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Lubicon Lake,Garden River,First Nation,Asubpeeschoseewagong. First Nation,Grassy Narrows,Mohawk Nation,California Bay of Quinte. Navajo Nation Ihanktonwan,Dakota Oyate,Yankton Sioux. Aamjiwnaang,First Nation,Sites of Impact, This map shows the communities or territories of the people. who shared their stories with this initiative Their stories detail. the impacts of living in communities plagued by industry and. the environmental violence it causes,Executive Summary 2.
Introduction 4,The Seeds of This Work 4,A Dangerous Intersection 7. About This Report and Toolkit 10,Chapter 1 Connected to Body Connected to Land 11. Legacies of a Movement Against Environmental Violence 11. What is Environmental Violence 13,Consent Over Land and Body 16. Chapter 2 When Relatives are Violenced 20,Gendered Impacts on Indigenous Bodies 20. Reproductive and Bodily Health 20,Drugs and Crime 28.
Sexual Violence and MMIWG2S 30,Chapter 3 The Health of Indigenous Nations 36. Impacts on Self Determination and Governance 36,Impacts on Families and Communities 42. Chapter 4 Responding to Environmental Violence 47,The Importance of Healing 47. Legal Tools and Land Body Defense 52,Conclusion 58. Acknowledgements Thanks 61,Glossary Related Terms 62.
References 64,EXECUTIVE SUMMARY,In 2014 Women s Earth Alliance WEA and Native. Youth Sexual Health Network NYSHN began a The Problem. multi year initiative to document the ways that,For Indigenous communities in North America. North American Indigenous women and young,the links between land and body create. people s safety and health are impacted by,a powerful intersection one that when. extractive industries We also aimed to support,overlooked or discounted can threaten their.
their leadership in resisting environmental violence. very existence Extractive industries have,in their communities WEA invests in training and. drilled mined and frackedi on lands on or near,supporting grassroots women to drive solutions. resource rich Indigenous territories for decades,to our most pressing ecological concerns water. Although the economic gains have been a,food land and climate NYSHN is a network. boon to transnational corporations and the,by and for Indigenous youth that works across.
economies of the U S and Canada they come,issues of sexual and reproductive health rights. at a significant cost to Indigenous communities,and justice in the United States and Canada. particularly women and young people,Many of these communities are sites of. This work stands upon the foundation chemical manufacturing and waste dumping. of a movement begun by generations while others have seen an introduction of large. of Indigenous peoples who have long encampments of men man camps to work. for the gas and oil industry The devastating,recognized the intimate connection between. impacts of the environmental violence this,land and body We recognize that there.
causes ranges from sexual and domestic, are many individuals frontline struggles violence drugs and alcohol murders and. and movement leaders not included here disappearances reproductive illnesses and toxic. and acknowledge that this work is not exposure threats to culture and Indigenous. lifeways crime and other social stressors,a comprehensive list of all Indigenous. led environmental defense activities The very health of Indigenous nations is. Rather it is intended to provide examples threatened but there has been little action by. policy makers and international bodies because of,of both the issue and community based. a lack of formal documentation of the damages,strategies to support a larger movement. of Indigenous women and young people,taking action from a specific lens of sexual.
and reproductive health rights and justice,2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Everything from the family to the Longhouse,has been affected by industry and by the way it. operates in our territories and on our bodies,Iako tsira reh Amanda Lickers Turtle Clan Seneca. This report is paired with a toolkit for Indigenous. Our Solution communities that offers workshop templates. for environmental violence teach ins resources,The Violence on the Land Violence on our. for healing and land based medicines and a,Bodies initiative report and toolkit centers the.
community health assessment These and other,experiences and resistance efforts of Indigenous. practical tools aim to help Indigenous communities. women and young people in order to expose,identify the connections between the way their. and curtail the impacts of extractive industries,bodies and lands are being impacted and it also. on their communities and lands Together our,provides the means to combat the dangers of. team traveled to some of the most heavily,environmental violence Most importantly the.
impacted Indigenous territories in the U S,toolkit offers both guidance and support for. and Canada to listen to frontline communities,developing and strengthening culturally rooted. From the American Southwest to Canada s,nation specific responses to the unrelenting. tar sands region of Alberta our team walked,traumas Indigenous communities face. with Navajo youth across their sacred lands,in New Mexico and witnessed First Nations.
women and young people bravely speaking,up in defense of their land their people and. future generations Our goal was to detail With natural gas and oil extraction intensifying in. through community interviews and research North America it is important now more than ever. the environmental violence suffered by to amplify the voices of those most impacted the. community members We also sought to share Indigenous people from communities adjacent to. their resistance efforts and provide advocacy the contaminated soil open air wastewater pits. tools and strategies to support their work and dangerous industry workers camps But. engaging a larger audience isn t enough This, In addition to heart breaking stories our interviews. report offers the much needed documentation,uncovered two important nuances 1 healing. that policy makers and international bodies,and ceremony are crucial components to the. need to change the interlocking systems of,work being done to respond to environmental.
oppression that make environmental violence,violence and 2 while local federal and. in Indigenous communities a grim reality,international laws and policies serve as critical. tools Indigenous peoples are also designing,more immediate solutions to reducing harm. which are culturally safe and community based, i Hydraulic fracturing by pressurized liquid which is used to release natural gas from underground rock A high pressure fluid usually made up. of chemicals and sand suspended in water is injected into deep rock formations to create cracks making vast caches of natural gas previously. trapped in buried rock accessible,VIOLENCE ON THE LAND VIOLENCE ON OUR BODIES 3.
INTRODUCTION,The land is our Mother so when we lose value for. the land people lose value for the women,Vanessa Gray Aamjiwnaang First Nation. Mohawk grandmother and traditional midwife economies but at a cost Indigenous communities. Katsi Cook teaches that women are the first are still grappling to understand a cost most. environment 1 She also explains that in the deeply felt by women and young people. Mohawk language one word for midwife is,iewirokwas which means She s pulling the baby. out of the Earth 2 These teachings describe how The Seeds of This Work. the waters of the Earth and the waters of our,In 2014 the Violence on the Land Violence on. bodies are the same for better or for worse there,our Bodies initiative a partnership between.
is an undeniable connection between the health of,Women s Earth Alliance WEA and the Native. our bodies and the health of our planet Violence,Youth Sexual Health Network NYSHN began. that happens on the land is intimately connected,formally exploring the connection between the. to the violence that happens to our bodies,health of Indigenous peoples lands and the. As Iako tsira reh Amanda Lickers Turtle Clan health of their bodies in the context of extractive. Seneca explained to our team today we see industries As explained in the following chapter. that the strategies of colonization genocide and this initiative and the movement to address. ecocide hinge on that very connection between environmental violence grew out of the work of. Indigenous lands and bodies As Amanda points generations of Indigenous knowledge holders. out The reason women are attacked is and leaders some though not all of whom. because women carry our clans and by we have the honor of being able to include. carrying our clans are the ones that hold that in this report and toolkit This partnership has. land for the next generation That s where also grown out of the work our organizations. we get our identity as nations So if you have been doing for many years specifically. destroy the women you destroy the nations through WEA s efforts to ally with and support. and then you get access to the land international grassroots women environmental. leaders who are safeguarding their communities, These links between land and body have never and the earth and through NYSHN s work around.
been more apparent than in recent years with increasing sexual and reproductive health rights. extractive industriesii drilling mining and and justice for Indigenous young people. fracking lands on or near traditional Indigenous, territories These industries provide economic This work recognizes that there is still more. benefits to transnational corporations and national to do to directly to support communities in. ii The companies and activities involved in removing oil metals coal stone and other natural resources from the earth. 4 INTRODUCTION, addressing environmental violence particularly in also support the leadership of Indigenous women. cases where it was obvious that a lack of formal and young people who are resisting environmental. documentation on its destructive impacts often violence in their communities Through key. resulted in inaction by the state industry policy gatherings and by drawing upon the knowledge. makers and international bodies Furthermore and shared networks of those who came forward. although local federal and international laws and to offer their stories our team travelled to. policies can serve as a critical tool and resource some of the most heavily impacted Indigenous. Indigenous peoples still seek more effective nations in the U S and Canada to learn from and. culturally safe and community based ways to stand alongside these frontline communities. reduce the immediate harms they face 3 To support,While there are many individuals frontline. these efforts the Violence on the Land Violence,struggles and movement leaders we were. on our Bodies team began traveling to impacted,unable to include here we hope that by uplifting.
areas and meeting with Indigenous women,some of the voices of community members and. and youth leaders to learn about the ways they,sharing their experiences we are able to engage. experience trauma on their lands and bodies Our, a larger audience in a critical dialogue about the. team also listened for the ways they are healing,connections between violence done to the land. themselves and their communities as well as the,and violence done to Indigenous peoples We.
areas in which they could use additional support,hope this report will spur dialogue in leadership. This initiative aimed in part to develop this report councils as well as industry government and. and the accompanying toolkit These resources international bodies and catalyze change within. bear witness to the Indigenous experience and the interlocking systems of oppression that. perpetuate this violence We also hope that the,strategies in the accompanying toolkit including. resources for healing and land based medicines,and conducting a community based environmental. violence assessment give community members,the practical and effective tools they need to. identify these land body connections and name,the environmental violence their communities.
face But most importantly we hope these,tools offer communities guidance and support. to develop and bolster their own culturally safe,and nation specific responses to this violence. This work was born out of a commitment to,highlight the very real and imminent human costs. of energy extraction on Indigenous communities,and to support the next generation of Indigenous. young women and people in their efforts to,safeguard their territories peoples and cultures.
protection that will benefit all life on Earth,Violence on our Earth Sketch by Katie Douglas. VIOLENCE ON THE LAND VIOLENCE ON OUR BODIES 5,Adding Another Voice to the Conversation. One of the more positive shifts in recent years has been the increasing awareness and public outcry. around extractive industry s assault on Indigenous lands and people There are a growing number of. Indigenous communities frontline organizations and grassroots efforts working around these issues. with many approaching this work from different perspectives This initiative arrives at this work from an. Indigenous reproductive justice framework examining issues of land and body as intimately connected. From the American Southwest to Canada s tar sands region of Alberta our team walked with Navajo youth across their sacred lands in New Mexico and witnessed First Nations women and young people bravely speaking up in defense of their land their people and future generations Our goal was to detail through community interviews and research the environmental violence suffered by

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