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Workshop Manual,531RS 541RS 541RST,Introduction and safety regulations. 1 Introduction and safety regulations,1 1 General 2 Carry out the sections. Dismantling,Cleaning and inspection, This Workshop Manual provides a comprehensive Assembly. description of how to troubleshoot repair and test the. product A description of different safety measures that. Dismantling and Assembly of the entire product,should be taken during repair work is also given. Proceed as follows when the entire product is to be. 1 2 Safety dismantled and assembled, Note The section dealing with safety should be read 1 Look up the starter chapter and carry out the.
and understood by all who carry out repair and instructions under the heading Dismantling. service work on the chainsaw,2 Browse forward in the book and carry out. Warning symbols can be found in this Workshop Manual Dismantling in the order given in the sections. and on the product See page 5 A new warning symbol. must be applied as soon as possible if a warning symbol 3 Go back to the Starter chapter and carry out the. on the product has been damaged or is missing to instructions under Cleaning and inspection. ensure the greatest possible safety when using the. 4 Browse forward in the book and carry out Cleaning. 1 3 Target Group and inspection in the order given in the sections. 5 Order or take out all requisite spare parts from the. When producing this Workshop Manual the assumption stores. has been made that personnel who use it have general. knowledge in the repair and service of small engines 6 Look up the Crankcase chapter and carry out the. instructions under Assembly, The Workshop Manual must be read and understood by. personnel who are to carry out repair work and service 7 Browse forward in the book and carry out Assembly. on the product The Manual is also suitable for use when in the order given in the sections. training new employees,To improve understanding some sections provide a. 1 4 Modifications Description first of the actual unit Some chapters also. conclude specific instructions that explain how to repair. or replace a certain component, Modifications will be successively introduced on the. chainsaw during production When these modifications. affect servicing and or spare parts separate service 1 6 Numbering. information will be sent out on each occasion This. means that in time this Workshop manual will become Position references to components inside the figures are. out of date In order to prevent this the Manual should designated A and B etc. be read together with all service information issued The figures are number 1 2 etc. concerning the product in question The position references figure numbers restart in each. new section,This Workshop Manual can be used in two different.
For the repair of a particular system on the procduct. Dismantling and Assembly of the entire product,Repair of a particular system. When a particular system on the product is to be,repaired proceed as follows. 1 Look up the page for the system in question,Introduction and safety regulations. 1 7 General instructions Wipe up oil spills from the floor immediately to avoid. The workshop where repairs are to be done must be Do not use tools that are worn or fit badly for ex. equipped with safety equipment as set out in local ample on nuts and bolts. regulations,Always work on a clean bench, No one may repair the product unless they have read. and understood the contents of this Workshop Manual Always work logically to ensure all parts are fitted. correctly and that nuts and bolts are tightened, This Workshop Manual contains the following warning.
texts in relevant places Warning texts are positioned Use the special tools where recommended to be. before the procedures they refer to able to carry out the work correctly and efficiently. WARNING When using compressed air do not direct the jet. The warning text warns of the risk of towards your body Air can penetrate into the blood. personal injury if the instructions are not stream which can endanger life. Wear protective earplugs or earmuffs when test,CAUTION running. The caution text warns of the risk of, machine damage if the instructions are After test running do not touch the muffler until. not followed it has cooled down Risk of burns Use protective. gloves when working with the muffler, NOTE This text warns of material damage if Exercise care to ensure the starter spring does not. the instructions are not followed fly out and cause personal injury Wear protective. glasses If the spring tension is activated on the, 1 8 Special instructions starter pulley when it is to be taken up the spring. can fly out and cause personal injury,The fuel used in the product has the following.
hazardous properties Keep in mind the fire risk The machine may emit. 1 The fluid and its fumes are poisonous sparks which cause ignition. 2 Can cause skin irritation, 3 Is highly inflammable Ensure all surfaces are clean and free from gasket. residue etc When cleaning use a tool that will not. Do not start the engine without the clutch drum and damage the contact face Any scratches or uneven. driveline fitted as the clutch can become detached ness should be removed using a flat fine cut file. and cause severe personal injury,Always replace a sealing ring that has been dis. Do not touch hot components e g the muffler and mantled The sensitive sealing lip can easily be. clutch before they have cooled sufficiently to avoid damaged resulting in inferior sealing capacity. burns Surfaces which the seal shall seal against must also. be completely undamaged Lubricate the sealing, Avoid getting fuel or oil on your skin or in your lip with grease before it is fitted and ensure that it. mouth is not damaged e g by shoulders and splines on a. shaft Use tape or a conical sleeve as protection It. Use a barrier cream on your hands This reduces is important that the sealing ring faces in the right. the risk of infection and makes dirt easier to wash direction for it to act as it is intended. Long term contact with engine oil can represent a Special tools are required for some stages All service. health hazard tools are listed in the Workshop Manual Usage is made. apparent in each section,Never start the engine indoors Running an engine. in a confined or badly ventilated area can result We recommend the use of special tools in order to avoid. in death due to asphyxiation or carbon monoxide expensive damage to parts in question and personal. poisoning injury and to provide an efficient repair procedure. Always use Husqvarna s original,Spare parts,Introduction and safety regulations.
Service tools,Accessories,1 10 Symbols on the product. The following symbols are moulded into the product. Choke control,Refuelling,Stop switch,1 11 Symbols in the workshop manu. This symbol indicates a risk of personal,injury if instructions are not followed. Use protective gloves,Use protective goggles,Technical data. 2 Technical data,Displacement Bore Stroke Max power rpm.
cm3 cubic inch mm inch mm inch kW hp rpm,541RS RST 41 5 2 5 40 1 57 33 1 30 1 6 7000. 531RS 33 6 2 0 36 1 42 33 1 30 1 2 7000, Compression ratio Spark plug Electrode gap Ignition system. 541RS RST 7 5 1 NGK BPMR7A 0 6 0 02 IKEDA CDi,531RS 7 5 1 NGK BPMR7A 0 6 0 02 IKEDA CDi. Air gap Pre ignition angle Air filter type Carburettor type. mm inch max output idle, 541RS RST 0 34 0 01 23 8 26 5 Dry felt Walbro WYK 330A. 531RS 0 34 0 01 23 8 26 5 Dry felt Walbro WYK 330A. Technical data,Max speed Idle speed Clutch diameter Engage speed.
rpm rpm mm inch rpm,541RS RST 8570 2500 76 3 3300,531RS 8570 2500 76 3 3300. Drive gear Bevel gear ratio Control disc drive Shaft diameter. angle mm inch mm inch,541RS RST 30 1 1 4 25 4 1 28 1 10. 531RS 30 1 1 4 25 4 1 28 1 10, Drive axle diameter Weight without fuel Volume fuel tank. mm inch kg lbs Litre US pint,541RS 8 0 31 7 6 16 7 0 94 1 98. 541RST 8 0 31 7 9 17 4 0 94 1 98,531RS 8 0 31 7 5 16 5 0 74 1 56.
Service tools,3 Service tools,Service tools, The tools listed here are service tools intended for use on the brush cutter in question In addition to these tools a. standard set of hand tools is required,Item Description Used for Article number. 1 Driver Removing the drive 510 13 90 01,2 Piston stop Locking the piston 522 43 18 01. 3 Test spark plug Checking the ignition spark 502 71 13 01. 4 Ignition cable plier Repairing the ignition cable 502 50 06 01. 5 Flywheel removal tool Removing the flywheel 502 51 49 02. 6 Active cleaning Cleaning product 505 69 85 70,7 Air filter oil Air filter cleaning 531 00 60 76. 8 Pressure vacuum tester Leakage testing 531 03 06 23. 9 Hook for fuel filter Removing the fuel filter 502 50 83 01. 10 Pin To lock the angle gear 502 02 61 02, 11 Carburetor adjustment screwdriver Adjusting the carburetor settings 501 60 02 03.
12 Tachometer Checking engine rpm 502 71 14 01, 13 Grease Greasing the parts in the angle gear 503 97 64 01. 14 Torx T27 Dismantling assembling 502 71 27 03,15 Punch Assembling the angle gear 504 91 28 00. 16 Drift Dismantling assembling sealing ring 505 38 17 09. 17 Piston pin rod Dismantling assembling piston pin 505 38 17 05. 18 Piston assembly kit Assembling the piston 502 50 70 01. 19 Assembly fixture For brush cutters and trimmers 502 51 03 01. 20 Pressure testing plug Pressure testing 503 84 40 02. 21 Rubber sheet sealing plate Pressure testing 502 54 11 02. X X X X Nm TXX,Service data,4 Service data XX X XX X Nm. 2 0 3 5 Nm TXX 6 0 8 0 Nm T27 2 0 3 5 Nm,7 8 11 8 Nm T27. 1 5 2 0 Nm,541RST 531RS,0 5 1 0 Nm 541RST,3 0 5 0 Nm.
2 9 4 9 Nm,2 0 2 8 Nm,3 0 3 5 Nm,2 0 2 8 Nm 531RS,541RS 1 2 2 0 Nm. 2 9 4 9 Nm,T27 1 6 2 9 Nm,3 0 3 5 Nm T27,2 0 2 8 Nm. 2 9 4 9 Nm,Key to diagrams All except Asia, The figures next to parts screwed on indicate Asia. the tightening torque Nm Do not put grease on the threads. Lubricate with two stroke oil,Lubricate with grease. 10 English,Service data,2 9 4 9 Nm T27,7 9 14 7 Nm T27.
6 0 8 0 Nm T27,11 0 17 0 Nm,1 6 2 9 Nm,5 0 8 0 Nm T27. 12 0 18 0 Nm,2 5 4 0 Nm XX mm,English 11,Service data. 3 0 4 5 Nm T27,3 0 4 5 Nm,3 0 4 5 Nm,5 0 8 0 Nm T27. 15 0 22 0 Nm 19 mm,7 0 10 0 Nm,2 0 3 5 Nm T27,3 0 4 5 Nm. 3 0 4 5 Nm,T27 5 0 8 0 Nm T27,10 0 12 0 Nm,2 0 3 5 Nm.
1 0 2 0 Nm,Max 1 5 Nm,2 0 3 5 Nm 5 0 8 0 Nm,12 English. Service data,English 13,5 1 Dismantling,Protective glasses should be worn. when working on the starter to avoid,injury to the eyes if for some reason. the return spring should fly out,1 Remove the 4 bolts and lift off the starter. See Figure 1,Be careful not to injure your thumb,on the drive spring when the starter.
pulley rotates in reverse,2 Loosen the spring tension. Pull out the starter cord about 30 cm Slow the, starter pulley with your thumb Lift the starter cord. up out of the cut out on the starter pulley,Let the starter pulley rotate backwards until the. spring tension ceases,Wear protective glasses The return A. spring lies tensioned in the starter,and can fly out and cause personal B.
injury with careless handling, 3 Dismantle the screw A in the centre of the starter. Lift off the washer B,Carefully lift away the starter pulley C which. also includes the starter spring E Using a small E. screwdriver slide up the ends of the spring from its. mounting on the bearing journal D in the starter,14 English. 5 2 Cleaning and inspection,Clean and inspect all parts. Worn or damaged parts are replaced with new ones,5 3 Assembly.
1 If the return spring E has despite all the, precautions flown out or if you intend to fit a new. spring proceed as follows, 1 Hook the spring in the starter pulley s cut outs. 2 Press down the spring with your thumb inside the. edge of the starter pulley,3 Move your thumb around the edge of the starter. pulley at the same time as the spring is pressed,down turn after turn. 2 Attach the new starter cord,Ensure that the knot is as small as possible and.
enters the cut out on the starter pulley,Wind the cord 3 turns anti clockwise around the. starter pulley, 3 Lubricate the return spring and the starter pulley s. stub axle with cold resistant grease or thin oil,Move the starter cord through the guide in the. starter housing, Guide the free end of the return spring in towards. the cut out in the bearing journal and slide the,starter pulley down into the starter housing.
Fit the washer B and the screw A,4 Fit the starter handle on the cord. Thread the starter cord through the handle, Tie a small knot in the starter cord and pull it into. This Workshop Manual provides a comprehensive description of how to troubleshoot repair and test the product A description of different safety measures that should be taken during repair work is also given 1 2 Safety Note The section dealing with safety should be read and understood by all who carry out repair and service work on the chainsaw Warning symbols can be found in this

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