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Landscape of Wireless Design,Our Wireless Initiatives. Antenna to Bit simulation,Smart RF Design,Over the air testing. LTE and LTE Advanced,RADAR systems,Landscape of Wireless Design. Mobile Communications LTE 5G and beyond,5G standardization. 100 1000 times Faster speeds,Reliable service everywhere.
Greater complexity,New architectures,New frequency bands mmWave. More antennas massive MIMO,Advanced RF and DSP co design. Landscape of Wireless Design,Connected Smart Devices Internet of Things. Internet of Things,Embedded sensors,Digital health. Industrial instruments,Characteristics,Connected wirelessly to internet.
Generate lots of data,Wireless System Design MATLAB and Simulink. Who are our users,R D Algorithm designer,Digital Baseband engineer. Multi domain,RF System engineer system,Test or validation engineer. Single domain,What do they need,End to end simulation. Simulate Prototype Implement,Design verification Analyze Test.
Real world over the air testing,Wireless System Design What s new in 2015. End to end simulation,Antenna to Bits Simulation,Smart RF Design. New product,Antenna Toolbox,Design verification,Major releases. Standard compliant LTE LTE A Communications System Toolbox. RADAR systems LTE System Toolbox,Phased Array System Toolbox. Over the air testing New Hardware Support Package,Zynq Software Defined Radio.
Connectivity to SDR and RF,instruments,Antenna to Bits Simulation. Smart RF Design,Over the air testing,LTE LTE Advanced. Airborne Automotive RADAR,Antenna to Bits Simulation MATLAB Simulink. Simulate a complete wireless link,Design modern wireless systems with. components such as MIMO OFDM and,adaptive beam forming.
Analyze signals and make,measurements such as EVM ACLR. BLER Throughput,Generate waveforms and create,verification references for downstream. implementation,New Antenna Toolbox 1 0 released in. 802 11a g n ac MIMO OFDM system,Step by step MATLAB demo. OFDM as the air interface technology,Adaptive Beam forming up to 8 antenna.
Easy to follow end to end simulation,Graphical test bench. Tune system parameters on the fly,Antenna to Bits Simulation. Smart RF Design,Over the air testing,LTE LTE Advanced. Airborne Automotive RADAR,Smart RF design, Fast behavioral RF modeling simulation MATLAB Simulink. Model and simulate RF transceiver,together with baseband algorithms.
Develop calibration and control,algorithms such as DPD or AGC to. mitigate impairments and interferers,Add measured RF component. characteristics,Analog Devices AD9361, Use circuit envelope techniques to RF Agile Transceiver. accelerate simulation of RF transceivers,Example Simulation of Analog Devices RF. Transceivers with MATLAB and SimRF,Antenna to Bits Simulation.
Smart RF Design,Over the air testing,LTE LTE Advanced. Airborne Automotive RADAR,Over the air Testing with Radio Hardware. Transmit and receive live radio signals MATLAB Simulink. Transmit and receive generated waveforms,Configure hardware parameters from MATLAB. for a range of center frequencies and sampling, Analyze acquired I Q baseband signal with Zynq SDR. configurable measurement tools, Verify and validate your designs based on live RF Signal Generator.
radio signals,Spectrum Analyzer,Over the air testing with SDRs RF instruments. Process received, Process original data Transmit waveform Capture received samples in. bits and generate using SDR devices or samples with SDR receiver. custom digital baseband RF instruments devices or RF Decode recover. waveforms in transmitter instruments original data. Real world over the air testing Simulate amp Analyze Prototype amp Implement Test Wireless System Design Multi domain system Single domain system Algorithm 6 New product Antenna Toolbox Major releases Communications System Toolbox LTE System Toolbox Phased Array System Toolbox New Hardware Support Package Zynq Software Defined Radio Wireless System Design

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