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For customers in the U S A,Owner s Record, WARNING The model and serial numbers are located Precautions. at the rear of the unit,Record the serial number in the space. To reduce the risk of fire or provided below Refer to them On safety. electric shock do not expose whenever you call upon your Sony dealer Should any solid object or liquid fall. this apparatus to rain or regarding this product into the cabinet unplug the recorder. moisture Model No RDR VX535,Serial No and have it checked by qualified. To avoid electrical shock do not, open the cabinet Refer servicing personnel before operating it any. to qualified personnel only CAUTION further, The AC power cord must be You are cautioned that any change or.
changed only at a qualified modifications not expressly approved On power sources. service shop in this manual could void your Operate the recorder only on. Batteries or batteries installed authority to operate this equipment. apparatus shall not be exposed,120 V AC 60 Hz, to excessive heat such as The recorder is not disconnected. sunshine fire or the like Note from the AC power source as long. This equipment has been tested and as it is connected to the wall outlet. CAUTION found to comply with the limits for a even if the recorder itself has been. The use of optical instruments with this Class B digital device pursuant to Part turned off. product will increase eye hazard As 15 of the FCC Rules These limits are Install this system so that the. the laser beam used in this DVD designed to provide reasonable power cord can be unplugged from. recorder is harmful to eyes do not protection against harmful interference the wall socket immediately in the. attempt to disassemble the cabinet in a residential installation This event of trouble. Refer servicing to qualified personnel equipment generates uses and can. If you are not going to use the,only radiate radio frequency energy and if. not installed and used in accordance recorder for a long time be sure to. DANGER VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION WHEN OPEN AVOID DIRECT EXPOSURE TO BEAM with the instructions may cause disconnect the recorder from the. CAUTION CLASS 3B VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION WHEN OPEN AVOID DIRECT EXPOSURE TO THE BEAM. KLASSE 3B SICHTBARE UND UNSICHTBARE LASERSTRAHLUNG WENN GE FFNET DIREKTEN KONTAKT MIT DEM. STRAHL VERMEIDEN, SYNLIG OG USYNLIG LASERSTR LING AF KLASSE 3B VED BNING UNDG DIREKTE UDS TTELSE FOR STR LING. SYNLIG OG USYNLIG LASERSTR LING I KLASSE 3B N R DEKSEL PNES UNNG DIREKTE EKSPONERING FOR STR LEN. harmful interference to radio wall outlet To disconnect the AC. VARNING KLASS 3B SYNLIG OCH OSYNLIG LASERSTR LNING N R DENNA DEL R PPNAD UNDVIK ATT DIREKT EXPONERA DIG. F R STR LNINGEN, AVATTUNA LUOKAN 3B N KYV JA N KYM T NT LASERS TEILY V LT SUORAA ALTISTUMISTA S TEELLE communications However there is no power cord grasp the plug itself. guarantee that interference will not never pull the cord. occur in a particular installation If this, This label is located on the laser equipment does cause harmful.
protective housing inside the interference to radio or television. On placement, enclosure reception which can be determined by Place the recorder in a location. turning the equipment off and on the with adequate ventilation to. user is encouraged to try to correct the prevent heat build up in the. interference by one or more of the recorder, following measures If the recorder is brought directly. Reorient or relocate the receiving from a cold to a warm location or. is placed in a very damp room,Increase the separation between the. equipment and receiver moisture may condense on the. Connect the equipment into an outlet lenses inside the recorder and. on a circuit different from that to cause damage to the video head. This symbol is intended which the receiver is connected tape and the optical block Should. to alert the user to the Consult the dealer or an experienced this occur the recorder may not. presence of uninsulated radio TV technician for help operate properly When you first. dangerous voltage,install the recorder or when you. within the product s, enclosure that may be of sufficient move it from a cold to a warm.
magnitude to constitute a risk of location remove the disc and tape. electric shock to persons and leave the recorder turned on. for about three hours before,This symbol is intended operating the recorder. to alert the user to the Do not place the recorder on a soft. presence of important surface such as a rug that might. operating and,block the ventilation holes,maintenance servicing. instructions in the literature Do not place the recorder in a. accompanying the appliance confined space such as a bookshelf. or similar unit, Do not place the recorder in a Copy guard function 10 Protect the power cord from. location near heat sources or in a Since the recorder has a copy guard being walked on or pinched. place subject to direct sunlight function programs received through particularly at plugs. excessive dust or mechanical an external tuner not supplied may convenience receptacles and the. shock point where they exit from the,contain copy protection signals. Do not place the recorder in an apparatus,copy guard function and as such.
inclined position It is designed to 11 Only use attachments. may not be recordable depending accessories specified by the. be operated in a horizontal on the type of signal manufacturer. position only,12 Use only with the cart stand, Keep the recorder discs and IMPORTANT NOTICE tripod bracket or table specified. cassettes away from equipment by the manufacturer or sold. with strong magnets such as Caution This recorder is capable with the apparatus When a cart. microwave ovens or large of holding a still video image or. on screen display image on your is used use caution when. loudspeakers moving the cart apparatus,television screen indefinitely If. Do not place heavy objects on the you leave the still video image or combination to avoid injury. recorder on screen display image displayed from tip over. To prevent fire or shock hazard do on your TV for an extended period. not place objects filled with of time you risk permanent. liquids such as vases on the damage to your television screen. Plasma display panels and,apparatus projection televisions are. When you move the recorder take especially susceptible to this. out any discs If you do not the, disc may be damaged If you have any questions or 13 Unplug this apparatus during. problems concerning your recorder lightning storms or when unused. On recording please consult your nearest Sony for long periods of time. Contents of the recording cannot dealer 14 Refer all servicing to qualified. service personnel Servicing is,be compensated for if the.
required when the apparatus has, recording or playback is not made Important Safety Instructions been damaged in any way such. due to a malfunction of the 1 Read these instructions as power supply cord or plug is. recorder disc etc 2 Keep these instructions damaged liquid has been spilled. Make trial recordings before 3 Heed all warnings or objects have fallen into the. making the actual recording 4 Follow all instructions apparatus the apparatus has. 5 Do not use this apparatus near been exposed to rain or. Copyrights water moisture does not operate, Television programs films video 6 Clean only with dry cloth normally or has been dropped. tapes discs and other materials 7 Do not block any ventilation. openings Install in accordance,may be copyrighted Unauthorized. with the manufacturer s,recording of such material may be. instructions, contrary to the provisions of the 8 Do not install near any heat.
copyright laws Also use of this sources such as radiators heat. recorder with cable television registers stoves or other. transmission may require apparatus including amplifiers. authorization from the cable that produce heat, television transmitter and or 9 Do not defeat the safety purpose. program owner of the polarized or grounding, This product incorporates type plug A polarized plug has. copyright protection technology two blades with one wider than. that is protected by U S patents the other A grounding type plug. and other intellectual property has two blades and a third. rights Use of this copyright grounding prong The wide. protection technology must be blade or the third prong are. authorized by Macrovision and is provided for your safety If the. intended for home and other provided plug does not fit into. your outlet consult an,limited viewing uses only unless. electrician for replacement of,otherwise authorized by. the obsolete outlet,Macrovision Reverse engineering.
or disassembly is prohibited,continued 3US,About this manual. Instructions in this manual describe the controls on the. remote You can also use the controls on the recorder if. they have the same or similar names as those on the. The on screen display illustrations used in this manual. may not match the graphics displayed on your TV, The explanations regarding discs in this manual refer to. discs created on this recorder The explanations do not. apply to discs that are created on other recorders and. played back on this recorder,Icons such as DVD or listed at the top of. each explanation indicate what kind of media can be. used with the function being explained For details. about usable discs see Quick Guide to Disc Types on. Table of Contents,Precautions 2,What is a Video Cassette Recorder DVD Recorder 8. How to Use the On Screen Menus 10,Hookups and Settings 12.
Hooking Up the Recorder 12,Step 1 Unpacking 12, Step 2 Connecting the Cable Box Satellite Receiver Tuner 12. Step 3 Connecting to Your TV 15, Step 4 Connecting to Your AV Amplifier Receiver 18. Step 5 Connecting the Power Cord 20,Step 6 Preparing the Remote 21. Step 7 Easy Setup 23,Connecting Another VCR or Similar Device 27. Quick Guide to Disc Types 30,Recordable and Playable Discs 30.
Playable Discs 32,DVD Operation,DVD USB Playback 34. Playing Discs 34,Playback Options 35,Playing a Title From the Title List 38. Searching for a Title Chapter Track etc 39, Displaying the Playing Time and Play Information 40. Playing MP3 Audio Tracks and JPEG Image Files on the Disc 41. Playing From a Connected USB Device 45,DVD Recording 47. Before Recording 47, DVD Recording From Connected Equipment Without the Timer 49.
DVD Timer Recording From Connected Equipment 51, Changing or Canceling DVD Timer Settings Timer List 53. Recording From Connected Equipment With a Timer Synchro Rec 54. Recording From Another VCR or Similar Device 56,DVD Editing 57. Before Editing 57,Editing a Title 58,Changing the Name of a Title 61. Creating a Playlist 62,Formatting Renaming Protecting a Disc 64. Finalizing a Disc Preparing a Disc for Playback on Other Equipment 66. continued 5US,VCR Operation,VCR Playback 68,Playing a VHS Tape 68.
Playback Options 70,Searching Using Various Functions 71. Displaying the Playing Time and Play Information 72. Selecting the Sound During Playback 73,VCR Recording 74. Before Recording 74, VCR Recording From Connected Equipment Without the Timer 75. VCR Timer Recording From Connected Equipment 77, Changing or Canceling VCR Timer Settings Timer List 79. Recording From Connected Equipment With a Timer Synchro Rec 80. Recording From Another VCR or Similar Device 82,Dubbing TAPE y DVD 83.
Dubbing From a VHS Tape to a DVD 83,Dubbing From a DVD to a VHS Tape 84. DV D8 Dubbing DV D8 t DVD 86,Before DV D8 Dubbing 86. Connecting a DV Camcorder to the DV IN Jack 86,Dubbing From a DV D8 Format Tape to a DVD 87. USB Dubbing USB t DVD 89,Before USB Dubbing 89,Connecting to the USB jack 89. Dubbing From a DVD Camcorder DVD Backup 90,Dubbing From a HDD Camcorder Program Dubbing 91.
Copying JPEG Image Files From a Connected Digital Still Camera 93. Settings and Adjustments 96,Using the Setup Displays 96. Clock Setting Clock Set 97,Video Settings Video 98. Audio Settings Audio 100, Recording VCR Set Top Box Control for HDMI Settings Features 102. Language Parental Control Settings Factory Settings Options 104. Easy Setup Resetting the Recorder 106,Additional Information 107. Troubleshooting 107,Notes About This Recorder 112,Specifications 113.
About i LINK 115,Guide to Parts and Controls 116,DVD Audio Subtitle Language 120. Cable Box Satellite Receiver Brand Code 121,What is a Video Cassette Recorder DVD Recorder. This is a DVD recorder with built in VHS video deck and allows recording playback of DVD discs and. VHS tapes DVD editing is also possible, Recording and timer recording One Touch Dubbing DVD y VHS. Record TV programs on a DVD or VHS tape Dub in either direction between a DVD disc and. either manually or using the timer You need to VHS tape with the simple press of a button. connect a tuner such as a cable box to this Note that copy protected signals will not be. recorder recorded, Easy selection between DVD and Control your cable box or satellite. VCR receiver Set top box control, Simply press the DVD or VIDEO button to select Connect the supplied set top box controller to have.
the media format you want to use the recorder change the channel of your cable box. 3US Do not place the recorder in a location near heat sources or in a place subject to direct sunlight excessive dust or mechanical shock

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