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Cairo Governorate Department English,Nozha Directorate of Education From 3rd primary. Nozha Language Schools Macmillan English,Ismailia Road. Macmillan English,New Vocabulary,professor n a teacher at a college or university. e g She s a professor of English at Cairo University. telescope n you look through it to make things that are far away appear. bigger and nearer,e g I saw the stars with a telescope. shed n a small wooden building used for keeping things or animals in. e g I put my bike in the shed, smoke n the grey white or black gas that you see in the air when something is.
whir v to make a continuous low sound like the parts of a machine moving. e g The noise of the fan whirring kept me awake all night. machine n it has moving parts and is used for particular job. e g A sewing machine A washing machine, dial n the round part that you turn to change something. buttons n the small part that you press to start a machine. handle n the part used for holding or opening something. e g She turned the handle and opened the door, screen n the glass surface of a TV or computer where you can see pictures. switch n the small button that you press up or down to turn on electricity. space n the area which surrounds the planet Earth and the other planets and. spacesuit n a suit with an air supply which you wear in space. planets n very large round objects in space that move round the sun. e g The Earth is a planet, hood n the part of the coat that you pull up to cover your head and neck in. bad weather,Complete using the suitable preposition. at above below on the front of with beside over,under to in into on.
She looked carefully the picture,Our plane flies the clouds. Don t write this line,The traffic lights turned red. Write your name the book,The girl red hair opened the door. Omar sits me on the bus,The plane flies the mountain. The cat is the table,She pointed her house,There is a bird the tree.
My father came the house,Help The machine is fire,Grammatical Structure. 1 The Past Simple Tense, Used for actions that started and finished in the past. Key words yesterday in the past last ago in 1975,when I was young Once upon a time. e g I played tennis yesterday,A Regular Verbs,They form their past simple by adding ed. Notice the following,1 If a verb ends in e just add d.
e g like liked, 2 If a verb ends in a consonant after a vowel double the last letter then add. e g stop stopped, 3 If a verb ends in a consonant y change y into ied. e g study studied,B Irregular Verbs,e g go went,Use did not didn t main verb in the base form. e g He didn t play football yesterday,A Yes No questions. Use Did subject the main verb in the base form,e g Did he play football yesterday.
Yes he did No he didn t,B Wh questions,Use Question word did subject the main verb. e g Where did he play yesterday,Present Past Present Past. buy bought leave left,blow blew make made,bring brought meet met. build built put put,burn burnt rise rose,begin began write wrote. break broke feel felt,cost cost feed fed,come came forget forgot.
catch caught fly flew,cut cut fall fell,choose chose grow grew. draw drew go went,drink drank get got,dig dug get got. drive drove give gave,eat ate hit hit,fight fought hurt hurt. know knew hold held,lose lost keep kept,Past tense irregular verbs. Present Past,sleep slept,think thought,teach taught.
understand understood,steal stole,speak spoke,shoot shot. Adjectives Adverbs,A Adjectives, They describe nouns or pronouns They have the same. form in the singular and the plural,They come before nouns e g This is a poor family. They can also be used alone after these verbs be feel seem sound touch. look taste,e g They are poor,They describe verbs They usually come after verbs. e g Old men walk slowly, The verbs look smell sound feel and taste take an adjective not an adverb.
e g They look happy,He feels terrible,Some adverbs are irregular. e g fast fast,early early, I Choose the correct answer from between the brackets. 1 Adam woke up because of a bad dream at on with a start. 2 It s time to go said Dad looking for at after his watch. 3 The cow is in the house garage shed,4 She heard a strange whirring light sound flash. 5 I have been running around after at to the children the whole day. 6 Nick steps step stepped forward and then stopped. 7 Do you know the people who live next out next to door. 8 He stood understood stand under the tree,9 The bus has a number on the roof front wheels. 10 We have a house in by with a garden,11 He turned the dials handle switch of the radio.
12 A mug has a button handle screen, 13 At the cinema we had seats in the back line column row. 14 You can t see him today he s free busy noisy,15 He s here in to at last. 16 The teacher said Come here on at in once,17 My mother ran into on onto my bedroom. 18 When did you go shopping Tomorrow Yesterday Everyday. 19 The building was on in at fire, 20 Our holiday was very short The time went quick slowly quickly. 21 Sidney helps helped is helping me with my homework last night. 22 I get up woke up got up at nine o clock on Sundays. 23 The babies was were have all asleep,24 Did Sam have a bike Yes he did have had a bike.
25 This book isn t yours It s mine me my,26 Salma can fries fry frying chips with her mum. II Re write the following sentences using the words in brackets. 1 It snowed heavily three days ago How,2 Richard could swim very well not. 3 Your parents were on holiday in June Were,5 He wrote a letter yesterday now. 6 The baker sold good cakes what,7 Tennis is my favourite sport what. 8 Mrs Bell bought some sandwiches any,9 Read We can t hear you Adverb.
10 Ann did well in the exam last month not,11 My brother washes his face every morning not. 12 Tom is a careful driver carefully,13 She doesn t usually get up early never. 14 Ahmed went to the club yesterday Who,15 Jack is a very fast runner can. 16 She teaches us English this year last year,17 Dad drove his car yesterday not. 18 He spells English words correctly How,19 Women carry umbrellas in winter A woman.
20 There were no biscuits in the kitchen any,21 Do you watch TV everyday Does. 22 Mum cooks delicious food smell,23 He is a gentle man speak. 24 This girl looks nice behave,25 He studied carefully be. VI Complete using verbs from the box in the correct form. Wash open help pay go carry wake run eat fly,1 My friend and I to the cinema last Saturday. 2 The little boy was tired so his father him,3 I my hands ten minutes ago.
4 The children were hungry and all the cakes,5 It was cold yesterday so we didn t the windows. 6 The cat climbed the tree but the bird away,7 Jenny stayed at home and her mother. 8 My father ten pounds for this book,9 Sally up very early this morning. 10 The policeman saw a thief and after him,Sample Test 1. I Use Of English,A Underline the correct word in brackets.
1 I jumped out of bed when I sees see saw the snake. 2 There was a whirring bright flashing sound in the room I. could here it, 3 What s dad doing He is painting painted paints the bathroom. 4 She bought a computer three days yesterday ago last. 5 There is a bridge on over under the river,6 Jack opened the heavy door slowly slow quick. 7 What How often How does he behave in class Badly. 8 We saw nice pictures in on at the screen, 9 They had have has a black dog but now they don t. 10 This sweater feels very softly soft happy,11 We love our teacher and she loves her them us. 12 No they hadn t didn t have didn t had a car,B Supply the missing letters.
1 t el s ope 2 for rds, C Re write the following sentences using the words in brackets. 1 Philip is a good singer well,2 They had a party last week When. 3 Lisa didn t take any chocolate with her some,4 He brushes his teeth everyday not. II Language Function, Supply the missing parts in the following dialogue. Sam Grandpa did you have a TV when you were five,Grandpa No people TVs at that time.
Grandpa They had radios,III Reading Comprehension, Read the following passage then answer the questions. Omar was going to bed when he heard a loud noise in the kitchen He was. alone in the house at that time and the noise made him afraid He went to the. kitchen and opened the door Omar turned on the lights to see what was in the. He saw a broken bottle of milk on the floor and a big black cat It jumped out. of an open window and ran into the street That will taught him to close the window. before he went to sleep,A Answer the following questions. 1 What did Omar feel when he heard a noise,2 What did Omar learn. B Choose the correct answer,3 When Omar heard the noise. a his family was asleep b his sister was in the kitchen c he was alone. 4 The cat was,a drinking milk b asleep c eating a mouse.
IV Pictorial Composition,Write a sentence under each picture describing it. yesterday hotel fire firemen saved,kitten first floor hotel destroyed. V The Link Reader The Wishing Fish,A Answer the following questions. 1 What did Omar always forget, 2 What did Omar s father tell him when he was twelve. B Complete the following sentences,3 Omar lived in a house in a small.
4 Omar didn t like,VI Handwriting,Good pupils go to bed early and get up early. New Vocabulary, building n that has a roof and walls such as a house a shop or a school. e g There are a lot of old buildings in the street. gate n the part of a fence or a wall that can be opened to let people in or out. horns n the hard pointed things on animals heads,e g A goat has two horns. bull n a male cow, scales n the small hard pieces that cover the body of fish and some animals. e g A fish has scales on its body, paws n the feet of animals that has nails or claws such as the dog s paws.
claws n the curved nails on the end of animals or birds foot. e g Take care the cat s claws are sharp,eyebrow n the line of hair above your eye. Fierce adj angry or frightening or strong,throne n the chair where a king or a queen sits. wise adj to understand and do the right thing and can give good advice. e g He s a wise man We always ask him for advice, whiskers n the hair grows near the mouth of some animals. spines n the row of small bones that are joined together in the middle. of your back, eyelashes n the hair that grows on the edge of your eyelids. spots n the small round marks on something,e g I have a blue skirt with red spots on it.
thorn n a small sharp point grows on plants and bushes. e g There are thorns on a rose bush, 1 She told us a story for about on Chinese children. 2 It s a book for on by children,3 The Eiffel tower is in on at France. 4 The dragon has the ears of off on a bull, 5 There is a green spot on in over the back of the book. 6 There was mud all on over in the floor,7 That ring belongs by to at me. 8 There are many kinds off of with dragons,New Structure.
Conjunctions, A conjunction is a word used for joining other words or sentences. and used to join two words or sentences of the same type. e g I eat with a knife and a fork,e g I traveled to Italy I traveled to France. I traveled to Italy and France,or used to join two negative sentences. e g She didn t phone her friend She didn t send an e mail. She didn t phone her friend or sent an e mail, but used to join two words or sentences that are different or opposite. e g Jack doesn t have a car but his sister does,Ali plays tennis well but he never wins a game.
I Choose the correct word s from between the brackets. 1 He was born in China He is English Chinese Japanese. 2 Yesterday I bought a book about at for dragons, 3 People thought that dragons came from mountains rivers Africa. 4 Dragons brought presents food water for people and animals. 5 There are black spots on at in my dress, 6 The king of dragons isn t weak He is strong fat tall. 7 A dragon s head looked like a camel s lizard s lion s. 8 A dragon had the small ears of a cat bull goat,9 A dragon had the claws paws body of a tiger. 10 This knife isn t strong long sharp It can t cut the meat. 11 He wrote his name on over in the back of the paper. 12 Dad drove his car at in under the side of the road. 13 I can t find my glasses I ve looked all over all over for them. 14 He pushed the letter underneath on backwards the door. 15 She has sharp bushy fatty hair, 16 Chinese emperors had dragons on their heads thrones thorns. 17 Don t take anything that doesn t belong have is to you. 18 Only the Chinese dragon s emperor s family had a yellow colour on their. 19 I ve got a present for to at you,20 There is a cat on the roof of for on the house.
21 Last week I meet met eat my friend at the cinema. 22 Yesterday were is was a holiday, 23 They listen careless careful carefully to their teacher. 24 I like swimming and or but I don t like riding bikes. 25 He didn t go to Italy and or but Spain,26 They sang and or but danced all evening. II Re write,1 She s a good player well,2 They spent their summer holiday in Alex not. 3 He can t read He can t write or and,4 Old men walk slowly How. Weeks Macmillan Fluency The Wishing Fish Young Hand Writing 1 Dict Quiz O L 19 9 2 Pages 4 1 1 26 9 1 1 Part 1 2 Pages 4 1 1 3 10 1 Part 1 2 Pages 4 1 2 10 10 2 2 P 2 2 Pages 2 17 10 2 P 2 2 Pages 4 1 3 24 10 3 3 P 3 2 Pages 4 1 3 31 10 P 23 2 Pages 4 1 4

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