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THE LOBBY POSITION 1,UNION BASICS 2,WHAT YOU CAN DO 3. ARCHITECTURAL WORKERS ORGANIZATIONS 4,FURTHER RESOURCES 5. Unions can deliver material,and immaterial benefits. for current and future,Lobby members By giving,architectural workers a seat. at the table with legal force,the benefits of unionization.
correlate with many of the,demands of The Architecture. Lobby The evidence is clear,and compiled on the following. pages UNIONS MAKE LIFE,BETTER FOR WORKERS,30 Share of income going to. the top 10,25 Rates of,union membership,1918 1928 1938 1948 1958 1968 1978 1988 1998 2008. Source U S Census Bureau and Piketty and Saez 2013. SOME NUMBERS FROM THE U S BUREAU OF LABOR,STATISTICS 2017 FINDINGS.
34 4 of public sector workers and 6 5 of private,sector workers were in unions 1. In Architecture and Engineering Occupations there, were 4 544 000 total employed wage and salary workers. 178 000 3 9 of whom were members of unions and,225 000 4 9 of whom are represented by unions 2. 1 U S Bureau of Labor Statistics Union Members Summary 2017. https www bls gov news release union2 nr0 hTm, 2 U S Bureau of Labor Statistics Union Affiliation by. Occupation and Industry 2017 https www bls gov news release. union2 t03 htm,THE MATERIAL BENEFITS OF UNIONIZATION.
TO WORKERS, Unions raise wages for union and non union workers. On average a worker covered by a union contract earns 13 2. more in wages than a peer with similar education occupation. and experience in a nonunionized workplace in the same sector 3. Where unions are strong negotiations have potential to raise. wages across industries not just union members If a union. raises wages in one workplace other employers are pressured to. do the same 4, Collective bargaining results in better health benefits for. For union workers access to medical care benefits was 94 and. access to life insurance was 85 Nonunion workers access. to these benefits was 66 for medical care and 54 for life. insurance 5, Union employers pay 77 4 more per hour worked toward. their employees health coverage providing better benefits for a. greater share of workers than comparable nonunion employers 6. Collective bargaining can allow workers to have a say in. how their time is spent, Flexibility is a buzzword in the office these days but often can. mean the collapse of work life distinctions Flexibility can be a. valuable benefit if in control of workers 7, Almost half 46 of nonunion workers say they have little or no.
input into the number of hours they work each week compared. with less than a quarter 22 of union workers 8, 3 Economic Policy Institute How today s unions help working people. 2017 p9 https www epi org files pdf 133275 pdf, 4 Orlando Sentinel Disney World union seeks to reopen wage. negotiations 2017 https www orlandosentinel com business. brinkmann on business os bz disney wage negotiations 20170724 story. 5 U S Bureau of Labor Statistics Employee Benefits in the United. States News Release 2018 https www bls gov news release ebs2 htm. 6 EPI unions help working people p14, 7 Stephanie Luce Time Is Political Jacobin 2015 https www. jacobinmag com 2015 07 luce eight hour day obama overtime. 8 EPI unions help working people p15, A collectively bargained union contract could win things. that are rare in the architecture profession such as. benefits that are not tied to full time employment of 40. hours a shorter work week no mandatory overtime and. paid time off, 87 of workers covered by a union contract have access to paid.
sick days compared with 69 of nonunion workers 9, In the private sector 89 of workers covered by a union contract. get paid vacation and paid holidays whereas 75 of nonunion. workers get paid vacation and 76 get paid holidays 10. 90 of union workers participate in a retirement plan compared. with 75 of nonunion workers 11, Per federal law architects and other exempt professionals 12. making above 23k a year are not obligated to receive overtime 13. Many designers work hourly and still do not get compensation for. overtime work 14, Union contracts tend to encourage equal pay for equal work. across race and gender 15, While the pay gap between men and women is on average 19. in unionized workplaces it is 11 16, Unionizing architecture could set sector wide transparent wage.
and promotion standards and procedures that would cut through. gender and racial disparities and benefit all workers and make it. easier for workers to win raises 17, Bargained contracts can require more equitable hiring practices. 9 EPI unions help working people p14,10 EPI unions help working people p15. 11 EPI unions help working people p15, 12 Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act Executive. Administrative and Professional Exemptions p76 https www dol gov. whd overtime presentation ppt, 13 Michael Memoli Texas judge blocks Obama administration s new. overtime rule from taking effect Los Angeles Times 2016 http www. latimes com nation politics trailguide la na trailguide updates texas. judge blocks obama 1479857745 htmlstory html, 14 Anne Quito Working overtime is a fact of life for US designers.
Quartz 2017 https qz com 879010 working overtime is a fact of life. for us designers, 15 Kristen Edwards and Kim Tolley Do Unions Help Adjuncts Chronicle. of Higher Education 2018 https www chronicle com article Do Unions. Help Adjuncts 243566, 16 AFL CIO Department for Professional Employees The Benefits of. Collective Bargaining for Professionals 2015 p3, 17 Hamilton Nolan Vice Writers Get a Union Contract With a Big Raise. Gawker 2016 http gawker com vice writers get a union contract with. a big raise 1771276669,UNIONS KEEP INEQUALITY IN CHECK. Source Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz The Nation 2018, Since collectively bargained contracts are regulated.
and enforced by the state illegal unpaid internships are. impossible in unionized architecture offices, Unpaid internships are still common practice in architecture and. are often illegal 18,Unions empower workers in conflict resolution. establishing grievances policies and processes rather than. leaving such policies at the discretion of an employer. Unions are the only way to prevent employers from restricting. group arbitration mandating individual arbitration as a condition. of employment as of 2018 19, Labor Management Committees equal representation between. management employees will anonymously take concerns and. negotiate solutions 20, Unions establish due process for firing demoting 21. 18 Nicholas Korody The internship test or why even become an. architect at all Archinect 2016 https archinect com features. article 149938311 the internship test or why even become an architect. 19 Garret Epps An Epic Supreme Court Decision on Employment The. Atlantic 2018 https www theatlantic com ideas archive 2018 05 an. epic supreme court decision on employment 560963, 20 AFL CIO DPE Benefits of Collective Bargaining p4.
21 AFL CIO DPE Benefits of Collective Bargaining p5. THE BENEFITS OF UNIONIZATION FOR THE INDUSTRY,AS A WHOLE. More equitable pay and working conditions for,architectural workers. Doing so would better value architectural and design services. Trade unions can require that certain jobs eg those with public. funding hire union labor, Will keep more diverse staff by making profession more. accessible to everyone,Happy workers do better work. Output per worker is higher in economies with a higher density of. organized labor 22,Unions can benefit bosses and employers.
Unions in architecture could grow overall compensation at firms. and across the industry, With the backing of unions architects and their firms could. secure more work, Happier and more productive workers could benefit firm culture. productivity and creative output,A union of architectural workers could level the. playing field and lower barriers to entry by combating. counterproductive competition and fee reduction, Similar to the arts architecture can have low barriers to entry. A union could help combat costly RFP processes unpaid. competitions and other industry threats 23, Collective bargaining can promote small new minority.
owned and local firms through things like community workforce. agreements 24, 22 Economic Policy Institute Strong Unions deliver strong. productivity 2007 https www epi org publication webfeatures. snapshots 20070620, 23 Scott Timberg Can Unions Save the Arts and Other Creative. Professions Alternet 2013 https www alternet org labor can. unions save arts and other creative professions, 24 AFL CIO Building and Construction Trades Department Community. Workforce Agreements The Pathway to Coalitions Between Labor and. Community 2010 p5 http www forworkingfamilies org sites pwf. files publications 2010 CWA Guide 0 pdf,Building solidarity networks across industry and. community can strengthen the position of architects and. the public value of design work, Organizing with other unions can help raise working conditions.
for all workers in the building trades, Community support is important for the success of unions The. process of gaining that support can better the connection of. architects and their publics look at Chicago teachers strike etc. for community support for workers 25,Education Licensure Standards. Musicians unions are active in advocating for creative labor in. industries of changing technologies and markets 26. An organized union of architectural workers is an institution. that can dialogue with NCARB and make pushes for changing. requirements for licensure, NCARB is led by the Board of Directors 27 which consists of 14. volunteers 13 of whom presently are in management positions. elected annually by the Member Boards 12 architects one public. director and one executive from a state board Unions could be. an avenue to better represent architecture workers in NCARB 28. Relationship to technological advancement skills training 29. AFL CIO Unions offer apprenticeship training programs and. labor management partnerships, Apprenticeship programs integrate systematic on the job. training guided by an experienced master level practitioner in an. occupation with classroom instruction, The programs are operated by sponsors representing labor.
and management organizations and funded through collectively. bargained contributions to tax exempt trust funds, Examples for the apprenticeship training programs Painters and. Allied Trades Finishing Trades Institute Operating Engineers. Bricklayers Masonry Institute etc, 25 Walter Peric Stopping Labor s Backward March Jacobin 2017. https www jacobinmag com 2017 01 unions organizing jane mcalevey. alinsky cio seiu labor,26 Timberg Can Unions Save the Arts. 27 NCARB Board of Directors https www ncarb org about board. 28 With the exception of one representative who is an educator all. members of the NCARB board come from management and are not workers. Further the board appears to be lacking in diversity as compared to. architectural workers, 29 AFL CIO Careers and Apprenticeships https aflcio org about us. careers and apprenticeships, Labor Management Partnerships By partnering with employers.
unions help working people develop in demand skills in. many other industries including health care 30 construction. manufacturing hospitality and aerospace,Unions addressing cost debt of education. Collective money and power can help with lobbying and mutual. aid For example the Union Plus Scholarship program sponsored. by the Union Plus Education Foundation helps union members. and their families defray the cost of higher education. For the past 20 years Union Plus has distributed over 3 4 million. scholarship dollars to union members and their families Amounts. range from 500 to 4 000 Students may re apply each year 31. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF OUR LIVES, The material benefits that unionization afford have wide. repercussions outside of work life which are felt deeply in workers. personal lives,Work Life Balance,Unions center workers not just their product. Architecture is characterized by pay gaps,insufficient parental leave policies and. inflexible hours that are incompatible with,society s expectations about child rearing 32.
Research in the UK found that there are twice as,many work life balance practices in unionized. workplaces compared to non unionized workplace,Union led collective bargaining in the UK. significantly reduces the incidence of long hours,working over 48 hours per week and employees. perception of a long hours culture, 30 The Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership covers 115 000. union represented workers 14 000 managers and 19 000 physicians. 31 Union Plus Union Plus Scholarships for Union Members and Their. Children https www unionplus org benefits education union plus. scholarships, 32 Adrienne Green Why Architecture Is a Career for the Young and.
Childless The Atlantic 2015 https www theatlantic com business. archive 2016 10 working architectural designer 505718. Unions can help combat the popular trend of reclassifying. people as self employed and contractors encourages overwork. because you only get paid for the direct hours you put in 33. Organized workers can better confront policies and cultures that. demands of The Architecture Lobby The evidence is clear and compiled on the following pages UNIONS MAKE LIFE BETTER FOR WORKERS SOME NUMBERS FROM THE U S BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS 2017 FINDINGS 34 4 of public sector workers and 6 5 of private sector workers were in unions 1 In Architecture and Engineering Occupations there were 4 544 000 total employed wage and salary workers

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