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Exercise 2 page 6 Exercise 3 page 8,1 T 2 F 3 F 4 F 5 T 1 b 2 c 3 a 4 c 5 a. Exercise 3 page 6 Challenge page 8,Students own answers. Transcript LISTENING 3 page 6, Speaker 1 It sounds like something out of a science fiction film to me I. guess large public buildings would be safer with this technology and you. wouldn t have to employ so many security guards to control the people. 1F Speaking,coming in and out Yeah I think it s a good idea. Speaker 2 I reckon this is great I think everyone should have one I mean Photo description. imagine an earthquake happening in your hometown What would you do if. some building fell on top of you These tags would help someone find you Exercise 1 page 9. and they could actually save your life 1 in 2 in 3 to 4 In 5 with 6 on. Speaker 3 I think that this is a crazy idea I don t want my mum always. knowing where I am It s OK for small kids who can t find their parents in a Exercise 2 page 9. supermarket or something but I don t want to feel like someone is watching 2 a 3 f 4 b 5 c 6 e. me all the time No I don t like this idea at all, Speaker 4 I m not sure what I think about this I don t have any pets so I Exercise 3 page 9.
don t know how useful this would be I guess you would be able to find. them more quickly if they disappeared but personally I m not sure if 2 I ve never really thought about that. humans should have them in their body 3 It s difficult to say really. 4 Let me think about that for a moment,1 a 2 c 3 e 4 b 5 Well I suppose. Challenge page 6 Exercise 4 page 9,Students own answers. Transcript LISTENING 4 page 9, The photo shows a scene in the street maybe outside a restaurant or a. 1D Grammar club There s a car in the bottom left hand corner of the photo Er let me. see It s daytime I think But it doesn t look very sunny there aren t any. Verb patterns The man and woman in sunglasses are celebrities He looks like David. Exercise 1 page 7, Beckham And the woman is his wife er what s her name Let me think. about that for a moment Victoria Yes they re definitely David and. 1 going out 2 to see 3 to watch 4 to finish 5 laughing Victoria Beckham She s wearing a white top with a black triangle on it He s. 6 to go 7 to help 8 doing wearing a big cardigan with a picture of horses on it The people in the. background look like journalists and cameramen, Exercise 2 page 7 The Beckhams look calm David is putting his arm around Victoria and.
1 studying 2 to learn 3 doing 4 studying 5 to go out smiling She isn t smiling but she doesn t look worried A man with a large. 6 taking 7 going 8 lying watch is pointing to the car He looks as though he s telling the Beckhams to. get in I expect they re leaving somewhere The cameramen look as if they re. Exercise 3 page 7 filming them, 1 to be 2 to become 3 appearing 4 giving 5 to use a 3 b 1 c 2. 6 to launch 7 to impress 8 working,Exercise 5 page 9. Exercise 4 page 7,1 doesn t look 2 looks like 3 look like 4 look. 1 to say 2 drinking 3 to post 4 to fix 5 to buy 5 doesn t look 6 looks as though. 6 visiting 7 to cycle,Exercise 6 page 9,Challenge page 7. Students own answers, 1 offer 2 plan 3 threaten 4 admit 5 carry on 6 risk.
Students own answers,1G Writing,1E Reading An informal letter. Eyeborg Exercise 1 page 10,1 Dear Markus,Exercise 1 page 8. 2 I m 17 years old, 2 unusual 3 impossible 4 uncomfortable 5 irreversible 3 a group of friends. 6 dissatisfied 4 Write soon,5 Best wishes,Exercise 2 page 8. He has a false eye with a wireless video camera inside it Exercise 2 page 10. 1 C 2 D 3 B 4 A, Oxford University Press 2013 Workbook answer key 127.
Exercise 3 page 10 person you love is paying attention to someone else In fact the problem. is inside you and is not caused by the situation or events happening at that. 1 loads of 2 pick you up 3 Write 4 I m into 5 gets in. Presenter So perhaps we feel jealous because we are afraid about. Exercise 4 page 10, Students own answers Psychologist Exactly If you re feeling jealous it s often because you don t. feel confident about yourself as a person Your feelings of jealousy are. Exercise 5 page 10 related to your self esteem in other words your own opinion of your. 1 My hometown is in the north of England character and your abilities If your self esteem is low you can improve it. 2 What time does your plane arrive by thinking positive thoughts about yourself Every day write down three. 3 I m into playing computer games things about yourself that make you happy Another common cause for. 4 Do you live in the town centre jealousy is fear and insecurity about losing the person you are with The best. 5 We can pick you up from the station way of dealing with this is communication. 6 The weather is often cold and sunny sunny and cold Presenter So the best thing to do is talk about the problem. Psychologist That s right Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you re feeling. Exercise 6 page 10 jealous and ask them if they find the other person attractive Their answer. will probably make you feel more confident and the fact that you asked the. Students own answers, question in the first place will make you feel better. Presenter Thank you Eleanor Pearce for that advice And now the lines are. Unit 1 Self Check open to take some calls from our listeners And our first caller is. 1 T 2 T 3 F 4 T 5 F 6 T,Exercise 1 page 11, 1 fluffy 2 velvet 3 checked 4 matching 5 smooth Exercise 4 page 12. 2 hesitation 3 pride 4 sadness 5 confusion 6 kindness. Exercise 2 page 11 7 enjoyment 8 boredom, 1 a long leather coat 2 some beautiful velvet trousers. 3 a baggy cotton shirt 4 my new stripy skirt Challenge page 12. 5 a long sleeved wool jumper Students own answers,Exercise 3 page 11.
1 ir 2 dis 3 im 4 un 5 un 6 in 2B Grammar,Exercise 4 page 11 Past tense contrast. 1 makes 2 Are going 3 re are meeting 4 isn t raining. 5 don t need 6 Do want 7 re are complaining Exercise 1 page 13. 1 got 2 weren t listening 3 didn t have 4 had answered. Exercise 5 page 11 5 was following 6 had got 7 did 8 did you feel. 1 to lend 2 arriving 3 wearing 4 speaking 5 to do up. 6 going 7 to take Exercise 2 page 13, 2 She hadn t brought her camera so she didn t take a photo. 3 We weren t amused because the film wasn t funny, Unit 2 4 I d read the book so I wanted to see the film. 5 He didn t feel homesick because he wasn t staying with an. English family, 2A Vocabulary and listening 6 You weren t feeling guilty because you hadn t made a mistake. 7 We went out because it wasn t raining,How did you feel Exercise 3 page 13.
Exercise 1 page 12 1 Did you feel upset after the argument. 1 d 2 h 3 c 4 a 5 g 6 f 7 e 8 b 2 I didn t have breakfast this morning. 3 You were looking fed up at the party,Exercise 2 page 12 4 correct. 5 They weren t enjoying the music so they went home. 1 about 2 with 3 of 4 with 5 of 6 about 6 correct, 7 She was jealous because he d seen his ex girlfriend. Exercise 3 page 12,8 We took some great photos at the festival. Transcript LISTENING 5 page 12,Exercise 4 page 13, Presenter Hello and welcome to Mind over Matter On today s programme. we re going to discuss one of the most negative emotions a person can feel 1 came 2 had found 3 wanted 4 put 5 went. jealousy Psychologist Eleanor Pearce is here in the studio to tell us a bit 6 had escaped 7 searched 8 were looking 9 was holding. about it Eleanor 10 had discovered 11 made 12 kept. Psychologist Well you re absolutely right Jimmy jealousy really is a. negative emotion and it can create some very negative feelings like being Challenge page 13. angry feeling fed up and even depressed Now it s very normal to feel Students own answers. jealous if an attractive person comes up to your boyfriend or girlfriend and. starts talking to them However you don t become jealous just because the. 128 Workbook answer key Oxford University Press 2013. 2C Culture 4 He used to have a motorbike,6 I didn t use to have a computer.
Remembering the past,Exercise 3 page 15,Exercise 1 page 14. 2 Did she use to have long hair, 1 comrades 2 war 3 casualties 4 conflicts 5 battlefield 3 We used to live in an apartment. 6 officer 7 Poppies 4 I didn t use to do any exercise. 5 Did you use to be very shy, Exercise 2 page 14 6 We didn t use to go on holiday. 1 F 2 T 3 F 4 T 5 F 6 F,Exercise 4 page 15, Exercise 3 page 14 1 b 2 c 3 a 4 a 5 b 6 b 7 a 8 c. Transcript LISTENING 6 page 14 Exercise 5 page 15, Interviewer Beryl how old were you when you were evacuated.
1 s is used to 2 used to 3 s is used to 4 aren t used to. Beryl I was ten It was the spring of 1941 and the Second World War had. 5 used to 6 m am used to,started two years before, Interviewer Why did your parents think you would be safer in the country. Challenge page 15, Beryl Well we lived in Plymouth a large city in the south west of England. Plymouth is on the coast and it has a port At that time it had an important Students own answers. naval base and so there had been a lot of bombing already Then we were. told that the situation was going to get much worse so my parents started. thinking about sending us to Cornwall 2E Reading, Interviewer How many of your family were evacuated. Beryl Only my sister Sylvia and me I ve got five brothers and sisters but we Amnesia. were the youngest and so we were the ones my parents thought should. go We weren t evacuated together though as we were going to different Exercise 1 page 16. schools at the time We both went to Cornwall but my sister was sent to 1 solve 2 recognise 3 conclude 4 doubt 5 recall. Truro with her classmates and I went to Newquay with mine 6 memorise 7 realise 8 remind. Interviewer How did you travel, Beryl We went by train I don t remember much about the journey except Exercise 2 page 16. that we all had little suitcases and boxes with our gas masks in tied up with. string 1 He lost his memory because of a virus, Interviewer What was your host family like 2 He remembered that he had a wife and that he loved her.
Beryl All I can remember is that the mother was called Mrs Pascoe and she 3 She realised that she couldn t live without him and married. had a daughter called Hilda I stayed there with another girl from my school him again. called Sheila We both went to school with Hilda and sometimes she took us. to the beach to play,Exercise 3 page 16, Interviewer How long were you away from home in the end Beryl 1 c 2 f 3 d 4 a 5 b. Beryl I don t really know It seemed as if I was there for years but it could. only have been about two or three months I was really relieved when I got Challenge page 16. back home but that feeling didn t last long as the bombing hadn t stopped Students own answers. In fact our house was bombed soon after we returned Fortunately no one. was hurt but there was nothing left of our house or our belongings. She thinks she was evacuated for about two or three months 2F Speaking. Exercise 4 page 14 Narrating events,1 a 2 c 3 c 4 b 5 a 6 c. Exercise 1 page 17, Challenge page 14 2 How rude 3 What a shame 4 What a mess. Students own answers 5 What a shock 6 How lucky 7 How strange. Exercise 2 page 17,2D Grammar Transcript LISTENING 7 page 17. Alan And now here s Jamie Arndale with the week s alternative news. used to stories Jamie what have you got for us today. Jamie Well the first story is about a wedding Alan. Exercise 1 page 15,Alan A wedding Anyone we know, 1 used to walk 2 used to share 3 didn t use to play Jamie No no This actually happened to an American couple Katy Miles.
4 Did use to read 5 didn t use to like and Bill Sullivan. 6 Did use to be 7 didn t use to wear Alan OK so what happened. Jamie Well after the wedding it was a romantic ceremony on a clifftop by. Exercise 2 page 15 the sea the couple went down to the beach for the wedding photos They. 1 I used to enjoy watching cartoons found the perfect spot right next to the water The photographer took a few. 2 Did you use to wear glasses lovely shots and then disaster struck. 3 correct Alan Well go on Tell us what went wrong, Oxford University Press 2013 Workbook answer key 129. Jamie Remember that I told you they were standing very close to the sea Exercise 2 page 19. 1 of 2 with 3 of 4 with 5 about 6 about 7 with, Jamie Well suddenly this enormous wave came in and covered the couple. with water They were both extremely surprised and completely wet. Exercise 3 page 19,Alan What a nightmare So what did they do. Jamie Well what would you do They got out of the sea and tried to dry 1 a 2 c 3 b 4 c 5 b 6 a 7 b. themselves off But then something else went wrong,Alan What What happened Exercise 4 page 19. Jamie As they were leaving the beach the man discovered that he d lost his 1 used to 2 get used to 3 isn t used to 4 you use to. wedding ring he thought he had lost it in the water 5 re are used to 6 didn t use to 7 got used to. Alan Oh no, Jamie Yes but don t worry He found it again He went back to where they.
had been standing and looked around on the sand And a few minutes later. he saw something shiny at the edge of the sea It was his ring. Get Ready for your Exam 1,Alan That was lucky Listening page 20. Jamie Yes it was Really lucky So he picked up the ring dried it off and put. it back on his finger Then he went back to his wife who was waiting in the Transcript LISTENING 8 page 20. car and they drove home Speaker 1 All governments try to control their citizens behaviour It is how. Martin Well I m not getting changed again so let s just go Dialogue 2 some trousers Yes they re really trendy Dialogue 3 a pair of shoes some shoes Yes they re really cute Dialogue 4 a top No it s a bit old fashioned Exercise 5 page 4 good looking high heeled long legged old fashioned tight fitting Exercise 6 page 4 1 high heeled 2 tight fitting 3 long

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