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The Omegan Voice of the Second District,The Mighty Second District Home of. THE OMEGAN 39th Grand Basileus Dr Andrew A Ray,Voice of the Second District. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,Milton D Harrison,EDITOR IN CHIEF. Zanes E Cypress Jr,SENIOR COPY EDITOR,Eric Moby Brown. COPY EDITORS Grand Keeper of Records and Seal,James Alexander Kenneth Rodgers.
M Dante Brown,Leroy Finch,Demaune A Millard,Rev Stephen M Smith. CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER,Jamal Parker,STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS. Fitz Devonish,Lamonte Tyler,PUBLISHING MANAGERS,Roy Wesley Jr Grand Counselor D Michael Lyles Esq. Jeff Spratley,The OMEGAN is the Official Organ,of the Second District of the Omega Psi. Phi Fraternity Inc The Second Dis,trict is comprised of the Great States of.
New York New Jersey Pennsylvania,Delaware and Maryland It publishes. three editions annually Fall Winter,and Conference Editions for the. Members of the Second District and,is widely distributed Internationally. throughout all Twelve Districts of the, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc Contact Article Submission Deadlines. 2ndDistrictPR oppf org October 15 2015 January 15 April 1 2016. 2 www opp2d org,Voice of the Second District The Omegan.
Second District Representatives Message,Greetings My Second District Brethren and Guests. It is an honor and privilege serving as your 34th 2nd District Representative As we. enter the 104 Anniversary Celebration period I have several areas of thoughts for. consideration,Need for Reclamation, On the weekend of October 16 18 2015 I had the pleasure to celebrate 40 years. in Omega at Virginia State University s Homecoming with the members of my line. and those of Brother Kevin Woodhouse line Both of our lines are Nu Psi 1975. pledge lines fall and spring respectively I was truly impressed with the brother. hood the feeling of true friendship and the shear examples of love shown by the. Brothers to the community and to Omega Psi Phi Convinced that we need to work. even harder to get more or our Brothers reclaimed we as a Fraternity are missing out on the resources they could provide. to help us solve some of our vast problems We also must recognize that we have to provide services and programs to in. spire Brothers to be financial Our leadership team and I will be working hard to ensure we make significant strides in this. Need for Selection in MSP, From recent experiences I have become aware that we have significant areas to improve our Membership Selection. Process Omega is not meant for everyone and we need to make sure the individuals we accept into our membership are. motivated to do what it takes to make Omega better and NOT to use Omega as an entitlement opportunity In other words. we need members that do not ask what Omega can do for them but what they can do for society as members of Omega. Need for Unity in the Community, Having had the opportunity to sit in the reserved section for the 2015 Million Man March I was impressed by the family. atmosphere and by all of the speakers of color Some Brothers have been upset that we haven t in their opinion been as. active in social issues as we should it is my belief that we can only be successful as citizens of this universe if we con. tinually strive to work together as a community As mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12 12 17 We are all of the one body but. represent different important parts,Need for Violence Prevention.
We as a Fraternity have been spending too much time and resources resolving issues that can only do harm to our great. Fraternity We may not all agree on the steps of required training across the Fraternity but the 2nd District is moving. forward beginning this Fall to deliver required training to the brotherhood both financial and un financial on the issue of. Violence Prevention Violence of any form is never accepted or condoned by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. You may not agree with everything as previously stated but we must to be an Army of one and work to make this. Fraternity greater because you are a member May GOD Bless You All. Yours in Omega,Milton D Harrison LM 4068,34th 2nd District Representative. October 2015,www opp2d org 3,The Omegan Voice of the Second District. Director of Public Relations Message, I greet you in the name of the Supreme Basileus of the Universe and the. Author and Finisher of My Faith My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Second District host many events since 2015 Conference Inside. this issue is coverage of the State of Legal Affairs of the Fraternity by. Grand Counselor D Michael Lyles Esq 67th Second District Con. ference hosted by Nu Beta Beta and Upsilon Phi Chapters James S. Avery Sr Shirtsleeve Conference hosted by Theta Omicron Chapter. in Rochester New York Undergraduate Summit hosted by Pi Chapter. at Morgan State University 2nd District Boatride hosted by Omegas. New York City Chapters and Omegas presence at the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March. Enjoy the pleasure of reading the first article written on Omega in the Howard University Journal. May 1912 Edition by Founder Edgar Love and submitted commentary by Omega Men in our Opinion. Editorial Section Submissions varied on topics from Suicide in the Black Community to President. Obama s Face Needing to be Placed on Mt Rushmore Our 39th Grand Basileus Dr Andrew A Ray. is featuring a series of articles on An Omega State of Mind to be continued in subsequent issues. Each year honors scholarships and awards are given at the 67th Second District Conference Founders. Banquet 2nd District Achievement Week Chair Eric Harley was Master of Ceremony for the event. Grand Basileus Antonio F Knox Grand Keeper of Records and Seal Kenneth Rodgers Grand Coun. selor D Michael Lyles Esq and 15 Past 2nd District Representatives were in attendance Ted Childs. of Phi Nu J Michael Breeden of Pi Omega Charles Hines of Nu Upsilon and Nathan O Thomas of. Mu Omega were Stand Ins for Founders Oscar James Cooper Frank Coleman Edgar Amos Love and. Ernest Everett Just respectively The High School Essay contest 1st place winner was 1st place Arthur. Cockett of Xi Lambda Lambda The complete list of the 67th Second District Conference Award Re. cipients is on page 12,Enjoy the 2015 Fall Edition of The Omegan. Voice of the Second District,Fraternally,Zanes E Cypress Jr LM 7307.
Director of Public Relations 2nd District,October 2015. 4 www opp2d org,Voice of the Second District The Omegan. The State of Legal Affairs of the Fraternity, to continue to protect the Fraternity from those that would seek. to bring us down from within and without I am proud to play. a role in our success and support the vision of Grand Basileus. Antonio F Knox Sr,The Legal Agenda, Currently I am focused on several legal agenda items 1 Ag. gressively defending the Fraternity and local chapters along. with outside counsel in 9 active and pending law suits in the. states of South Carolina Pennsylvania Mississippi Louisiana. Florida Missouri New York and Michigan Only three of these. are related to allegations of hazing and three are wrongful death. allegations related to public events The wrongful death allega. tions are surprising to most brothers but point up the fact that. when we host or attend events we need to be more thoughtful. about the event we need to be more protective of the Frater. nity when it comes to our involvement in events that are hosted. by others especially inactive brothers because our colors and. Grand Counselor D Michael Lyles Esq, brand makes us an target for those wanting a big payday Mes.
sage if it s not a sanctioned event and there are no contracts. Brothers between the Fraternity or Chapter limiting our liability than do. not engage 2 We completed a Rewrite of the Member Code of. The legal affairs of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is a complex Conduct which is available now A month s long process me. mix of corporate ritualistic and constitutional law My job and the District Counselor team moved to publish an update in. along with District Counselors is to advise the Supreme Coun order to remove redundant language clarify confusing or con. cil and the membership on the legal aspects of actions consid tradictory provisions simplify the overly legalistic language and. ered or taken I have had a wonderful time doing what I do make it easier to read and to comply with 3 We developed and. best and am hopefully putting the Fraternity in the best position disseminated a Social Media Policy and Trademark Usage Poli. to WIN I appreciate the help of the District Counselors who cy They may be downloaded from the Fraternity Website They. have helped immensely and provide great assistance to me as set a standard for protecting Fraternity marks letters shield and. we work through legal issues in the various states where Omega intellectual property When we protect our brand we increase its. Psi Phi and its chapters are situated I want to in just a few para value and help keep your dues low Each Brother must help us. graphs give a summary of the top matters we have dealt with in in this regard If someone is using or selling our brand or dis. the last year playing it in any form in any medium without OUR permission. or as a licensed vendor than they are devaluing it and abusing. The Legal Environment the Fraternity and as a result increasing our costs as an organiza. As I explained to a reporter who called me last fall inquiring tion Help us protect the Omega Psi Phi brand let us know if you. about the Rho Chapter hazing allegations besides our aggres see someone selling or using our precious marks without proper. sive legal approach the public should know that the Omega authorization. Psi Phi Fraternity in addition to being a brotherhood is a large. multi national corporation of over 600 chapters active and inac Brothers if you need legal advice or an opinion regarding I am. tive with over 80 000 members active and inactive in 45 states here to help but if in involves Chapter affairs please confer with. and on 4 continents To have only 5 hazing allegations I would your District Counselor first Many times I will ask the District. say that that is a pretty decent record and attests to our great re Counselor to provide his thoughts If you have a legal question. cord of curbing abuse Any other well known commercial enter on International Fraternity affairs please do not hesitate to con. prise with that many employees and that few grievances or al tact me directly at grandcounselor oppf org I look forward to. legations would think it were a successful going concern The hearing from you. message I hopefully got across is that even when we as active. members and managers of this great Fraternity do everything. right things and members may still go wrong and be a reason D Michael Lyles Esq. for someone to sue the Fraternity in hopes of a big payday I Grand Counselor. am certain that our current Supreme Council and all our com. October 2015, mittees are thoughtfully and intelligently thinking about ways. www opp2d org 5,The Omegan Voice of the Second District. 6 www opp2d org,Voice of the Second District The Omegan. www opp2d org 7,The Omegan Voice of the Second District. Past 2nd District Representatives,Gamma Pi Large Chapter of the Year.
8 www opp2d org,Voice of the Second District The Omegan. Executive Council Receives Oath of Office,Pi Omega Social Action Chapter of the Year. www opp2d org 9,The Omegan Voice of the Second District. Omicron Iota Small Chapter Social Action Chapter of the Year. Psi Iota 2nd Place Small Social Action Chapter of the Year. 10 www opp2d org,Voice of the Second District The Omegan. Undergraduate Luncheon Scholarship Awards,www opp2d org 11.
The Omegan Voice of the Second District,Second District Conference Award Recipients. 2nd District Conference Award Recipients at the Founders Banquet. Undergraduate Advisor of the Year Derrick Carr Chi Rho. COL Charles Young Leadership Award LTC Keith Harley Alpha Lambda Lambda. Citizen of the Year Dr Olivia G White Alpha Lambda Lambda. Superior Service Award Charles Coleman Epsilon,Founders Award Robert Jamison. Undergraduate Chapter of the Year Kappa,Small Graduate Chapter of the Year Omicron Iota. Large Chapter of the Year Gamma Pi, Small Social Action Chapter of the Year Omicron Iota. Large Social Action Chapter of the Year Pi Omega, Undergraduate Omega Man of the Year Jamaul Jerido Rho Lambda Lambda.
Graduate Omega Man of the Year Sherman Charles Lambda Gamma Gamma. The 2nd District 2015 Scholarship and Grant Awardees. Second District Scholarship Award Recipients,District Scholar of the Year Federico Ghelli Beta. Grand Basileus Nominee Tremayne McKenith Tau Mu, Founders Memorial Scholarship Emeka Modubuogo Tau Mu Undergraduate. Christopher Irving Lambda Upsilon Graduate, Herman Dreer Scholar Leadership Award Hassan Dixon Omega Delta Delta. George E Meares Memorial Scholarship Sandile Manzini Mu Gamma Gamma. H Carl Moultrie Legal Scholar Award Marc Holloway Theta Omicron. W Montague Cobb Medical Scholar Award Richard Steward Zeta. Second District Grant Award Recipients,Roderick Jones Pi Omega. Omoniyi Lamidi Beta,Jeffery Sealy Sigma Beta Beta,Sylvester Hanner Zeta Pi.
Brian Short Delta Mu,Garrick Beauliere Alpha Delta Phi. Richard Dickson Iota Phi,Dominick Carter Pi Alpha,Wayne Gersie Iota Lambda Lambda. at 20th Anniversary Million Man March James S Avery Sr Shirtsleeve Conference Pi Omega Chapter Opinion Editorial Section Milton D Harrison Friendship Is Essential To The Soul Fall Edition 2015 Fitz Devonish Lamonte Tyler STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS THE OMEGAN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR EDITOR IN CHIEF PUBLISHING MANAGERS Roy Wesley Jr Jeff Spratley Voice of the Second District Grand Keeper

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