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1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 50 PM Page 1,Vivaldi and. the Four Seasons,TEACHER RESOURCE KIT, C anada s National Arts Centre is proud to present Vivaldi and The Four Seasons for. elementary school teachers and their students This unique resource presents a. world of classical music that is fun interactive and relevant You and your students. will discover Vivaldi s life times and music with the help of innovative lesson plans. and student activity sheets You will also learn about the four seasons through music. language arts social studies science visual arts drama and First Nations storytelling. Who can use this resource,Generalist classroom teachers. Music specialists,Resource librarians,Private music teachers. How do I use this resource, Read the booklet listen to the CD and peruse the lesson plans and student.
newspaper guide for an overview of this resource, Photocopy pages from the kit as appropriate for your students The text and. student activity sheets have been designed to reflect grades four to six curricu. lum requirements, Use the enclosed student newspaper guide as an additional resource. CREDITS Access related content and resources and see how the lessons and activities in. English Text the Vivaldi kit correspond with music curriculum requirements for your province. Robert Markow at http www artsalive ca musicresources. Teacher and Student Activities,Alison Kenny Gardhouse. Catherine West How can I get another kit and class sets of the student newspaper guide. and Sylvia Dunn,French Translation, Alain Cormier By 2005 a copy of this Teacher Resource Kit will be distributed free of charge. Design through school boards to every elementary school in Canada thanks to the gen. Sari Naworynski erous support of the National Arts Centre Foundation. Cover Illustration, George Littlechild The National Arts Centre is pleased to make additional copies of the Teacher.
Interior Illustrations Resource Kit including the CD and class sets of the student newspaper guide. Bill Slavin available for purchase,Education Editors. Genevi ve Cimon For more information on purchasing or free download of the Teacher Resource. Claire Speed Kit in English or French go to http www artsalive ca musicresources. Photo Research,Meiko Lydall,Project Director,Genevi ve Cimon. 1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 50 PM Page 2,Peter A Herrndorf Pinchas Zukerman. Dear Teachers Dear Colleagues,tienne Morin Le Droit. Let me begin by thanking you for Welcome to the wonderful world. the wonderful contribution you of Antonio Vivaldi I believe that. Mackenzie Stroh, make towards shaping the future Vivaldi s The Four Seasons repre.
leaders artists and creators of this sents the musical collage that is. country life, With an eye to the future the National Arts Centre As one of the world s most influential and well. continues to put tremendous energy into its education known classical composers Vivaldi s importance lies. outreach Maestro Pinchas Zukerman and the NAC above all in his concertos for their boldness and. Orchestra take a leadership role in delivering pro originality and for their central place in the history. grammes that introduce young audiences to the per of music. forming arts train musicians and provide resources I am excited to be sharing with you and your stu. to teachers in classrooms from coast to coast dents the life and music of this great legend I hope. This newest Teacher Resource Kit is a rich source of you enjoy the CD recording performed by Canada s. both knowledge and culture We are pleased to include National Arts Centre Orchestra included in this. an original story written by Mohawk writer C J Taylor resource. from Quebec and illustrated by Cree artist George Bringing music and music education back into the. Littlechild who resides in British Columbia We hope classroom is paramount and I thank you for all your. this study guide will provide you and your students work and efforts. with many hours of fulfillment and joy,Peter A Herrndorf Pinchas Zukerman. President and CEO of Canada s National Arts Centre Music Director of Canada s National Arts Centre Orchestra. The National Arts Centre opened its doors on June 2 1969 as a gift to all Canadians in celebration of. the country s 100th birthday It was Prime Minister Lester B Pearson who in the 1960s recognized the. need and desire for Canadians to showcase excellence in Canadian performance arts music English and. French theatre dance and variety Come visit us at Canada s National Arts Centre located in the heart of. Ottawa Ontario and on the web at www nac cna ca,Marc Fowler. 1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 51 PM Page 3,Table of Contents. Antonio Vivaldi,The Four Seasons,Music The Four Seasons Listening Guide 9.
Language Arts Vivaldi s Four Sonnets 10,Visual Arts Canada s Four Seasons Gallery 12. Science Our Changing Seasons 13,Musician s Corner,Music Education 15. The Orchestra 16,Composition 17,First Nations Musicians 18. Teacher s Corner 19,Creator and the Seasons 29,by C J Taylor illustrated by George Littlechild. Enclosed in the inside back pocket, Vivaldi Four Seasons CD featuring Pinchas Zukerman.
and the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Vivaldi and The Four Seasons student newspaper guide. 1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 51 PM Page 4,Antonio Vivaldi. V I VA L D I S L I F E, I magine for a moment that you are a composer so famous that you are a tourist. attraction You are someone a foreigner might approach to write a piece of music. as a souvenir of his visit to your city Such a man was Antonio Vivaldi 1678 1741. one of the greatest musical figures of the Baroque period. Vivaldi knew kings and princes and twice was invited to play the violin for the. pope Strangely after his death people ignored his music for two hundred years His. music was not rediscovered until the mid twentieth century Now once again Vivaldi. is tremendously popular the way he was during his lifetime Let s find out more about. this remarkable man and the exciting times he lived in. Antonio was born into a large family He had four brothers and four sisters We. know little more about his early years But we do know that at age fifteen he began. studying to be a priest He became a priest in 1703 but he said mass only a few times. Vivaldi became known as the red priest because of his bright red hair. Vivaldi had a medical problem he called tightening of the chest Today we. would call it asthma His medical problems did not prevent him however from. learning to play the violin to compose and to take part in many musical activities. As far as we know his father was his only important teacher and they sometimes. played the violin together in church,DANGER OF DEATH. Antonio Vivaldi was,born in Venice on,March 4 1678.
He was baptized,immediately at home,by the midwife due to. danger of death,What did this mean,We re not sure but it. was probably either,an earthquake that,shook the city that. day or the infant s,poor health Vivaldi s,official church baptism. did not take place,Antonio Vivaldi by La Cave until two months later.
The Arts History British,Picture Library,4 Vivaldi and The Four Seasons. 1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 51 PM Page 5, In 1703 Vivaldi joined the staff of the school of the Ospedale della Piet. WHAT S IN A NAME Hospital of Mercy so called because it was attached to a hospital as a music teacher. The Piet s musical reputation was so great that Vivaldi received a starting salary. In the Piet where double that of his father who worked at the city s most important church St Mark s. Vivaldi taught it was Vivaldi remained at the Piet for most of his professional life There he wrote hun. common practice to dreds of compositions for the girls to perform in the orchestra or to sing in the choir. be named after your After forty years of service Vivaldi left the Piet and moved to Vienna to work. for a former friend who was now an emperor Charles VI But Charles died suddenly. instrument Katarina, from food poisoning and no one else in Vienna was interested in hiring Vivaldi. della violino for Sadly within a year Vivaldi also died on July 28 1741 The cause was given as. example If you play an internal inflammation which could have meant almost anything in those days He. instrument what could received the cheapest possible funeral The field where he was buried has disappeared. your nickname be entirely,FAMOUS WOMEN, Vivaldi s orchestra was largely made up of residents of the Piet a refuge for poor and orphaned girls. His music was written for this talented group which was famous throughout Europe Visitors were surprised. that young women could play such large or unusual instruments as the bassoon and clarinet. It was not considered proper for women to perform in public so they played from a gallery as in this. picture or from behind an iron lattice to protect their privacy Similar institutions. provided musical training for young men,Vivaldi s Life 5.
1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 51 PM Page 6,V I VA L D I S T I M E S Activity Idea. Find examples of, V ivaldi lived near the end of an era known as the Baroque period which lasted. from about 1600 to 1750 It was an exciting time to be alive The spirit of. adventure and discovery filled the air Astronomers like Copernicus and Galileo. pictures showing,baroque gardens, looked high into the heavens and learned that the Earth revolves around the sun furniture hairstyles. Anton van Leeuwenhoek found a whole new world under the microscope bacteria and fashion Do you. blood cells and much more William Harvey discovered the circulation of blood think fashion today. There were many great composers too in Germany there were Bach and Telemann could be called. Handel and Purcell worked in England France had Couperin and Rameau baroque Why or. Just what does baroque mean This is a term that was originally used to describe. architecture Buildings of grand design and containing a lot of detailed decoration. were called baroque By extension these grandiose highly decorated structures. inspired art music furniture gardens for example those at Versailles outside of. Paris and even clothes and hairdos of the period Strong colours dramatic effects. splendour and a sense of both dynamic movement and spontaneity were all features. of baroque style The word awesome would be appropriate to describe much. baroque art architecture and music,CARNIVAL SEASON. A carnival in eighteenth century Venice did not mean a travelling amusement show This was the season. in the church calendar immediately preceding Lent For several weeks everyone had a grand time going to. fancy masked balls parties and other social events Opera was popular too At least twenty casinos were. open for business People poured into Venice from all over Europe to be there at Carnival time We still have. this type of carnival today Winter Carnival in Quebec City for example There are many others. 1665 1678 1685 1697 1701 1705 1709 1711, First Antonio Births of Charles The Astronomer Bartolomeo The.
Filles du Roi Vivaldi Johann Perrault brings Great Edmund Cristofori clarinet. arrive in is born Sebastian out a collection Peace Halley invents is used. Canada Bach and of fairy tales of Montreal correctly the pianoforte for the. French George Contes de ma establishes predicts ancestor first time. explorer Frideric m re l Oye peace the return of today s in an. Ren Robert Handel Mother between in 1758 piano orchestra. La Salle two of Goose the First of the in Hasse s,explores the greatest Nations comet that opera. the composers The last and was last Croesus,Great Lakes of the remains of the French seen. district in Baroque Mayan in in 1682,Canada era civilization are New France. destroyed by,the Spanish in,Yucatan region,6 Vivaldi and The Four Seasons. 1155i English qxp 11 14 06 3 51 PM Page 7, The Baroque period was not all pleasure and joy There were no luxuries like ovens.
Activity Idea or dishwashers No indoor plumbing or central heating No radios televisions or. cell phones Only a few people lived well the aristocracy Most worked much harder. What would you do and longer hours than people do today And many suffered under the autocratic rule. in Venice if you could of kings queens and emperors Democracy such as we enjoy today was still far in. visit as a tourist How the future, Vivaldi s home city of Venice was and still is one of the most magnificent in all. many people live there, Europe Tourists loved Venice When Vivaldi lived there the city had a population. now How do they get of about 150 000 which was large for the time Venice is a city built on water with. around if the streets canals instead of streets It is also a city of splendid churches grandiose palaces and. are made of water beautiful theatres The baroque love for extravagance grand effects and lavish dec. oration is seen at its best in the huge basilica of San Marco St Mark s. St Mark s and the Clock Tower Venice by Canaletto,National Gallery of Canada Ottawa no 3718. 1714 1717 1719 1726 1732 1737 1738 1741, German Inoculation Daniel English Franz Antonio The Handel s. physicist against Defoe author Joseph Stradivari first oratorio. Gabriel smallpox writes Jonathan Haydn creator of cuckoo Messiah. Daniel is introduced Robinson Swift one of superb clocks is first. Fahrenheit in England Crusoe writes the most violins appear in performed. Vivaldi and The Four Seasons 1665 First Filles du Roi arrive in Canada 1678 Antonio Vivaldi is born French explorer Ren Robert La Salle explores the Great Lakes district in Canada 1685 Births of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel two of the greatest composers of the Baroque era 1697 Charles Perrault brings out a collection

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