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Meet the Author,text analysis setting, Setting is where and when a story happens Sometimes the Katherine Paterson. setting is a small part of a story At other times the setting. has a major effect on the plot events In the story you are A Weird Little Kid. about to read look for details to help you understand the Sometimes an outsider has an. setting and its influence on plot development Look for interesting way of looking at things. Katherine Paterson is convinced that,details about scenery and weather. as the child of U S missionaries in, details about buildings clothing culture and technology China she learned valuable lessons. As you read note these and other details about where and about life But being an outsider. when the story takes place wasn t always easy After returning. to the United States at the age of ve, reading skill identify sequence in plot Paterson and her family moved 18. times She remembers feeling small, A plot is made up of many events The sequence or order poor and foreign on the playground.
of the events is important to understanding the story These She was in her own words a weird. words and phrases are often clues to the sequence of events little kid but she states today that. first then later in the past there are few things apparently. more helpful to a writer than having, While events are often presented in the order in which they. once been a weird little kid, occur sometimes the action is interrupted to present a. scene from an earlier time This is called a flashback and it background to the story. may include important new information Science Fiction. As you read keep track of the sequence by recording In a work of science ction a writer. important events on a sequence chart like the one shown combines real scienti c information. with elements from his or her,imagination to create an altered. universe Science ction stories,typically take place in the distant. vocabulary in context future in outer space or on a. Katherine Paterson uses the following words in her story changed Earth Plots often center on. about a futuristic world In a three column chart define the challenges characters face in these. words you know in the first column In the second column unusual settings. list the words you do not know In the last column provide. dictionary definitions of all the words Then use each word. in a sentence,word copious foray posterity,list disembodied foresighted reproof.
evasive languish,Go to thinkcentral com,thinkcentral c. KEYWORD HML7 47, Complete the activities in your Reader Writer Notebook. 046 047 NA L07PE u01s2 brDog indd 47 1 7 11 11 31 51 PM. LAST DOG k at h e r i n e pat e r s o n, B rock approached the customs gate Although he did not reach for. the scanner a feeling it might have labeled excitement made him. tremble His fingers shook as he punched in his number on the inquiry. How would you describe,the setting shown in,this painting. board This is highly irregular Brock 095670038 the disembodied. voice said What is your reason for external travel disembodied. Brock took a deep breath Scientific research he replied He didn t need dGsQDm bJPdCd. adj separated from, to be told that his behavior was irregular He d never heard of anyone or lacking a body.
doing research outside the dome actual rather than virtual research I disembody v. I ve been cleared by my podmaster and the Research Team. 10 Estimated time of return So he wasn t to be questioned further. Uh 1800 hours, Are you wearing the prescribed dry suit with helmet and gloves. Affirmative 1, You should be equipped with seven hundred fifty milliliters of liquid. and food tablets for one day travel, Affirmative Brock patted the sides of the dry suit to be sure a a SETTING. Remember to drink sparingly Water supply is limited Brock Reread lines 1 16. What does the unusual, nodded He tried to lick his parched lips but his whole mouth felt dry technology in the dome. Is that understood suggest about the time, 20 Affirmative Was he hoping customs would stop him If he was they in which the story takes.
didn t seem to be helping him Well this was what he wanted wasn t it place. To go outside the dome, Turn on the universal locator Brock 095670038 and proceed to gate. Why weren t they questioning him further Were they eager for him. to go Ever since he d said out loud in group speak that he wanted to. go outside the dome people had treated him strangely that session. with the podmaster and then the interview with the representative. 1 affirmative E f rPmE tGv formal or scientific word for yes. 48 unit 1 plot conflict and setting, 048 061 NA L07PE u01s2 Dog indd 48 1 7 11 11 32 20 PM. 048 061 NA L07PE u01s2 Dog indd 49 1 7 11 11 32 36 PM. from Research Did they think he was a deviant 2 Deviants sometimes VISUAL. disappeared The word was passed around that they had gone outside VOCABULARY. 30 but no one really knew No deviant had ever returned. The gate slid open Before he was quite ready for it Brock found. himself outside the protection of the dome He blinked The sun at. least it was what was called the sun in virtual lessons was too bright. for his eyes even inside the tinted helmet He took a deep breath one last. backward look at the dome which with the alien sun gleaming on it was. hologram n a three, even harder to look at than the distant star and started across an expanse dimensional picture. of brown soil was it to what he recognized from holograms as a line made by laser light. of purplish mountains in the distance b, It was he pulled the scanner from his outside pouch and checked it b SEQUENCE IN PLOT. What happens after, 40 hot Oh that was what he was feeling Hot He remembered hot Brock goes through the.
from a virtual lesson he d had once on deserts He wanted to take off the customs gate As you. dry suit but he had been told since he could remember that naked skin read use your chart. would suffer irreparable burning outside the protection of the dome to record the events. He adjusted the control as he walked so that the unfamiliar perspiration. would evaporate He fumbled a bit before he found the temperature. adjustment function He put it on twenty degrees centigrade3 and. immediately felt more comfortable No one he really knew had ever left. the dome stories of deviants exiting the dome being hard to verify. but there was all this equipment in case someone decided to venture out. 50 He tried to ask the clerk who outfitted him but the woman was evasive evasive G vAPsGv adj. The equipment was old she said People used to go out but the outside tending or trying to. environment was threatening so hardly anyone she looked at him. carefully now hardly anyone ever used it now, Was Brock then the only normal person still curious about the. outside Or had all those who had dared to venture out perished. discouraging further forays Perhaps he was a deviant for wanting to see foray f rPAQ n a trip. the mountains for himself When he d mentioned it to others they had into an unknown area. laughed but there was a hollow sound to the laughter. If he never returned he d have no one to blame but himself He knew. 60 that While his podfellows played virtual games he d wandered into. a subsection of the historical virtuals called ancient fictions Things. happened in these fictions more well more densely than they did. in the virtuals The people he met there it was hard to describe but. somehow they were more actual than dome dwellers They had strange. names like Huck Finn and M C Higgins the Great 4 They were even. a little scary It was their insides Their insides were very loud But even. 2 deviant dCPvC Ent a person who does not follow customary or accepted behavior. 3 twenty degrees centigrade a temperature equivalent to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 4 Huck Finn and M C Higgins the Great the main characters in two books that are often read by young adults. 50 unit 1 plot conflict and setting, 048 061 NA L07PE u01s2 Dog indd 50 1 7 11 11 32 40 PM. though the people in the ancient fictions frightened him a bit he couldn t. get enough of them When no one was paying attention he went back. again and again to visit them They had made him wonder about that. 70 other world that world outside the dome c c SETTING. Perhaps once he had realized the danger the ancient fictions posed Reread lines 54 70. What do these details, he should have left them alone but he couldn t help himself They had tell you about the place. made him feel hollow hungry for something no food pellet or even where the story is set. virtual experience could satisfy And now he was in that world they spoke. of and the mountains of it were in plain view d d SETTING. Why does Brock leave, H e headed for the purple curves Within a short distance from the. dome the land was clear and barren but after he had been walking. for an hour or so he began to pass rusting hulks and occasional ruins. of what might have been the dwellings of ancient peoples that no one. 80 in later years had cleared away for recycling or vaporization 5. He checked the emotional scanner for an unfamiliar sensation. Loneliness it registered He rather liked having names for these new. sensations It made him feel a bit proud was it The scanner was rather. interesting He wondered when people had stopped using them He hadn t. known they existed until in that pod meeting he had voiced his desire. to go outside, The podmaster had looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a sniff.
Next thing you ll be asking for a scanner he said,What s a scanner Brock asked. 90 The podmaster requisitioned one from storage but at the same time. he must have alerted Research because it was the representative from. Research who had brought him the scanner and questioned him about his. expressed desire for an Actual Adventure a journey outside the dome. What has prompted this uh unusual ambition the representative. had asked his eyes not on Brock but on the scanner in his hand Brock had. hesitated distracted by the man s fidgeting with the strange instrument. I I m interested in scientific research Brock said at last e e SEQUENCE IN PLOT. So here he was out of the pod alone for the first time in his life Perhaps Reread lines 81 97. What information, though he should have asked one of his podfellows to come along Or revealed in the. 100 even the pod robopet But the other fellows all laughed when he spoke of flashback helps you. going outside their eyes darting back and forth Nothing on the outside better understand Brock. they said could equal the newest Virtual Adventure He suddenly realized and his present actions. that ever since he started interfacing6 with the ancient fictions his fellows. had given him that look They did think he was odd not quite the same. as a regular podfellow Brock didn t really vibe with the pod robopet. 5 vaporization vAQpEr G zAPshEn the process of making a thing disappear by changing it into a fog or mist. 6 interfacing GnPtEr fAQsGng making connections,the last dog 51. 048 061 NA L07PE u01s2 Dog indd 51 1 7 11 11 32 42 PM. It was one of the more modern ones and when they d programmed its. artificial intelligence they d somehow made it too smart The robopet. in the children s pod last year was older stupider and more fun to. have around, 110 He d badly underestimated the distance to the mountains The time Language Coach. was well past noon and he had at least three kilometers to go Should he Prefixes A prefix is. signal late return or turn about now He didn t have much more than one a word part added to. the beginning of a, day s scant supply of water and food tablets But he was closer to the hills word to form a new.
than to the dome He felt a thrill excitement and pressed on word In line 110 the. There were actual trees growing on the first hill Not the great giants prefix under is added. of virtual history lessons more scrubby and bent But they were trees to the word estimated. Estimated means that, he was sure of it The podmaster had said that trees had been extinct for he made a careful. hundreds of years Brock reached up and pulled off a leaf It was green and guess What then. had veins In some ways it looked like his own hand He put the leaf in does underestimated. 120 his pack to study later He didn t want anyone accusing him of losing his mean. scientific objectivity 7 Only deviants did that Farther up the hill he heard. an unfamiliar burbling sound No he knew that sound It was water. running He d heard it once when the liquid dispenser had malfunctioned. There d been a near panic in the dome over it He checked the scanner. There was no caution signal so he hurried toward the sound f f SETTING. It was a a brook he was sure of it Virtual lessons had taught that Compare and contrast. the setting outside the, there were such things outside in the past but that they had long ago dome with the natural. grown poisonous then in the warming climate had dried up But here setting where you live. was a running brook not even a four hour journey from his dome His How familiar does the. 130 first impulse was to take off his protective glove and dip a finger in it setting outside the. dome seem to you, but he drew back He had been well conditioned to avoid danger He. sat down clumsily on the bank Yes this must be grass There were even. some tiny flowers mixed in the grass Would the atmosphere poison him. if he unscrewed his helmet to take a sniff He punched the scanner to. The Last Dog Short Story by Katherine Paterson Why are pets good COMPANIONS For many of us pets are an important part of our lives We feed them and care for them and often consider them to be a part of the family but what do we get in return Some would say that pets reward us with their companionship their affection loyalty and good company In The Last Dog a boy s powerful

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