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PAGE 2 The Wagnerian THE GUARAsCI DECADE Oct 12 2012. President Guarasci,looks over the East,River from Brooklyn. where his father Louis,A president s view,swam as a child. Photo by Anna Mul, Editor s note Five Wagnerian staffers Bryan Grandison become civic professionals who the kind of work they do because it ering spots whiteboards every. have a series of publics that have to is a very involved plan where and computers everywhere. Alyssa Brown Danielle Lucchese Amanda Hastings and be served so you can wander Two I want to. Caroline Mauduy interviewed President Guarasci on What are your goals for Wagner be able to get the endowment to. Sept 18 for this special issue It was a wide ranging What has been your biggest over the next 10 years 100 million to make this an afford. accomplishment at Wagner able place Tuitions are way too. conversation in his fourth floor Union office Here are some The goal is to get a new major high high as are energy costs and tech. excerpts from that interview I m very proud of the civic engage tech academic building built We nology costs We need to get ready. ment and watching as students take need overall 40 million for that for tablets and project tablets onto. What are the most challenging the president s job is that the provost it as their own and organize all the building across from Foundation screens and project screens onto. and rewarding parts of your job job is teaching a course with a very EYH trips to Kenya and Bangladesh Hall Classrooms are going to tablets The last thing is really kind. exact syllabus while the president and expand the Wagner Plan to have evolve into problem solving set of renovating and upscaling the old. To me the institution is about learn is doing the same job without any broader deeper international experi tings We re going to use the class buildings Nobody ever did preven. ing There is lot of youth to learning syllabus at all because it just comes ences The goal is to get to 300 room time to use the Internet to tative maintenance for the old. and the youth have vitality and at you You have to move within a students abroad The study abroad engage the issues to research in buildings We are moving into a. openness they give me a lot of in variety of issues within an hour fig program went from 10 to 150 The class and solve and discuss the different paradigm of learning. spiration The youth are interested in uring out what s most important and other goal is making them afford problems link what we re learning. getting somewhere in their lives less important You re like a cab able to students Another thing is the to what other classes are learning What is the greatest gift you have. They don t come here with a sense driver because you need to entertain enhancement of the campus Build globally Business communications received from Wagner. of entitlement This experience strangers take money and know ing Foundation redoing Main Hall Skyped with a class in Greece As. means something to them The where you re going getting more technology I m never the world becomes truly flat I can I ve been a very blessed person and. biggest challenge with students is satisfied because I see all these little see much more of linking classes to I ve had a lot of support from senior. getting the institution to focus on What is your focus at Wagner things that need to be fixed I am gether calling the building The staff and faculty they have given. students and learning They keep the happy because we are creating a Center for Global Learning and me that gift The honor is just work. eye on the prize and the prize is Creating a set of educational experi good living and educational experi have in it education nursing and ing here and being part of a commu. learning ences for students that are deep and ence Went from 4 million to 70 business and maybe a few other nity that s so focused I ve been. broad and help them become cos million endowment we use this for programs in there I want it the blessed with a tremendous amount. What do you enjoy most about mopolitans and worldwide thinkers scholarships The school s reputa building to be like your experi of support. working with college students and helping them become engaged tion has gone up in the past 10 ence in an Apple store or a Star. citizens You are using education years The incoming freshman bucks with a lot of stations going Describe yourself as a college stu. Students make the job worthwhile I to make your world better that is class has an average of 90 Fifteen on linking out of class learning dent What were you involved in. enjoy problem solving The differ the whole purpose of education The years ago it was quite different I with in class learning It has to be a. ence between my provost job and goal of all of it is that our students am very proud of the faculty doing building that has lots of in hall gath I was a juvenile delinquent as a high. Oct 12 2012 THE GUARAsCI DECADE The Wagnerian PAGE 3. school student I hated schooling man playing Bach on the violin It tein yogurt no fat no sugar I m not. absolutely hated authority but I was a delightful day The epitome of too keen on their pizza they re. loved the feeling of learning and places to be is the River Caf in working on it Finally got the. discovering There was no sense Brooklyn next to the Brooklyn Dunkin Donuts downstairs and got. of freedom of expression When I Bridge It looks right back at the the Starbucks to a point where I can. got to college I was ready to go I New York skyline on the water You deal with it. was a commuter at Fordham Uni can almost touch the skyline I take. versity I lived in Brooklyn so there people I care most about to the What are your favorite sports at. was a three hour commute so I did River Caf and have a wonderful Wagner. all my studying on the train When I conversation Good food good. got to college I fell in love with friends good conversation I love the basketball games because. learning I was an economics major so many people come to them and. philosophy minor I loved literature What s your favorite place on you have a small place with a lot of. couldn t get enough of history I had Staten Island for friends and noise I love professional football. the freedom of the city I spent all family and it s getting harder and harder to. my weekends in Manhattan muse watch I used to love to go to a base. ums plays movies cafes This city One is Joe and Pat s pizzeria ball game but now every profes. is such a great place to learn and The best place for food for a full sional sports event thinks they have. grow I was the vice president of a dinner experience is Bocelli s on to blare music in between plays and. fraternity My biggest contribution Hylan Boulevard My favorite place I hate it I used to love meeting new Photo by Bryan Grandison. was to take everybody s money in to buy food is Pasticceria Bruno on people at the games I don t enjoy President Guarasci explains how he uses index cards to. cards I went to Indiana University Forest Avenue I grew up in an Ital professional sports as much as I get through a busy day. for a master s and Ph D They had ian family where Sunday dinners used to. a very active and big student gov were sacred lots of different per. sonalities around the table some Where do you and Mrs Guarasci. ernment there The budget then was, crazy some loving You get used to like to vacation. 400 000 for student government, 40 000 students three bus lines on dealing with a lot of personalities.
Right outside of San Francisco, campus I was the chief justice of called Cavallo Point resort You. What s your favorite food, student court We were very active have to go there The Sunday. in setting up the daycare center Pizza It s the most popular food in brunch is informal but elegant. and working co ops the world it s a universal food and. my all time favorite food We could What does your daily schedule. How do you handle stress and go for an hour and a half on the food look like. what do you do in your spare thing,time My schedule is on note cards. What was your most embarrass meeting with two professors who. I m a big reader I read six papers a ing moment in college got a grant meeting students. day including the Financial Times student town hall meeting Issues. the New York Times the Staten Is I was taking summer courses at come along the way Some days are. land Advance the Wall Street Jour Fordham s downtown campus and I even longer running well into the. nal the San Francisco Chronicle was trying to take calculus and I evening Last night I taught a class. and the Daily News to see what oth would get a nice hero sandwich from 6 to 9 I don t have one Photo by the Staten Island Advance. ers are thinking I love music I love after working hard all day I d grab evening free from now to Thanks. opera and I love jazz and I like west this sandwich jump on the subway giving I get energy from other The president and ex NBA star Darryl Dawkins attend. coast or cool jazz like Miles Davis get off in Lower Manhattan and go people Madness Before Midnight in October 2011. and Jeff Baker Those are de to my class I got to be friends with. stressers for me To increase my one teacher I said to him What s. stress I watch the N Y Jets play your regular job and he said. football and N Y Mets play base This is my regular job I thought. ball I lock myself in the room like because he was teaching at night he. Wolfman Carin and I watch a lot of had another job I felt bad for. theater in Manhattan and we love to making him feel so small. cook I love cooking When I was a, professor and my wife was a princi Who is your role model. pal and our kids were little every, sat night I d make pizza I love Chi Oscar Hammerstein Google him.
nese food and I would cook and eat and read the words to any number. Chinese food for three weeks of his songs Carousel deals with. straight Cooking is a way I destress domestic violence he understood. I like literature as opposed to junk I what it meant to live in a democracy. tend to read Irish feminist Ann En and a democratic culture It was. right about diversity and inclusion and,celebration He knew how to live. What is number one on your and he knew how to die I have his. bucket list biography next to my bed, I don t have a bucket list I should How do you get to know students. probably get one shouldn t I I al Photo by Staten Island Advance. When I m here I tend to wander,ways wanted to go to spring training. in Florida Baseball was big when I, into the dining hall or Hawk s Nest Michael Manzulli receives from President Guarasci the pair of golden scissors that were. was a kid A few years ago my son, and my usual question is What used during the Foundation Hall ribbon cutting ceremony on March 19 2010.
three things do you like about Wag,who lives in Milwaukee said Let s. ner and what three would you want,fly to West Palm Beach and watch. to change I get a lot of my best,spring training During this trip. ideas from students People say,his luggage was sent to Delhi India. hello to each other on campus,so he didn t have any clothes and.
and people who come here are,he like his mother loves to shop. shocked by that We really worked,and has to try every piece on I ve. hard creating a culture on campus of,talked to my family about going to. community Good places are about,Alaska and then I think we ve. having a good vision on what you,talked a lot about renting a house for.
want having good food and having,a full week in Tuscany and having a. good humor,wonderful time The book I m writ, ing is now on my stress list What s your favorite meal in the. dining hall,Describe your perfect day,Taco Tuesdays It comes and goes. Perfect day I had a perfect day,They addict you and then they cut. Sunday We went to the Boathouse,you off I wanted to bring protein.
on 72nd Street in Central Park We, smoothies into the Hawk s Nest Photo by Bryan Grandison. had a perfect dinner and a long walk,using Greek yogurt so you can eat. in Central Park and saw about four The Wagnerian staff interviews President Guarasci in his Union office on Sept 18. these delicious smoothies with pro, different free concerts We saw a Pages by Samantha Knoerzer and Audriana Mekula. PAGE 4 The Wagnerian THE GUARAsCI DECADE Oct 12 2012. CALL HIM DR TRUMP,The world famous business,man receives an honorary. doctorate in 2004,sPECIAL MOMENT Carin Guarasci places the presiden.
tial seal around her husband s neck during his 2003 inau PROUD Donald Trump. Decade of special moments, FRONT PAGE NEWs The Wagnerian features an article guration ceremony as trustee Robert O Brien and the late displays his degree after the. on the college s new president in an April 2002 issue chaplain Lyle Guttu participate ceremony. 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006, The Board of Trustees Richard Guarasci Uber entrepreneur The president accepts President Guarasci. unanimously elects becomes Wagner s Donald Trump is the the Theodore M welcomes former. Richard Guarasci as president at an inaugu keynote speaker at the Hesburgh Award on NATO supreme. Wagner s 18th presi ration ceremony on commencement Feb 14 from the commander and. dent on April 25 He April 12 in the Spiro ceremony on May 21 American Council on former presidential. served as provost and Sports Center He He receieves an Education in recogni candidate General. vice president for delivers his inaugural honorary doctorate tion of the Wagner Wesley Clark. other goal is making them afford able to students Another thing is the enhancement of the campus Build ing Foundation redoing Main Hall getting more technology I m never satisfied because I see all these little things that need to be fixed I am happy because we are creating a good living and educational experi ence Went from 4 million to 70 million endowment we use this for

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