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Reasoning Through Language Arts, Week Twenty Eight Georgia O Keeffe and Possessives. Activities,Warm Up Review Creative Writing Time 20 minutes. Have students choose an object in the room It can be any object Students must then write a. paragraph describing this object without naming it Encourage students to be as descriptive as. possible and to use all five senses in their description It may be useful to provide an example When. students are finished writing have them read their descriptions to a partner and see if the partner. can guess the object Finally remind students that being as detailed and specific as possible in the. descriptions they give of objects events or people when writing an essay will make them stronger. writers Good descriptive writing creates a mental snapshot for the reader. Reading and Writing Activity Time 80 minutes, Introduction to Georgia O Keeffe Give students a brief background on Georgia O Keefe. Next show them the O Keeffe video, Critical Reading 1 Before you begin reading explain that this essay is a written snapshot of a. person Georgia O Keeffe as created by another writer Joan Didion Didion will try to use. experiences and descriptions from both her own life as well as the life of O Keeffe to give the. reader the clearest understanding of who O Keeffe really was in just a couple of pages. Didion will make a claim or thesis about what kind of a woman O Keeffe was However like. many essays Didion s claim is not directly stated Students will need to infer her claim through. the details that Didion provides The skill of being able to infer information will be one that is. necessary for students to pass the GED 2 Encourage students as they read to be looking for. clues to O Keeffe s personality What kind of person according to Joan Didion was Georgia. 2 Read through the essay together having students underline important clues to O Keeffe s. personality as they go through Stop after each paragraph to discuss one or two sentences. that students have chosen to underline as important. 3 After you read write the three questions below on the white board or project them on the. Elmo and have students discuss them in groups Go over as a class. a How were O Keeffe s paintings different than the men who were painting at the same. time as her, b Didion uses the word Hardness to describe O Keeffe What do you think she means.
c What do you think made O Keeffe a successful artist. Analyzing the essay 1 Hand out the Inference Graphic Organizer Put one copy up onto the. Elmo Explain to the class that you are going to use this graphic organizer to infer using quotes. from the article what Joan Didion s claim is concerning the kind of woman Georgia O Keeffe. was 2 Write the subject O Keeffe together and then as a class choose one important. quote Be sure to list who said the quote O Keeffe or Didion Try to explore together what the. quote means What clues does it give us into O Keeffe Write this on the organizer 3 Have. students complete the graphic organizer in pairs or alone. Writing a Paragraph After students have finished have them write one paragraph that. Heather Herrman Minnesota Literacy Council 2012 GED RLA. Updated by Lindsey Cermak Minnesota Literacy Council 2014. Reasoning Through Language Arts, Week Twenty Eight Georgia O Keeffe and Possessives. describes what kind of woman Georgia O Keeffe was As evidence have them use at least. one quote from the article Remind students that a strong paragraph should include a topic. sentence supporting details and a concluding sentence As an alternate assignment. students may also choose to draw a representation of the kind of woman they believe. Georgia O Keeffe to be based on this article If students choose this option they should also. include at least one quote from the article that supports their drawing. Break 10 minutes, Grammar Activity Introductory Clauses Time 60 minutes. Review Review rules for forming plural nouns Ask students to spot as many plural nouns as they can. in the first page of today s reading Go over these together. Introduction Hand out Grammar Rules for Forming Possessives Go over together as a class As you. go through as a class have students work in groups to come up with a sample sentence for each. Practice Handout O Keeffe Grammar and have students complete with a partner or alone Go over. as a class, Game If time project this online tic tac toe possessives game onto a screen or whiteboard Divide. students into two teams or more if you have time to play more than one game Have students. discuss answers as a group and you as the teacher move the arrow to their response The group to. form a tic tac toe first wins,Wrap up Essential Question Time 10 minutes. Hand out one note card to each student On the front have students write the name of one artist. can be a musician writer painter etc whom they believe is successful Have them flip the card. over Tell them that although there are many people who want to be successful as an artist not all of. them are Ask students what they believe makes the artist they chose successful Talent. Dedication Being willing to do something nobody else does Have them write their answer on the. back of the note card and then share with a partner. Extra Work Homework Time, Have students write an essay answering this question How does someone become a successful.
artist Explain to students that an artist may also be a musician author etc. Differentiated Instruction ELL Accommodation Suggestions Activity. For the paragraph writing have beginning students use the Paragraph. How to Write a Paragraph graphic organizer You may. also choose to provide the thesis for them, Encourage Advanced students to return to their Creative Grammar. Writing for today and to identify 5 nouns Then have them. write 5 new sentences making these nouns possessive. Online Resources, Heather Herrman Minnesota Literacy Council 2012 GED RLA. Updated by Lindsey Cermak Minnesota Literacy Council 2014. Reasoning Through Language Arts, Week Twenty Eight Georgia O Keeffe and Possessives. 1 Georgia O Keeffe,2 Forming Possessive Nouns Purdue OWL. Suggested Teacher Readings TBA, Heather Herrman Minnesota Literacy Council 2012 GED RLA.
Updated by Lindsey Cermak Minnesota Literacy Council 2014. Reasoning Through Language Arts, Week Twenty Eight Georgia O Keeffe and Possessives. GEORGIA O KEEFFE by Joan Didion, Ram s Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills 1935 by Georgia O Keeffe. Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant Georgia O Keeffe. told us in the book of paintings and words published in her ninetieth year on earth She. seemed to be advising us to forget the beautiful face in the Stieglitz photographs She. appeared to be dismissing the rather condescending romance that had attached to her by. then the romance of extreme good looks and advanced age and deliberate isolation It is. what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest I recall an August. afternoon in Chicago in 1973 when I took my daughter then seven to see what Georgia. O Keeffe had done with where she had been One of the vast O Keeffe Sky Above Clouds. canvases floated over the back stairs in the Chicago Art Institute that day dominating what. seemed to be several stories of empty light and my daughter looked at it once ran to the. landing and kept on looking Who drew it she whispered after a while I told her I need. to talk to her she said finally, My daughter was making that day in Chicago an entirely unconscious but quite basic. assumption about people and the work they do She was assuming that the glory she saw in. the work reflected a glory in its maker that the painting was the painter as the poem is the. poet that every choice one made alone every word chosen or rejected every brush. stroke laid or not laid down betrayed one s character Style is character It seemed to me. that afternoon that I had rarely seen so instinctive an application of this familiar principle. and I recall being pleased not only that my daughter responded to style as character but. that it was Georgia O Keeffe s particular style to which she responded this was a hard. woman who had imposed her 192 square feet of clouds on Chicago. Heather Herrman Minnesota Literacy Council 2012 GED RLA. Updated by Lindsey Cermak Minnesota Literacy Council 2014. Reasoning Through Language Arts, Week Twenty Eight Georgia O Keeffe and Possessives. Hardness has not been in our century a quality much admired in women nor in the past. twenty years has it even been in official favor for men When hardness surfaces in the very. old we tend to transform it into crustiness or eccentricity some tonic pepperiness to be. indulged at a distance On the evidence of her work and what she has said about it. Georgia O Keeffe is neither crusty nor eccentric She is simply hard a straight shooter a. woman clean of received wisdom and open to what she sees This is a woman who could. early on dismiss most of her contemporaries as dreamy and would later single out one she. liked as a very poor painter And then add apparently by way of softening the judgment. I guess he wasn t a painter at all He had no courage and I believe that to create one s. own world in any of the arts takes courage This is a woman who in 1939 could advise her. admirers that they were missing her point that their appreciation of her famous flowers was. merely sentimental When I paint a red hill she observed coolly in the catalogue for an. exhibition that year you say it is too bad that I don t always paint flowers A flower touches. almost everyone s heart A red hill doesn t touch everyone s heart This is a woman who. could describe the genesis of one of her most well known paintings the Cow s Skull Red. White and Blue owned by the Metropolitan as an act of quite deliberate and derisive. orneriness I thought of the city men I had been seeing in the East she wrote They talked. so often of writing the Great American Novel the Great American Play the Great. American Poetry So as I was painting my cow s head on blue I thought to myself I ll. make it an American painting They will not think it great with the red stripes down the sides. Red White and Blue but they will notice it, Cow s Skull Red White and Blue Georgia O Keeffe 1918.
The city men The men They The words crop up again and again as this astonishingly. aggressive woman tells us what was on her mind when she was making her astonishingly. Heather Herrman Minnesota Literacy Council 2012 GED RLA. Updated by Lindsey Cermak Minnesota Literacy Council 2014. Reasoning Through Language Arts, Week Twenty Eight Georgia O Keeffe and Possessives. aggressive paintings It was those city men who stood accused of sentimentalizing her. flowers I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice. my flower you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my. flower as if I think and see what you think and see and I don t And I don t Imagine those. words spoken and the sound you hear is don t tread on me The men believed it. impossible to paint New York so Georgia O Keeffe painted New York The men didn t think. much of her bright color so she made it brighter The men yearned toward Europe so she. went to Texas and then New Mexico The men talked about C zanne long involved. remarks about the plastic quality of his form and color and took one another s long. involved remarks in the view of this angelic rattlesnake in their midst altogether too seriously. I can paint one of those dismal colored paintings like the men the woman who regarded. herself always as an outsider remembers thinking one day in 1922 and she did a painting of. a shed all low toned and dreary with the tree beside the door She called the act of. rancor The Shanty and hung it in her next show The men seemed to approve of it she. reported fifty four years later her contempt undimmed They seemed to think that maybe I. was beginning to paint That was my only low toned dismal colored painting. Some women fight and others do not Like so many successful guerrillas in the war. between the sexes Georgia O Keeffe seems to have been equipped early with an. immutable sense of who she was and a fairly clear understanding that she would be. required to prove it On the surface her upbringing was conventional She was a child on the. Wisconsin prairie who played with china dolls and painted watercolors with cloudy skies. because sunlight was too hard to paint and with her brother and sisters listened every night. to her mother read stories of the Wild West of Texas of Kit Carson and Billy the Kid She told. adults that she wanted to be an artist and was embarrassed when they asked what kind of. artist she wanted to be she had no idea what kind She had no idea what artists did She. had never seen a picture that interested her other than a pen and ink Maid of Athens in. one of her mother s books some Mother Goose illustrations printed on cloth a tablet cover. that showed a little girl with pink roses and the painting of Arabs on horseback that hung in. her grandmother s parlor At thirteen in a Dominican convent she was mortified when the. sister corrected her drawing At Chatham Episcopal Institute in Virginia she painted lilacs and. sneaked time alone to walk out to where she could see the line of the Blue Ridge Mountains. on the horizon At the Art Institute in Chicago she was shocked by the presence of live. O Keeffe video Inference Graphic Organizer O Keeffe Possessives Forming Possessives Plural Nouns review Writing a Paragraph Objectives Students will be able to Identify important supporting details in an essay Use supporting details to infer a claim Identify possessive nouns Form possessive nouns Critically discuss the essential question Common Core Standards Addressed RL 11 12

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