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NWA Woodworking Classes at the,President Pete Howe 885 9331. phowe1 nycap rr com,Stillwater Shop, Vice President Warren Stoker 439 6089 For more information about any of these classes see. wstoker nycap rr com,http woodworkerorg blogspot com. Secretary Kitty Scharl 765 3189,crowridge empireone net. Treasurer Austin Spang 393 2859 Beginning Woodworking. spang nycap rr com Ed VanWormer, Past President Ken Evans 753 7759 Monday September 10 17 24.
kevans1 nycap rr com 6 PM to 9 PM,Historian Cost 50 plus materials. Position to be Filled, Executive Secretary Charlie Goddard Power Tool Fundamentals The Jointer adjustment operation for truing lumber. 370 0388 Cgodd aol com Allen Craft,CHAIRPERSONS Tuesday Sept 18 from 1 PM to 4 PM. NOTE An additional evening session will be added if there is sufficient interest. Mid Hudson Chapter,Joe Kennedy President 845 473 1598. If evenings better suits your schedule drop us a line. jkenn23333 aol com Cost 20,Sacandaga Chapter,Co Presidents Build a Blanket Chest.
Fritz Henze 883 8537 Ed VanWormer, fjhenze citlink net Monday October 22 29 and Nov 5 19. Rod Nielsen 863 8794 6 PM to 9 PM,Education Cost 60 plus materials. Herm Finkbeiner 371 9145,hfinkbei nycap rr com,Power Tool Fundamentals The Band Saw. Adult Programs,Position To Be Filled,Allen Craft, Youth Programs Tuesday October 23 from 1 PM to 4 PM. William Van Brunt 767 3060 NOTE An additional evening session will be added if there is sufficient interest. wvanbrun nycap rr com If evenings better suits your schedule drop us a line. Fiske Fund Cost 20,Joe Kennedy 845 473 1598, JKenn23333 aol com To register contact Gerry O Brien at go12211 yahoo com 518 459 9266.
Hospitality,Al and Emily Stahl 587 2420,astahl nycap rr com. Wilhelmina Evans 753 7759,wiltw0 nycap rr com,Membership Renewal Time. Membership Susan Howe,Susan Howe 885 9331, Programs With September comes our annual membership renewal Our calendar year. Ken Evans 753 7759, runs September 1 to August 31 of the following year Dues are 25 00 for single. kevans1 nycap rr com,Publications,membership and 30 00 for a family membership.
Wally Carpenter 434 1776 You should have already received a renewal letter with your information insert. c j carpenter earthlink net ed After checking for accuracy and making changes that you want for the coming. SHOWCASE year write out that check tear off the data portion of the letter and send it on to. Ken Evans 753 7759 NWA P O Box 246 Rexford NY 12148. kevans1 nycap rr com Any questions or concerns you can reach me at showe nycap rr com or. Tool Crib 518 885 9331, Gerry O Brien 459 9266 We are all looking forward to another great year with NWA. go12211 yahoo com,Videographers,Dave Ellison 872 0980. ellisd rpi edu,Hans Kappel 861 8753,bluespruce juno com SHOWCASE 2008. Pat Pugsley 634 7144,ideas mhonline net,Saturday and Sunday April 5 and 6 2008. Bob Conahan 355 9032 Only 8 Months to go,conahanbob hotmail com.
Kirk Hardenburg Planning for SHOWCASE 2008 has begun. 725 1997 Looking for someone to chair the Feature Exhibit Position. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED PHONE Contact Ken Evans 518 753 7758. NUMBERS ARE IN AREA CODE 518,Meet Toy Maker Bob Honeyman. WOODWORKERS NEWS is,David Mobley published by the Northeastern. Bob Honeyman may not be one of the first members of NWA but he comes Woodworkers Association for its. closer than all but four other current members members The Association s aim. Bob was present at what s reckoned to be NWA s is to provide a common meeting. second meeting in the formative stages of the ground for lovers of woodworking. organization in 1991 who want to know more about, Spend any time with Bob and you ll learn wood and the techniques for. that he s both comfortable with vintage tools and forming it The newsletter is. readily embraces new technology On the one published monthly It is assem. hand he still has the lathe in his shop that he bled in QuarkXPress 5 0. used as a teenager back in the 30 s complete,on an iMac G5 duplicated by. with the knife blade electrical switch and leather. belts between drive pulleys On the other hand Shipmates and mailed to more. he drives a hybrid engine Prius because of the than 1 000 addresses. cost of gasoline and takes part in an internet, users group for ShopSmith owners Bob Honeyman shows off a current toy.
Bob got an early start in woodworking build project at his workbench. ing model airplanes and ships as a boy One of Your next issue of. his ship models a wonderfully detailed replica of Woodworkers News. the Cutty Sark won him an award in 1938 when will be published. he was 16 He used that vintage lathe to turn the in early October. minute rigging pieces Copy deadline September 15,After serving in the Air Force in WW II Bob. Wally Carpenter Editor,earned a degree in Metallurgical Engineering He. retired from the Atomic Power Lab in Niskayuna 518 434 1776. after 29 years there He doesn t claim any con c j carpenter earthlink net. nection between his career and woodworking Elizabeth Keays Graphic Artist. but his engineering background seems evident in Designer. the crisp mechanical drawings he makes for his Model of the Cutty Sark that Bob built as. projects a teenager,Bob s tidy and well equipped shop takes up. most of the basement of his Niskayuna home His equipment includes two WEBSITE S. ShopSmiths the original ER model that he uses primarily as a lathe and a more www woodworker org. recent 500 series model that has an assortment of attachments for sawing sanding www nwawoodworkingshow org. planing and even scrollsawing Bob literally knows this tool inside out having torn it. down for multiple repairs and maintenance Blog Site. http woodworkerorg blogspot com, Bob has completed a variety of woodworking projects over the years including. a cherry chest of drawers with details such as fine handmade dovetails However his. Website Editor, main woodworking interest these days is toymaking Last year he volunteered to.
make and sell toys for his church s Christmas Fair Position to be Filled. fundraiser At the end of the day his toys raised, half of the total revenue for the Fair He was also NWA maintains two websites. recently commissioned to make a toy fire engine the first noted here. He thought he was making it for a child but it operates continuously. turned out to be a gift for a local fire chief We also offer selected. Because of family commitments Bob wasn t links to other sites of interest. very active in NWA in the early years but wood to our membership. working is his main occupation these days He s Webmaster Justin Rohrer. a regular at Jim s Hole in the Woods Gang SIG rohrej woodworker org. on Saturdays often making projects for the, Double H Ranch campers He s helped at The second site operates from. Showcase for several years and in the NWA educa January 1 to May 30. tion courses He recently started a series on jigs,and carries specific. and fixtures in the Woodworkers News In typical, ly modest fashion he writes under a pen name information about SHOWCASE. Toy Maker Bob Oops Did I let out a secret,Bob is one of our NWA members with a long.
A fire engine that Bob recently built lifetime of skills and experience to draw on He s. a regular at meetings so say hello the next time NORTHEASTERN. you see him A friendly but unpretentious man you may have to seek him out but WOODWORKERS ASSOCIATION. it s worth it P O BOX 246,Rexford New York 12148,Adirondack Woodturners Association Monthly News. Celia Carpenter,From the Desk of the Librarian, Betty Andrews would like your suggestions on any books DVDs or tapes that you might like to have for the library As. our librarian she receives lists of possibilities from vendors but would like your impute before purchasing Remember any. member may borrow books DVDs and tapes for 1 00 per month Magazines are 2 for 1 00. County Fair Turnings, By the time this goes to press all the events would have passed I am sure that Bud Louie and Ken would like to state. their appreciation for the volunteers that made this a success We should also thank them for their efforts Thanks everyone. Also keep this in mind for next year,Instant Gallery. Again another impressive exhibition this month If you are a beginner it is important to bring in your work I have. found that when I have felt brave enough to do so that I have benefited by the encouragement Everyone started out the. same way remember,August s Demonstration, This month we had a demonstration by Bill Tyler The subject was turning a shop mallet I have found that they are the.
best tool for setting the wood for spindle work I also have just recently priced several made in Sweden that was nice but. very expensive, Bill s choice of wood was laminated beech but any hard wood like maple oak or cherry would work too The tools that. he used were the roughing gouge a scraper and a spindle gouge Bill preferred using the scraper but a skew would work too. Any time that one can practice with your skew you should do it. You should remember that you do not want the mallet to stray on your work bench so making it with a flat top is key I. made my first ones to be beautiful and when I can find them because they have rolled off the table they work well. The club thanks Bill for his time and expertise,September s Demonstration. Don Orr will demonstrate basic bowl turning He has done this for the symposiums and along with his demo on turning. a weed pot is what got me hooked He asks that if you want to view closely and he encourages you to do so that you wear. eye protection,Membership, At each meeting Mariruth will be passing a clipboard with names and addresses Please check yours for accuracy She is. attempting to correct all errors making sure that all members receive the meeting notices and can be contacted either by. email or telephone Thank you Mariruth for your efforts. Wednesdays at Stillwater, As most of you know we have curtailed the activities at Stillwater on Wednesdays for the summer but the opportunity. for all members to receive incredible help will return this September We are grateful for Louie George and Ken who come. every Wednesday to be our mentors, Please take advantage of the time and the talent I know that I am It is also a great opportunity to have Ken help you.
sharpen your tools He is an expert at this vital element of turning and will teach you his technique. Sacandaga Chapter News,Gary Spencer, The Sacandaga Chapter of the Northeastern Woodworkers Association last met on May 9th this meeting was our last. before taking a summer hiatus until our September 12th meeting. Our officers for the new season will have Cliff Danke and Carl Siegel serving as our Co Presidents Don Shanahan and. Joe Artikuski will share Secretarial and Newsletter duties The Treasurer position will be filled by Arnold Jaffee while Mike. Kratky will continue with the NWA Representative duties Gary Spencer will continue with Chapter Liason activities. The September 12th program is scheduled to feature Tom Osborne His Topic will be on Stool Making If you missed. his NWA presentation in April now is a second chance to see and hear an outstanding woodworker and expert furniture. maker demonstrating his expertise What a way to kick off our Chapter programs for the season. Coming up on October 10th look for Paul Petrie another outstanding NWA member to do a fantastic program on wood. turning Topic will be in next Newsletter, Our regular monthly meetings are the second Wednesday of each month and begin at 7 00 P M at Mayfield High. School woodshop Our next regular meeting will be September 12 2007 Come on out. Wood of the Month rounded and lightly notched on their smooth ends. Needles are shiny dark green on top pale below because. Ron DeWitt of two broad bands of silvery white stomata underneath. A needle cross section reveals a resin duct on each side of. Fraser Fir Abies fraseri Pursh Poir the prominent mid rib. A Coniferous Softwood Needles are arranged spirally around the slender hairy. Pinaceae Pine Family twigs The needles are twisted at the base appearing to. spread outward in two opposing rows Needles are stalk. There are about 40 recognized species of true firs less tapered then flared to a rounded base at the pont of. worldwide nine are native to the U S five to Mexico one attachment They separate from twigs and branches in 20. to Europe and 25 to Eurasia All are found in cooler parts years or so leaving smooth bark surfaces On the lead. of the Northern Temperate Zone mostly denizens of the shoot and upper twigs the needles are stiffer and more. uplands pointed crowded with the appearance of having been. Fraser fir Abies fraseri may also be called eastern fir brushed upward The tree its foliage and fresh cut wood. southern fir southern balsam fir she balsam or balsam It have a very pleasant sweet turpentine scent. is very similar to and Dark rich purple seed cones develop in the. the southern counter crown of the tree Mature cones are upright cylin. part of its close cousin drical or barrel shaped 2 5 in 6 4 cm long and. and the probably bet 1 0 in 2 5 cm in diameter and quite resinous. ter known balsam fir Cone scales are wide and prominent bracts. Abies balsamea with extend above then fold down over the scales The. which it sometimes cones disintegrate at the end of their first year. ing model airplanes and ships as a boy One of his ship models a wonderfully detailed replica of the Cutty Sark won him an award in 1938 when he was 16 He used that vintage lathe to turn the minute rigging pieces After serving in the Air Force in WW II Bob earned a degree in Metallurgical Engineering He retired from the Atomic Power Lab

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