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Table of Contents,Purpose of Analysis,Past Activities. Concepts of Data Collection,Study Schedule and Plan. Status of Data Collection,Concepts of WtW Efficiency CO2 Emissions. Results of WtW Efficiency CO2 Emissions,Purpose of Analysis Efficiency. Summarize well to wheel WtW efficiency data of, various highly energy efficient low emission vehicles.
alternative fuel vehicles mainly fuel cell vehicles. FCVs with regard to Japan specific conditions and,Compile collected data into quantitative figures. objective enough to be dealt with as official ones. Main Focus,WtW energy efficiency and,WtW CO2 emissions. Past Activities Efficiency, JEVA Total Efficiency Research Group was established. within the former Japan Electric Vehicle Association JEVA. to analyze WtW energy efficiency of clean energy vehicles. Period FY 1999 2002,Members Automakers Oil companies. Group Mission, Main task Tank to Wheel energy efficiency analysis.
Data were provided by participating automakers,Main activities. Collection of basic data on WtW efficiency, Evaluation of energy efficiency of gasoline ICEs diesel ICEs CNG. vehicles and BEVs,Evaluation of efficiency of fuel cell components. Evaluation of energy efficiency of FCVs,Presentation of the results at EVS 18 and EVS 20. Concepts of Data Collection Efficiency,FY 1999 2002 conducted by JEVA.
Main focus energy efficiency of vehicles tank to wheel efficiency. The published data were adopted for Well to Tank energy efficiency data. FY 2003 2005 conducted by the Study Group, Main focus energy efficiency of fuel infrastructure well to tank efficiency. Published data and demonstration data at each JHFC station are evaluated. By applying previous results by JEVA s tank to wheel analysis total Well to. Wheel efficiency are evaluated,Concept of Data Collection. Collect and Evaluate openly published data and arrange as the database input. Review current energy status in Japan energy paths automotive technologies. Compile data to reflect current state of arts and future estimate 10 years ahead. Apply expected targeted data for emerging technologies. Note Japanese and European driving modes are used to calculate. WtW efficiency and to identify characteristics of the modes. Organizational Structure Efficiency,Organization,Total Efficiency Study Group. Chairman Prof Ishitani,Total Efficiency WG,Chief Prof Ishitani. JHFC Steering Committee members, Other stakeholders in FC related businesses institutions.
associations and academic area universities and,institutes. Collect relevant data through various,stakeholders. Members Efficiency,Non JHFC members are underlined. Universities Research institutes, Keio Univ Tokyo Institute of Technology Univ of Tokyo Yokohama National Univ. Tsukuba Univ National Institute for Environmental Studies National Institute of Advanced. Industrial Science and Technology AIST Institute of Energy Economics Japan IEEJ. Associations, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association JAMA Japan Gas Association.
Fuel Cell Commercialization Promotion Conference FCCJ Petroleum Association of. Japan Federation of Electric Power Companies WBCSD Fuel Work Stream. Toyota Motor Corp Nippon Oil Corp Cosmo Oil Co Ltd Nippon Steel Corp. Nissan Motor Co Ltd Show Shell Sekiyu K K Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd. Honda Motor Co Ltd Tokyo Gas Co Ltd Kurita Water Industries Ltd. General Motors Corp GM Iwatani International Corp Itochu Enex Co Ltd. DaimlerChrysler AG Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp Babcock Hitachi. Mitsubishi Motors Corp Japan Air Gases Ltd Sinanen Co Ltd. Suzuki Motor Corp Toho Gas Co Ltd,Total 35 members. Observers Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry NEDO PEC. Secretariat ENAA JARI and consultancy,Study Schedule and Plan Efficiency. Literature Survey,interviews,Energy conversion,Heat value Data collection. Calculation of,Energy path analysis energy efficiency. Development of Database,Interim report posted on webpage.
Addition of energy paths of,FY 2004 renewable energies biomass. Calculation using analytical tools,Workshops with JHFC demonstration. overseas stakeholders data,Calculation of overall Well to Wheel efficiency. Overall Efficiency Analysis Efficiency,Work Roles, Framework of Analysis by Total Efficiency Study Group. Review of published demonstrated data Data reviewed by JEVA study. FY 2003 FY 2002, Demonstrated data are used if they are to be in public domain.
Analysis of,Data Evaluation WG,demonstration data,Hydrogen Station Data WG Automotive Data WG. Well Charge Tank Fuel Tank Wheel,Fuel tank Fuel tank. at station at vehicle,Concept of Energy Path Efficiency. ChargeTank,atrefueling,refuelingstations,Fuel processing at Long distance. producing country transportation, energies Exploitation Refining liquidation e g by sea.
stock storage,large scale fuel processing,in Japan refining domestic Fuel storage prior. gasification reforming transportation to hydrogen,compression liquidation generation. process Fuel tank,Refueling Vehicle,compression,at vehicle operation. liquidation,ChargeTank,FuelTank refueling,Tank refuelingProcess. Process Fuel,Status of Data Collection,Interview and Published Data Analysis Efficiency.
Interviewee Data Collected, Information on heat value energy efficiency of by product. Nippon Oil Corp hydrogen at steel plants,Information on LPG industry. LP Gas Association Information on heat value of LPG. Petroleum Association of Japan Information on heat value energy efficiency of GTL. Information on caustic soda industry, 2003 Tsurumi Soda Co Ltd Information on heat value energy efficiency of caustic soda. Federation of Electric Power Information on energy efficiency of power generation by fuel. Companies type transmission and distribution,Information on city gas industry. Japan Gas Association Information on heat value energy efficiency of NG. Institute of Energy Economics Data on efficiency of LPG. JOGMEC Former JNOC Information on GTL and other related issues. Shell Netherlands Information on GTL,JGC Corp Information on FT diesel naphtha LPG.
GM LBST Information exchange on Well to Wheel efficiency analysis. Published Data Analysis, Domestic data from WE NET PEC and others 43 papers. Overseas data from LBST GM and others 15 papers,Result I Efficiency. Energy Conversion Table,MJ International Measurement BTU kl oe t oe kWh. 2 58258 2 38846,MJ 1 238 846 238 889 947 817,kcal 4 18680. 1 1 00018 3 96832,1 08127 1 00000 1 16300,International table 1 E 03 E 07 E 07 E 03.
kcal 4 18605 1 08108 9 99821 1 16279,Japan s Measurement 0 999821 1 3 96761. E 03 E 07 E 08 E 03,1 05506 2 72477 2 51996 2 93071. 0 251996 0 252041 1,E 08 E 08 E 04,kl oe 3 87210 9 24834 9 25000 3 67004. 1 0 924834, kiloliters of oil equivalent E 04 E 06 E 06 E 07 E 04. t oe 4 18680 1 00000 1 00018 3 96832,tons of oil equivalent E 04 E 07 E 07 E 07 E 04.
3 41214 9 29729 8 59845,kWh 3 60000 859 845 859 999. E 03 E 05 E 05, 1 International table calorie 4 18680X10 3 MJ kcal. 2 Measurement law calorie 4 18605X10 3 MJ kcal,Basic conversion Derived. Definition,rate conversion rate,Result II Efficiency. Heat Value Table,kg m3 nor kg l,Unit equivalent LHV HHV.
MJ kg MJ m3 nor MJ l MJ kWh LHV HHV,Heat value,MJ kg equivalent LHV HHV. CO2 emission CO2 g MJ,coefficient,CO2 kg kg CO2 kg kWh. Unit Heat Value Heat Value in MJ kg,Unit conversion. constant Unit LHV HHV Unit LHV HHV,Coking coal Imported. Steam coal Imported,Byproduct gas fr ironmaking,Coke oven gas.
Blast furnace gas,Converter gas,Result III Efficiency. Efficiency Data,Energy efficiency data,Collection through. Well to Wheel Efficiency Analysis Hisashi Ishitani Chairman Total Efficiency Study Group

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