When Brazil Enters in the Koprulu Sector the Starcraft II

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SBC Proceedings of SBGames 2012 Culture Track Full Papers. Regarding specifically on games defined as an culture Figure 2 below hypothetically shows how. interactive entertainment software Merino 2006 the developers have to change parts of the content of the. term localization refers to a long list of smaller tasks games such as the depiction of blood to make them. Heimburg 2003 Some definitions of game acceptable in different countries Some games go. localization are offered by Edwards et al 2009 through a full localization process when all the assets. text audio cinematic and art and additional, The organization creation and delivery of materials such as manuals packaging and TV. international versions of the game commercials are adapted to the target culture s Other. A coordinated international effort aimed at games just receive a partial localization for instance. producing creative contents for a great local only subtitles in the target languages. users experience,Translating all linguistic assets of a game in. order to enable its full playability and fun,value for foreign locales. Game content that accounts for the diverse,cultures of local end users to enhance game. play not detract from it,The above definitions entail that the game.
localization is a multi faceted process that aims at. adapting a game both linguistic and culturally into a. particular locale or region According to Chandler and. Deming 2011 4, international users should feel that the Figure 2 Localizing games into different languages. product was made specifically for them and Image source www nerfnow com. that they are getting the same gaming, experience as the source language users According to Edwards 2011 roughly 50 of the. global revenue of the game industry comes from games. To achieve this goal the game localization deals that were localized As for individual companies that. with all the semiotic elements that games may convey percentage varies between 25 to 70 of their annual. texts images sounds symbols icons colors revenue For this reason the developers have. currencies data formats and so on To undertake this increasingly included localization into the game. enterprise a combined effort of several professionals is development cycle But most importantly they are. needed such as producers engineers artists realizing that the localization work needs to be. translators editors and testers Consequently the game executed appropriately target oriented and without. localization field is divided into inter related subsets geopolitical or cultural gaffes Edwards 2008 for. audio localization linguistic localization or instance Otherwise not only the game sales will drop. translation cultural localization or culturalization but the company image will be affected as well. art asset localization linguistic testing quality, assessment etc Vidal and Elias 2012 2 1 Linguistic Localization. Concerning the modes of game localization there,are two main modes sim ship simultaneous shipment. or post gold In the first mode the localization process. is produced simultaneously along with the game, development In the second it is produced after the.
game is completed or even years later after its release. as a way to revive an old game Edwards 2011 Each,mode can be done in house or outsourced The first. case describes the situation in which both the, localization and the development teams work within. the same company and can interact directly with each. other The second case describes the situation in which. all the localization assets multimedia components are. prepared and sent to specialized agencies or freelance. translators who usually work isolated Figure 3 Starcraft II a linguistic localization sample. Most of the time it is the budget of each particular Despite some terminological issues Merino 2006. game that will define which mode to choose However translation proper within the localization process is. it is important to note that each game requires a commonly known as linguistic localization or just. different approach to localization that is related with game translation. aspects of the game itself and or aspects of the target. XI SBGames Bras lia DF Brazil November 2nd 4th 2012 115. SBC Proceedings of SBGames 2012 Culture Track Full Papers. As said above the translation work can be done in are granted quasi absolute freedom to modify omit. house or outsourced While the first type is more and even add any elements which they deem. expensive to the game developer it facilitates the necessary to bring the game closer to the players. translation task The access to all the game context and to convey the original feel of gameplay. game design document art work plot scripts game, itself etc and interactions with the development team However this freedom exists within certain. can result in high quality translations If the translator boundaries the challenges demanded by the different. also called localizer is working in a sim ship mode types of texts found in games We can cite i the. s he can even help to promote eventual changes in the space constraints of the in game texts and ii issues. original plot Slattery 2011 related to the audio portion of the games Some. The outsourced translation is usually cheaper than. the in house translation However it has a drawback Some elements of the game interface such as. due to information security and data protection most menu and warning help may have a. of the agencies or freelance translators must work with predetermined amount of lines allowed or a. little or no context of the game Certainly there are fixed length of text strings. exceptions where the translator receives additional. material to work on such as the game design The subtitles must compact all the. document annotations and suggestions images audio information within a certain number of. recordings etc But the ideal situation would be to characters. familiarize the translators with the game itself before. the translation process starts Some rare lucky The script for dubbing must accommodate. freelance translators have access to the game but most time constraints and or the lip. of them receive Excel files without any context Figure synchronization. These factors will require a dose of creativity by. the translators and will inevitably influence the choice. of the translation method s to be employed,2 2 1 Translation method. Translation method is the overall approach employed. by translators when translating a text There are several. classifications but due to space constraints we are. going to concentrate on Peter Newmark s work,Newmark 1988 lists four translation methods which.
focus on the source language SL word for word, translation literal translation faithful translation and. semantic translation and four translation methods,which focus on the target language TL adaptation. free translation idiomatic translation and,communicative translation Further descriptions of. each method can be found in Table 1, Figure 4 Excel file of a linguistic localization project. 2 2 Translation or Transcreation Translation Methods. Word for The SL word order is preserved and, Mangiron and O Hagan 2006 prefer the term word the words translated singly by their.
transcreation rather than just translation to describe translation most common meanings. what takes place during the localization process Literal The SL grammatical constructions. Campos 1987 17 defines the translation operation as translation are converted to their nearest TL. creative transposition that means in my own terms equivalents but the lexical words. are again translated singly, as re creation trans creation 2 According to Mangiron. Faithful It attempts to reproduce the precise,and O Hagan 2006 20 who firstly brought the term3. translation contextual meaning of the original, to the game localization field the translators within the constraints of the TL. grammatical structures, Our translation of transposi o criativa ou seja nos. meus termos como re cria o como trans cria o poetry translation for him transcreation meant the. It is important to note that Haroldo de Campos used the reconfiguration of all the elements of a text not only the. term transcreation in a broader sense than Mangiron linguistic and socio cultural context but also all the. O Hagan did Campos mainly used transcreation regarding audiovisual aspects of the words. XI SBGames Bras lia DF Brazil November 2nd 4th 2012 116. SBC Proceedings of SBGames 2012 Culture Track Full Papers. Semantic It differs from faithful translation The Gamers Developers conference GDC. translation only in as far as it must take more held annually in San Francisco California. account of the aesthetic value that USA included a localization summit5 in its. is the beautiful and natural sound sessions in 2009. of the SL text compromising on,meaning where appropriate.
Adaptation It is the freest form of translation There are some events dedicated to the theme. It is used mainly for plays and Some of them i International Conference on. poetry the themes characters plots Translation and Accessibility in Video Games. are usually preserved the SL and Virtual Worlds6 ii Localization World7. culture converted to the TL culture and iii Localization Summer School8. and the text rewritten, Free It reproduces the matter without the Journals such as Trans9 Tradumatica10 and. translation manner or the content without the,Jostrans11 have included some articles or even. form of the original,Idiomatic It reproduces the message of the. game localization dossiers in their issues,translation original but tends to distort nuances. of meaning by preferring The events above include presentations papers. colloquialisms and idioms where panels guides game postmortems and other materials. these do not exist in the original dealing with different aspects of the multi layered. Communica It attempts to render the exact process of game localization. tive contextual meaning of the original,translation in such a way that both content and.
language are readily acceptable and 4 Blizzard Entertainment. comprehensible to the readership, Table 1 Translation Methods Newmark 1998 As stated earlier this paper is part of an ongoing. postdoctoral research that focuses on the games of. Due to the unique nature of games not all the Blizzard Entertainment12 an American game developer. methods above can be applied in their translations and publisher based in California United States The. Concerning the recreation of the humor effect of the main reason for our choice of Blizzard s games as our. game text an ingredient that is present in the Starcraft case study was due to the fact that many game online. franchise Mangiron and O Hagan 2006 say communities and websites consider the Blizzard. localization approach very satisfactory See McCurley. Games are full of jokes whose function is to amuse 2011 Barnes 2012 Some comments at BattleNet. and entertain the player Many of these jokes are forums13 the official website of the Blizzard s games. based in language deviance mainly puns which that will be presented later show that some players. often cannot be translated literally They have to be. adapted to the target language and culture, considered the translation of Starcraft II into BR PT. corky and lively, All that has been said so far implies that the game. translation or even the overall localization might 4 1 Starcraft Franchise. interfere with a game s player understanding or, enjoyment of a game Consalvo 2009 It is then The main storyline of the Starcraft franchise can be. pivotal that the games localized versions provide a summarized as follow. gaming experience with target oriented effects, Set in the 26th century Starcraft s plotline revolves.
Bearing that in mind next we are going to focus on the. around a war between three species Terrans, localization process of Starcraft II into BR PT Our Protoss and Zerg fighting for dominance in. central point will rely on the linguistic localization of Koprulu a distant sector of the Milky Way. some textual fragments that will be explored in the galaxy Terrans are a future version of the. next sections humanity they were initially descendants of human. prisoners from Earth Protoss a race of religious, But firstly let us briefly list some related work warriors with psionic powers14 who speak both. 3 Related Work 5,http www gdconf com conference gls html. http jornades uab cat videogamesaccess content map. Regarding the related work we cite those discussed or http www localizationworld com. published in the following events or journals http www localisation ie resources courses summerschools 2011. http www trans uma es trans 15 html,http revistes uab cat tradumatica. The IGDA International Game Developers 11,http www jostrans org.
Association launched in 2007 a game 12,Official website www blizzard com. localization SIG special interest group 4 13,www battle com. Psionic powers a k a psychic powers are the ability of. using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena It is present. to various degrees in several species Source, http wiki igda org Localization SIG www starcraft wikia com. XI SBGames Bras lia DF Brazil November 2nd 4th 2012 117. SBC Proceedings of SBGames 2012 Culture Track Full Papers. English and Khalani Zergs are insectoid species top notch It received a score of 93 out of 100 at. Starcraft II was released worldwide in July 2010 and welcoming surprise it was localized into various languages including Brazilian Portuguese The present paper reports the results of a case study carried out with the second game of the Starcraft franchise in order to highlight the complexities of the game

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