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Guaranteed to Pass the PMP Exam,Accelerated Prep in only 4 days. 98 Pass Rate,17 Year Track Record,Why Do Cheetah Students Become. The Most Successful PMPs, Cheetah students pass the PMP exam after only four days. of prep Without Cheetah most students spend six months. studying and have a 40 failure rate, As a result of Cheetah s proven accelerated learning. techniques our students become top earners in their field. Cheetah s PMP students typically earn 250k more in 15 year. period than other PMPs who did not go through Cheetah. According to Corporate Annual Reports 90 of public companies. who use Cheetah Learning increase corporate earnings and. improve profitability within one year of implementing. Cheetah s Accelerated Approach to the PMP, Independent Academic Researchers have found Cheetah stu.
dents significantly increase their abilities to achieve their oth. er life goals after taking the course, The Cheetah Learning Accelerated Exam Prep program is trans. ferable practical and applicable empowering every area of. Let s Get Started, Congratulations you ve taken the first step to becoming PMP certified. How Will This Guide Help Me, This Smart Start Guide will quickly get you up to speed on everything you. need to become PMP certified It s the only FREE resource of its scope out. there today It s practical comprehensive and up to date we update it. several times each year as new information and regulations are rolled out. We share it with you so that you fully understand what is required to pass. the PMP exam before committing to our highly focused immersive 4 day. course We trust you ll find it useful the valuable content is why millions. of engineers and project managers have downloaded and used this guide. since its very first release in July 2001,How to Get The Most Value. Take 30 minutes to sit down and have a look through this guide Settle into. your favorite chair grab a delicious beverage and perhaps a notepad or. tablet to take some notes, For easy navigation we ve divided this document into five sections to quickly.
guide you through each vital part of the PMP exam If you feel like you. already grasp one area feel free to skip to the section you re most interested. in Subsections and page numbers provided in the table of contents on the. following page,Section 1 What is a PMP,Section 2 Why is becoming a PMP valuable. Section 3 How Do I Become PMP Certified,Section 4 How do I prepare for the Exam. Section 5 What is the Cheetah Difference,We understand life is busy. If you don t have the time to read this document call a. Cheetah Success Coach for a free PMP Readiness Assessment. 855 286 9900,TABLE OF CONTENTS,Section 1 What is a PMP 6. The Science of Project Management 7,The PMP Credential 8.
Section 2 Why Becoming a PMP is Valuable 10,Section 3 How do I Become PMP Certified 13. Educational and Experiential Requirements 14,Project Management Body of Knowledge 16. Accelerating your PMP Application Process 18,Experience Verification Form 19. Application Processing Time 20,Eligibility Duration 20. Contact Hours of Project Management Education 21,PMI Professional Development Program 22.
Section 4 How Do I Prepare for the PMP Exam 24,Computer Based Examination Administration 24. Passing Score 28,Re Examination 30,Exam Questions 30. Preparation and Study 35,Updates to the PMP Certification Exam 40. Self Study or Commercial Prep 41,Types of Courses 42. Section 5 What is the Cheetah Difference 46,Joining PMI 49.
About Cheetah Exam Prep for the PMP 49,Class Offerings 50. Cost Comparison and EMV 50,What Does it Take to Be a Cheetah Student 53. Covered Costs 54,Exam Scheduling is important 55,Cheetah s Guarantee 56. Retaking the PMP exam with Cheetah 58,Cheetah s Success Rate 59. Cheetah Learning is You Best Chance to Pass the PMP 60. How to Register 61,What is a PMP, PMP stands for Project Management Professional which is the most prestigious.
and globally recognized certification in Project Management You ll find that once. you obtain your PMP certification you ll be in demand in almost any industry. because all industries need project managers, Even more importantly becoming a PMP can improve your self efficacy your belief. in your ability to achieve your goals and can significantly impact your life in a. positive way that is if you do it correctly, For example two years ago a PhD candidate did their doctoral thesis on how. becoming a PMP improved self efficacy and the only company with a sufficient. sample size was Cheetah Learning, During her research she discovered that those who completed our comprehensive. and immersive 4 day program dramatically improved students self efficacy. Healthy self efficacy is an incredibly valuable skill which is why many Cheetah. Learning alumni have become leaders in their respective industries and why. the largest and most prestigious organizations count on Cheetah Learning to both. The Gold Standard in PM Education, 6 855 286 9900 www cheetahlearning com Copyright 2018 Cheetah Learning. help their staff become PMP certified and improve individual self efficacy at the. When publicly traded companies hire Cheetah onsite to help their staff become. PMP certified they improve their return on equity by at least 20 this is why we. do very little advertising and 95 of our business is word of mouth. The Success of our Cheetah Students speaks for us,The Science Of Project Management.
There is no secret to Project Management success it s the science of. getting things done To understand how it works it s helpful to look at its history. and evolution over time, As long as humans have walked the earth projects have existed and evolved with. us Project Management was born in the days of World War II maturing with the. emerging space program, As you can imagine the space program had enormous unknowns and overwhelm. ing logistics to overcome it needed Project Management And the brains behind. those efforts developed new methods of planning execution and control for their. expansive projects These techniques were the very first vestiges of standardized. Project Management some of those concepts and tools are still used today. Did You Know, According to PMI s Project Management Salary Survey Sixth Edition despite. recessions affecting many professions Project Managers have reported salary. increases The survey indicated that PMP certification clearly carries added. value Overall PMPs earned on average a 20 higher salary than non PMPs. The Gold Standard in PM Education, Copyright 2018 Cheetah Learning www cheetahlearning com 855 286 9900 7. The PMI and PMBOK, In 1969 the Project Management Institute PMI was established to advance the.
science of Project Management create industry standards and promote. professional responsibility, Fifteen years later a small handful of Project Managers became the world s first. PMPs and shortly after that the PMI published the industry s first comprehensive. set of accepted Project Management standards known as The Project Management. Body of Knowledge the PMBOK Guide, Since then the PMBOK Guide has been updated every 4 5 years with the most re. cent update in January 2018 with the release of The PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition. ANSI and Industry Standards, In September 1999 The PMBOK Guide became a formal American National. Standards Institute ANSI Standard ANSI PMI 99 001 1999 With the PMBOK Guide. serving as an ANSI Standard industries worldwide received a Project Management. common language and uniform tools and techniques to manage projects. Although the ANSI Standard was quickly embraced worldwide by industries. governments institutions and academia there is still a lot of catching up to do. PMI estimates there are 20 million professionals currently working in Project. Management throughout the world however less than 5 are PMP certified. The PMP Program, The PMI does extraordinary work to advance the science and application of modern. Project Management Its most significant accomplishments and ongoing programs is the. formal certification of Project Managers the Project Management Professional program. The Gold Standard in PM Education, 8 855 286 9900 www cheetahlearning com Copyright 2018 Cheetah Learning.
This PMP program helps ensure the highest professional and ethical standards. within the community of practicing Project Management Professionals. Earning the PMP credential,increases career options. gives you ability to influence the successful outcome of projects you undertake. provides more opportunities for increasing your salary. It also offers similar benefits for organizations who employ people who are PMP certified. What does all this mean for you, It means there is a rapidly growing demand for Project Management Professionals. to lead the world s industries using effective Project Management techniques If you. want to see the real scope check out a few of the large web based employment. sites and search for PMP or PMI and see how many employers are looking for. PMP PMI certified Project Managers, The numbers may surprise you and if you check back again in a week most likely the. number will have grown Many governments around the world will only pursue contracts. for projects that are run by PMP s And most of the big national and international. companies have mandates which require their Project Managers must be PMP certified. The PMP is now THE TICKET to entry for the Project Management profession for the. best jobs worldwide And for good reason PMPs deliver consistent measurable value. Did You Know, In Harold Kerzner s must read book In Search of Excellence in Project. Management he studies 200 of the world s top corporations His findings. indicate that only 29 of the 200 companies achieve his highest rating as. excellent or on the right track We have a long way to go before a high Project. Management maturity level is achieved throughout the industry as a whole. The Gold Standard in PM Education, Copyright 2018 Cheetah Learning www cheetahlearning com 855 286 9900 9.
Why Becoming a PMP is Valuable, While Information Technology has led the way in Project Management certification. ALL organizations and sectors in today s fast paced business oriented world can. benefit tremendously by adopting modern Project Management techniques to. quickly and efficiently reach milestones and complete projects. For example take a look at the marketing department in a standard company. Marketing expenditures typically account for 10 20 of a company s gross revenue. so a company generating 100 million in revenue spends 20 million in marketing. However most marketing professionals have minimal Project Management skills. yet they re managing multi million dollar projects. Over the past 30 years research studies consistently show that projects managed. without using modern Project Management techniques have a 75 failure rate. The Gold Standard in PM Education, 10 855 286 9900 www cheetahlearning com Copyright 2018 Cheetah Learning. Couldn t marketing professionals drive significant improvement in their organizations. marketing projects by becoming certified in Project Management Definitely. And it s not just the marketing department that could benefit The same can. be said for professionals who work in engineering product development and. facilities management all areas of an organization where projects are the. lifeblood of the business, At Cheetah Learning we have helped people from a wide variety of professions. become PMP certified and have some amazing success stories about how people. have dramatically improved their careers with this certification. Jim the HR manager who on a whim decided to become PMP certified and in. two years became the Executive Director of Human Relations with a 40 000. Elijah an Environmental Consultant who became PMP certified to improve. business and saw a jump in revenue from 250 000 to 750 000 in just six months. Leslie the middle school teacher who went through the program and is. now leading curriculum development projects for her school district. Obtaining the PMP credential was the unifying critical element that enabled these. professionals to launch into their successful career paths. The Gold Standard in PM Education, Copyright 2018 Cheetah Learning www cheetahlearning com 855 286 9900 11. This table shows which parts of an organization gain the most by having. certified PMPs,Time Spent on Money Spent Value Of PMPs.
Department,Projects Overall On Projects In The Department. New Product Development High High High,Marketing Moderate High High. Sales Low Low Low,Customer Service Low Low Low,Engineering High High High. Manufacturing Production Low Moderate Moderate,Information Technology High High High. Human Resources Moderate Moderate Moderate,Finance Moderate High High.
Accounting Low Low Low,Administration Low Low Low,Legal Moderate High High. Did You Know, Various studies indicate that only 25 of all projects worldwide succeed in. achieving budget schedule and quality objectives However these same. studies indicate a 75 success rate for projects that employ modern Project. Management concepts tools and techniques These facts coupled with the. now ANSI standard are the driving forces behind today s enormous interest in. the PMP exam before committing to our highly focused immersive 4 day course We trust you ll find it useful the valuable content is why millions of engineers and project managers have downloaded and used this guide since its very first release in July 2001 How to Get The Most Value Take 30 minutes to sit down and have a look through this guide Settle into your favorite chair grab a

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