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Back in the early 1990 s the 700 pound bench press wars were in their. infancy and it was no surprise when I received a long distance phone call. from Publisher and Executive Editor of MuscleMag International Robert. Kennedy to tell me about another new member of the elite 700 pound. bench press club His call was to inform me that a Super Heavyweight. powerlifter named Ken Lain had broken Ted Arcidi s 705 5 pound world. record bench press with a dynamic and successful attempt of 708 3. pounds and only on his second attempt at The Deadliest Deadlift In the. World meet in Longview Texas on October 7 1989, Quickly my mind raced as I tried to recall the name Ken Lain but it was to. no avail I commented to Bob that my enthusiasm over this news would be. much more evident if he had said that the 5 7 335 pound superman. Anthony Clark had broken Ted Arcidi s four and a half year old world. record bench press Clark has received some rather extensive press lately. regarding his attempts to crack the 700 pound barrier big time Anthony. Clark s name I recognized but the mention of Ken Lain s name I did not. recognize I asked Bob to tell me more about this fellow named Ken Lain. He said that he would be glad to since the second reason for calling me. was to see if I would be interested in interviewing Ken Lain regarding his. training philosophy Bob went on to say that Ken Lain is 31 years old is. married and has two children and at the time he blasted through the 700. pound barrier his bodyweight was around 295 pounds Bob said I should. not assume for one minute that at age 31 Ken probably has 15 or so years. of weight training experience This is simply not so for Ken did not being. serious weight training before the age of twenty three So in fact he has. only 8 years of serious weight training to his credit but even more. astounding is the fact that Ken did not become interested in assaulting. bench press records till early in 1988, There was a long pause and I asked Bob to continue on with more vital. information about this man Ken Lain and his profile and accomplishments. in the world of powerlifting Bob responded by saying that his information. on the person of Ken Lain was limited to these few facts and would I. please for the sake of the readers of MuscleMag International interview. Ken Lain regarding his special training tips for developing Super Human. Strength in the bench press I responded by telling Bob that I would be. most happy to scoop an interview with Ken Lain for. www emusclemag com, None of the following 1990 interview is ghost written or made up It is the. pure truth from Ken Lain regarding his training philosophies. Ken my name is Dennis B Weis I am a contributing consultant. for Robert Kennedy s MuscleMag International Mr Kennedy has. asked me to interview you for a feature article in his magazine. Thanks for the opportunity of the interview, Thinking back prior to doing this taped interview I remember. Bob Kennedy telling me that your bodyweight was 295 pounds on. the day that you did 708 3 pounds It s strange how we develop a. preconceived idea in our mind about how a person might appear. physically from someone else s description I figured in my. mind s eye that at a bodyweight of 295 pounds you couldn t help. but have an ample amount of puppy fat on your body but how. wrong I was I stand here in amazement looking over the photos. you sent me You look more like a Mr Olympia contender rather. than a powerlifter, I started out in bodybuilding in 1985 I won the first three contests that I.
entered From there in 1987 I went to the Loan Star Classic which is a. national physique qualifier I didn t do so well there I kind of messed up on. It s an obvious fact that at least two thirds of the men using. weights today do so only to look nicer An admirable reason but. one that too often matures into a king size Narcissus complex. This type of bodybuilder spends more time looking at his. muscles feeling them measuring them or talking about them. than he does in actual exercise The fact of the matter is that. many bodybuilders could be termed pump up artists for they. really avoid the heavy weights Its obvious that you have. demonstrated Super Human Strength in the bench press as. evidenced by your record shattering lift of 708 3 pounds Some. people might agree that while you have a Herculean physique. and can bench press world record poundages it is only because. you have favorable anatomical leverages and the bench press is. your pet lift Some uninformed individuals might even go so far. as to say that more than likely your overall body strength does. not match up with the rest of your rugged physique. How about giving the readers some details about your training. schedule and some of the poundages you use on a regular basis. I think that heavy training has attributed to most of my overall size along. with my strength I personally always train on a push pull routine I have. always done this If I am training the chest I will train the triceps and. shoulders on the same day simply because both get worked when you are. training chest I will always train biceps with back for the same reason. when you re doing back the biceps get a lot of work I think it s the best. way to go personally My normal routine would be,Mondays heavy Thursdays light Push Day. Chest Shoulders Triceps,Ken benching nearly 750 pounds. at a bench press competition, Ken locking out one of a few reps in the Ken doing a 200 pound stack in the Triceps. Barbell press behind the neck pushdowns and with ease. Author s Note The following bench press program see next. page that Ken uses is followed for 10 weeks His one rep max at. the beginning of the 10 week cycle was 645 pounds His goal. was to increase his one rep max by 10 645 x 10 64 50. pounds over the next 10 weeks, For the sake of efficiency Ken always takes odd poundages to the NEAREST five pound interval. 64 50 pounds rounds off nicely to 65 pounds, He calculated his weekly poundages by basing them on a.
projected single maximum lift of 710 pounds 645 65 710 lbs. at the end of 10 weeks,Ken Lain s Revolutionary Program Matrix. Increasing Bench Pressing Power, WEEK 1 Monday Heavy Day 55 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 3 sets 10 reps 390 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 315 lbs. WEEK 2 Monday Heavy Day 60 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 3 sets 9 reps 425 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 340 lbs. WEEK 3 Monday Heavy Day 65 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 3 sets 8 reps 462 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 370 lbs.
WEEK 4 Monday Heavy Day 70 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 3 sets 7 reps 500 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 400 lbs. WEEK 5 Monday Heavy Day 75 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 3 sets 6 reps 535 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 430 lbs. WEEK 6 Monday Heavy Day 80 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 3 sets 5 reps 570 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 455 lbs. WEEK 7 Monday Heavy Day 85 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 2 sets 4 reps 605 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 485 lbs. WEEK 8 Monday Heavy Day 90 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 2 sets 3 reps 640 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 515 lbs.
WEEK 9 Monday Heavy Day 95 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then 1 set 2 reps 675 lbs,Thursday Light Day 80 of heavy day 540 lbs. WEEK 10 Monday Meet Day 100 of Projected Max Do 2 3 light warmup sets. then First attempt 88 92 M Second attempt 95 97 M Third. attempt 100 102 M, This then is the Revolutionary Program Matrix which Ken Lain. published in book form and later had produced into a DVD is. guaranteed to add 50 to 75 pounds of Bench Press Power for at. least 80 of the bodybuilders who will try it I will give you. details on where to order Ken s DVD at the end of this interview. My assistance work consisted of Flat Dumbbell Flyes for 4 sets of 10 reps. with 120 pound dumbbells Weighted Dips on the Parallel Bars for 4 sets. of 8 10 reps with 120 lbs Very seldom but every once in awhile I will do. seated Behind the Neck Presses and or standing Military Presses for 4 sets. of 8 10 reps It s really important to do high repetitions in your routine. because it pumps the blood into the muscle and it s just good for the joints. and ligaments, Thursday is my light day I take 80 of the weight I used on Monday my. heavy day on my assistance exercises and I move pretty fast by keeping. my rest between sets down to 30 to 60 seconds I want to maintain some. kind of muscular physique and I attribute this to working a little faster than. probably most powerlifters, Before we continue on outlining your day to day push pull system. of training you mentioned the importance of doing higher. repetitions and I am curious as to what you can do in the bench. press for high reps, I have bench pressed 315 pounds for 50 reps and 405 pounds for 20 plus.
That s astonishing and is a comforting argument that you are. certainly as strong as you look Let s continue on with your. training routine,Wednesday Leg Day,Quads Hams Calfs. Wednesday is devoted entirely to heavy leg work I will begin with Squats. by doing some warmup sets then I will do 3 heavy sets between 5 and 8. reps with around 500 pounds increasing the poundages from week to. week I have squatted 800 pounds in the past I ll then do some heavy Leg. Press movements and finish off with Leg Extensions Leg Curls and Seated. Calf Raises These last three exercises are done for 4 5 sets of 10 12 reps. It s easy to see that you place a great deal of emphasis on leg. work and your legs show the results of attention and detail you. have given them, Heavy squats make you strong all over Believe it or not to have a good. bench press you ve got to be able to drive with the legs when you explode. the weight off the chest in the bench press so you ve got to have strong. legs There is no way that you can get this kind of power without doing. heavy squats They expand the rib cage they get you used to handling. heavy weights and they increase your cardio respiratory endurance I can. think of no exercise swimming or jumping rope that will take the wind out. of you faster than doing high rep squats with a heavy weight It s a lift that I. do regularly whether I m peaking for a contest or just training in the off. Tuesdays heavy Fridays light Pull Day,Back Biceps, Tuesday is my heavy back day I will begin by doing High Lat Pull Downs. for 4 sets of 10 reps with 300 pounds Then I go on and do Seated Cable. Rows for 4 sets of 8 10 reps with 300 pounds Next I go to Dumbbell. Pullovers and normally I would do 4 sets of 8 10 reps but my dumbbells. only go up to 120 pounds so I usually end up doing 15 reps per set With. the completion of this exercise it s time to finish off my routine with some. bicep work I will begin with Barbell Curls for 4 sets of 8 10 reps with 175. 200 pounds I finish off my bicep work with one Dumbbell concentration. curls for 4 sets of 8 10 reps with 100 pounds see photo above Friday is. my light training day and as I mentioned earlier I use only 80 of the. weight I used on Tuesday, Looking over your complete push pull routine I notice that you. only rain each muscle group heavy one day per week and on one. other day per week the same body part is trained with no more. than 80 of the poundage used on the heavy training day Before. we begin the actual audio recording of this interview you made. some very unusual comments about the Deadlift exercise Would. you please repeat what you told me earlier about this exercise. If I have experienced some area of weakness in one of the three powerlifts. that would be the deadlift Rather than working the deadlift harder which is. something I would have to do if I was after a three lift total I just don t do it. This is not something to do for the three lift powerlifter I know that. You ll notice that your really good bench pressers are very seldom good at. the deadlift and vice versa Your good deadlifters usually have a lot. stronger arms and your really good bench pressers have medium to short. arms Heavy deadlifts I think personally hurts the bench press Your great. bench pressers are more square shouldered to where the shoulders are. more straight across They do have large traps but they won t be as large. as a great deadlifter s This is my personal opinion and it s one reason why. I don t do deadlifts Another reason is I m not good at it The reason I m not. good at it is I very seldom ever trained it In my life I ve probably pulled no. more than 25 deadlifts total I am definitely proud of my bench press I. feel like if I was putting a lot of energy into deadlifting it would hurt my. bench press, What was your primary motivation for becoming a champion.
bench presser I do not use the term champion bench presser. with reckless abandon because as I look over the stat sheet you. have sent me I marvel at the fact that in 1988 you competed in. 7 contests and in 1989 you entered 5 contests winning every. contest you have entered breaking 7 world records and 6. American records as well and all in a time span of only two short. The bench press is the prestigious lift whether you re a bodybuilder or. powerlifter Something that I would like to add here People would come up. from Publisher and Executive Editor of MuscleMag International Robert Kennedy to tell me about another new member of the elite 700 pound bench press club His call was to inform me that a Super Heavyweight powerlifter named Ken Lain had broken Ted Arcidi s 705 5 pound world record bench press with a dynamic and successful attempt of 708 3

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