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2 Infosys Workforce Development in the Age of Digital. Foreword technical skills such as coding whenever required the software led. and data science are important intelligence provides the insights and. The tale of the U S job market is soft skills including a strong work analytics that guide people in their. one of contradiction An increasing ethic self motivation and social pursuit of problem finding and the. number of jobs are being lost to emotional and leadership skills and automation to create bandwidth for. intelligent automation but the holistic skills like problem finding their creative work. underlying digital technologies in are the key components for success. use are also creating new roles that Today with the support of our. in today s economy This is obviously, are going unfilled due to a severe academic government and business. not predicated on the discipline in, skills shortage partners Infosys has created a model. which one graduates but on one s,for workforce development in the. The technology skills of the past ability to learn and continuously. United States that is both scalable, mostly centered on programming operate with a fluid flexible set. and relevant to companies in every, which was easily executed by STEM of contemporary skills that are.
industry This model also includes, talent With digital skills evolving constantly improving on the job. the propagation of computer science, faster and becoming more pervasive This means the linear education as a foundational skill to be taught in. in the world of business talent from a to employment equation must give American public schools an agenda. variety of disciplines with capabilities way to the continuum of lifelong driven by Infosys Foundation USA. honed in corporate finishing schools learning This is the only surefire That is why I am pleased to share. must now be prepared for these jobs way to guarantee workers stay on this report which incorporates. of the future the cutting edge of all that s needed both quantitative and qualitative. A new approach to workforce for the future That is why Infosys research to explain and demonstrate. development is needed which is why has created on demand learning the value of such an approach The. Infosys has developed and scaled for employees delivered through lessons we have learned will serve. a program in the United States to experiential means which they can others well too. address this shortage training talent access throughout their time with the. The United States and the global, from a variety of backgrounds and company By substantially and contin. economy are at a crossroads There, disciplines from across the country for uously investing in the training of our. is a gap between the skills businesses, a more digital future people we are not only removing.
require and the skills workers possess,barriers which would otherwise have. Our model for workforce and there is an important role for. prevented them from fully partici, development recognizes private businesses to play in overcoming that. pating in the modern economy we, enterprise must play the lead role challenge Businesses must step into. are also ensuring that our workforce, in embracing workforce transfor the divide and create pathways for. remains at the forefront of all that s, mation to solve the talent crisis workers across the talent spectrum to.
relevant for the future, With technology roles growing learn train and succeed By preparing. exponentially within companies it is And that future is exciting With the workforce of today for the. unrealistic to look to fill all these open the proper background and skills challenges that lie ahead we can seize. positions with graduates with 4 year American workers can become the opportunities the digital economy. degrees These jobs can be performed even greater problem finders and presents us and unleash a new age of. by non degree holding workers creative problem framers by utilizing innovation and prosperity. with the right specialized skills that machines to be their efficient. problem solving partners At Infosys Ravi Kumar S,can be nurtured through alternative. we have moved toward employing President Infosys,education paths To do so we must. recruit and train people with the a mixture of full time employees. ability to learn quickly and apply that gig workers and software led. learning to newly developed skills intelligence While the gig talent. and digital approaches Although pool flexibly scales human enterprise. Infosys Workforce Development in the Age of Digital 1. Executive This misalignment threatens to throughout their careers The digital. Summary leave businesses incapable of filling,high value roles and it means the. economy will not allow for workers,to make a career out of expertise.
U S economy misses out on ideas in one area alone Rather workers. There are more science technology, services products innovation and must be prepared to adapt to the. engineering and mathematics, of course growth The Bureau of constantly changing skill needs of. STEM jobs in the United States than, Labor Statistics forecasts the number the modern economy. there are qualified people to fill them, Last year 2 4 million STEM jobs of STEM related jobs in America will. This is why it is so concerning that, remained unfilled1 a figure larger grow steadily until 2024 they did not.
the private sector has been noticeably, than the population of Houston the forecast any further 4 likely enlarging. absent from the conversation, nation s fourth largest city 2 The gap this gap between job openings and. The private sector which has the, is so wide and well known that two capable candidates. resources and incentive to prepare, out of five Americans describe the today s workers and graduates to. situation as a crisis 3 fill today s vacancies and develop. STEM jobs have,the skills for tomorrow s challenges.
The gap exists and persists due to,must play a larger role in creating. a fundamental misalignment between,a workforce capable of performing. academic institutions and businesses,in demand skills Companies are. The economy for which colleges and,uniquely positioned to help workers. universities have prepared their grad, as a proportion of all clear the two most common hurdles.
uates is not the economy in which, jobs worldwide since the to attain the training they need lack. businesses operate In today s digital,Industrial Revolution of time and lack of money. age businesses increasingly need, workers who are fluent in digital skills Source The Smithsonian Science. capable communicators well versed Education Center. in logical and analytical reasoning,and geared toward problem finding. rather than just problem solving Most discussions on how to close. this gap arrive at similar solutions,more students need to study STEM.
FEEDBACK THAT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS subjects at all grade levels more. RECEIVED FROM EMPLOYERS schools and universities need to of U S workers and hiring. provide STEM courses and the federal,managers believe. government should encourage skills,corporations must play a. based STEM programs in schools and,in the workforce greater role in developing. say graduating students lack the unconventional candidates. necessary communication skills These are crucial steps but each. and all would likely take years,Source Infosys Research on Workforce. VS to implement And perhaps more,Development in the Age of Digital.
importantly this discussion misses,the larger point While there is a great. need for more STEM talent what,businesses truly need is more STEM. capable talent workers who have,say graduating students lack the. the aptitude to learn digital skills,necessary digital or technical skills. and continue to evolve that skillset, 2 Infosys Workforce Development in the Age of Digital.
This paper explores how Infosys,is building a highly skilled local. 6 10 000 20K,workforce at scale and at speed and,doing so in an environment where. such skills were and still are in, measurably short supply It is doing so Technology and American workers spent on training each new. by investing in cities outside of Silicon Innovation centers hired by 2020 employee from schools. Valley which are not traditionally,considered to be hubs for tech talent. including Indianapolis Hartford and,Richardson Texas.
The centerpiece of this report is,Infosys ongoing U S Talent Program. a commitment of 20 000 and up NC,to twelve weeks of full time training. for each American worker the AZ,company hires from schools with. no strings attached,Underpinning this initiative is a. recognition that technical skills can,be taught to STEM and non STEM.
workers alike and the private Infosys investment in people has Infosys experience has shown. sector is well placed to do the been accompanied by its investment that while the skills issue is resistant. teaching especially to local talent in communities The company has to simplistic solutions it is not. with the aptitude to be trained in committed to establish and open six insurmountable By providing. the broad based skills necessary in Technology and Innovation Centers in opportunities training and financial. today s and tomorrow s economy the United States by 2020 including support Infosys has seen people. By broadening the aperture through Centers in Raleigh North Carolina from across the country perform. which Infosys views candidates and Phoenix Arizona and Providence brilliantly in highly technical highly. hires new workers the company Rhode Island in addition to the skilled roles roles for which they. is expanding the pool of potential three cities listed previously In these might have been deemed unqualified. talent This approach has helped cities Infosys is not only building had only their diplomas or r sum s. Infosys hire more than 7 600 American Centers but also talent pipelines been evaluated. workers so far and by the end of 2019 and is partnering with universities. that figure is on pace to meet 10 000 This paper shares Infosys experience. and community colleges to provide,the data which informed this initiative. students with training graduates with,and reflections from those involved. opportunity and Infosys employees,to show how companies can be part. with the reskilling necessary to stay,of the solution to today s skills crisis. on the cutting edge of innovation,and be stronger for the effort.
Infosys Workforce Development in the Age of Digital 3. The Skills Gap A push to attract more students Barriers Faced by Many Workers. needs to be accompanied by a move Time and Money, Challenges faced by students to create more courses hire more Viewed through the lens of STEM. and workers professors and create more capacity skills workers can be divided into two. A 2019 report in The New York Times broad categories those with them. A Shortage of Students And described undergraduates struggles and those without Those with STEM. Capacity to secure placement in STEM courses skills are considered conventional. The number of American STEM at U S universities with some colleges talent they have the background. graduates 568 000 in 2016 in holding lotteries for computer the training and the experience that. no way approximates the country s science courses while others wait list jobs in the field have long prized. current STEM related job openings hundreds of students for such and required Those without this. The U S needs to encourage more classes 5 Increased investment from education and experience are referred. students to study STEM especially universities into STEM courses and to as unconventional. women and minorities But as the professors would help to alleviate but. number of STEM students gradually not solve for the gap that exists a Both kinds of talent have a role to. rises so too will the number of gap that will remain without private play in closing the STEM skills gap. STEM related employment opportu sector intervention According to a 2018 report by Pew. nities and very likely vacancies Research Center almost half of. making it all the more necessary workers with college STEM training. to nurture and train STEM capable SINCE 2015 are working in a non STEM job like. talent in the technical skills the digital business or finance 6 Clearly more. economy requires can be done to attract and retain. conventional talent,GRADUATED WITH Students,If unconventional workers are to. help bridge this STEM gap they first, STEM DEGREES IN 2016 need to acquire STEM skills Research. commissioned by Infosys asked,workers without STEM degrees to cite. the biggest barriers to the pursuit of,STEM credentialing opportunities.
Teachers More than half 55 said it was,the cost of the program while. 50 pointed to the time needed,to dedicate to the program Thus. 4 7M Schools,Infosys initiative to pay motivated,capable workers a salary while. they learn high tech skills for up to,12 weeks removes the two most. common barriers to doing so,across America have,benefited from computer.
science training and,Source World Economic Forum,classroom equipment funded. Human Capital Report by Infosys Foundation USA, 4 Infosys Workforce Development in the Age of Digital. BARRIERS TO TRAINING AVAILABILITY OF DIGITAL AND TECHNICAL. for workforce development in the United States that is both scalable and relevant to companies in every industry This model also includes the propagation of computer science as a foundational skill to be taught in American public schools an agenda driven by Infosys Foundation USA That is why I am pleased to share this report which incorporates both quantitative and qualitative research to

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