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GENERAL INFORMATION There are some special visitor categories which. allow visitors to enter New Zealand for particular. purposes See Special visitor categories on page 4,What is a visa. Visa waiver visitors,A visa allows a person to travel to the. New Zealand border and if they are granted If you are the holder of a current Australian. permission to enter it allows them to remain in permanent residence visa or a current Australian. the country If someone has a visa they apply for resident return visa you do not need a visa to travel. permission to enter at the border to New Zealand You must apply for a resident visa on. arrival You will do this by completing an arrival card. on the aircraft ship on your way to New Zealand,What a visitor visa allows. Some other groups of visitors from overseas do, A visitor visa allows you to stay in New Zealand as a not need a visa to travel to New Zealand. visitor for a limited amount of time It allows you to British citizens British passport holders. visit as a tourist intending to visit for six months or less. visit friends or relatives people travelling on a United Nations laissez. passer intending to visit New Zealand for,play sport or perform in cultural events.
three months or less,without pay,people from a country on our list of visa free. enter New Zealand to get married,countries see below intending to visit. undertake short term study New Zealand for three months or less. A visitor visa allows you to study one or more VISA FREE COUNTRIES. courses of up to a total of three months in each Andorra Liechtenstein. of the 12 month periods your visa is valid Argentina Lithuania. Austria Luxembourg, School aged visitor visa holders can attend a Bahrain Malaysia. primary intermediate or secondary school for a Belgium Malta. single period of study of up to three months per Brazil Mexico. calendar year provided the study finishes within Brunei Monaco. that calendar year You are also not permitted to Bulgaria Netherlands. study in term one of a school year if you held a Canada Norway. visitor visa and undertook a single period of study Chile Oman. in term four of the previous year Cyprus Poland, If you want to study for longer than three months Czech Republic Portugal. you will need to apply for a student visa or visa Denmark Qatar. Estonia Romania,What courses can you study Finland San Marino.
Your course of study and education provider France Saudi Arabia. must be approved by the Ministry of Education Germany Singapore. to offer places to overseas students Your Greece Slovak Republic. education provider must also be a signatory to Hong Kong Slovenia. Hungary South Africa,the Ministry of Education s Code of Practice for. Iceland Spain,the Pastoral Care of International Students the. Ireland Sweden,Code to be able to offer you a place1. Israel Switzerland, You can find out from the education provider Italy Taiwan. whether they and their courses are approved Japan United Arab Emirates. Visitors aged 13 and under who wish to study Korea South United States of America. a course of up to three months at a Private Kuwait Uruguay. Training Establishment PTE must also meet the Latvia Vatican City. guardianship requirements set out in the Code Portuguese passport holders must have the right to live permanently in Portugal. Including nationals of the USA, A visitor visa does not allow you to work in Residents of Hong Kong travelling on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or.
British National Overseas passports, New Zealand Visa waiver does not apply to people travelling on alien s non citizen s passports. issued by these countries, Greek passport holders whose passports were issued on or after 1 January 2006. 1 School aged visitors who attend a primary only Greek passports issued before 1 January 2006 are not acceptable for travel after. intermediate or secondary school for less than 1 January 2007. Permanent residents of Taiwan travelling on Taiwan passports A personal. two weeks and aren t paying any tuition fees are identity number printed within the visible section of the biographical page of the. exempt from this requirement Taiwan passport demonstrates that the holder is a permanent resident of Taiwan. 2 Visitor Visa Guide April 2013, If you are in one of these groups you are a visa Applying for a limited visa. waiver visitor and you do not need a visitor visa, to travel to New Zealand You need to apply for a The Visitor Visa Application INZ 1017 can also be. visitor visa but you will do this by completing an used to apply for a limited visa You can apply for a. arrival card on the aircraft ship on your way to limited visa if you wish to come to New Zealand for a. New Zealand You must also specific reason If that reason is to study you should. hold a valid ticket out of New Zealand to a use the form Student Visa Application INZ 1012. country you have the right of entry to Holding a limited visa restricts your immigration. have enough money to support yourself during rights when you are in New Zealand If you. your stay are granted a limited visa you are liable for. hold a passport valid for three months beyond deportation immediately when the visa expires. the date you are leaving New Zealand and you have no rights of appeal. The visa you are granted will allow a stay in To find out whether applying for a limited visa. New Zealand of no more than six months in rather than a visitor visa is the best option. a 12 month period The 12 month period is for you please read the leaflet Information on. calculated backwards from the last day you Limited Visas INZ 1070. intend to be in New Zealand For example if,you want to stay until 1 December 2012 you.
should count back 12 months which will be,Who can you include in your. 1 December 2011 application, You must only visit New Zealand for the time You can include your partner and your dependent. granted to you on arrival If you wish to visit for children in your application Their visitor visas will. longer you will need to apply for another visitor have the same conditions as yours if they want. visa If you want to work or study for longer than to study or work in New Zealand they will have to. three months in New Zealand you will have to apply for a student or work visa. apply for a work visa or a student visa,Your partner can be of the same sex or opposite. sex and can be,Multiple entry visas,your partner by marriage. If you are a frequent visitor to New Zealand and your partner by civil union. you want to leave and re enter the country you your partner in a de facto relationship. will need to hold a multiple entry visitor visa,Dependent children must be.
Under general visitor instructions aged 19 or younger. Most applicants for visitor visas will be granted a single and if they are aged 18 19 must have no. multiple entry visa If you are already in New Zealand children of their own. and your visa does not allow you to leave and totally or substantially reliant on you or your. re enter then you will need to apply to have the partner for financial support whether they live. conditions of your visa varied to allow travel with you or not. To be eligible you must not have been in If your dependent child is aged under 18 we will. New Zealand for more than nine months in the probably not ask for evidence that they are. last 18 months We will want to know the reasons dependent on you If they are aged 18 19 we may. you require a multiple entry visa and we may ask ask to see evidence that they are dependent on. you to provide evidence you your partner,Under parent and grandparent. How long can you visit for,instructions, You may be granted a multiple entry visa if you Unless otherwise stated under special. have family members in New Zealand and you are instructions visitors to New Zealand are limited to. outside New Zealand Under these instructions a maximum stay of nine months on a visitor visa. you may visit your child or grandchild several However we may allow you to stay a further. times over a three year period See Special three months if you have financially supported. visitor categories on page 5 yourself and you have not worked studied or. been sponsored during your stay,Visitor Visa Guide April 2013 3. If you have recently visited New Zealand and Interim visas. you wish to visit again you should be aware that, the instructions allow a visitor to stay a total If you are currently in New Zealand hold a valid. of no more than nine months in an 18 month temporary visa and have an application for a further. period The 18 month period is calculated visitor visa being considered by INZ you may be. backwards from the last day you intend to be eligible for an interim visa We will make a decision on. in New Zealand For example if you want to stay whether to grant you an interim visa close to the day. until 1 December 2012 you should count back your current visa expires and will inform you by email. 18 months which will be 1 June 2010 or letter You cannot apply for an interim visa and. However if you have spent a total of 12 months there are no fees or forms for interim visas. in New Zealand as a visitor you will have to remain There is no guarantee that you will be granted. outside New Zealand for 12 months before a further an interim visa Interim visas do not have travel. application for a visitor visa may be approved conditions and are valid for a maximum of. six months or until a decision is reached on your, How much does a visitor visa cost application whichever is earlier.
For up to date information about fees Special visitor categories. see our Fees Guide INZ 1028, see our website www immigration govt nz fees APEC Business Travel cardholders. contact your nearest Immigration New Zealand If you hold an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. office APEC Travel Card you intend to stay in, Our New Zealand branches do not accept cash New Zealand for less than three months and you. Most of our branches outside New Zealand do will not be working you may enter New Zealand. not accept cash as a visitor However you do not have to lodge. an application for a visa You must receive pre,clearance approval from the APEC Business Travel. How much money do you need when Card Operations at our Christchurch branch. you are in New Zealand When you have pre clearance approval you can. board a flight to New Zealand and may be granted, You will need to show us that you can support a three month visitor visa on arrival. yourself and anyone else included in your, application financially while you are in New Zealand Business visitors.
see Completing Section H Financial support while A visitor visa allows you to visit New Zealand to. you are in New Zealand You will also need to show discuss and negotiate business arrangements. us that you have tickets for your travel out of if your stay is no longer than three months in. New Zealand or the money to buy them any one year If you want to stay longer than. three months or if you will be working for gain or. Will you be eligible for publicly reward you must apply for a work visa See our. Work Visa Guide INZ 1016 for more information,funded health care in New Zealand. Conference delegates, Visitor visa holders are not generally eligible for. publicly funded health and disability services If you are attending a conference in. New Zealand check with the organiser to see, People covered by New Zealand s reciprocal health what arrangements they have made If you are. agreements with Australia and the United Kingdom organising a conference contact the nearest. are entitled to publicly funded health care for Immigration New Zealand branch We will tell. immediately necessary medical treatment only you the best means of facilitating the entry of. If you seek health care when you are in New Zealand overseas delegates to New Zealand Conference. you should carry your passport so that health organisers must make these arrangements in. providers can check whether you are eligible advance of the conference. for publicly funded health care We strongly, recommend that you arrange comprehensive Culturally arranged marriages. health insurance for your stay in New Zealand You may apply for a visitor visa to come to New. For more information about health services see Zealand for the purpose of a culturally arranged. the Ministry of Health website www health govt nz marriage You should use the form Application. 4 Visitor Visa Guide April 2013, for Partnership Based Temporary Visa INZ If you need to stay for longer than 12 months.
1198 and your New Zealand citizen or resident because the student is continuing his or her. partner must complete the Form for Supporting studies your visa can be renewed for further. Partnership Based Temporary Entry Applications 12 month periods until the student reaches the. INZ 1146 More information on the requirements age of 18 years. you and your partner must meet are explained,If you are granted a visa you must not leave. in the Guide for Partnership Based Temporary,New Zealand without the student you are. Applications INZ 1199,responsible for and you must live with the. student for the duration of their studies If you,Dependent children. do not meet these conditions you may become, If a child is travelling alone or with one parent liable for deportation.
we may ask to see evidence that the child has,If you hold a visitor. Visitor Visa Guide INZ 1018 A guide to applying for a visitor visa For further information on immigration visit www immigration govt nz May 2012 Information about this guide This guide will help you to complete the form Visitor Visa Application INZ1017 It will give you information about coming to New Zealand as a visitor and help you to

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