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You may also use the drag and drop method of adding documents into ProjectWise Files that are. stored outside of ProjectWise can be dragged into the appropriate folder in ProjectWise You can drag in. multiple files simultaneously You will see a Document Info window pop up with three pick list menus. for Document Group Document Category and Document Type. After entering the appropriate information in those pick list menus for your document you will be. prompted to Select a Wizard, Note If you have checked the box in the past to make one of the wizards the default this window will. not display but your default choice will be used, Selecting No Wizard will just import the document into ProjectWise and not ask for any further. information You will need to open the Document Properties right click on the document and select. Properties or select the document and hit the spacebar to fill in specific document attributes based. upon the document type, Selecting Advanced Wizard will step you through several screens of information you need to enter This. is the recommended wizard The first screen sets the location It will default to the folder where the. document was dropped but you may change it if that location was incorrect Click Next. The next screen sets the template to use for the new ProjectWise document The file you dropped into. ProjectWise is automatically selected as the template Click Next. The next screen displays the Document Attributes The specific attributes shown and the layout of them. is based upon the document type selected earlier The Document Group Document Category and. Document Type fields may be blank but do not fill them in at this time They will be automatically filled. in upon completion of the wizard The information under the Project Properties heading is. automatically filled in from other databases such as TPro and TrnsPort You should fill in any field listed. under the Document Properties area on this screen if that information is known You can always come. back to these attributes later using Document Properties Click Next when complete. Do Not Fill In,Fill In if Known, The next screen gives you the opportunity to rename the document give it a description and set an. original version name if desired The Application pick list should automatically choose the appropriate. software to use when the document is opened for viewing or editing Click Next when complete. The next screen displays the summary of all the choices made on previous screens When you click Next. here the document will be created, The final screen displays the success of the document creation Click Finish to complete the wizard.
Note If multiple files are dragged into ProjectWise the same document type will be applied to all of. them so select your group to drag in wisely, The last method of creating documents in ProjectWise is using the built in tools in ProjectWise Explorer. This method is not recommended since this will only create a database record for the document The. actual file itself would still need to be created using one of the methods above and then a link would. need to be created between the new document and the file. Assigning Document Types, If a document was created in ProjectWise directly from an application such as Microsoft Office or any. Bentley products you were not given the opportunity to assign a document type You can assign the. document type after the document is in ProjectWise by selecting the document in ProjectWise Explorer. right click on it and select Assign Document Type, The Document Info tool will appear with the three pick list menus for Document Group Document. Category and Document Type Select the appropriate values and click OK. The Assign Document Type tool can be used on any existing documents in ProjectWise such as. documents in pilot projects that were in place prior to the availability of the tool It can also be used to. change a document from one type to another if needed. The tool can be used to set the Document Type for multiple documents simultaneously Select the set of. documents you wish to assign a type right click and select Assign Document Type The choices made in. the Document Info pick lists will be applied to all of the documents in your selection. Document Attributes, Each document type has a specific set of attributes If you created documents using the Advanced. Wizard as explained above you were prompted to input the attributes for the document during. creation You can always view and edit the Document Attributes any time in ProjectWise by looking at. the Document Properties, To access the Document Properties simply select the document right click and select Properties Or.
you can select the document and press the Spacebar on your keyboard. The attributes are found on the Attributes Tab, As you can see by comparing the Attributes tab in the image above and the image below the amounts. and types of attributes change due to the document type. The Document Properties area at the bottom of the window contains the attributes that need to be. filled in with the appropriate information for that specific document This information is important for. use in searching for documents throughout the ProjectWise system Refer to the Using ProjectWise. Searches training document for more information,Document Audit Trails. Every action taken on every document and folder stored in ProjectWise is captured in the Audit Trail. The data captured includes check in check out copying out exports and comments The data and time. of the event and who was responsible is also captured. To access the Audit Trail of a document or folder simply select it right click and select Properties Or. you can select it and press the Spacebar on your keyboard Click the Audit Trail tab at the top. The Comments column on the far right shows any information entered upon document check in or. when Add Comments is selected from the right click menu in ProjectWise Explorer. To alter the date range columns and other information the audit trail displays click on the Customize. button near the bottom left corner of the window,Previewing Documents. In ProjectWise Explorer the bottom right part of the application window is named the Preview Pane. This area displays valuable information about the documents or folders selected in the upper areas of. the ProjectWise window Information such as properties attributes and file dependencies are available. in their specific tabs A visual preview of most file types is also available using Photo Preview or. Navigator tabs, The Navigator tab will only preview V7 and V8 DGN files It will allow you to zoom pan change level. display and view saved views It will also display all references files attached. The Photo Preview tab will preview many other file types It can display PDF Word Excel and image. files It will also display V8 DGN files but V7 DGN files are not supported. Exporting Documents from ProjectWise, There are occasions when a document needs to be saved outside of ProjectWise The main reason.
would be to use an application that is not integrated into ProjectWise. ProjectWise Explorer provides two methods for exporting documents managed and unmanaged It is. recommended to use the managed method if possible to easily enable importing of modified documents. back into ProjectWise, To export a document from ProjectWise select the document in ProjectWise Explorer right click and. choose Export, The Document Export Wizard will display offering two options. The first option is Export which is the managed and preferred method The document is locked in. ProjectWise for editing for everyone once exported and can be imported back into ProjectWise later. The second option is Send to Folder which makes a separate copy of the document in the location of. your choosing The ProjectWise version remains editable since it is completely disconnected from the. exported copy This method does not allow importing of the document back into ProjectWise You. would need to drag and drop it back into ProjectWise. After making your selection and clicking Next the next step is to determine the location of the exported. document Click the Browse button to set the appropriate folder for the Export Click Next to start the. exporting process, Once the export process is complete you will see the success screen Click Finish to exit. If you chose the first Export option managed and you are ready to import the modified document back. into ProjectWise there are two ways to perform the operation First you can locate the exported. document in ProjectWise Explorer right click and select Import. You will be prompted for a comment as in any document check in procedure When you click OK the. document will be imported back into ProjectWise, The other method to import the document back into ProjectWise is to use the Local Document. Organizer This is useful for importing multiple documents from several locations in ProjectWise since all. exports will be listed together, Click on the Exports icon to see a list of all your exported documents Select the documents in the list.
you wish to import right click on them and choose Import The comments window will display allowing. you to add comments upon the check in of the document. Working with Documents in ProjectWise Using ProjectWise is much like using Windows Explorer for storing and working on documents Documents are stored in a folder

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