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Introduction, Please read these instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the. washing machine, Keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any future owners. Note this machine is solely for domestic use,Notes on disposal. All packaging material used is environmentally friendly and recyclable Please help dispose of. the packaging via environmentally friendly means, Your supplier or local council will be able to give you. details of current means of disposal, Valuable materials can be salvaged from an old appliance via scrap reprocessing.
Note pull out the mains plug from any old appliance. Cut the power cable and dispose of it together with the. When disposing of an old washing machine please ensure that the door lock is rendered. inoperable to prevent children shutting themselves in the appliance. Contents Page,Introduction 2,General delivery notes 4. Safety notes 4,Quick start 5,Description of controls 6. Programme Table 14,Programme selector 16,Detergent drawer 18. Detergents washing aids and amounts to use 19,Useful advice for the user 21. The main wash 22,Cleaning and routine maintenance 24.
Investigating malfunctions 26,Technical data 27,Setting up installation 28. BEFORE SWITCHING ON THE APPLIANCE MAKE SURE,IT IS CORRECTLY INSTALLED AND THAT THE FIXING. SCREWS ARE REMOVED AS SHOWN IN PAGE 28,General delivery notes. Please check that the following items are delivered with the appliance. Instruction manual,Certificate of guarantee,Inlet hose. Liquid detergent or liquid bleach compartment, Check that no damage has occurred during transit and if so do not install the appliance and.
call the Customer Service Centre immediately,Safety notes. for cleaning or maintenance of the washing machine. A Pull out the plug,B Turn off the tap, C Hoover equips all its appliances with earthing Ensure that the mains supply is earthed. and if it is not seek assistance from a qualified person. D Do not touch the appliance when hands or feet are wet or damp Do not use the appliance. with bare feet, E Do not use this appliance with a cord extension set multiple connector or electrical. portable outlet device due to risk of overload splashing or ingress of moisture. water temperature can reach 90 C during the wash cycle. F Check there is no water left in the drum before opening the door. G This appliance is not intended for use by persons including children with reduced. physical sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they. have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person. responsible for their safety, Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. H Do not pull the power cable or the appliance itself to remove the plug from the socket. I The appliance must not be exposed to weather conditions rain direct sun etc. L When moving the appliance never lift it by the controls or by the detergent drawer. When in transit never rest the door against the trolley or transport the appliance without. the polystyrene base, If the appliance is installed on a carpeted floor ensure that the ventilation holes on the.
base of the appliance are not obstructed, N If the appliance is not running properly or breaks down switch it off turn off the tap and do. not tamper with the appliance, Consult only the Authorised Customer Service Centre for possible repair and ask them to. use original spare parts, Failure to comply with the above can compromise the safety of the appliance. O If the appliance s power cable should ever need replacing consult the Authorised. Customer Service Centre,Quick start,Open the door by using the handle A Fig 1 page 6. Select laundry and put it in the machine,Close the door.
Put detergent in the compartments as indicated in the programme guide in this instruction. Select programme, The display will show the settings for the programme selected. Adjust the wash temperature if necessary,Press additional function buttons if required. Press the Start Pause button page 7,The programme starts. After washing,The word End will appear on the display. Wait for the door lock to be released,about 2 minutes after the programme has finished.
The Door Security indicator light will go out,Switch off the washing machine by turning the. selector to OFF position,Open the door and remove the laundry. Ensure that the machine is correctly installed in line with the instructions found on page 28. Description of controls,N B C I L M,Door handle A,Door Security indicator light B. Start Pause button C,Fast Iron button D,Temperature Selection button E. Delay Start button F,Sensitive Care button G,Stain Blaster button H.
Spin Speed Selection button I,Digital Display L,Wash Time button M. Programme selector with OFF position N,Buttons indicator light O. Detergent drawer P, Function active only on Cotton and Synthetics programmes. Through every wash phase Kg MODE allows to monitor information on the wash load in the. So as soon as the Kg MODE is set in motion in the first 4 minutes of the wash it. adjusts the amount of water required,determines the length of the wash cycle. controls rinsing, according to the type of fabric selected to be washed it.
adjusts the rhythm of drum rotation for the type of fabric being washed. recognises the presence of lather increasing if necessary the amount of water during rinsing. adjusts the spin speed according to the load thus avoiding any imbalance. In this way Kg MODE is able to decide by itself the most suitable programme for each. individual wash from the hundreds of possible wash combinations. Kg MODE meets the need for easy use by permitting a simplified programme selection. Infact the user need only tell the machine the type of fabric in the drum and the degree of. soiling to obtain a perfect wash with the highest level of drying possible with a spin which really. cares for your clothes,Door handle, Press the finger bar inside the door handle to open the door. DOOR SECURITY indicator light B, The Door Security indicator light is illuminated when the door is fully closed and the machine is ON. When Start Pause is pressed on the machine with the door closed the indicator will flash. momentarily and then illuminate, If the door is not closed the indicator will continue to flash. A special safety device prevents the door from being opened immediately after the end of the cycle. Wait for 2 minutes after the wash cycle has finished and the Door Security light has gone out. before opening the door At the end of the cycle turn the programme selector to OFF. START PAUSE button C,Press to start the selected cycle. Few seconds after the start the wash cycle will begin During the. first 4 minutes of the wash cycle the kg mode active only on. cotton and synthetics programmes will weigh the clothes and. update the maximum wash time remaining on the display every. five seconds until the weight has been determined, While this function is operating the kg mode indicator is on.
Changing the settings after the programmes has started PAUSE. Press and hold the START PAUSE button for about 2 seconds the flashing lights on the. options buttons and time remaining indicator will show that the machine has been paused. adjust as required and press the START PAUSE button again to cancel the flashing lights. If you wish to add or remove items during washing wait 2 minutes until the safety device. unlocks the door, When you have carried out the manoeuvre close the door press Start Pause button and. the appliance will continue working where it left off. CANCELLING THE PROGRAMME, To cancel the programme set the selector to the OFF position. Select a different programme,Re set the programme selector to the OFF position. The option buttons should be selected before pressing. the Start Pause button,FAST IRON button D, The Fast Iron function Not available on COTTON programmes minimizes creases as much. as possible with a uniquely designed anti crease system that is tailored to specific fabrics. MIXED FABRICS the water is gradually cooled throughout the final two rinses with no. spinning and then a delicate spin assures the maximum relaxation of the fabrics. DELICATE FABRICS after the final two rinses with no spinning the machine stops in the. final rinse stage and the option indicators blink The load is held in the water in the drum. thus reducing creasing and enabling easier ironing. WOLLENS SILK after the final rinse the load is held in the water in the drum thus. reducing creasing and enabling easier ironing and the option indicators blink. To complete the cycle press the Fast Iron button and the machine will pump out the water. and complete the cycle, If you do not want to spin the clothes and activate drain only.
Turn the programme selector to the OFF position,Select programme drain only. Switch on the appliance again by pressing the Start Pause button. TEMPERATURE selection button E, When a programme is selected the relevant indicator will light up to show the recommended. wash temperature The Temperature button can be used to decrease or increase the. temperature of your chosen wash cycle Each time the button is pressed the new. temperature level is shown on the Wash Temperature Indicator. DELAY START button F, This button allows you to pre programme the wash cycle to delay the start of the cycle for up. to 24 hours,To delay the start use the following procedure. Set the required programme, Press the button once to activate it h00 appears on the display and then press it again to set.
a 1 hour delay h01 appears on the display the pre set delay increases by 1 hour each time. the button is pressed until h24 appears on the display at which point pressing the button. again will reset the delay start to zero, Confirm by pressing the START PAUSE button the light on the display starts to flash The. countdown will begin and when it has finished the programme will start automatically. It is possible to cancel the delay start by taking the following action. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the display will show the settings for the. programme selected, At this stage it is possible to start the programme previously selected by pressing the. START PAUSE button or to cancel the process by setting the selector to the OFF position. and then selecting another programme, Warning If there is any break in the power supply while. the machine is operating a special memory stores the. selected programme and when the power is restored it. continues where it left off,SENSITIVE CARE button G. By pressing this button you can activate a special new wash cycle in the Cotton and Mixed. Fabrics programs thanks to the new Sensor System This option treats with care the fibres of. garments and the delicate skin of those who wear them. The load is washed in a much larger quantity of water and this together with the new combined. action of the drum rotation cycles where water is filled and emptied will give you garments which. have been cleaned and rinsed to perfection The amount of water in the wash is increased so that. the detergent dissolves perfectly ensuring an efficient cleaning action The amount of water is also. increased during the rinse procedure so as to remove all traces of detergent from the fibres This. function has been specifically designed for people with delicate and sensitive skin for whom even. a very small amount of detergent can cause irritation or allergy. You are advised to also use this function for children s clothing and for delicate fabrics in general. or when washing garments made of towelling where the fibres tend to absorb a greater quantity of. detergent To ensure the best performance for your wash this function is always activated on the. Delicates and Woollens Silk programs,STAIN BLASTER button H.
By pressing this button which can only be activated in the Cotton cycles the sensors in the. new system come into operation They affect both the selected temperature keeping it at a. constant level throughout the wash cycle and the mechanical function of the drum. The drum is made to turn at two different speeds at crucial moments When the detergent. enters the garments the drum rotates in such a way that the detergent is distributed in a. uniform manner during the wash and rinse procedures however the speed increases in. order to maximise the cleaning action Thanks to this special system the efficiency of the. wash procedure is improved WITHOUT ANY INCREASE IN THE LENGTH OF THE. SPIN SPEED selection button I, The spin cycle is very important to remove as much water as possible from the laundry without. damaging the fabrics You can adjust the spin speed of the machine to suit your needs. By pressing this button it is possible to reduce the maximum speed and if you wish the spin cycle. can be cancelled, To reactivate the spin cycle press the button until you reach the spin speed you would like to set. To prevent damage to the fabrics it is not possible to increase the speed over that which is. automatically suitable during the selection of the program. It is possible to modify the spin speed without to pausing the machine. The machine is fitted with a special electronic device which. Please read these instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the washing machine Keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any future owners Note this machine is solely for domestic use Notes on disposal All packaging material used is environmentally friendly and recyclable Please help dispose of the packaging via environmentally

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