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Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 2. Spotlight On Success,From the Chair,BE GOOD AT SOMETHING. Welcome Friends of AASF This is t h e op po r t u ni t y t o l e a d t h e. our first newsletter issue for 2012 and organization this year I appreciate. like the start of every year there are so your vote of confidence and look. many things we want to accomplish forward to working with you. and a number messages we want to, AASF share with the AASF community Included in our ongoing messages to. Board of membership is information on African, Directors First on behalf of the Board of Americans whose accomplishments. Directors thank you to everyone who promote our positive image See this. Yvonne supported AASF in 2011 Whether month s Noteworthy column by AASF. Julian Hargrove, Chairperson you contributed ideas donations time contributor Bea Julian Let me bring. or all three you helped make AASF to your attention Ursula Burns CEO. Charles Webster better and demonstrated again that the of Xerox I had the great fortune to. Vice Chairperson mission is possible We are honored by hear Ms Burns talk to an audience at. Sandra your commitment and value the The Dow Chemical Company She. Thompson Ph D foundation you ve helped build that was an inspirational speaker whose. Secretary will allow us to continue on our path natural leadership abilities and keen. of organizational growth and development business acumen were. Rosetta Newton,easily seen One of her comments, Secondly I would like to thank the was intended to help guide behavior.
Tyson Jones founders of AASF and my fellow for those who want to become leaders. members of the Board of Directors for in a company but is also a. Rasuli Lewis, reinforcement of AASF beliefs and in my EXCITING NEWS. opinion a maxim for life Burn s said First and, foremost be good at something Connect with I am also delighted to inform you that AASF is. people and learn from them launching its first Online Auction Thanks to. the very generous donation of former Board, Lastly this issue focuses on African Americans Member and longtime Friend of AASF. and the visual arts We have a storied history in DeLesa Edwards Parrish its first centerpiece. this wonderful field so we can only whet your offerings will be Lenox figurines by famed. appetite Enjoy Those of us lacking the natural artist Thomas Blackshear of President Barack. talent look at what artists produce and say It s Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama To. magic But talk to any accomplished artist and receive first notification when the auction is. you will hear how many hours they spend l i v e e m a i l. repeating basic lessons and perfecting their craft AASFAuctions BlackSuccessFoundation org. a reminder of the importance of discipline, Yvonne Julian Hargrove MBA is in Sales and Marketing with The. along with talent Dow Chemical Company She obtained her Bachelor of Arts. Be good at something degree in Chemistry with Honors from the Illinois Institute of. Technology and MBA in Operations Management from Golden. Via Webcast January 12 2012 Gate University She Chairs AASF s Success Books Committee. Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 3. Spotlight On Success,NEW BOARD LEADERSHIP ELECTED FOR 2012.
CHAIRPERSON VICE CHAIRPERSON, Yvonne Julian Hargrove MBA is Account Execu Charles Webster MBA is Coordinator Pub. tive with The Dow Chemical Company who is an lic Relations Governmental Affairs for Bro. expert in Chemistry ward County Public Schools,SECRETARY TREASURER. Sandra T Thompson Ph D is Rosetta Newton is a telecommunications. Professor of Sociology Vice President of expert and is President of her own firm. Institutional Effectiveness at RLM Telecom Consulting. Florida Memorial University, Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 4. Spotlight On Success,SUCCESS BOOKS REVIEW, The Other Side of Color African American art the panoply of distinguished individuals that. in the collection of Camille O and William H make up the Black artistic heritage. Cosby Jr by David C Driskell San Francisco The Other Side of Color also serves as an. CA Pomegranate Communications Inc 2001 introduction to African American history in the. visual arts In addition to personal essays by the,Cosby family including one illustrated with a.
charcoal portrait of Bill Cosby by Charles White,Bill 1968 there is overview of the topic of. collecting African American art that declares,This gift of artistry in the African American. experience is the other side of color that which,is by any standard genuinely American yet so. often omitted from American art history It is,hard to choose a favorite from the over two. hundred pages of oversized reproductions The art,works are divided into five parts representing.
historical eras from the mid sixteenth century,portraits of Joshua Johnston to the twentieth. century collages of Varnette Honeywood This,book provides an education on the artists most. representative of Black culture The detailed,biographical profiles document their talents. One of my favorite episodes from The Cosby successes and struggles while the art is simply. Show television series is when the family makes breathtaking. a trip to a gallery auction to reclaim a lost work of. art painted by one of Claire Huxtable s relatives, The centerpiece of the episode is an oil painting Continue Your Art Experience. of a funeral procession that the Cosby family, succeeds in purchasing for display on their living Online at Black Art in America.
room wall Little did I know at the time but the, program was actually a nod to the artistic legacy Black Art in America The Leading Voice for the. contained in the personal art collection of Black Arts Community on the Web at. William H Cosby Jr and his wife Camille I was http blackartinamerica com is a highly. educated when I found a copy of the book The recommended resource for learning about African. Other Side of Color African American Art in the American artists art galleries and exhibitions art. Collection of Camille O and William H Cosby collections and collecting and other topics related. Jr by artist arts educator and art critic David C to our cultural history Here you can view video. Driskell in my local bookstore I urge you to read presentations about artists and their works. this introduction to the Cosby collection of participate in forums and online discussions of. African American paintings prints sculptures topics such as what makes an artist s work. and drawings that span over twenty five years of collectible or join a group like Creative. collecting Based purely upon the personal tastes Individuals over 60 The information portal. Continued on page 5,of Bill and Camille Cosby this volume represents. Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 5. Spotlight On Success,SUCCESS BOOKS REVIEW CONTINUED. Continued from page 4, features a search box to Colored Pictures Race and. locate specific topics Visual Representation by,including internships and Michael D Harris Chapel.
job opportunities Black H i l l N C, Art in America is the best University of North Carolina. place for online research Press 2003,in the creative arts. Beatrice Julian In this book artist and,Reviewer art historian Michael. Harris investigates the role of visual,representation in the construction of black. YOUR PHILANTHROPY,identities both real and imagined in the.
MAKES United States He focuses particularly on how. THE MISSION POSSIBLE African American artists have responded to and. even used stereotypical images in their own,SEND A DONATION works. Yes Here is my Harris shows how during the nineteenth and. contribution to twentieth centuries racial stereotypes became. make the mission possible the dominant mode through which African. Americans were represented These,characterizations of blacks formed a substantial. part of the foundation of white identity and,Name social power They also Harris argues seeped. into African Americans self images and,undermined their self esteem. Harris traces black artists responses to racist,imagery across two centuries from early works.
by Henry O Tanner and Archibald J Motley Jr,in which African Americans are depicted with. dignity to contemporary works by Kara Walker, E mail and Michael Ray Charles in which derogatory. Make checks payable to images are recycled to controversial effect The. african American success foundation work of these and other artists such as John. 7027 W Broward Boulevard 313 Biggers Jeff Donaldson Betye Saar Juan. Fort Lauderdale FL 33317 Logan and Camille Billops reflects a wide. 954 797 9766 range of perspectives Examined together they. offer compelling insight into the profound,psychological impact of visual stereotypes on the. OR DONATE BY CREDIT CARD PAY PAL,African American community. BlackSuccessFoundation org howyou htm Reprinted from University of North Carolina Press. Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 6. Spotlight On Success,SUCCESS STRATEGIES,We are the communicants.
We are the celebrators,Our subject matter is the essence of humanity. Our medias are lines forms colors and textures,Our medias are words rhymes verses and paragraphs. Our medias are tones rhythms melodies and movements. Our instruments are sound and sight and feeling,We are the artists. We are the creators,Our art is a time capsule,What we set down today is for the future. Those unborn and generations hence,Will learn from what we have done.
Excerpt from A POEM FOR THE ARTIST,By Dr Margaret Burroughs 1973 rev 1986. Margaret Burroughs,We are the communicants, The year is 1959 and Margaret Burroughs is the core of. a small group of individuals who formed the National. Conference of Artists Inc NCA The association, reached out to visual artists art educators art historian. curators and other museum personnel students, collectors and supporters of the arts The mission was. the same as it is today to preserve promote and, Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 7.
Spotlight On Success,SUCCESS STRATEGIES CONTINUED, African American artists and their works The Musawwir and Joyce Owens The players have. NCA has always maintained a distinguished changed but the game is still the same playing for. roster of talented artists living in the United States strength and striving for sustainability Keep up. and abroad Then it was president Jack Jordan with the NCA artists and affiliate chapters on the. along with Margaret Burroughs John Biggers Black Art in America Web site. Ilona Jeffries Robert Jones and Marion Perkins, today it is Dr Willis Bing Davis Najjar Abdul http blackartinamerica com. And Discover More, In Chicago 1968 a group of artists came together and began to define a uniquely black aesthetic in visual arts They sought. to make art that spoke directly to the needs aspirations and experiences of black America and that celebrated what was. beautiful and heroic about black culture The seed of what would become the AfriCOBRA collective was planted at the. Wall of Respect a mural on a Chicago building that depicted black heroes and leaders The wall became both a meeting. place and the community s visual affirmation of African American cultural intellectual and political heritage See. AfriCOBRA art and watch videos on the AfriCOBRA Artists. Reprinted from http africobra tumblr com Also see http africobra com. African American Artists at the National Gallery of Art. WANDA BOYD MICHAEL HARRIS,http www jsanise artistry com michaeldharris com. NATHAN DELINOIS TOLLIVER ARTS,http www natedee com Unique ArtWerks.
GEORGE GADSON STUDIOS Howard Barbara Norris Props,georgegadsonstudios com Sun Lake Arizona. Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation Page 8. Spotlight On Success,Noteworthy, Special appreciation goes out to the online Journal of Blacks in. Higher Education for announcing the availability of a new study. on the success of African American males in higher education by. University of Pennsylvania School of Education Professor Dr. Shaun R Harper Black Male Student Success in Higher. Education A Report from the National Black Male College. Achievement Study is the inaugural publication by the Center. for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University. where Dr Harper serves as Director You can download the full. report based on interviews with 219 Black male students at 42. American colleges and universities on this link, http www gse upenn edu equity sites gse upenn edu equity files. Shaun R Harper Ph D,publications bmss pdf,A s s o c i a t e P r o f e s s o r. Director Center for the Study of Race Use the URL below to access Dr Harper s You Tube lecture describing. and Equity in Education Univ of his positive study of Black male achievement and the significant role of. Pennsylvania Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCUs in the process. Note the use of the anti deficit model promoted by the AASF. http works bepress com sharper http www youtube com watch v NufKTBbJAlg. During the month of February 2012 Macy s celebrated the 100th birthday of world renowned artist. Romare Bearden with satellite exhibitions in their retail chain Visitors to Macy s stores in New. Orleans New York Pittsburgh Chicago Atlanta Los Angeles Philadelphia Houston San. Volume 9 Issue 1 African American Success Foundation mission possible promoting the positive image of African americans The AASF Board of Directors voted to increase the amount of the Lydia Donaldson Tutt Jones Memorial Research Grant from 3 000 to 5 000 at its November 2011 meeting Board members unanimousl y indicated a commitment to continue to encourage the study of African American

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