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Your new washing machine,You have chosen a premium washing machine made by. Siemens Thanks to its innovative technologies the washing. machine is distinguished by its perfect washing performance and. its economic consumption of water and energy, Please take a couple of minutes to read and become familiar. with the advantages of your washing machine, To meet the high quality demands of the Siemens brand each. washing machine which leaves our factory is inspected. thoroughly to ensure that it functions properly and is in perfect. Further information on our products accessories spare parts. and services can be found at www siemens home com or. contact our customer service centres, If the instructions for use and assembly describe various models. reference is made to the differences at the appropriate places. Explanation of the symbols, This combination of symbol and signal word indicates a.
potentially dangerous situation which may result in death or. serious injuries unless it is avoided, This combination of symbol and signal word indicates a. potentially dangerous situation which may result in slight or. minor injuries or damage to property and the environment. Instructions on how best to use the appliance as well as other. useful information,Contents ucotaniIserMalucotniIsrd. Before washing,Intended use 4,Safety instructions 5. Protection of the environment 7,The main points in brief 8. Getting to know your appliance 9,Detergent drawer 10.
Operating elements Display elements 11,Operating the appliance. Before each washing 12,Washing 18,After washing 21. Programme overview 22,Programme settings options 28. Anti stain system 31,Intelligent Dosing System 32,Consumption values 37. Appliance settings 38,Sensors Your washing machine is so intelligent 39.
Cleaning and maintenance,Care and maintenance 40, Emergency lock release e g if power failure occurs 46. Information on the display panel 47,Faults what to do 48. Customer service 50,Installing the appliance,Standard accessories 51. Installation 53,Remove transportation protection devices 56. Connecting the water 58,Alignment 61,Electrical connection 62.
Before the 1st washing 63,Transportation e g if moving house 64. Intended use,erBof waengihs,For use in the household only. The washing machine is suitable for washing machine. washable textiles and hand washable wool in wash liquor. The washing machine is suitable to be operated with cold. drinking water and commercially available detergents and. care products which are suitable for use in washing. When dosing all detergents cleaning aids cleaning products. and cleaning agents always follow the manufacturer s. instructions, The washing machine may be operated by children from 8. years of age by persons who have limited physical sensory. or mental abilities and by persons who have inadequate. experience or knowledge provided they are supervised or. have been instructed by a responsible person,Keep pets away from the washing machine. Read and follow the operating and installation instructions and all. other information enclosed with the washing machine. Retain documents for subsequent use,Safety instructions.
Danger of death from electric shock,Danger of death if live parts are touched. Never pull out the mains plug by tugging the power cord. Insert pull out the mains plug with dry hands only. Risk to children, Do not leave children unsupervised near the washing machine. Children must not play with the washing machine, This will prevent children from locking themselves in and. suffocating,On redundant appliances,Pull out the mains plug. Sever the power cord and discard together with the plug. Destroy the lock on the washing machine door, Children must not perform any cleaning or maintenance work.
without supervision,When playing children may become entangled in the. packaging film and packaging parts or pull them over their. heads and suffocate, Keep packaging plastic film and packaging parts out of the reach. of children, When washing at high temperatures the glass of the washing. machine door becomes hot, Prevent children from touching the hot washing machine door. Detergents and care products may cause intoxication if. consumed or eye and skin irritation if touched, Keep detergents and care products out of the reach of children.
Risk of explosion, Items of washing pretreated with solvent detergents e g stain. remover petroleum ether may cause an explosion when the. washing machine has been loaded, Before hand thoroughly rinse items of washing by hand. Danger of scalding, When washing at high temperatures you may be scalded if you. touch the hot wash liquor e g if draining hot wash liquor into a. washbasin or if draining the washing machine in an emergency. Allow detergent solution to cool down,Risk of damaging appliance. Cover plate may break,Do not climb on the washing machine.
Opened washing machine door may break off or washing. machine may overturn,Do not lean on the open washing machine door. Danger when reaching into gripping the rotating drum. If you reach into the rotating drum you may injure your hands. Do not grip the rotating drum Wait until the drum stops rotating. Risk of coming into contact with liquid detergents care products. If the detergent drawer is opened while the washing machine is. running detergent care product may spray out,Caution when opening the detergent drawer. In case of eye skin contact rinse thoroughly,If accidentally swallowed seek medical advice. Hazard due to detergent softener running out of the dispensers. Leaking detergent softener may impair the function of the appliance. e g damage to electronics, Before transporting the appliance always drain dispensers. Protection of the environment,Packaging Old appliance.
Dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. This appliance has been identified in accordance with the. European Directive 2002 96 EG on Waste Electrical and. Electronic Equipment WEEE, The Directive specifies the framework for an EU wide valid return. and recycling of waste appliances,Hints and tips, Utilise the maximum amount of washing for the particular. Wash normally soiled washing without Pre wash, Instead of Cottons 90 C programme select Cottons 60 C. and ecoPerfect button Comparable cleaning result with. significantly lower energy consumption, Detergent dosage using the intelligent dosing system helps. save detergent and water, Energy saving mode The display panel light goes out after.
several minutes Start Reload flashes To activate the. light select any button, The energy saving mode is not activated if a programme is. Automatic switch off If the appliance is not operated for a. prolonged period it automatically switches off before the. save energy Switch on by pressing main switch button. programme starts and when the programme has ended to. If the washing is then dried in the tumble dryer select spin. speed according to the instructions of the dryer,manufacturer. The main points in brief,the button, Insert mains plug Open the washing To switch on press Select the. Turn the tap on machine door programme e g,Dosage automatic. Please load laundry max 8kg, Sort the washing Insert the washing Do not exceed maximum load.
Close the washing If required change programme settings of the Select. machine door selected programme and select programme Start Reload. settings options,v Finished remove washing, End of the programme For switching the Turn off the mains. the button,machine on press supply for models,without Aqua Stop. Getting to know your appliance,HWHUJHQW GUDZHU HOHPHQWV. 6HUYLFH IODS,2SHQLQJ DQG FORVLQJ WKH GRRU 6HUYLFH IODS. Detergent drawer,Intelligent Dosing System i Dos, Your washing machine features an intelligent dosing system for liquid detergent and.
softener Dispensers i Dos 1 3 l and i Dos iI 0 5 l in the detergent drawer are. used for this You can select whether you want to use one liquid detergent and one. softener or two liquid detergents, Depending on the selected programme and settings the optimum amounts of detergent. softener are dosed via the i Dos containers,At the factory the dosage has been preset for. i Dos detergent for lightly soiled washing and,i Dos iI softener for normally soft washing. Overview of the i Dos settings starting on Page 22. Dispenser for intelligent dosage liquid detergent, Dispenser i for intelligent dosage softener or liquid detergent. Dispenser for manual dosage Page 36,Operating elements Display elements.
M NO P QR S T KU, All buttons are sensitive they only need to be touched gently. i Indicator lights for intelligent dosage q Start Reload button to start interrupt. and cancel the programme e g reload,Button ecoPerfect Page 16. h Simultaneously hold down Basic, k Press the main switch button Switch Settings 3 sec for appliance settings. on and off the appliance end signal button signal language. Programme selector can be rotated in autom switch off i Dos settings for. either direction Programme Overview approx 3 seconds Overview of all. refer to Page 22 settings Page 38, m Button speedPerfect G Page 16 r Display panel for settings and. n s Select Options for additional,information,Buttons Temperature Spin Finish in.
time Page 15 Page 28,programme options Overview of all. i Dos iI button options Page 30,Dosage Page 17 Page 29. p i Dos button,Dosage Page 17 Page 29,Before each washing. eOpanetlihcpr g, Install and connect washing machine properly Refer. to Page 53,Before the 1st wash wash once without any washing.
1 Preparing the washing,Sorting the washing according to. Type of fabric fibre,Follow manufacturer s care information. Care label specifications,Cottons 95 C 90 C,98 Coloureds 60 C 40 C 30 C. B A Easy Care 60 C 40 C 30 C,Delicates 40 C 30 C, Hand and machine washable silk and woollens cold 40 C. Do not wash laundry in the washing machine,Protecting the washing and the machine.
When dosing all detergents cleaning aids cleaning products. and cleaning agents always follow the manufacturer s. instructions, Keep detergents and agents for the pretreatment of washing. e g stain remover prewash sprays away from the, surfaces of the washing machine Using a damp cloth. immediately remove any fine spray residue and other. residue droplets,Empty pockets,Remove metal parts paper clips etc. Wash delicates in the net bag tights underwired bras. Close zips button up covers,Brush sand out of pockets and collars. Remove curtain fittings or include in the net bag,Wash new items separately.
2 Preparing the appliance,Insert mains plug,Turn on water tap. 3 Selecting a programme and putting the washing in the. 1 Open the washing machine door, 2 Check whether the drum has been completely emptied If. required empty Otherwise the load display may malfunction. 3 Press the button The appliance is switched on, The Siemens logo is indicated on the display panel and all. programme indicator lamps are lit, Then always the Cottons programme preset at the factory is. Displays for the Cottons programme,40 C 1200B 2 27h i Dos.
The indicator lamp is lit on the programme selector and. the main menu for the selected programme is indicated. on the display panel, In the shell grip of the detergent drawer the indicator lights. for intelligent dosage are lit if intelligent dosage has been. For appliances with drum light, After switching on the appliance after opening and. closing the washing machine door as well as after starting. the programme the drum is lit The light goes out,automatically. 4 Select a programme,You can use the saved programme. or select another programme Programme overview refer. to Page 22, or select other programmes see Additional Programs.
and choose one programme as follows,e g Textileguard. 30 C 800 B 1 04h,Additional programms Outdoor,Main menu b c. Select programme using the buttons under the arrows. The selection is acknowledged by a tick, Wait or back by pressing Main menu button selected. programme is indicated on the display panel,30 C 800B 1 04h. To change the programme select button under the black. highlighted programme and change programme,5 Insert the washing.
Dosage automatic,Please load laundry max 8kg, The load screen for the selected programme e g for. Cottons is indicated on the display panel,Displays for recommended dosage. Dosage automatic if intelligent dosage has been preset. Dosage recommended dosage if no intelligent,dosage preset see Manual dosage Page 36. Unfold and load presorted items of washing Mix large and. small items Washing items of different size distribute. themselves better during the spin cycle Individual items of. washing may cause an unbalanced load Page 39, Do not load washing until the main menu for the saved. programme is displayed after the Siemens logo, The load screen is indicated when the door is opened or.
when the amount of washing is changed, The load bar progresses as the washing machine is loaded If. the max load is exceeded the bar flashes Do not exceed. indicated max load Overfilling reduces the washing result. Your new washing machine You have chosen a premium washing machine made by Siemens Thanks to its innovative technologies the washing machine is distinguished by its perfect washing per formance and its economic consumption of water and energy Please take a couple of minutes to read and become familiar with the advantages of your washing machine

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