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How your plan works for you, Education Health and Care EHC Plans are for children young people and young adults who. have Special Educational Needs and or Disabilities. The Plan is all about you and your family working in partnership with people from Education. Health and Social Care to set and agree your outcomes and to agree who does what to help you. work towards your outcomes, This EHC Plan captures the views of you and your family about what s happening now and what. you would like to happen in the future It also contains the views of other people involved based. on their assessments and reports, The focus of the plan is on your outcomes the things that are most important for you to achieve. in your life,What are Outcomes, By outcomes we mean the things that are important to you in your life. These might be things like having great friends enjoying learning at school earning your own. money or feeling safe healthy and well They may be other things such as enjoying going to. Cubs or Brownies or travelling independently on a bus or train. An outcome might also be about not making changes if things are going well for you. A good plan will make the Outcomes really clear and show how this is going to happen. People to help, A Facilitator will support you with the process in particular making sure that you are.
able to put the things that are important to you and your family into the plan You can. usually choose your Facilitator it s best if it s someone that knows you well and. understands what s important to you, A Coordinator will gather all the information and write up the plan She he will also. organise the meetings and help everyone to keep to the timescales. The Facilitator for your plan their Suri Watkins,role and contact details SENCO at Midsomer School. 01999338866 Email suri watkins midsomer,The Coordinator for your plan their Jack McDonald. role and contact details SEN Officer,0938383940404 Email jack macdonald com. Hertfordshire is a Pathfinder Authority working on developing a new single assessment and plan for children. and young people with SEND This document represents that work in progress Use of this plan does not. remove or replace any entitlement under the current statutory frameworks for children and young people. who have SEND,DRAFT Amended Plan 2,The parts explained.
Part 1 About You Part 1 is all about you what s working for you what s. not working for you what needs to change and what you. would like life to look like, Your Facilitator will help you use some really good. person centred planning tools for this bit, Other people who you are close to can also have their. say and help you to work out your Outcomes, Part 2 Other Part 2 is all about the information that we have gathered. from the people who are already working with you You. information reports will have told us who else is working with you and we. assessments and plans will collect information about the current resources. and identifying your services you are receiving We have asked people for. their latest reports assessments and plans These will. needs all be really useful in designing your plan, At the end of part 2 we will agree a summary of your. Part 3 Agreeing Part 3 is all about agreeing your Outcomes and deciding. what needs to happen next, Outcomes and what It sets the resources support and provision which will be.
needs to happen available including the type and name of the school or. college that you will go to, We also agree how to review your Outcomes this is to. make sure that the things agreed are really happening. You will also be asked to name the educational setting. that you want to attend, This section is also where the relevant people agree the. DRAFT Amended Plan 3,Part 1 About You,Family Name Drover Given name Annabel Lucy. Preferred name Annie Gender DOB,Female 22 6 2005,Relevant Individual Identifier Numbers. NHS UPN SEN, Not completed as example Not completed as example Not completed as example.
ICS NI Other, Not completed as example Not completed as example Not completed as example. Address Telephone Email,Not completed as example Not completed as example. Setting e g Early Years School College Work Name s of main contact in. Midsomer setting,Suri Watkins, Parent or Carer s Parental Address if different from above. Jackie Drover Mother responsibility,Don Drover Father Parents Same as above. Telephone email if different from above,Same as above.
Who is the initial point of contact and how do they prefer to be contacted. Jackie Drover Mother,Using mobile number as above and after 2 pm. Language used at home, Is interpretation support needed for you or your Parent Carers. DRAFT Amended Plan 4, Please let us know the best times to contact you and or your family carers. Jackie Drover works five mornings a week happy to contacted after 2pm. Don Drover works full time happy to e contacted via mobile any time and he will return. Some of the important people in your life family friends. favourite people maybe even pets,Name Relationship. Jackie Drover,Don Drover Dad,Dee Drover Sister aged 15.
Harry My dog aged 12,Grandma Jean My Grandma Dad s Mum. Grandad Frank My Grandad Dad s Dad,My Grandma Mum s Mum who lives in. Grandma Julie Spain,Holly Pierce My best friend at school. Grant Mickey My Swimming Teacher,DRAFT Amended Plan 5. All About You,Things I like and admire about Me, I m really good at swimming and I ve won medals I like helping at home and I m really.
good at feeding Harry and folding up the washing, I like my pretty clothes and Mark at school likes them as well. I m good at lots of things singing drawing watching TV and using the trampoline. I like my hair when it s washed and got a pretty hairband. I m getting really good at listening to people I taught Grandad Frank to listen and he s. getting good at it now I m a good teacher,Things others like and admire about Me. People say I m pretty helpful and know what I want They say that I m kind especially to. animals They say that I m brave especially when I need to go to the Doctor or the. They also say that I m kind and patent with people when they don t say things clearly or. they don t understand me, They say that I have autism and lots of other people do as well so not to worry My. friend Mark has autism and he s okay,Things I m good at. Swimming feeding Harry folding clothes being a friend being a sister singing. Sitting still and concentrating letting people know if I m not happy Using my picture. What s working well, I like being at school and being with my friends I like my teacher but sometimes she.
talks too quickly and I feel muddled, My picture timetable is working because if I want to do something I check my timetable. to see if I m allowed to, Spending time with Harry and my family and going to Spain to see Grandma Julie. Going to the toilet when I need to, Swimming three times a week I wish I could go every day all day. What s not working so well, Sometimes I get so muddled that a storm comes and I cry and scream and bang things. it even happens at school sometimes I don t like it but I can t stop it but it s getting. better My picture timetable helps, It happens when I don t understand like if I want to dance but it s quiet time at school.
and they say no,Going to bed I don t like it, Sometimes what I say comes out all wrong and I gabble people don t understand me. Sometimes I don t understand what people are saying and that upsets me. DRAFT Amended Plan 6,Things I d like to change, I d like to not have the storms because they make me feel really tired and upset and. sorry afterwards, I d like to change my old laptop for an Ipad like Mark s but mine would be pink. I d like to change my swimming days to every day, I d like to understand what people are saying and I want them to understand me. Things I love or like to do, All the things that I m good at but also being outside especially when it s windy and.
I love going to the safari Park and seeing the animals and I love taking photos of them. I love swimming in the sea in Spain especially when the waves are bit. Things I don t like to do,I ve got a long list, Eat with other people sing with other people hold hands brush my teeth read out loud. talk to people when I m thinking in my head being told off hurting people being rude. loud people shouting people scary people Going to bed I don t sleep very much and. this can make Mum and Dad cranky, Keep saying things over and over because people don t understand me. New things I d like to try, Surfing in the sea in Spain like Dee I d be really good Help look after the elephants at. Win a Gold medal at the Olympics or another colour. Meet Ellie Simmonds and look at her medals,The sorts of friends I like to have. Harry s my best friend and you are allowed dogs as friends He is quiet and never goes. Holly and Mark are good friends They are funny and not too loud and they don t mind. my storms they just go away and come back when I ve finished. The sort of grown up I d like to be, A Swimmer who teaches autistic children all about swimming Like my Mum she s funny.
and kind and smells nice, Like my dad because he s funny and strong but he s a man. I d have long blond hair and wear makeup and smile sweetly at people I would never. shout or be rude and my storms will never happen when I m a grown up. Did anyone help you with this part If yes what was their name. My Mum and Dad helped me with this Sometimes people find it hard to understand me. so it was good to have someone who knows me really well to help me. My sister Dee helped as well,DRAFT Amended Plan 7,Your Journey so far. Your name s Annie Drover, I ve lived with my Mum and dad and Dee and Harry all my life in our house I was born. at Midsomer Hospital on 22nd June 2007 Grandad Jack s birthday he was pleased. Mum and Dad said my storms started when I was three and they were really bad. sometimes I m sorry about that, I went to Upper Road Nursery when we did a lot of painting I liked it there. Parents story, Annie was born in June 2007 and was a very unsettled baby from the start Her sleep.
pattern took ages to settle We couldn t help comparing her development to her sister s. which was completely different, Annie s storms really became noticeable when she was three years old and the terrible. two s were over We had a really good health Visitor who took us seriously and agreed. that Annie needed some help We were exhausted from lack of sleep and because our. nephew has autism we kind of knew what was going on. It was a kind of relief when Annie was diagnosed officially last year as we then had our. fears confirmed although it did bring in all sorts of panic about the future. We have always been honest with Annie about her autism and that might make her see. things differently to other children It seems to help her when she is feeling muddled. Having said that we are determined that Annie has the same chances as any other. child so will do what we can to keep life as normal as possible whatever that is. Our other daughter Dee is brilliant with Annie she just takes it all in her stride and can. now babysit for us if we go out, We have been lucky so far with professional involvement as everyone has been helpful. and positive The listen but also try to understand our situation. Who wrote this part,Jackie and Don Drover parents,What your family would like to say. Your name s Jackie Drover Don Drover Dee Drover,Frank and Jean Drover Grandparents. Jackie and Don Drover, We are so proud of Annie She has her struggles and can get extremely upset but she.
hates this and is trying to avoid it and is always so sorry afterwards. Annie has really taken to swimming and this seems to be her outlet she feels good. about herself afterwards and has a better night s sleep. DRAFT Amended Plan 8, We are determined that Annie has the same chances as anyone else and accept that. this will mean extra help for her and for us We appreciate any help that we can have. Annie has taken to school well although it can be a struggle for her and her teachers. especially when she gets upset Her storms can result in physical damage to herself and. things never to other people thank goodness, The school have been brilliant but are acknowledging that they are struggling The. classroom assistants have to help other children not just Annie and we know that Annie. has more than her fair share of support at the moment. Annie s communication continues to be a problem for her and us She often doesn t. understand what we are saying or what we want from her We often don t understand. what she is trying to tell us This is very frustrating for Annie and is one of her definite. Recently she has started to take herself to her room when she starts to feel upset She. will try to keep the storm inside but this results in her boiling inside Dee found her. pinching herself and hitting her head recently because she didn t want us to hear her. upset This is really upsetting for us, The most important thing for us is that Annie feels good about herself and her. achievements in life We have no idea what her future will look like but we want her to. feel safe and loved with good friends and people around her who love her and. WORKING DOCUMENT Your Education Health and Care Plan My name is Annabel Lucy Drover I like to be known as Annie the swimming champion images DRAFT Amended Plan 2 How your plan works for you Education Health and Care EHC Plans are for children young people and young adults who have Special Educational Needs and or Disabilities The Plan is all about you and your family working in

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