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2,Manual contents ,A What is Radionics and why does it work. B Vibrionics,C Practical applications,A What is Radionics and why does it work. Radionics is an extremely versatile method of hands on or distant diagnosis and treatment utilizing. specially designed instruments to determine the underlying causes of diseases within a living system be. it human animal plant or the soil itself While Radionics is mainly used to treat human ailments it has. also been used extensively in agriculture to increase yields control pests and enhance the health of. livestock Because Radionics is based on the principle of non locality distant treatments are just as. effective as hands on ones , Radionics recognizes that there are numerous finely organized fields of energy beyond those identified. by science which may be utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes Basic to Radionics is the. concept that all life forms share a common ground of being immersed in the electro magnetic field of the. earth We are all part of this cosmic energy soup a huge field of waves and vibrations which make up. the Universe Some are beneficial others are harmful and every living thing is affected by them Each life. form has its own electro magnetic field which if sufficiently distorted ultimately results in disease of the. organism Radionics is based on the reception selection and emission of these vibrational waves for. diagnostic and healing purposes It is a healing art within which physics and para physics science and. religion meet and merge ,1 How does Radionics work. This knowledge applied in practice means that what differentiates us from other living and non living. matter is the fact that everything vibrates at its own particular frequency Each one of us has a unique. vibratory fingerprint Each of our body parts has a standard optimum vibratory rate too and any deviation. from that signifies a degree of disease Likewise each disease or harmful substance to the body each. physical emotional and spiritual imbalance but also each remedy has a particular frequency or. vibrational rate Accepting that all is energy Radionics sees organs diseases and remedies as having. their own particular frequency or vibration These vibrations can be expressed in numerical values which. are known as rates or in the form of Geometric Patterns These provide the means by which the. practitioner identifies and treats disease Each radionic rate produces a unique geometric shape in a very. specific vibrational range i e it has a specific shape and energy direction and this brings a disrupted. organ or condition into balance This shape exists on a multi dimensional level and is inverted by 180 by. the machine which means that it compliments the dysfunctional organ or imbalanced condition Our own. bad energy for example is being turned 180 degrees thereby neutralized and then sent back to us The. radionic rates are entered by means of calibrated dials on a radionic instrument The instrument sends. the rates to the diseased organism in the form of electro magnetic energy correcting the vibration of the. affected area The system works on the principle of resonance Much like a string played on one violin. will cause the string of another in close proximity to vibrate too the imbalanced area of the organism will. entrain its vibration to the correcting vibration sent to it resulting in its optimum health level . During a distant treatment a treatment need to be given a direction which is a witness hair sample or. photograph is placed on the witness plate To give it purpose the rates are set on the dials The witness. is used for testing and treatment The witness is unique to each person in the same way as our thumb. imprints are The witness through its holographic quality will show the energy balance of the owner at. the time the sample is tested even though he himself may be far away Distant sending and receiving is. similar to the sending and receiving of radio and television waves . The radionic practitioner in making his analysis uses the principle of dowsing or radiesthesia to detect. the disease in much the same way as the dowser detects the location of water oil or mineral deposits By. means of a series of mentally posed questions he obtains information about the health of his patients to. which the conscious thinking mind has no direct access . 2, 3,Dowsing Radiesthesia , Radiesthesia is the science dealing with the study of energy fields Successful use of a pendulum is.
central to successful Radionic testing Here are some tips . A pendulum can be any type of weight suspended on a string or chain The size of the weight. depends on your personal preference , The pendulum is an extension of your hand it never leaves your own energy field There is no. energy transfer between patient and practitioner when you do a diagnosis on someone We use the. pendulum to increase our sensitivity in detecting a condition just as we would detect vibes when we. step into a room at times We actually use the pendulum only because we are not ready to trust our. intuition our unlimited abilities , When using a pendulum what is most important is what you are comfortable with Have faith in your. ability to use the pendulum Trusting the answers you get is the only rule . Sit at a table so you can support your arm Have a peace of paper with a circle on it in front of you . Relax and be at ease focus and check your mind set . It is important that you talk to your pendulum you need to let your higher self know what you want. from it Be careful to formulate your question correctly . Ask your pendulum to show you its positive YES swing This can be one of the following clockwise . anti clockwise horizontal or vertical Once it is established ask for your negative NO swing These. will be your modus operandi from now on If you get no response give your higher self a hint by. deliberately swinging your pendulum in a particular way for the YES swing and another for the NO. swing This is just to prod our brain to understand what we want . Practice until you have established a good swing . When penduluming a witness it may be done with the witness on the plate over the plate or with the. witness on the table in front of the machine whichever feels right Ask the pendulum as you slowly. turn up the energy and potency levels starting from zero . If the pendulum does not respond , you may be tired take a break and try again. you may not be asking the question in the right way or you may not be specific enough. there may be no potency for the remedy although this is highly unlikely. there may be an energy block in the patient which is remedied by running wiping a magnet. across the witness several times, The essential ingredient to the success of a radionic treatment is our intent Our intention to heal. someone is the foundation of the healing process The radionic machine is dead without intent However . it has been said that Radionics is a form of telepathy Jaco has found that we need not connect mentally. and psychically with clients beyond our intent to heal This frees us to have an off day and still be able to. treat clients It is the belief of the mainstream that thought is the medium of broadcast which we had. disprove Radionics is a ether instrument Basic to Radionics is the knowledge that Ether and thought. both fills the same space and that ether has the qualities of omnipresence omniscience and. omnipotence All radionic information transmitted by an electromagnetic field possesses these three. qualities , A few thoughts on thoughts Thought is life what we think we are Our thought creates our environment .
our thoughts constitute our world The body is a product of the mind and under the control of the mind. and we are in control of what we put into our mind Every thought we think is a boomerang . An evil thought is thrice cursed firstly it harms the thinker by doing injury to their mental body Secondly . it harms the person who is the object of the thought and thirdly it harms all mankind by vitiating the whole. mental atmosphere ,2 Radionic testing , The scope of Radionics in theory is unlimited in practice it is limited by the sensitivity knowledge and. expertise of the practitioner At one level it can be used to determine the structural and functional integrity. of the body and to identify the causes of disease hidden within At another level determining the states. of the body s energy centers chakras provides a picture of energy flows in the body and enables the. practitioner to gain a deeper insight into the reasons behind certain physical and psychological. imbalances To this may be added an analysis of the qualities of energy within specific psychic. structures A synthesis of this data reveals physical and psychological strengths weaknesses limitations. 3, 4, and capacities providing patients with insights into the personal and spiritual aspects of their nature . which can prove most useful during periods of crisis and stress . 3 Disclaimer , Radionics does not profess to medically diagnose prescribe or cure A Radionics test or diagnosis is not. a medical test or diagnosis but a means of identifying and assessing the underlying causes of. pathological states and their symptoms and measuring energy levels The resultant analysis may differ. from current medical opinion because the practitioner s approach is along para physical lines For a. medical opinion or diagnosis of your health you must consult with a qualified medical doctor Radionics. treats the etheric template the vibrational counterpart of the physical body its perfect energetic replica . thereby supporting and augmenting any conventional medical treatment aimed at the physical body . It is safe and highly beneficial to treat women during pregnancy Treatments will ease the birth process. and greatly enhance the child s development ,4 Conclusion. Radionics as a treatment method is highly effective elegantly simple completely safe and without. negative side effects The treatment is non invasive and cannot do harm It can be used to compliment. other forms of therapy and its efficacy is such that it forms a complete system of healing on its own right . Additionally as we are working purely with the energy field we can detect not only current imbalances . but also future and potential problem fields Therefore long before a problem will manifest as a physical. symptom it will show up on a Radionic test as an energy imbalance Radionics is such a versatile system. that lends itself to any healing modality Areas in which we have done extensive research are . Acupuncture Reiki Aromatherapy Reflexology Kinesiology Spiritual healing Colour healing Crystal. healing and the healing of sport injuries ,B The Vibrionic Unit .
The Vibrionic Unit is the result of over 38 years of research into Radionics a healing approach in. successful use since the early 1900 s and the Vibrionic Unit s particular use of sacred geometry patterns. makes it unique in the world Other radionic systems are all based on resistance like that of Abrams. radionic system In Jaco s radionic system the rates build a geometric 3D form which has a life of its own. much like a thought form does The 3D forms are much purer though because they are rate built Rates. are pure while thought forms are contaminated by interferences The rates are sent in 3D just like. minerals in periodic table have a 3D shape designated to them All matter in the universe is made up of. the elements on that table therefore all matter is made up of 3 D shapes . a How does the rate sent interact with for instance a disease in the body . It matches it through a hand in glove process Just as the body addresses a virus by. encapsulating and thereby isolating it with white blood cells so it can t do any harm and then. attacking the virus the vibrational signature will match the virus in a 180 inversion hand in . glove way isolating it and then attacking it through the resonance principle . b Features, This standard radionic instrument is the most comprehensive unit and includes the following. features , o Treatments may be done locally and over a distance with around 13600 rates to choose from . o A rows of dials allow you to set up rates, o A potency dial and a energy dial enables you to calibrate the rate to its destination. o A hand held probe facilitates convenient local treatments. o An auto scan and treatment system, o Copying of existing energy remedies. o Making up of energy remedies using the rates , o A pulsate mode allows you to treat over an extended time period .
o A copy of the rate book , o A complete operating manual . o Input and output sockets enable you to connect additional equipment to your unit such as the. energy screens monochromatic light unit or hand held probe . 4, 5,c For Reiki practitioners , The Vibrionics Unit is also an ideal unit for use in a Reiki practice because it includes the rates for. most of the Reiki symbols More rates will be added as research is completed Since Radionics is. based on an energy system it lends itself perfectly to all such healing systems The idea is not to. change the way Reiki had been practiced but rather to broaden the scope of the Reiki practitioner . enhancing his work ,d Workmanship, 38 years of research and development has gone into the Vibrionic Unit The Vibrionic Unit is. practitioner identifies and treats disease Each radionic rate produces a unique geometric shape in a very specific vibrational range i e it has a specific shape and energy direction and this brings a disrupted organ or condition into balance This shape exists on a multi dimensional level and is inverted by 180 by

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