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What is in the OBC,SB 10 Update,Ontario Gets Serious about Energy Use. in New Buildings,Steve Kemp,P Eng M A Sc B Sc B Eng. Introduction,OBC Introduced SB 10 in 2007,Prescribed minimum energy performance. MNECB ASHRAE 90 1 2004,Update published in July 2011 effective Jan 2012. Update is implementation of ASHRAE 90 1 2010,ASHRAE 189 1 2009 envelope values.
Three methods of compliance,Performance,Prescriptive envelope trade off. Prescriptive,Today will focus on prescriptive path. What does the code say,SB 10 Division 3,Enclosures requirements. Common constructions that may no longer be compliant. How to fix them,Mechanical Electrical requirements. SB 10 Division 4 Part 9 Non Residential,Enclosure requirements.
Mechanical Electrical requirements,Compliance paths. Closing remarks,Documents involved in the Code,Supplementary Standard. SB 10 July 1 2010 Update,http www mah gov on ca P,age9528 aspx. http www mah gov on ca A,ssetFactory aspx did 9227. Documents involved in the Code,ASHRAE 90 1 2010,and User s Manual.
ASHRAE 189 1 2009,and User s Manual,http www techstreet com. ashraegate html,Documents involved in the Code,MNECB 1997. http www nrc,cnrc gc ca eng ibp irc codes,97 energy code. buildings html,FYI NECB 2011 is now,published not currently a. part of OBC,SB 10 July 2011 Division 1 General,Energy Efficiency after December 31 2011.
Division 3 All buildings to conform to of SB 10 July 2011 update. i e all non Part 9 buildings, Except when within the scope of Division B Part 9 then. Division 4 of SB 10, if the building is within the scope of Part 9 Div B of the OBC and. does not contain a residential occupancy and,does not use electric space heating and. is intended for occupancy on a continuing basis during the winter months. i e most Non Residential Part 9 buildings,SB 10 Division 3. 1 1 2 Energy Efficiency,Three paths to demonstrate performance.
Building shall use,25 less energy than MNECB Energy Modeling. 5 less energy than ASHRAE 90 1 2010 Energy Modeling. Not exceed ASHRAE 90 1 2010 and Chapter 2 which replaces the 90 1enclosure. performance values Energy Modeling or Prescriptive. Exceptions,Heritage buildings, Any building space which uses less than 12 W m peak energy. Temporary structures, Warehouses and storage rooms with design temperature under 10 C. Primarily intended for manufacturing processing commercial processing or. industrial processing,And other exceptions,SB 10 Div 3 Examples of Exemptions. OBC Compliance Paths,90 1 Prescriptive,Today s 90 1 2010 90 1 Chapter 2.
Focus Chapter 2 Mandatories,Energy modeling,against 90 1. prescriptive,OBC Compliance Energy Modeling,25 Less than. MNECB Mandatories against MNECB,prescriptive,Energy modeling. 5 Less than 90 1,90 1 Mandatories against 90 1,prescriptive. Today s Presentation of Materials for,Division 3,Largely will follow 90 1.
2010 organization,Will note SB 10 revisions,hint mostly in envelope. Today s emphasis is on,Some attention paid to,mechanical electrical. ASHRAE 90 1 2010 SB 10 Prescriptive,Outlines minimum performance parameters for. Wall Roofs Windows elements etc,Prescriptive and performance paths for insulation. Weighted U value allowed for some trade offs within element type. Envelope Trade off calculations required for trade offs across element. Maximum fenestration to wall ratio 40,Installed lighting power density.
Receptacle requirements,Labeling insulation fenestration. HVAC plant minimum performance requirements boilers chillers. HVAC distribution performance requirements fans pumps. Division 3 Chapter 2, Enforces ASHRAE 90 1 2010 as minimum energy code for. Provides revisions to 90 1 2010,Section 1 Purpose,Section 2 Scope. Section 3 Definitions,Section 4 Administration and Enforcement. Section 5 Building Envelope,Section 6 HVAC,Section 7 Service Hot Water.
Section 10 Other Equipment electric motors,90 1 2010 Section 1. To establish minimum energy,efficiency requirements of. buildings other than low rise,residential,Note ASHRAE is rebranding. What is in the OBC SB 10 Update Ontario Gets Serious about Energy Use in New Buildings Steve Kemp P Eng M A Sc B Sc B Eng 2

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