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Page two December 2013,December OASFiS Calendar OASFiS People. Holiday Party and Elections, Sunday December 8 2013 12 30PM at Patricia Steve Cole 407 275 5211. Wheeler s House 8029 Citron Court Orlando FL 32819 stevepcole hotmail com. email Patricia at pwheeler11 cfl rr com for more detailed Susan Cole 407 275 5211. directions sacole mindspring com,Arthur Dykeman 407 328 9565. Sci Fi Light adykeman bellsouth net, Taking Break for the Holidays Steve Grant 352 241 0670. stevegrant embarqmail com,Mike Pilletere mike sf webbedfeet com.
David Ratti 407 282 2468,To contact for more info dratti eudoramail com. OASFiS Business Meeting 407 823 8715 Juan Sanmiguel 407 823 8715. sanmiguel earthlink net,Tampa Anime Day Patricia Wheeler 407 832 1428. December 28 pwheeler11 cfl rr com,Embassy Suites, 10220 Palm River Road Any of these people can give readers information about the. Tampa FL 33619 club and its functions To be included in the list call Juan. 3 at the door, www tampa animeday net Who related events for the program s 50th anniversary There. will be a global simulcast from BBC Nov 23rd for The Day of. OASIS Meeting the Doctor the 50th anniversary special Fathom Events will. Date 11 10 13 show the special on the big screen on Monday November 25 th at. Officers Patricia Wheeler Juan Sanmiguel Peggy Stubblefield various theatres Guardians of Gallifrey will be at Acme Comics. Members Rob and Judy Dickinson Arthur Dykeman Pat and on November 23rd. Roger Sims Hector Hoghlin Dave Lussier Kim Darin, Guests Bob Yazel Marvel s Agents of Shield and the CW s Tomorrow People was.
discussed It was explained that the latter was originally a. Old Business Con feedback or lack of con Bob had old British SF show in the 1970s Rob asked anyone watching. bookmark from previous times Juan will use this to create a new Blacklist It is about a notorious criminal who rats out teven. bookmark for book giveaway promotions more notorious criminals Monday night at 10 on NBC it is also. Necronomicon party some expressed sadness of lack of 2014 available on Hulu The lead is played by James Spader He is. Oasis very dapper but it is vague what his crimes are. New Business Pat and Roger brought books from Baen Discussions of Time Travel and purifying history The Time. At the last SF Lite there was a small group at Bosphorus Next Machine Heinlein s All You Zombies and By His. time is Saturday the 16th at Chung Leu Gardens Szechuan Bootstraps Anderson s Time Police and Doctor Who were. cooking examined, New nominations Juan for con chair in 2015 Kim declines all Letters of Comment. nominations but is thinking about it,1706 24 Eva Rd. Also consideration of locale changes this restaurant now hosts a Etobicoke ON. Trek meeting on Wed night Free parking and centrality is. handy Other restaurants mall food courts YMCAs churches CANADA M9C 2B2. kennels November 14 2013, Christmas party December 8th at 12 30 at Patricia s 8029 CitronDear Juan. Ct with Yankee Swap Wrapped under 10 15 Bring food Hello all and many thanks for the November Event Horizon. Juan plans on bringing chili no 312 I have bits of time here and there to whip up a letter of. comment and at 20 pages big for an EH I will need some extra. There was an inquiry about recovering club gear from Susan time. LoneStarCon 3 as I ve written before was a Worldcon I wish. Thor The Dark World Ender s Game and Gravity was, we d been able to get to but had absolutely no money to get. discussed The independent film The Europa Report will play at. there I have found that trying to explain Worldcon science. the Enzian on November 16 Winter Park Public Library will. have Whostock on November 16 There will be other Doctor Continued on page 4. Page three December 2012,Necronomicon 2013,Starting from the upper left and going clockwise.
Timothy Zahn introducing Christopher Paolini, Chihiro and No Face from the anime feature Spirited Away. Riddler and Catwoman, Nausica from the anime feature Nausica of the Valley of the. Citizens from the Capital from The Hunger Games,A Headless gunman. Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty,Page four December 2013. Award News Continued from page 2, fiction and fandom to the press is a thankless task and one that is.
nearly impossible to do to completion I find that many members. World Fantasy Awards of the press tend to glaze over with explanations about these. source Locus website things and they re only here to take pictures of the funny looking. people they can t possibly be doing anything serious We still. The World Fantasy Awards winners were announced plan to go to the London Worldcon but even though I am finally. working again nothing is certain, at this year s World Fantasy Convention held October. 31 November 3 2013 in Toronto Canada Lifetime, I have a question that perhaps someone can answer I keep. Achievement winners are announced in advance of the seeing the term geek culture and I think it means different. event things to different people Is geek culture the new term for. fandom I think I m seeing a generation gap here and I am. The winners are curious as to how things are changing And thanks for pointing. out that fandom does indeed have quite the history Fandom goes. as far back as 1929 and Worldcon started in 1939 and there are. Life Achievement many other important dates for fandom and SF going back to the. Susan Cooper 30s and 40s I know there are historians of SF and fandom and I. Tanith Lee think their work is more important than ever I see fandom. changing into something people of my generation might not. Novel recognize so I hope those historians will update their written. histories soon,Alif the Unseen G Willow Wilson Grove. I met Norman Spinrad at a local media SF convention a couple. of years ago I never thought I d see him anywhere but at a. Novella literary convention but he was there as a writer from the original. Let Maps to Others K J Parker Star Trek He was pleased that I d brought some of his best. Subterranean Summer 12 known novels Bug Jack Barron The Iron Dream Child of. Fortune and got everything autographed I liked Bug Jack. Short Story Barron because of my own education as a journalist. The Telling Gregory Norman Bossert, Beneath Ceaseless Skies 11 29 12 CostumeCon is coming to Toronto next year so we will really. miss both jan howard finder and Marty Gear I am sure this con. will also mark their passing I am hoping that Montreal in 2017. Anthology might be successful for that year but now I have my doubts with. Postscripts 28 29 Exotic Gothic 4 Danel Helsinki unsuccessful for 2015 now aiming at 2017 as well. Olson ed PS Publishing Thanks for this issue and Worldcon wise London beckons I. hope I hope,Collection, Where Furnaces Burn J oel Lane PS Yours Lloyd Penney.
Publishing, Vincent Chong I am not sure if geek culture fandom Geek Culture is. referring to the followings of certain media franchises like Star. Special Award Professional Wars Star Trek Doctor Who and Game of Thrones I wish the. Lucia Graves for the translation of The media would use the word fan more often It is a more positive. word than geek or nerd Those fan bases are getting bigger I. Prisoner of Heaven Weidenfeld Nicholson hope we can recruit some of those fans into traditional fandom I. Harper by Carlos Ruiz Zaf n started out from media fandom when it was much smaller. Special Award Non Professional I hope to see you in London next year. S T Joshi for Unutterable Horror A History,of Supernatural Fiction Volumes 1 2 PS Juan. Publishing,Page five December 2013,Starting from the upper left and going clockwise. Terrance Dicks Colin Baker and Tony Lee,Romana I from The Armageddon Factor. Zoe from The Five Doctors,Romana I from The Stones of Blood.
Vincent van Gogh from Vincent and the Doctor,Ada from The Crimson Horror. Merry from The Rings of Akhaten, Frazier Hines cosplaying as the Second Doctor and Jamie. Terrance Dicks Bob Baker and David Howe,PO Box 323. Goldenrod FL 32733 0323,123 Sesame Street,Orlando FL 32805. S T Joshi for Unutterable Horror A History of Supernatural Fiction Volumes 1 amp 2 PS Publishing fiction and fandom to the press is a thankless task and one that is nearly impossible to do to completion I find that many members of the press tend to glaze over with explanations about these

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