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Inside this guide,VeroEdge Access 1,Logging In 1,System Features 1. Header Bar 1,Navigation Panel Page 2,Navigation Panel Buttons 2. Validation and Errors 3,Missing information 3,Generate a referral 3. Systems Error 3,Workers Compensation Quote 3,Getting Started 3. Policy Page 4,ANZSIC Wages Page 4,Extensions Page 5.
Endorsements Page 6,Policy Documents and Attachments Page 6. Referrals and Contact Details Page 7,Insured Details 7. Premium Completion Page 8,New Business 9,Converting 9. Insured Details Page 9,ANZSIC Wages Page 9,Policy Documentation 10. Referrals 12,Business Rule 12,Manual Referral 12,Processing a Referral 12.
Finalising a Referral 13,How to Complete a Mid term Alteration 13. How to Process a Cancellation 14,Renewals 15,Notification Process 15. Renewing Policy 16,Adding Wages Actuals 17,Early Renewals 24. Renewal documents 25,Document Matrix 25,Assistance and Contact Details 26. Steps Quote 26,Steps Renewal and Wages Estimates 27.
Steps Updating Wages Actuals 27, Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge i. VeroEdge Access, VeroEdge has the ability to deliver Workers Compensation products with speed and efficiency This user guide gives. you an overview of the functionality available,Logging In. Log into your Broker Management System BMS, Select Add new quote and enter your customers information and select product GIO Workers Compensation. Complete the start and end date,Select Add risk details to access VeroEdge.
System Features,Header Bar, IDP insufficient information entered for validation or the risk has not successfully passed all validation rules. QTE validation rules passed and Premium quoted This is the unique reference for the quote please include this. when reporting any issue to Suncorp underwriting or support. CVN converted to Covernote in BMS, WC policy has been bound Once the policy is bound the WC number will be the permanent reference for the. Stage The status of the policy lifecycle,New Business. Policy only applicable for an in force closed policy. Alteration,Cancellation, Status The status of the transaction being processed or viewed. Draft transaction information has not yet been validated or requires errors to be remediated before acceptance. Acceptable information has been validated and is acceptable. Declined transaction has been cancelled, Referral Required referral triggered but not yet submitted.
Referral with underwriter referral submitted to an underwriter. Bound policy has been bound, Issued policy has been issued also called finalised. Term Start Is the start date of the Policy contract term. Term End Is the end date of the Policy contract term. Effective date Is the date that this transaction takes effect. Update Checks underwriting guidelines and if acceptable calculates the premium. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 1. Navigation Panel Page, Policy Type Account number ANZSIC codes and estimated wages for the. term Number of workers Special acceptance questions and Years insured for. Workers Compensation Only this page needs to be completed for a Quick. Quote Estimated wages and Number of Workers are only available on this. page at Quote stage,ANZSIC Wages, Break down the estimated wages into worker type number of workers and. estimated wages Extensions will show on this page these can be added via. referral message to an underwriter Wages actuals will be added on this page. Endorsements, Standard and free text endorsements will be reflected here. Policy Documents and Attachments, Policy and quote documentation for the customer is attached on this page.
once transaction is bound finalised,Referrals and Contact Details. Referral comments are entered and tracked Individual broker s email address to send documents to or to provide. UW team with information on a broker servicing the policy This will only need to be entered once to be. remembered,Premium Completion, Premium breakdown of transaction charges policy term totals and policy term charges Risk information has been. checked and a premium is given if risk is acceptable and validation rules are passed. Once a quote is converted into a new business policy this page allows you to enter your insured s preferred payment. frequency business details invoice number and duty of disclosure This is one of the most important pages as you. are binding your client to a GIO Workers Compensation policy on the terms and conditions of the quote and upon. approval by GIO,Insured Details,Business and postal address will be entered here. Navigation Panel Buttons,This button validates information in VeroEdge and. Checks that all required fields have been completed and validated. Checks details against underwriting guidelines this may generate a. Calculates premium if no errors detected, This button allows you to intermittently save your work in VeroEdge without exiting.
This button allows you to exit the quote process taking you back to your Broker Management System This will. discard all changes made in the current transaction. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 2. Validation and Errors, Update and Validate buttons as well as the Premium Completion page will validate policy quote. information against business rules You can Validate information in your quotation renewal at any time. this will run entered information against business rules and will notify you of. Missing information, Action follow the hyperlinks or go directly to the pages that have incomplete information. Generate a referral, Action go to your BMS and submit a referral to an underwriter Please ensure that VeroEdge Status in the Function. bar is Referral with an Underwriter,Systems Error, Action systems errors cannot be rectified by a broker BDM or an underwriter Please call or email Suncorp. Systems Support and include the Policy No Quote Ref and the 5 character unique error reference 04223 in the. Workers Compensation Quote,Getting Started,Log into your Broker Management System and select.
Add New Quote,Add your customer s information, Select product GIO Workers Compensation and add cover start and end dates please note that you cannot. forward date more than 42 days ahead nor create back dated quotes. Complete information as you progress through VeroEdge pages Your customer account details will be pre populated. in VeroEdge, Press Next to move to the next page or use left hand Navigation Menu page to go directly to a specific page. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 3. Policy Page,ANZSIC Wages Page, Expand by clicking Add ANZSIC wages or Edit selected row to add ANZSIC enter wages and worker. information, Please note that once an ANZSIC has been added it can only be removed by referring the policy. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 4. Ensure that broken down wages across worker types add up to the Estimated wages for the term. Worker Type Wages Workers,General workers 140 000 2.
Working director 160 000 1,Estimated Wages 300 000 3. Extensions Page, Extensions will be listed on this page These can be requested to be added by an underwriter You will need to create. a referral message detailing required extensions see Referrals section of this document. An extension will be limited to the description and limit of indemnity if applicable The following limits apply to the. following states, Extension State Description for VEROEDGE Limit of Indemnity Amount. type applicable Covered to be shown,ICLL WA Common law limit Increased as per GIO Yes. PIAB WA NT Principals indemnity act benefits as per GIO No. PICB WA ACT TAS Principals indemnity act benefits and Yes. common law as per GIO wording, PISW WA NT Project specific waiver of subrogation as per No.
GIO wording, IDCA WA Industrial disease common law liability above Yes. ground as per GIO wording, IDCU WA Industrial disease common law liability under Yes. ground as per GIO wording, OCLL WA Overseas common law liability as per GIO Yes. OCLX WA Overseas common law liability as per GIO Yes. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 5. Endorsements Page, Applicable endorsements standard and free text will be displayed on this page once the quote has been converted. to New Business For free text policy endorsements please refer to an underwriter via broker text. Policy Documents and Attachments Page, Quote and Policy documents will become available on this page during various stages of policy lifecycle e g New.
Business Bind Alteration Cancellation These can be accessed in a PDF or text form. If documents are required to automatically be sent to an individual s e mail address. Add E mail address for the documents to be sent to If no address entered the documents will be sent to the. generic e mail address for the brokerage Broker Contact Details can be updated on the Referrals and Contact. Details page,Tick Email all documents for this policy box. Forms follow the link to access Vero Document Library. Attachments this option allows the broker to attach any supporting information e g wages. estimates and wages actuals declarations SAQs, Please note that there is no internal trigger in Vero Edge to notify an underwriter BDM that a. document has been added to a policy If action is required by an underwriter BDM they will need to. be notified via an e mail and a manual referral will need to be created with a message advising forms. uploaded for UW Review, Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 6. Referrals and Contact Details Page, Ensure that the broker contact details are up to date Broker contact Details will be used. To Send documents to individual brokers as opposed to an agency. By underwriters to identify the broker servicing the policy e g when communicating in relation to a referral. Insured Details, Check that the risk and postal address details have been correctly auto populated from your Broker.
Management System, Ensure that ABN information is updated for companies as required by Workcover WA. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 7. Premium Completion Page, If sufficient quote information has been provided and it did not trigger a referral Premium page will validate your. information and produce a Premium It serves the same purpose as the Update and Validate buttons Note the. changes in the Function bar for Quote Ref once Validation has been successful i e a quote number is issued with a. QTE identifier and Status Acceptable, The quote has passed validation rules and the Premium can be quoted to the customer. Select Finish and Exit to go back to your Broker Management System and select Save to save the. quote Quote state in Sunrise changes to complete and quote is ready to be converted to a cover. note or quote summary documentation to be printed, New Business documents will be available to be accessed in your BMS or Policy Documents and. Attachments page on VeroEdge, Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 8.
New Business,Converting, To convert your quote to new business find your quote in BMS and select convert to new. business This will change the quote state in BMS to new business unclosed new Then select. convert risk details to access VeroEdge Once you have logged into VeroEdge you will be working. on a new Stage New Business,Insured Details Page, Chose a Closing Type between Auto Close and Manual close cash close. Manual Cash Close is a 2 x step process of closing the transaction then binding in a single step Some BMS. systems e g Winbeat will automatically CLOSE the policy when the customer has PAID the premium to the. intermediary Cash Close option, Auto Close completes the 2 x steps of BIND and CLOSE in a SINGLE Step. Add invoice number tick a duty of disclosure acceptance box. Please note that all policies in Sunrise VeroEdge are Annual policies Should installments be required. the policy can be taken down and transferred to Vero Portal when Policy No displays CVN. ANZSIC Wages Page, Add a Business Description and Validate the information Go to BMS to Convert Risk Details and Get Acceptance. The policy is now,Bound New Business,The Policy is now on risk.
Not yet closed,Can be Modified, You will be able to access the following documents in the Policy Documents and Attachments page. Sunrise User Guide Workers Compensation on VeroEdge 9. Go to your BMS to Close Get Acceptance and Close Risk Details and Finalise the New business. the policy state will be New Business Unclosed Accepted This step will ensure that the policy is. finalised Any alternations after it has been closed will be recorded as a Mid Term Alteration and. separate documentation will be issued,Policy Documentation. Documents can be accessed through BMS Print Request functionality this will automatically navigate to VeroEdge. Print page, Depending on the current state of the policy term selected you will see the list of available documents or a. message No documents are available to be selected,Where documents are available to be requested. Policy Schedule,Certificate of Currency, You have navigated to the Policy Documents section of the VeroEdge Policy Documents and Attachments page.
within the Broker Portal, When you click on the Print Request button you are presented with a list of documents applicable to the current. term Number of workers Special acceptance questions and Years insured for Workers Compensation Only this page needs to be completed for a Quick Quote Estimated wages and Number of Workers are only available on this page at Quote stage ANZSIC Wages Break down the estimated wages into worker type number of workers and estimated wages Extensions will show on this page these can

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