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INTERSECTION,PHOTOGRAPHY BY JEFF CATE AND FRANCINE GARDNER. 42 nuance vol 4 no 1,As Benjamin Moore s Color,Pulse 2013 explores the. intersection between the,past and present New York. designer and wanderlust,traveler Francine Gardner,shares how the past. influences her work and,where she encountered many.
of the colors from the latest,Benjamin Moore forecast. Designer Francine Gardner considers,herself a wanderlust traveler And. while she says her life fantasy is to be,a nomad she currently finds home. base in New York as the owner of,Interieurs Showroom and Design. Studio As you ll discover though the,world quite literally is her inspiration.
Her exotic journeys from Bhutan to,her native South of France inform. everything from her design process,to the tones and textures of her latest. furniture collection,vol 4 no 1 nuance 43,Similarly Benjamin Moore Co s. color experts travel the world,each year in their search of what s. driving the future of color For its,latest color forecast Benjamin.
Moore looked across various,disciplines and discovered a. combination of concepts colors,materials and textures surfacing. in new and unexpected ways,traditional styles merging with. modern technologies bold,and dynamic colors animate the. world of design technology,evolving into organic forms.
Our findings from this trek through,color are revealed in Color Pulse. 2013 now available through Benjamin,Moore see page 51 We also. found that Francine Gardner made,comparable color connections. especially during her most recent trip,to Tanzania In this issue of Nuance. she discusses how these background,colors of browns neutrals and grays.
that anchor the burst of more primary,colors are already influencing her. interior work And just as this year s,Color Pulse forecast explores the. I do not believe in recreating,intersection between the past and. present to create new directions for,the past The influence of the. the future Gardner shares a similar past is so strong however that. motto I do not believe in recreating, the past she says The influence of I cannot escape it.
the past is so strong however that I,cannot escape it Francine Gardner. 44 nuance vol 4 no 1,BM Where do you find inspiration. for color and design concepts for,the furnishings in your showroom. Interieurs How is this inspiration,carried into the spaces you design. FG With years and time my philosophy,about life is to live in the moment which.
I do fully with open eyes and an open,heart Opening your eyes to the world. its people nature landscapes birds and,animals is the source of my inspiration I. have conceptualized entire projects from,a random moment For example while. out of bounds skiing in pure powder,bliss in Deer Valley Utah I fell upon. a derelict mine structure That was an,epiphany I stopped in my tracks took.
photograph after photograph felt a surge,of excitement and instantly decided that. will be the new direction for Interieurs,I read volumes about the industrial. revolution in Europe and America the,lives of the miners the incredible structures. and machinery From there a new style was,born That was more than 10 years ago. when peers and clients thought I truly had,lost my mind the trend is now in full force.
and everyone including the mass retailers,is catching on The colors follow I painted. a large wall of my Tribeca showroom in,a Benjamin Moore deep chocolate brown. Silhouette AF 655 which has become my,staple color Designers would bring their. clients just to look at the brown wall and,the amazingly beautiful canvas it created. for the furniture to come alive,My latest furniture collection.
AMARA was designed in my head while,reading the book Cutting for Stone by. Abraham Verghese The descriptions of,Ethiopia its rich landscape and culture. awoke a craving for furniture that would,embody all these elements I collect. African art but in this one moment I,looked at an Ethiopian grain harvest and. for the first time noticed the intricacies,of its hand carved details The Amara.
collection was born,My design sensitivity gravitates. toward perfect imperfection It is those,imperfections that give spaces their. characters or personalities a rough hewn,vol 4 no 1 nuance 45. table top an industrial armoire with,slight dents and deep scratches will testify. to its original utilitarian purpose My,spaces carry a common denominator are.
modern eclectic are very personal and are,designed to embrace my clients lives to. soothe and to be the design foundation for,a life fully lived. BM Benjamin Moore s emerging trends,in Color Pulse 2013 show what was. once disposable can assume a new,life through repurposing How does this. idea of upcycling influence your work,and what impact does this concept.
have on color and texture and design in,FG From the beginning of Interieurs I. embraced the concept of repurposing and,uplifting When Interieurs first opened. in SoHo we took quite a gamble by,importing old discarded French painted. furniture pieces showing them in the,showroom as we say in French dans son. jus in its original juice or state and,embracing all their imperfections With.
that we curated an authentic atmosphere,of a time gone by I still remember our. first window of a French rusted garden,bench with trays of cut grass in lieu of seat. cushions That same week we made the,front page of the New York Times Style. section and the adventure began,The newness was to show no colors but. rather shades taken from the aged patina,of the paints covering the pieces This trend.
is still very much alive and one can find,paint colors to replicate the original I ve. spent hours at the Benjamin Moore store in,SoHo trying to match swatches of peeling. paint for my projects While traveling,through Indonesia some 15 years ago I saw. enormous palm wood trunks and discarded,teak trunks on the side of the road What. was supposed to be a retreat type of trip,became a search for all these magnificent.
raw woods I imported a container of these,teak trunks refinished them in New York. and turned them into tables consoles and,seats The rest is history It has become a. staple of eclectic fashionable design,46 nuance vol 4 no 1. Meanwhile my curious mind took,me on another upcycling adventure with. my latest passion for industrial discarded,machinery and utilitarian furniture Who.
knows what will come to me next but I,am ready and open to embrace the next. upcycling adventure,BM Benjamin Moore s Color Pulse. is divided into four influences Flow,Cycle Animate and Connect In Flow. we show how color texture and shapes,of the past are reintroduced creating a. look that brings comfort and familiarity,and yet is modern Did your upbringing.
in a small village in France play a role,in developing the aesthetic you are. known for today Do you find yourself,reinventing things from the past or do. you look to the past to design for the,FG I definitely look at the past to. design for the future My past is truly a,reflection of who I am I was born in a 12th. century village where my family lived for,generations Houses were built in stone.
The colors included the grays and beiges,of the local limestone the rich browns of. the century old oak floors grayish and red,tiles the red of the soil the lush greens of. the vineyards the bursts of pale pinks and,reds the yellows of the trees and sunflowers. These textures and colors are imprinted in,my brain or maybe in my DNA. I visit home every other month and,take long walks with my camera in hand.
and invariably notice a new tone a new,shape When designing for the future. I subconsciously incorporate all these,elements and translate them into a modern. statement I actually live in a stone house,with red Saltillo tiles The house surrounds. a gravel courtyard and guests feel as if they,have stepped into a village in France I guess. our past is really embedded in us and one,can choose to ignore it reject it or embrace.
it I certainly embraced it but I also have,made it my own evolving future. vol 4 no 1 nuance 47, BM What colors are you seeing Looking at the 2013 forecast I can. in your travels and are there any see the connections with the colors I. connections or similarities to the discovered on this trip These background. colors selected for the Color Pulse colors of browns neutrals and grays. 2013 forecast How do you see these anchor the burst of more primary vibrant. colors influencing interiors textiles colors found in the 2013 forecast These. and finishes colors will definitely influence design. FG My last trip took me to Tanzania textiles interiors and finishes where. Going up Mount Kilimanjaro was an ethnic primary vivid tones have found. amazing experience We followed the their place,longest and harshest route and every. step took in unexpected spectacular BM Color Pulse 2013 explores the. scenery The days were filled with sounds intersection between the past and. and colors starting with tropical forests the present to create new directions. teaming with life monkeys birds for the future How does this concept. every tone of greens the bright blues of resonate with you and is it reflected. bird feathers We moved to the surreal in the pieces you select for your. landscapes of huge century old trees showroom, draped in white and all shades of gray FG You have touched right on my design. lichens and moss As we gained altitude motto and I am very much looking. the grays all at once were behind us and forward to working with Benjamin. we entered a world of giant heathers of Moore s Color Pulse 2013 palette I do not. soft purple and yellow then rocky dry believe in recreating the past For instance. landscapes with amazing rock formations I would never use a copy of a Louis XV. Suddenly amidst the darkest most chair I always look forward The influence. unfriendly ground emerged the surreal of the past however is so strong that I. world of Giant Lobelias towering over us cannot escape it and I will somehow. in a burst of vibrant primary colors On incorporate it in my designs. the final days to the summit we endured The pieces I design and select for. the most forbidding unfriendly steep the showroom have strong ties to the. dark brown ground Deprived of oxygen past but are focused on the future I. I almost gave up at 24 000 feet but will juxtapose an industrial table with. being stubborn kept me going and it was an ultra contemporary white lacquered. rewarding when suddenly appeared the chandelier My next collection is in steel. most beautiful sight the huge Kilimanjaro with chrome or lacquered color finishes. glacier towering over us in all shades of however the shapes might be an echo of. white and blue the past, I went on to the Serengeti and other Clients come to Interieurs for our.
parks in Tanzania where I encountered aesthetic vision that defines who we. sand colors the reds of the dirt the browns are and what we bring the touches. of the trees the grays from the elephants of the unexpected the textures of the. skin and the prints of the giraffes leopards past the vision of the modern lifestyle. and cheetahs The old Stone Town in It is the unique object we find or the. Zanzibar with its marketplaces is filled furniture pieces we design specifically. with bright colors of the fruits and the for a particular client that set us apart. weathered distressed tones of the stone By way of example we are presently in. facades of the houses and palaces a the final phase of a design project for an. landscape of colors that I will incorporate apartment in the Jean Nouvel building on. in my next designs the West Side Highway in New York. 48 nuance vol 4 no 1,The conventionally expected design. driven by the architecture would be an,all white contemporary sparse space. While I love the architecture it is quite,cold and in a sense forbidding While. embracing the vision of Jean Nouvel,we interpreted it to create an inviting. apartment The building is connected to,a prison for women Why should we hide.
that fact Rather than take the expected,route we took the road less traveled by. designing the dining area to showcase a,custom made industrial round dining table. and bright Paola Lenti woven chairs In the,living area we incorporated an all glass pool. table offset by modern sofas tribal rugs and,textiles I found in Bhutan. For more information on Interieurs Showroom and,Design Studio and to read Francine Gardner s.
well respected blog Art de Vivre visit,www interieurs com. volume 4 number 1 Delivering the Essence of Color amp Design Linda O Keeffe s Take on Livable Color THE PEOPLE S THEATER Wall Art 42 nuance vol 4 no 1 INTERSECTION Color PULSE 2013 PHOTOGRAPHY BY JEFF CATE AND FRANCINE GARDNER vol 4 no 1 nuance 43 INTERSECTION Designer Francine Gardner considers herself a wanderlust traveler And while she says her life fantasy is to

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