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DISCOVERY RESEARCH,WikiLeaks is an international non profit. organization that publishes submissions of private. secret and classified media from anonymous news,RESEARCH sources news leaks and whistleblowers. WikiLeaks provides an innovative secure and,anonymous way for independent sources around. the world to leak information to our journalists We. publish materials of ethical political and historical. significance while keeping the identity of their,sources anonymous thus providing a universal. way for the revealing of suppressed and censored,injustices.
The broader principles on which their work is,based are the defence of freedom of speech. media publishing and the support of the rights of,all people to create new history Wikileaks stands. for the promotion of freedom of speech freedom,of press and freedom of information creating. total transparency,SURVEY PERSONAS, 1 Where do you read the news and find out what is going on in the world. Name Laura Ward, 2 Do you subscribe to a specific newspaper or on line publication which ones.
3 How do you feel about newspaper do you trust them or do you think they are Gender Female. saying everything they know about a subject Hometown New Jersey. Relationship Status Dating,4 What have you heard about WikiLeaks. Occupation Political science student at,5 What do you feel towards WikiLeaks. NYU and Tea Shop sales asssistant, 6 Have you visited their website If yes what do you think about it Media Consumption Blogs on line. 7 What would you improve about the actual website or how would it cater your newspapers MTV Satelite TV and AM. needs if it was re designed,Annual Income 10 000, 8 Do you think Julian Assange is acting irresponsabily or do you think he has. Financial Knowledge Low, created a new type of transparent press Residence Brooklynn.
9 Do you think WikiLeaks is excercising freedom of the press or just creating Technology Resources Internet TV. iPhone Laptop and radio,political turmoil,Tech Savy Medium. 10 How do you conduct research and determine what is reliable true and note. Methods of Research Internet Google,worthy Laura s view on WikiLeaks she believes. 11 Have you accesed WikiLeaks what is your perception and interaction with WikiLeaks is useful tool to access what is. happening in the world she believes eve,the website. ryone has the right to know what is hap,pening and that the government should. not hide the truth,INTERACTION PERCEPTION Name Paul Stuart.
Gender Male,Hometown San Francisco, Laura perceives WikiLeaks as the truth She be Relationship Status Married. lieves it is reliable and ethical She perceived the Occupation Investment Banker at UBS. website as a complicated tool that she has tried Media Consumption CNBS WSJ NY. to master through the years but still is not great Times Financial Times. at it Laura perceives WikiLeaks as the pioneer of Annual Income 125 000. Financial Knowledge High,a new press era She believes everyone has the. Residence Upper East Side, right to know what is true Technology Resources Internet TV. Bloomberg Laptop and Blackberry,Tech Savy Medium,Methods of Research Bloomberg Pe. riodicals Internet Google, Laura interacts with WikiLeaks to have aware Paul s view on WikiLeaks Believes.
ness of what things are going on in the world WikiLeaks is a useful tool to access. She uses it to take world action but since she what really is happening in the world. he thinks the info will help communi,is a blogger she wishes she could share the ar. cate with clients and make important,ticles in her blog to help spread the real news. investment decisions He would like to, Laura also wishes that all articles were relevant navigate better he finds it confusing and. and were written in a colloquial style If WikiLeaks unorganized He thinks it is unethical. gave the users the option of sharing she would because it leads to political turmoil and. be able to spread the news faster thinks some info should not be public. INTERACTION PERCEPTION Name Paul Slater,Gender Male. Paul perceives WikiLeaks as a complicated Hometown Manhattan. tool because of how the website is organized Relationship Status Single. Occupation Chef at Union Square Cafe,but he believes it is credible and interesting to.
Media Consumption Blogs Satelite TV,look at Paul believes WikiLeaks is unethical. because of how they deliver the information Annual Income 40 000. and is concerned it might cause some political Financial Knowledge Low. turmoil Residence East Village,Technology Resources Internet TV. iPhone Laptop and radio,Tech Savy Medium,Methods of Research. Internet Google,Tom s view on WikiLeaks Tom does,Paul interacts with WikiLeaks to have aware. not know what WikiLeaks is He knows,ness of what things are going on in the world.
it is there and people are talking about, He thinks the website is very complex and it He has tried severl times to use it. wished the articles or information were sorted and found it very hard confusing and. by topic date or categories He also wished complicated He is interested and curi. there was a brief summary of each article since ous because he thinks it s a new style of. journalism but he wishes he knew how,this would help him save time In general he. to navigate and learn more about it so,would really wish that the website was clear. he does not have a particular opinion,organized and easier to navigate yet. INTERACTION PERCEPTION STRATEGY,Tom perceives WikiLeaks as a very interest.
ing site and he might be willing to use if he,knew how to He thinks it brings him closer. to current news but it is very confusing He,does not know if all the information is cred. ible but he is intrigued by how everyone is,talking about it He does not know if it is ethi. Tom does not interact with WikiLeaks as,much as he wishes because it is very com. plex and buffling The information is just piled,up and he does not know if there is a way to.
navigate through all the data He wishes that,there was a system to know what articles. are more important and what they are about,Paul also would like have the option of shar. ing the articles with his friends through FB,CREATIVE BRIEF. OUR OBJECTIVES USER OBJECTIVES,The Key to the Truth. Bringing the Truth to the World, Our main goal is the dispersion of in Just as we aim to share accurate infor.
formation to the greater population mation with the people of the world we. We believe that the world should have want our users to be able to continue. the ability to be informed of the ac the dispersion of information We want. tions of their governments we want to to create a WikiLeaks site that is easy. make sure that this information avail to navigate find articles user friendly. able to everyone Accuracy is an es coherent clear and suits the needs of. sential element and we want to achive our user personas Sharing with social. this by having an organized easy to media tools is also very important and. understand and clear site We wish will be added so people can share their. to create awareness and establish a favorite articles. whole new image of the journalism,of the future Our end is to have as. many followers as possible,INTERACTION,SUCCESS METRICS DESIGN. Number of visitors website hits Per,USER SCENARIO,centage of hits in urban versus rural. Number of shares on facebook num,ber of mentions in twitter number of. times mentioned by news agencies STORY BOARD,Amount of donation received.
Number of comments,Times mentioned in other websites. Increase number of new leakers,Number of likes SITE MAP. WIRE FRAMES,USER SCENARIO, 1 Laura is reading the news and she starts reading an article about WikiLeaks. She has heard some friends mention it but she does not really know what it is. She gets curious and finds more info online, 2 Laura begins to research and she encounters a very unprecise and confusing. website that she does not know show to navigate very well She thinks that the. concept is great and would like to tell her friends to check it out. 3 Laura decided to text her boyfriend and friends so they can also check out. WikiLeaks and tell their friends Laura s goal is to disperse information in a clever. way that reaches the largest amount of people This is why she would really. want the website to include social media tools as well as be easier to navigate. 4 Laura decides to inform a bigger crowd by using all her social media tools. and sending the website link She would use the website s sharing options if. they were available and specifically tell the users which articles are interesting. 5 Laura meets with her friends at the usual time for the weekly movie discussion. at the Angelika Theatre After the movie all of them start debating WikiLeaks and. BLOG major improvements the website could have They decide that the sites content. KEY TO THE, is too good and that their aim will be to promote it.
TRUTH 6 Some of Laura s friends are street artists so they decide to secretly leave. messages all over the city that say Support Wiki Wikileaks needs you The Key. to the Truth WikiLeaks, 4 5 6 7 Laura and her friends decide to create cool informative and hip virtual. pamphelet to alert every NYer about WikiLeaks They plan to spam e mail them. out to everyone, I 8 Laura and her friends start a guerilla campaign since it will be cheap interest. WIK ing and effective They will also create small billboards to spread the news since. that is their main objective, 9 Laura wishes WikiLeaks had a share option or an easy way for her to import. the articles to her social media tools Her boyfriend is a hacker so he creates a. mirror website of WikiLeaks with improved options She also sends suggestions. to improve the actual website,LAURA S VIEW STORY BOARD. Laura thinks WikiLeaks is the key to the truth and has de. cided to only read this website when it comes to news She. would like the website to be redesigned or improved so that. all types of users can navigate easily through Wikileaks The. new design solves Laura s problems because it is clear pre. cise easier navigation user friendly has categories and. has the sharing tools The sharing tools will also help her. solve her problem since now she can spread and promote. WikiLeaks to everyone,SUCCESS METRICS, Laura s desire when it comes to improving the users experi The user searches WikiLeaks in The user selects a specific article.
Google and the home page ap she has found thanks to the side. ence is pears The home page is very or menu She has read several sum. An easier navigation site structure and organization ganized to facilitate the user s navi maries before selecting the full. Sharing options that would automatically embed the arti gation The articles can be sorted article The user found an article. by several categories and the user she wants to read so she clicks. cle into your blog facebook or other social media can determine which ones to read on it and there are several options. Summary of the articles and photos for each article depending on his her interest for sharing The user can share the. The home page is user friendly and article in Facebook Twitter Deli. Clean tidy coherent clear and ordered design structured so the user can under cious and her blog The social. Categories that will help user sort out articles stand how to proceed The design media tools are very easy to locate. is clean coherent and straightfor and use The user shares the article. ward with her friends and followers,Most Viewed,Most Commented. By Country, This is how the user shares her This page shows how the same By Country. favorite articles with her Twiter fol initial user shares their favorite ar Politics. lowers The user copies the link ticle with their Facebook friends. of the article and then has the op The user can include a small Economics. portunity to write a brief statement thumbnail of the article s photo as Justice. about what it is or why should other well as a brief summary Facebook. people should look at it This new also gives the user the opportunity. Government, sharing feature of WikiLeaks helps of writing what s on their mind Corporations. spread the word of the website and which could be a great opportunity. will possibily get more readers The to explain to their friends why they. sharing tools are also beneficial to should read this WikiLeak article Donate. WikiLeaks because they will cause Facebook has the advantage of Media. more buzz within people and the spreading the word very fast and. word of mouth might get WikiLeaks this social media tool could also. more supporters and donations benefit the organization since more. interested readers could join,WIREFRAMES, Logo Main navigation Action links Logo Main navigation Action links. Article filters Lastest post Article filters Single article. Article image video,Older posts,Sharing options,Footer navigation Footer navigation.
VISUAL DESIGN LOGO, TYPOGRAPHY WikiLeaks needs a positive memorable and interesting logo that users can im. mediately recognize when they encounter it The quotation mark logo is fitting. since WikiLeaks relies on the words of others All of their articles and informa. tion displayed in their website is other people s words or information or in other. WikiLeaks is an international non profit organization that publishes submissions of private secret and classified media from anonymous news sources news leaks and whistleblowers WikiLeaks provides an innovative secure and anonymous way for independent sources around the world to leak information to our journalists We publish materials of ethical political and historical significance

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