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sscs NLwinter08 1 8 08 10 37 AM Page 2,Editor s Column. W elcome to The goal of each issue is to be a Dennard Itoh Sunami Koyanagi. the Winter self contained resource with back Isaac and Foss discussing the evo. 2008 issue ground articles that is the original lution and current status of DRAM. of the Solid State Cir sources and new articles by 1 Revisting Evolution of the. cuits Society News experts who describe the current MOSFET Dynamic RAM A Per. letter We appreciate state of affairs in technology in view sonal View by Robert Dennard. all of your feedback of the impact of the original papers IBM. on our first year of and or patents 2 The History of DRAM Circuit. issues presenting The Technical This issue contains one Education Designs At the Forefront of. Impact of Moore s Law The Impact Highlights article DRAM Development by Kiyoo. of Dennard s Scaling Theory The Turning Students On to Circuits Itoh Hitachi Ltd. 40th Anniversary of Amdahl s Law by Yannis Tsividis of Columbia Uni 3 Stacked Capacitor DRAM Cell. and Barrie Gilbert The Gears of versity in New York City NY and Three Dimensional Memo. Genius Thank you for supporting The theme of the issue is The ry by Mitsumasa Koyanagi. our efforts DRAM Story with new articles by Tohoku University. 4 The Role of the Trench Capaci,tor in DRAM Innovation by. IEEE Solid State Circuits Society AdCom Hideo Sunami Hiroshima Uni. President Elected AdCom Members at Large versity,Willy Sansen Terms to 31 Dec 08. K U Leuven Wanda K Gass,5 The Remarkable Story of the. Leuven Belgium Ali Hajimiri DRAM Industry by Randy Isaac. willy sansen esat kuleuven be Paul J Hurst retired Vice President IBM. Fax 32 16 321975,Akira Matsuzawa 6 DRAM A Personal View by R.
Vice President,Terms to 31 Dec 09,C Foss retired Chairman of the. Bernhard Boser, University of California John J Corcoran Board and Founder MOSAID. Berkeley CA Kevin Kornegay Technologies Incorporated. Secretary Hae Seung Harry Lee In addition the issue includes. David A Johns Thomas H Lee reprints of two original papers and. University of Toronto Jan Van der Spiegel,Toronto Ontario Canada Terms to 31 Dec 10. an original patent, Treasurer Terri S Fiez 1 R H Dennard Evolution of the. Rakesh Kumar Tadahiro Kuroda MOSFET Dynamic RAM A Per. Technology Connexions Bram Nauta sonal View IEEE Transactions. Poway CA Jan Sevenhans,Mehmet Soyuer,on Electron Devices vol ED 31.
Past President No 11 November 1984 pp,Richard C Jaeger. Alabama Microelectronics Center Region 8 Representative 1549 1555. Auburn University AL Jan Sevenhans 2 R H Dennard Field Effect. Other Representatives,Transistor Memory Patent,Region 10 Representative. Representative to Sensors Council C K Wang,3 387 286 June 4 1968. Darrin Young 3 K Itoh In Quest of the Joy of, Representative from CAS to SSCS Chairs of Standing Committees. Domine Leenaerts Creation in Innovate the,Awards John J Corcoran.
Representative to CAS from SSCS,Chapters Jan Van der Spiegel. Future 2005 Hitachi Hyoron,Un Ku Moon Special Edition pp 34 39. Education C K Ken Yang, Newsletter Editor Meetings Bill Bidermann Hitachi Hyoronsha Tokyo. Mary Y Lanzerotti Membership Bruce Hecht Japan, IBM T J Watson Research Center Nominations Stephen H Lewis. myl us ibm com Publications Bernhard Boser, Fax 1 914 945 1358 Thank you for taking the time to.
For detailed contact information see the Soci read the SSCS News We appreciate. Associate Editor for Europe Africa ety e News www ieee org portal site sscs. Tony Harker all of your comments and feedback, ISLI Alba Centre Alba Campus Please send comments to. Livingston Scotland EH54 7EG myl us ibm com,tony harker sli institute ac uk. For questions regarding Society business contact the SSCS Executive Office. Contributions for the Spring 2008 issue of the Newsletter must be received by. 8 February 2008 at the SSCS Executive Office A complete media kit for advertisers. is available at www spectrum ieee org mc print Scroll down to find SSCS. Anne O Neill Executive Director Katherine Olstein SSCS Administrator. IEEE SSCS IEEE SSCS,SSCS West 1500 SW 11th Ave 1801 445 Hoes Lane. Portland OR 97201 Piscataway NJ 08854,Tel 1 732 981 3400 Tel 1 732 981 3410. Fax 1 732 981 3401 Fax 1 732 981 3401,Email sscs ieee org Email k olstein ieee org.
2 IEEE SSCS NEWS Winter 2008,sscs NLwinter08 1 8 08 10 38 AM Page 3. Photo by Michiko Sunami,From left Kiyoo Itoh,Hideo Sunami Robert H. Dennard Mitsumasa,Winter 2008 Volume 13 Number 1,Editor s Column 2. President s Message 4, Introducing Tony Harker Associate Editor for Europe Africa 4. Letters to the Editor 81,Corrections 81,EDUCATION HIGHLIGHTS.
Turning Students On to Circuits Yannis Tsividis 6,TECHNICAL LITERATURE. Revisiting Evolution of the MOSFET Dynamic RAM A Personal View. Robert H Dennard reprinted from IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 31 11 1549 1555 November 1984 10, Field Effect Transistor Memory U S Patent No 3 387 286 R H Dennard 1968 17. The History of DRAM Circuit Designs At the Forefront of DRAM. Development Kiyoo Itoh 27, 40 In Quest of the Joy of Creation Kiyoo Itoh reprinted from Innovate the Future. 2005 Hitachi Hyoron Special Edition 31, The Stacked Capacitor DRAM Cell and Three Dimensional Memory. Mitsumasa Koyanagi 37, The Role of the Trench Capacitor in DRAM Innovation Hideo Sunami 42.
The Remarkable Story of the DRAM Industry Randy Isaac 45. DRAM A Personal View R C Foss 50, Asad Abidi Recognized for Work in RF CMOS Anne O Neill 57. 60 R Jacob Baker Honored at FIE Conference in October 59. Van der Spiegel Acclaimed for Educational Innovation at IEEE EAB Meeting. Katherine Olstein 60, Lanzerotti Applauded for Editorship of LEOS Newsletter 62. SSCS Distinguished Lecturers Visit Athens and Varna 62. Betty Prince Talks in Brazil 64,New Senior Members 64. Call for Fellow Nominations 64, Tools How to Write Readable Reports and Winning Proposals Part 5. Peter and Cheryl Reimold 65,62 CONFERENCES, ISSCC 2008 to Focus on System Integration for Life and Style Bill Bowhill 66.
Invitation from the ISSCC 2008 Technical Program Chair Yoshiaki Hagihara 68. VLSI TSA and VLSI DAT to Convene on 21 25 April in Hsinchu Taiwan Clara Wu 69. Mm Wave CMOS Applications A Report from a CSICS Panel Anne O Neill 70. CHAPTER NEWS, SSCS Germany Cosponsors SAMOS 2007 Holger Blume 71. Sakurai and Razavi Visit SSCS Seoul 72, 75 18th VLSI Design CAD Symposium Cosponsored by IEEE Taipei Tainan C C Wang 72. Murmann and Razavi Visit SSCS Taipei 74, 230 Papers Represent Intennational Community at ASICON 2007 75. Ian Galton Speaks on Fractional N PPLS at SSCS CAS Atlanta Gabriel Rincon Mora 76. Academia and Industry Interact in Ireland Peter Kennedy 78. Eight Technical Meetings in Fort Collins Alvin Loke 80. SSCS Far East Chapters Meet in Jeju Korea 81, Fiez Kuroda Nauta Sevenhans Soyuer Elected to AdCom 82. CEDA Celebrates Second Anniversary 85, 81 Keep Your Professional Edge with Innovative Courses from IEEE 88.
Winter 2008 IEEE SSCS NEWS 3,sscs NLwinter08 1 8 08 10 38 AM Page 4. President s Message, Richard C Jaeger Auburn University jaeger eng auburn edu. M y two year term as President exceptional efforts of Anne O Neill Sansen Professor at KU Leuven. of the IEEE Solid State Cir Executive Director of the Society Belgium and Director of ESAT. cuits Society is nearly at an and Katherine Olstein SSCS Admin MICAS becomes SSCS President. end Thanks to the efforts of our istrator who ensure smooth day to Professor Sansen is well known. membership staff and volunteers day operation of the society and sup internationally for his work in ana. the Society continues to strengthen port the President in ways that are log circuits and has been involved. and expand its international activities too many to enumerate I thank Past with a wide range of SSCS activities. Our conferences are attracting record President Steve Lewis for his always including Society Vice President and. numbers of paper submissions and considered advice and insight and I Chair of the 2002 ISSCC. attendees The Journal of Solid State also want to acknowledge the many Our Society will be in good hands. Circuits sees strong submissions and contributions of the members of our under Willy s leadership. the Journal s papers continue to have Administrative Committee and Sub. some of the highest download rates committees Finally the past two Richard C Jaeger. from IEEE Xplore The number of years have seen outstanding devel. SSCS chapters and their activities are opment of the content of the. at a record level By the end of 2007 Newsletter through the hard work of. SSCS financial reserves are also pro Anne Katherine and technical Editor. jected to be at a record level Mary Lanzerotti, We all should be thankful for the As of January 1 2008 Willy Outgoing President. New Recruit to the SSCS Editorial Team, Tony Harker ISLI Alba Centre tony harker sli institute ac uk. Hello Everyone support supervise and deliver Mas Such phenomena are not simply. ter s and PhD level programmes at UK or Europe wide The constant. As the newest recruit to the SSCS our campus in Livingston drive for cost effective develop. News Editorial team I d like to ISLI also has its own research ment the quest for competitive. introduce myself and give you some group specialising in integrated sili margins the need to maintain inno. ideas about the subject areas I will con MEMS and a design group vation and the availability of a high. be addressing in future issues which hold widely ranging engi ly educated workforce will continue. I am Tony Harker Chief Execu neering skills and whose primary to drive the commercial world at an. tive of the Institute for System Level aim is to help promote technology aggressive pace The challenge to us. Integration ISLI in Livingston a transfer between academia and all is how we maintain an adaptable. town situated between Scotland s industry This is a considerable chal and scaleable response to these. capital city Edinburgh and its lenge in itself bearing in mind the market needs. largest city Glasgow Livingston has frequently diverse driving factors The trend towards globalisation. been home to a number of elec within each sphere of resource the high cost of. tronics companies since the 1970s The massive changes to the semi embarking on advanced design on. and is commonly known as Silicon conductor industry witnessed over the crest of the silicon wave time. Glen the past decade have left few to market pressures and the inher. ISLI positions itself as a bridge unscathed The UK s electronics ent need to mitigate the large and. between academic and commercial industry including ISLI has been diverse risks more than anything. worlds promoting and encouraging required to respond and adapt due to the cost of failure present a. technology transfer and collabora faced with reduced inward invest plethora of challenges requiring. tive research One of our main char ment from multinationals Indeed engineers to think more laterally. ters is the provision of postgraduate the apparent new world order of than ever before Gone are the days. education with our partners the fabless suppliers linked to the of compartmentalised isolated. informatics computing science and mega foundries plus the rise of designers nowadays design engi. electronic engineering departments small and medium sized enterprises neers working with Silicon need to. of the Scottish universities of Edin SMEs are filling gaps and provid wear many different hats as well as. burgh Glasgow Strathclyde and ing a new level of challenges to embrace ideas from mechanical or. Heriot Watt Academic staff from those tasked with supporting their chemical engineering environments. each institution work together to endeavours and the world of business. 4 IEEE SSCS NEWS Winter 2008,sscs NLwinter08 1 8 08 10 38 AM Page 5.
The pervasive nature of electron Topics such as these plus associ design working in a small group of. ics and its clear underpinning of ated challenges in supporting engineers in full custom and stan. almost all of our leisure and busi diverse markets geographical dis dard cell telecom development for. ness lives accelerates the need to persion of development resources the Ethernet market. cross pollinate with other engineer new and emerging players and key After a move to Fujitsu s ASIC. ing disciplines Recent examples of driving technologies will form the design group in Manchester Eng. this include the integration of MEMS backbone of my plans for articles land in 1989 Tony spearheaded. technologies with CMOS control cir throughout the coming year as I advanced layout techniques in lead. cuits and the addition of RF to sens explore the vital areas for a success ing edge silicon processes with his. ing platforms in the medical world ful symbiotic relationship between team and introduced the concept of. Huge leaps in available computing academia and industry IP based design and development. power offered by ever greater inte I sincerely hope you enjoy my This culminated in a hugely suc. gration in faster and smaller tech musings and welcome any feedback cessful 25 ASIC based system proj. nologies continues to open you may have ect for a major European telecom. avenues for product consolidation customer, and innovative development Mas Best regards Tony joined Cypress Semiconduc. sive digital processing capability tor in 2000 to run the UK full custom. Un Ku Moon Newsletter Editor Mary Y Lanzerotti IBM T J Watson Research Center myl us ibm com Fax 1 914 945 1358 Associate Editor for Europe Africa Tony Harker ISLI Alba Centre Alba Campus Livingston Scotland EH54 7EG tony harker sli institute ac uk Elected AdCom Members at Large Terms to 31 Dec 08 Wanda K Gass Ali Hajimiri Paul J Hurst Akira Matsuzawa Ian Young Terms to 31 Dec 09

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