Austria Hungary were also com the Austro Hungarian Empire had ruled the. peting for influence in southeastern Europe Many of Balkans Both of these empires were made up of. the people of southeastern Europe were Slavs the many different nations As nationalism became a. same ethnic group as the Russians and the Russians powerful force in the 1800s the different national. wanted to support them against Austria Hungary As groups within these empires began to press for. a result Russia and France had a common interest in independence. opposing Germany and Austria Hungary In 1894 they Among the groups pushing for independence. signed the Franco Russian Alliance were the Serbs Bosnians Croats and Slovenes. These people all spoke similar languages and had, The Naval Race While the other major powers of come to see themselves as one people They called. Europe divided into competing alliances Great themselves South Slavs or Yugoslavs The first of. Britain remained neutral Then in 1898 the Germans these people to obtain independence were the. began to build a navy challenging Great Britain s his Serbs who formed a nation called Serbia between. torical dominance at sea By the early 1900s an arms the Ottoman and Austro Hungarian empires Serbs. race had begun between Great Britain and Germany believed their nation s mission was to unite the. as both sides raced to build warships The naval race South Slavs. greatly increased tensions between Germany and Russia supported the Serbs while Austria. Britain and convinced the British to establish closer Hungary did what it could to limit Serbia s growth. relations with France and Russia The British refused In 1908 Austria Hungary annexed Bosnia which at. to sign a formal alliance so their new relationship the time belonged to the Ottoman Empire The Serbs. with the French and Russians became known as an were furious They wanted Bosnia to be part of their. entente cordiale a friendly understanding nation The annexation demonstrated to the Serbs. Britain France and Russia became known as the that Austria Hungary had no intention of letting the. Triple Entente Slavic people in its empire become independent. The Balkan Crisis By the late 1800s nationalism A Continent Goes to War In late June 1914 the. or a feeling of intense pride of one s homeland had heir to the Austro Hungarian throne the Archduke. become a powerful idea in Europe Nationalists place Franz Ferdinand visited the Bosnian capital. 578 CHAPTER 19 World War I and Its Aftermath, of Sarajevo As he and his wife rode through Serbian officials who hoped to start a war that. the city a Bosnian revolutionary named Gavrilo would bring down the Austro Hungarian Empire. Princip rushed their open car and shot the couple to The Austro Hungarian government blamed. death The assassin was a member of a Serbian Serbia for the attack and decided the time had come. nationalist group nicknamed the Black Hand to crush Serbia in order to prevent Slavic national. The assassination took place with the knowledge of ism from undermining its empire Knowing an. European Alliances 1914,0 500 miles NORWAY,St Petersburg.
0 500 kilometers,SWEDEN Petrograd,Lambert Azimuthal North. Equal Area projection Sea,UNIT E D DENMARK,KIN G DO M Sea. London NETH Berlin E,BELG GERMANY S,ATLaNTIC LUX,OCEaN Paris. Vienna June 28 1914,FRANCE SWITZ Budapest Archduke Franz Ferdinand. AUSTRIA assassinated by Serb nationalist,40 PORTUGAL ROMANIA Black Sea.
N Sarajevo,Corsica ITALY Bulgaria joined the Central. Fr BULGARIA Powers in 1915 Romania,joined the Allies in 1916. Rome MONTENEGRO,Sardinia ALBANIA Constantinople,SPANISH Italy refused to honor EMPIRE. MOROCCO Central Powers alliance,and joined Allied Powers Sicily. on May 23 1915,MOROCCO Greece did not enter Cyprus.
Fr the war until 1917 Crete,TUNISIA U K,Me d i t e r r a n ean Se a. It EGYPT 30 E,Allied Powers 0 20 E 40 E,Central Powers. Neutral nations,Initial troop movements, of Central Powers 1 Interpreting Maps Which nations comprised the. Central Powers in 1914,2 Applying Geography Skills What was the name of. the southeastern European region that sparked the,beginning of the war.
June 28 July 28 August 3 August 6, Assassination of Archduke Austria Hungary Germany declares war on France Austria Hungary declares war. Franz Ferdinand declares war on Serbia begins invasion of Belgium on Russia. July 1914 August 1914,July 30 August 1 August 4 August 12. Russia begins mobilizing Germany declares Britain declares France and Great Britain. troops in defense of Serbia war on Russia war on Germany declare war on Austria Hungary. World War I and Its Aftermath 1914 1920 1915 The Lusitania is sunk 1913 Woodrow Wilson begins his first presidential term 1917 U S enters war 1915 Italy joins Allies in war Japan gains rights in Chinese territory 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated war begins in Europe 1917 Bolshevik Revolution begins in October Balfour Declaration favors setting up a

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