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OUR MISSION,Driving prosperity through,transport solutions. Modern logistics is a prerequisite,for our economic welfare. transport helps combat poverty,Transport is not an end in itself. but rather a means allowing people,to access what they need. economically and socially,Volvo Group,Company presentation.
OUR VISION,Be the most desired,and successful transport. solution provider in the world,We are in a people business We operate. in a business to business market where people,make the decisions Trust and relations are as. important as the total offer,By bringing together the best of everything from. the offer to the relationship we will become the,customers preferred choice.
Volvo Group,Company presentation,OUR ASPIRATIONS,Have leading customer Be the most Have industry. satisfaction for all brands admired employer leading profitability. in their segments in our industry,Volvo Group,Company presentation. OUR VALUES,Customer success,We make our customers win. We trust each other,We have passion for what we do. We change to stay ahead,Performance,We are profitable to shape our future.
Volvo Group,Company presentation,Volvo Group, We are one of the world s leading manufacturers of trucks buses construction equipment and. marine and industrial engines, We also provide complete solutions for financing and service. Volvo Group,Company presentation,Volvo Group,We employ almost 100 000 PEOPLE. have production facilities in 18 COUNTRIES,and sell our products in more than 190 MARKETS. Volvo Group,Company presentation,Number of employees.
North America Europe,17 845 49 694,South America Africa Oceania. 5 228 2 474,Volvo Group,Company presentation,What we do. Like a circulatory system our trucks buses engines construction equipment and financial services are. involved in many of the functions that most of us rely on every day. ON THE ROAD IN THE CITY, Our products help ensure that Our products are part of the daily. people have food on the table life They take people to work. can travel to their destination and distribute goods and collect. roads to drive on garbage We are developing to,morrow s public transport solutions. AT THE SITE AT SEA, We contribute to the extraction Our products and services are with.
of some of the world s most important you regardless of whether you are. raw materials Our engines machines and at work on a ship or on holiday in. vehicles can be found at mining and construction your pleasure boat. sites and in the middle of forests,FIRST CLASS SERVICE. In addition to vehicles and machines the Volvo Group s offering includes services such as insurance rental. services spare parts preventive maintenance service agreements assistance services and IT services. Volvo Group,Company presentation,Strong brands, Our brand portfolio consists of Volvo Volvo Penta UD Terex Trucks Renault Trucks Prevost. Nova Bus Mack and Arquus, We partner in alliances and joint ventures with the SDLG Eicher and Dongfeng brands. By offering products and services under different brands we address many different customer. and market segments in mature as well as growth markets. Volvo Group,Company presentation,10 2019 Q1,Our organization. Volvo Group CEO,Group Executive Board,Deputy CEO Group IT.
Group Human Resources Group Finance GROUP,Group Communication Group Legal Compliance. Volvo Volvo, BUSINESS Renault Mack UD Trucks Volvo Volvo Volvo Volvo. Financial Autonomous Arquus,AREAS Trucks Trucks JVs Trucks CE Buses Penta. Services Solutions,Group Trucks Technology,TRUCK Group Trucks Operations. Group Trucks Purchasing,Volvo Group,Company presentation.
11 2019 Q1,We comprise ten business areas, Volvo Trucks Renault Trucks Mack Trucks Construction. Volvo Financial,Volvo Buses Volvo Penta Autonomous Arquus. Volvo Group,Company presentation,12 2019 Q1,Volvo Trucks. Volvo Trucks,is the second largest heavy duty truck. brand in the world with trucks sold and,serviced in more than 140 countries and.
supported by over 2 300 dealerships,and workshops Volvo Trucks offers a. range of medium and heavy duty trucks,with more than 95 of the trucks over. 16 tons The company also provides,aftermarket products and service as. well as specific offers,Volvo Trucks has a production structure. based on global presence About 95,of the company s production capacity is.
located in Sweden Belgium Brazil and,Volvo Group,Company presentation. 13 2019 Q1,UD Trucks JVs,UD Trucks JVs,offers a range of medium and heavy. duty trucks and special vehicles,As one of the leading Japanese. truck brands UD Trucks was,established in Japan in 1935. Today UD Trucks JVs conducts,sales and services in more than.
64 countries through a worldwide,network of over 233 dealers. UD Trucks JVs is also responsible,for the collaboration with the. Volvo Group joint venture partners,Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and. Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles,Volvo Group,Company presentation. 14 2019 Q1,Renault Trucks,Since 1894 Renault,Trucks has offered all types of.
commercial vehicles ranging from light,trucks for urban distribution services to. specially designed and heavy trucks for,long haul operations. Active in over 100 countries Renault,Trucks builds and maintains close. relationships with customers and drivers,via a dealership network comprising. over 1 500 service outlets The design,and assembly of Renault Trucks.
vehicles as well as the production of,most components is carried out in. trucks for urban distribution services to specially designed and heavy trucks for long haul operations Active in over 100 countries Renault Trucks builds and maintains close relationships with customers and drivers via a dealership network comprising over 1 500 service outlets The design and assembly of Renault Trucks vehicles as well as

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