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Acknowledgment, The Victorian Service and Installation Rules Management. Committee wishes to thank the following organisations for. their valuable assistance in the preparation of these rules. Energy Safe Victoria ESV, National Electrical and Communications Association NECA. Institute of Electrical Inspectors Australia IEI,Master Electricians Australia MEA. The Service Installation Rules 2014 have been developed by the Victorian. Electricity Distributors Service and Installation Rules Management Committee. and supersede the 2005 edition, This edition of the Rules will commence operation on 1 January 2014 and. apply to all connections to the electricity supply networks operated by the. Victorian Electricity Distributors namely CitiPower Jemena Electricity. Networks Powercor Australia Ltd SP AusNet and United Energy. The Rules form the major part of Victorian Electricity Distributors reasonable. technical requirements as referred to in the Electricity Distribution Code The. Electricity Distribution Code is applied under the Electricity Industry Act 2000. Vic and is administered by the Essential Services Commission Victoria. The Rules have been subject to extensive industry consultation during their. development and offer users with industry agreed specifications intended to. assist distributors retailers customers and customers agents to meet their. regulatory and electricity supply obligations The Rules lessen the need to. reference the complex extensive and expanding range of regulations and. documentation relating to connection of installations to Victorian electricity. All installations connected or to be connected to the Victorian Electricity. Distribution networks must comply with the Rules as a condition to acquiring. and maintaining an electricity supply, The Rules may not cover all circumstances These may include unusual.
connections inadvertent omissions or changes to legislation and codes The. Victorian Electricity Distributors SIR Management Committee does not accept. responsibility where this occurs The relevant Victorian Electricity Distributor. must be consulted in these circumstances,Peter Allan. Victorian Service and Installation Rules,Management Committee. Victorian Service Installation Rules Amendment 1 April 2017 1 1. 1 1 Document Contents Summary,Section 1 General Page. 1 1 Document Contents Summary 1 2,1 2 References 1 5. 1 3 Definitions 1 6,Section 2 Introduction,2 1 Disclaimer 2 3.
2 2 Copyright 2 3,2 3 Innovation 2 3,2 4 Objective 2 3. 2 5 Users 2 3,2 6 Publication and Revision 2 4,2 7 SIR Management Committee Contact 2 5. 2 8 Dispute Resolution 2 5,2 9 Scope 2 5,2 10 Application Application Responsibilities 2 5. 2 11 Failure to Comply with These Rules 2 5,2 12 Exceptional Circumstances 2 6. 2 13 Offences 2 6, 2 14 Necessity for Employing a Licensed Person 2 7.
2 15 Basic Industry Relationship 2 7,Section 3 Distribution Areas and Contact Details. Victorian Distribution Companies 3 3,CitiPower 3 4. Jemena Electricity Network 3 5,Powercor Australia 3 6. A1 AusNet Services 3 7,United Energy 3 8, Section 4 Supply Application Connection Disconnection. 4 1 Conditions of Supply 4 3, 4 2 Negotiations for Obtaining Altering an Electricity 4 3.
Supply and Warning against Premature Expenditure,4 3 Typical Connection Process 4 4. 4 4 Application for Supply Availability 4 4,4 5 Notification of Electrical Work 4 5. 4 6 Charges 4 7, 1 2 Victorian Service Installation Rules Amendment 1 April 2017. Section 4 Supply Application Connection Disconnection Page. Form Electrical Work Request EWR 4 9,Form Field Works Order 4 10. Form Application for Abolishment of Electrical Supply 4 11. Form Reconnection of Electricity Supply 4 12,Section 5 General Rules.
5 1 Safety 5 3, 5 2 Compliance with Regulations Codes of Practices and 5 5. these Rules,5 3 Equipment Acceptance 5 6,5 4 Labelling 5 6. 5 5 Access to Distributors Equipment 5 7,5 6 Sealing and Locking 5 7. 5 7 Private Electric Lines on Public Land 5 9, 5 8 Multiple Occupancy Buildings and Subdivisions 5 12. Section 6 Supply Types Use and Protection,6 1 Network Supply 6 5.
6 2 Point of Supply 6 6,6 3 Consumer s Terminals 6 8. 6 4 Supply Arrangement Diagrams 6 9,6 5 Supply Use Obligations 6 9. 6 6 Type of Supply and Load 6 12, 6 7 Supply Capacity Maximum Demand Limitation 6 13. 6 8 Installation Supply Protection 6 14,6 9 Sources of Alternative Supply 6 20. Section 7 Connecting to the Low Voltage LV Network. 7 1 Distributor s LV Network Electrical Installation 7 6. Connection,7 2 Service Pits 7 7,7 3 Underground Service Cables 7 8.
7 4 Overhead Services 7 12,7 5 Un metered Consumer s Mains Sub Mains 7 27. 7 6 Builder s Supply in a Permanent Position 7 38, 7 7 Builder s Supply Pole in a Non Permanent Position 7 39. 7 8 Equipment other than Consumer s Mains on a 7 40. Distributor s Pole,7 9 Electrical Installations on Public Land 7 41. 7 10 Multiple Occupancy Buildings and Subdivisions 7 41. Supply Arrangements,Victorian Service Installation Rules 2014 1 3. Section 8 Low Voltage Metering Page,8 1 Scope 8 6,8 2 Tariffs Metering 8 6.
8 3 Metering Obligations 8 6,8 4 Metering Facilities 8 7. 8 5 Access 8 13,8 6 Location 8 14, 8 7 Protection against Damage to and Interference with. Metering Equipment and Injury to Persons 8 16,8 8 Metering Equipment Limits of Operation 8 16. 8 9 Direct Connected Metering 8 17,8 10 Specific Situation Requirements 8 21. 8 11 LV CURRENT TRANSFORMER METERING 8 57,8 12 Metering Communications Equipment 8 70.
Section 9 High Voltage Electrical Installations,9 1 Scope 9 3. 9 2 Contractual Arrangements 9 3,9 3 Systems of Supply 9 3. 9 4 Preliminary Information 9 3,9 5 Installation Design 9 4. 9 6 Conversion from Low Voltage to High Voltage Supply 9 4. 9 7 General Design 9 4,9 8 Protection 9 7,9 9 Insulation Co ordination 9 7. 9 10 Short Time Withstand Current 9 7,9 11 Earthing 9 7.
9 12 Distributor s Acceptance Requirements 9 8,9 13 Metering 9 9. 9 14 Testing and Commissioning 9 14, 9 15 Customer s HV Installation Operation and Maintenance 9 14. Appendix A Considerations for High Voltage Installations. 1 4 Victorian Service Installation Rules 2014,1 2 References. The following list of reference documents and organisations have been compiled for. information purposes only The documents and organisations referred to within the table. are considered current at the time of publication of these rules As these references are. subject to change it is the users responsibility to confirm the particular organisations or. documents referenced are current,Acts include Regulations include. Electricity Industry Act 2000 Electricity Safety, Electricity Safety Act 1998 Installations Regulations 2009.
Essential Services Commission Act 2001 Management Regulations 2009. National Electricity Victoria Act 2005 Electric Line Clearance 2010. Occupational Health Safety Act 2004 Bushfire Mitigation Regulations 2003. Trade Practices Act 1974 Cth Cathodic Protection Regulations 2009. Owners Corporation Act 2006, Orders and licenses provided by the Regulators under the Acts include. Orders in Council made under the Acts, Licences issued to Distributors and Retailers by the ESC under the Electricity Industry Act. Statements Codes and Guidelines published by Regulators under the Acts include. National Electricity Rules Codes of Practice and Guidelines published by. Electricity Distribution Code ESV, Electricity System Code No Go Zone Framework for Undertaking Work. Electricity Retail Code,Near Overhead and Underground Assets. Electricity Customer Metering Code,Codes of Practice.
for Safe Electrical Work Low Voltage Electrical,Public Lighting Code. Installations,VESI Metrology Procedure,Guidelines published by the ESC. Other references include, Distribution Company s List of Approved Codes of Practice. Charges for Overhead Power and Telecommunications, Specification for Indoor Substation on In span Crossings. Customers Property of Electrical Safety for Work on or Near High. Guide to the Permanent Earthing of Voltage Electrical Apparatus The Blue Book. Distribution System Assets Shared Use of Poles Code. Standards Australia for Low Voltage Fuse Removal and Reinsertion. Electrical Installation Regulation Review,Meeting Notes.
References Administrators and their Contact Details include. Australian Energy Market Commission www aemc gov au. Australian Energy Regulator www aer gov au, Electricity Retailers www esc vic gov au Licences Issued. Energy Safe Victoria www esv vic gov au,Essential Services Commission www esc vic gov au. Australian Energy Market Operator www aemo com au,Standards Australia www standards org au. Victorian Electricity Distributors See Section 3 of these Rules. Victorian WorkCover Authority www workcover vic gov au. Victorian Electricity Supply Industry www vesi com au. Victorian Service Installation Rules Amendment 1 April 2017 1 5. 1 3 Definitions, The definitions contained herein apply to these Service Installation Rules and may vary. from definitions contained in other documents, Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI The infrastructure associated with the.
installation and operation of electricity metering and communications including interval. meters designed to transmit data to and receive data from a remote locality. Allocated Maximum Demand means the demand of the electrical installation as. assessed by the Responsible Officer and specified in writing. Authorised Person the person in charge of the premises or the registered electrical. contractor or licensed electrical installation worker or other person appointed or selected. by the person in charge of the premises to perform certain duties associated with the. electrical installation on the premises as defined in the AS NZS 3000 Wiring Rules. Common Area means an area within a multiple occupancy premises used by the. occupiers of the premises and visitors Note Common Areas typically become Common. Property in the event a property subdivision occurs. Common Property means land shown as common property on a plan of subdivision or. a plan of strata or cluster subdivision, Consumer s Mains The conductors installed between the point of supply consumer s. terminals and the main switchboard, Consumer s Terminals means the electrical junction at which the Distributor cable or. supply conductors connect to the customer s installation or consumer s mains within the. customer s property, Customer Means a person or organisation whose electrical installation is connected to. the distributor s distribution system or who may want to have its electrical installation. connected to the distributor s distribution system. Customer Agent s Customer agents are parties representing the customers Such parties. may include registered electrical contractors licensed electrical workers licensed. electrical inspectors consulting engineers architects and equipment manufacturers. Deemed regarded considered or judged, Deemed Contract as defined in the Electricity Distribution Code. Distributor means a person who holds a Distribution Licence or who is exempted. from holding a licence of the Electricity Industry Act. A Distributor is also known as the Local Network Service Provider LNSP. A relevant Distributor is the Distributor who operates the Network in the area. associated with an electrical installation, Distribution Licence means a licence to distribute and supply electricity granted under.
the Electricity Industry Act, Electricity Distribution Code means the Electricity Distribution Code administered by. the Essential Services Commission, Electrical Installation The consumer s terminals their enclosure and all wiring and. equipment downstream and supplied from those terminals except for the Distributor s. network assets and where applicable the metering assets. An electrical installation does not include Distributors network assets including. The meter equipment located within an electrical installation including the. service and distribution equipment upstream of the consumer s terminals. 1 6 Victorian Service Installation Rules Amendment 1 April 2017. The Network assets on land occupied by a Distributor that are not used for the. consumption of electricity on that land or incidental to that consumption. Fuse cartridges for a Supply Protection Device and or Occupancy Disconnection. LEIW means Licensed Electrical Installation Worker. Meter Provider The person who installs and maintains the metering Refer to clause. 2 15 2 for National Electricity Rules Definition of Meter Provider. Must is to be understood as mandatory, Occupancy means an electrical installation or part thereof which is supplied with. electricity through a specific meter or meters and for which an individual electricity. consumption account is rendered, Occupancy Disconnection Device A device provided for the purpose of disconnection. and reconnection of individually metered occupancies within multiple occupancy. Occupancies Multiple or Multiple Occupancies means more than one Occupancy. connected to the same electrical installation, Owners Corporation means a body corporate which is incorporated by registration of.
a plan of subdivision or a plan of strata or cluster subdivision. 7 1 Distributor s LV Network Electrical Installation Connection 7 6 7 2 Service Pits 7 7 7 3 Underground Service Cables 7 8 7 4 Overhead Services 7 12 7 5 Un metered Consumer s Mains amp Sub Mains 7 27 7 6 Builder s Supply in a Permanent Position 7 38 7 7 Builder s Supply Pole in a Non Permanent Position 7 39

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