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This issue,Volume 54 Number 1,Spring 2002,Concrete Pipe News is designed to provide a. communication forum for the concrete pipe,Table of Contents. industry to facilitate the exchange of,information regarding product use and. Regular Departments, applications industry technology and trends President s Report 3. among members of the American Concrete,Pipe Association contractors engineers.
From Association President John J Duffy,vendors suppliers and other interested. Industry Spotlight 4, Edwin Kling P Eng has an in depth understanding of standards development. American Concrete Pipe Association Staff,John J Duffy. concrete pipe design product installation production automation operations. President management and marketing precast concrete products Edwin focuses on automation. Mike Saubert and how it impacts health and safety,Director of Marketing. Josh Beakley Features, Director of Technical Services Largest Precast Concrete Storm Sewer in Omaha Has Dual Purpose 5.
Matt Childs The largest precast concrete storm sewer in Omaha has been constructed to drain the. Director of Engineering Services,Carol LeSueur, area surrounding the site of the city s new 281 million Convention Center and Arena. Director of Member Services A wide range of pipe sizes from 30 inch to144 inch diameter were installed using. Wendy Lambert open cut and jacking installation techniques. Controller,Media Task Group, Precast Concrete Box Culvertts Secure Building Utilities 8. Scott Olson Chairman With high costs of construction and maintenance of services engineers and architects. The Cretex Companies have rediscovered the use of concrete vaults and chambers to house services for easy. Elk River Minnesota, access and lowered maintenance costs By using precast concrete products like box. Bill Gardner, Madison Concrete Pipe Inc units the market for precast concrete drainage products expanded. Madison Wisconsin,It s Elementary My Dear Watson 11.
Walter Krahn, Inland Pipe Limited The Windsor Elementary School storm sewer installation is a case where once the. Calgary Alberta client its engineer and contractor had all of the proper installation information the. Bill Hobson choice of reinforced concrete pipe for the application became clear. N C Products, Raleigh North Carolina State DOT Pipe Usage and Testing Survey 13. Merle Headington Our technical article focuses on the results of a research project on the usage and. Zeidlers Inc,Waterloo Iowa, testing performed on concrete pipe corrugated metal pipe and thermoplastic pipe. Contract Editorial Staff products by state Departments of Transportation in the United States. A Grant Lee,AGL Marketing Limited,Executive Editor. Gary Wilder,Wilder Studios,Production,Published by.
American Concrete Pipe Association,222 W Las Colinas Blvd Suite 641. Irving Texas 75039 5423,250 feet of 144,Phone 972 506 7216 inch diameter. Fax 972 506 7682 3000 D,E mail info concrete pipe org reinforced. concrete pipe was,jacked under a,railway street,and Corps of. Engineers levee,American in Omaha,Concrete Pipe Nebraska to.
Association,provide drainage,for the City s new,Opinions expressed by authors other than staff. 281 million, of the American Concrete Pipe Association do Convention. not necessarily reflect the official positions or Center and. policies of the Association Arena,c o n c r e t e p i p e n e w s. material and products Due in part to the fact that. reinforced concrete products are often used in con. President s junction with HDPE tubing PVC and corrugated. Report metal pipe the concrete pipe industry has expanded. its research into the fields of competitive products. This has been done to improve the industry wide,knowledge of the mechanics of such products and. their relationships to soil Research undertaken by. the concrete pipe industry has challenged claims by. manufacturers of alternate products and exposed,misinformation The general public is the ultimate.
beneficiary of such research,Three articles in this issue demonstrate the ver. satility of applications of reinforced concrete pipe. and the importance of understanding the science of. pipe materials to achieve successful installations. This issue s feature story highlights the installa. tion of 1 125 feet of 144 inch diameter storm sewer. pipe in open cut and an additional 250 feet of jacked. pipe to service Omaha s new 281 million Conven, tion Center and Arena This installation is the larg. JohnJ Duffy est precast concrete storm sewer in Omaha and a. vital component of the city s sewer separation mas. Doing Business In A The story that follows describes how precast. Knowledge Based Society concrete drainage products can be used in the struc. tural design of buildings to accommodate cooling, Without doubt concrete is the most versatile systems and to serve as chambers for air condition. building material on Earth Only one s imagination ing systems As a supplementary use these systems. and laws of physics limit its application Concrete can be easily secured to limit access to buried ser. pipe is not a new product but the science that drives vices for easy maintenance. the industry in concrete mixes reinforcement and The third story demonstrates that sometimes a. installation technology is now a best practice for little information does not go a long way and that it. storm and sanitary sewers This North American in is important to provide specifiers and purchasers of. dustry standard of quality has become the bench products with as much information as possible so. mark for alternative materials and products to match that informed choices can be made The case of the. It has been achieved through independent research Windsor School storm sewer shows how an informed. and standards development and good marketing choice resulted in a change to a specification that. principles resulted in a high performance storm sewer that. The appeal of concrete drainage products is sup will last for generations. ported by the amount of advertising space in major Our technical article focuses of the results of a. industry magazines by manufacturers of competi research project conducted by ACPA on the usage. tive products While marketing claims of these manu and testing performed on concrete pipe corrugated. facturers are far ranging consistently they compare metal pipe and thermoplastic pipe products by state. the performance of their products to the performance Departments of Transportations in the United States. of reinforced concrete pipe In doing so they have Thirty one states responded to our inquiry. acknowledged that the producers of reinforced con The success of the concrete pipe industry in. crete pipe have set the industry standard by which having its science and products accepted by speci. all other materials and products made from them fiers regulators and contractors has not happened. are judged by accident This industry is driven by research and. The North American concrete pipe industry has the development of standards that set the bench. not stopped at looking at the science of its own mark for competitive products. s p r i n g 2 0 0 2 3,c o n c r e t e p i p e n e w s. and expertise is so broad He suggested auto,mation and how it impacts health and safety as.
Industry an area that is receiving ever increasing atten. Spotlight tion,Q What should be considered when prepar. ing to automate a plant and what areas of the, Edwin Kling P Eng operations might first be automated to achieve. immediate health and safety benefits,Kling Each step of the plant s automation needs. Edwin Kling is certainly a well known per to be assessed on a cost benefit basis and return. sonality in the concrete pipe industry His quiet on investment Among the first areas to be auto. demeanor masks a sharp wit and inquisitive mated would be the point where concrete is fed. nature that has worked its way into complex into the forms This improves quality and re. engineering solutions to challenges presented duces operator fatigue Areas that cost the com. in standards development concrete pipe design pany the most in increased Workers Compensa. product installation production tion Board costs lost production. automation operations manage time and areas of greatest risk. ment and marketing precast con to the employee s health and. crete products For years he has safety are prime for automation. served continuously on the Tech Q Do you believe there are. nical Committee of the American shortcomings with the automa. Concrete Pipe Association and tion of the concrete pipe produc. numerous task forces In Canada tion process If so what are they. he serves on similar committees Kling Automation needs to be. and task groups for the Ontario reasonable for the circumstance. Concrete Pipe Association and is For example the cost of auto. a past Chair of the Canadian Con mation versus the payback is an. crete Pipe Association exponential curve At the steep. Edwin s career started when end of the curve a high price is. he was completing secondary paid for very little gain in cost. school and working for Best Pipe savings Each manufacturer. during summer vacation While needs to find this point for its. completing his Bachelor of Ap own operation to become prof. plied Science degree in civil en itable And you can over auto. gineering at the University of Waterloo he mate Sometimes automation requires a manual. worked for Standard Industries later purchased override to maintain efficiency You have to ex. by Lafarge during his co op terms After gradu amine the critical path of operations and recog. ation in 1976 he started work for Waterloo Con nize where automation is not needed or is in. crete Products as a design engineer and later fact a drawback to production Most automa. was appointed to operations manager In the tion replaces activities that are repetitive Safety. 1980s he developed his business skills and requirements on new equipment prevent em. graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1987 ployees from getting in harm s way. with an MBA Waterloo became Centennial Con Q To have a plant with an enviable safety. crete Products in the late 1990s and most re record what procedures elements have to be in. cently Hanson Concrete Pipe and Products place, Canada Inc Kling To achieve an enviable safety record. It was no easy task to identify a corner of you need a 100 buy in by top management. the industry where Edwin would pause and re First you need to train all employees in areas. flect awhile on a few questions as his interest,continued on page 15.
4 s p r i n g 2 0 0 2, c o n c r e t e p i p e n e w s f e a t u r e s t o r y. Precast Concrete Storm Sewer Pipe, Serves Dual Purpose By Rick Phillips Rinker Materials Hydro Conduit Division. Omaha Nebraska,402 359 2111, The Cornhusker state is known for the mas long time member of the American Concrete Pipe. sive football linemen at the University of Nebraska Association supplied the reinforced concrete pipe. and crop yields from cornfields that stretch be RCP for the storm sewer system from their plants. yond the horizon Now they can lay claim to some in LaPlatte and Valley Nebraska. mighty big reinforced concrete pipe It s the larg The storm sewer system consists of 1 125 feet. est precast concrete storm sewer in Omaha con of 144 inch diameter pipe in open cut and an. structed to drain the area surrounding the site of additional 250 feet of jacked pipe The system. the city s new 281 million Convention Center and includes 270 feet of 120 inch diameter pipe 930. Arena It also serves to reduce the city s combined feet of 108 inch diameter pipe and 2 400 feet of. sewers through its overall sewer separation mas 30 inch diameter sanitary sewer with 425 feet in. ter plan stalled inside a 48 inch steel casing, Located on the old Union Pacific Railroad yard Unstable soil conditions and high ground wa. at 10th Abbott Drive the site includes all of the ter required excavation to bedrock and placement. elements of a major urban renewal project such of riprap for bedding to support the pipe Backfill. as master planning platting coordination with included recycled concrete to the spring line of. many involved parties demolition grading sew the pipe Because the work was done in the win. ers paving and landscaping all on a grand scale ter off site soil was mixed with the material that. Rinker Materials was removed to control the water content of the. Hydro Con backfill Despite the poor soil conditions and win. duit Divi ter weather the contractor Roloff Construction Co. sion a completed the 6 5 million contract ahead of. Installation of the 144 inch diameter 1350 D,RCP included a railroad crossing a levee cross.
A 7 foot section of 144 inch diameter 1350 D RCP with. gasket on and spigot gasket soaped with lubricant is. lowered into the trench for installation,s p r i n g 2 0 0 2 5. c o n c r e t e p i p e n e w s f e a t u r e s t o r y. ing and crossing under a bridge According to jacks pushed with a force of 200 tons together. Terry Atkins P E the project manager of the con delivering 1 6 million pounds of force Another. sulting engineering firm Lamp Rynearson As 2 5 million pounds was added at intermediate jack. sociates of Omaha the most challenging part of ing locations With each push . Volume 54 No 1 Spring 2002 Opinions expressed by authors other than staff of the American Concrete Pipe Association do not necessarily reflect the official positions or policies of the Association American Concrete Pipe Association This issue Volume 54 Number 1 Spring 2002 Concrete Pipe News is designed to provide a communication forum for the concrete pipe industry to facilitate the

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