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This overhaul manual is applicable to 3 5,3 9 and 4 2 Litre V8 engines with or without. suffix B added to the engine serial number,Publication Part No RCL. Published by Rover Technical Communication,1996 Rover Group Limited. INTRODUCTION,INTRODUCTION References, How to use this Manual With the engine and gearbox assembly removed. the crankshaft pulley end of the engine is referred to. To assist in the use of this Manual the section title is as the front References to RH and LH banks of. given at the top and the relevant sub section is given cylinders is taken viewing from the flywheel end of. at the bottom of each page the engine, This manual contains procedures for overhaul of the Operations covered in this Manual do not include.
V8 engine on the bench with the gearbox clutch reference to testing the vehicle after repair It is. inlet manifold exhaust manifolds coolant pump essential that work is inspected and tested after. starter motor alternator and all other ancillary completion and if necessary a road test of the. equipment removed For information regarding vehicle is carried out particularly where safety. General Information Adjustments removal of oil related items are concerned. seals engine units and ancillary equipment consult. the Repair Manual,Dimensions,Each major section starts with a contents page. listing the information contained in the relevant The dimensions quoted are to design engineering. sub sections To assist filing of revised information specification with Service limits where applicable. each sub section is numbered from page 1, The individual overhaul items are to be followed in. the sequence in which they appear Items numbers,in the illustrations are referred to in the text. Overhaul operations include reference to Service, tool numbers and the associated illustration depicts. the tool Where usage is not obvious the tool is,shown in use Land Rover tool numbers are quoted.
for the equivalent Rover Cars tool number refer to. the Service Tool section Operations also include, reference to wear limits relevant data and specialist. information and useful assembly details,WARNINGS CAUTIONS and NOTES have the. following meanings,WARNING Procedures which must be. followed precisely to avoid the possibility,CAUTION Calls attention to procedures. which must be followed to avoid damage,to components.
NOTE Gives helpful information,INTRODUCTION 1,INTRODUCTION. REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS SPECIFICATION, When replacement parts are required it is essential Rover Group are constantly seeking to improve the. that only Rover recommended parts are used specification design and production of their vehicles. and alterations take place accordingly While every. Attention is particularly drawn to the following points effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this. concerning repairs and the fitting of replacement Manual it should not be regarded as an infallible. parts and accessories guide to current specifications of any particular. Torque wrench setting figures given in this Manual. must be used Locking devices where specified This Manual does not constitute an offer for sale of. must be fitted If the efficiency of a locking device is any particular component or vehicle Rover Group. impaired during removal it must be renewed dealers are not agents of Rover Group and have no. authority to bind the manufacturer by any expressed. The terms of the vehicle warranty may be or implied undertaking or representation. invalidated by the fitting of parts other than Rover. Group recommended parts All Rover Group,recommended parts have the full backing of the. vehicle warranty,Rover Group dealers are obliged to supply only. Rover Group recommended parts,2 INTRODUCTION,INFORMATION.
Firing order 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2,Cylinders 1 3 5 7 LH side of engine. Cylinders 2 4 6 8 RH side of engine,Valve springs,Free length 48 30 mm. Fitted length 40 40 mm,Load at fitted length 339 10 N. Valve stem diameter,Inlet 8 664 to 8 679 mm,Exhaust 8 651 to 8 666 mm. Valve head diameter,Inlet 39 75 to 40 00 mm,Exhaust 34 226 to 34 480 mm.
Valve installed height maximum 47 63 mm,Valve stem to guide clearance. Inlet 0 025 to 0 066 mm,Exhaust 0 038 to 0 078 mm,Valve guides. Valve guide installed height 24 13 mm,Valve seats,Valve seat angle 460 15. Valve seat width 1 5 to 2 0 mm,Valve face angle 45. Gear to body minimum clearance 0 05 mm,Oil pressure relief valve.
Spring free length 81 28 mm,Oil pump Engine No s with suffix B. Inner to outer rotor clearance maximum 0 25 mm,Rotors to cover plate clearance maximum 0 1 mm. Drive gear wear step depth maximum 0 15 mm,Oil pressure relief valve Engine No s with. Spring free length 60 0 mm,Maximum run out 0 05 mm. GENERAL DATA 1,INFORMATION,Piston rings,Ring to groove clearance.
Top compression 0 05 to 0 10 mm,2nd compression 0 05 to 0 10 mm. Ring fitted gap,Top compression 0 44 to 0 57 mm,2nd compression 0 44 to 0 57 mm. Oil control rails 0 38 to 1 40 mm,Oil control ring width 3 00 mm maximum. Clearance in bore measured at bottom of,skirt at right angles to bore 0 018 to 0 033 mm. Gudgeon pins,Length 72 67 to 72 79 mm,Diameter 22 215 to 22 220 mm.
Clearance in piston 0 002 to 0 007 mm,Connecting rods. Length between centres 143 81 to 143 71 mm,Cylinder bore. Cylinder bore diameter,3 5 engine 88 90 mm,3 9 engine 94 00 mm. 4 2 engine 94 00 mm,Crankshaft,Main journal diameter 58 409 to 54 422 mm. Minimum regrind diameter 57 393 to 57 406 mm,Maximum out of round 0 040 mm.
Big end journal diameter 50 800 to 50 812 mm,Minimum regrind diameter 49 784 to 49 797 mm. Maximum out of round 0 040 mm,End float 0 10 to 0 20 mm. Main bearings, Main bearing diametrical clearance 0 010 to 0 048 mm. Undersizes 0 254 mm 0 508 mm,Big end bearings, Big end bearing diametrical clearance 0 015 to 0 055 mm. Undersizes 0 254 mm 0 508 mm,Endfloat on journal 0 15 to 0 36 mm.
Flywheel minimum thickness 39 93 mm,Drive plate,Drive plate setting height 8 08 to 8 20 mm. 2 GENERAL DATA,INFORMATION,Crankshaft pulley bolt 270 Nm. Timing cover to cylinder block bolts 22 Nm,Camshaft gear bolt 50 Nm. Rocker cover bolts 8 Nm,Rocker shaft to cylinder head bolts 38 Nm. Cylinder head bolts,Outer row 60 Nm,Centre row 90 Nm.
Inner row 90 Nm,Cylinder head bolts Engine No s with suffix B. Stage 1 20 Nm,Stage 2 Then 90,Stage 3 Further 90,Lifting eye to cylinder head bolts 25 Nm. Connecting rod bolts 50 Nm,Main bearing cap bolts 70 Nm. Rear main bearing cap bolts 90 Nm,Flywheel bolts 80 Nm. Drive plate and ring gear assembly bolts 40 Nm,Drive plate adapter bolts 80 Nm.
Oil sump drain plug 40 Nm,Oil sump bolts 23 Nm,Oil pressure relief plug 45 Nm. Oil pump cover to timing cover 12 Nm,Oil pump cover plate screws Engine No s with 4 Nm. Oil strainer bolts 10 Nm,Distributor clamp bolt 20 Nm. Spark plug 15 Nm,Coolant pump timing cover to cylinder block 22 Nm. Lightly oil threads prior to assembly, Coat first three threads with Loctite 242 prior to assembly.
Coat threads with lubricant EXP16A Marston Lubricants prior to assembly. Coat threads with Loctite 222 prior to assembly,TORQUE WRENCH SETTINGS 1. INFORMATION,For bolts and nuts not otherwise specified. M16 130 Nm,1 4 8 10 Nm,5 16 25 Nm,7 16 75 Nm,5 8 135 Nm. 2 TORQUE WRENCH SETTINGS,This page is intentionally left blank. DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION 1,2 DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION.
CYLINDER BLOCK COMPONENTS, 1 Cylinder block 20 Centre main bearing shell upper. 2 Piston and gudgeon pin 21 Crankshaft rear oil seal. 3 Connecting rod 22 Rear main bearing cap and side seals. 4 Core plugs 23 Connecting rod cap,5 Camshaft 24 Main bearing caps. 6 Dipstick 25 Oil pump cover, 7 Camshaft key 26 Oil pressure relief valve assembly. 8 Timing chain 27 Oil pressure switch, 9 Camshaft sprocket 28 Oil pump suction pipe and strainer. 10 Spacer 29 Sump,11 Distributor drive gear 30 Drain plug.
12 Distributor 31 Timing cover,13 Oil pump gears 32 Timing cover gasket. 14 Timing cover and gasket 33 Timing cover oil seal. 15 Timing cover oil seal 34 Oil filter,16 Crankshaft pulley 35 Oil pressure switch. 17 Crankshaft sprocket 36 Oil pressure relief valve assembly. 18 Woodruff key 37 Camshaft thrust plate if fitted. 19 Crankshaft,Engine numbers without suffix B,Engine numbers with suffix B. DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION 3,CYLINDER HEAD COMPONENTS. 1 Cylinder head 11 Engine oil filler cap, 2 Rocker cover 12 Inlet valve seal spring cap and collets.
3 PCV filter 13 Exhaust valve seal spring cap and collets. 4 Rocker shaft 14 Inlet valve and seat,5 Tappet 15 Exhaust valve and seat. 6 Pushrod 16 Inlet manifold gasket and seals,7 Rocker shaft bracket 17 Cylinder head gasket. 8 Rocker arm 18 Valve guide,9 Rocker shaft spring,10 PCV air intake filter. 4 DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION, The V8 engine is an eight cylinder water cooled unit The centrally located camshaft is driven by the. comprising of cast aluminium cylinder block and crankshaft via an inverted tooth chain The valves. cylinder heads are operated by rockers pushrods and hydraulic. tappets Distributor drive is by skew gear from the. The two banks of steel cylinder liners which are front of the camshaft. pressed down to stops in the cylinder block are set. at 900 to each other The crankshaft is carried in five The aluminium alloy pistons have two compression. main bearings end float being controlled by the rings and an oil control ring and are secured to the. thrust faces of the upper centre main bearing shell connecting rods by semi floating gudgeon pins On. later 4 2L engines the gudgeon pin is offset 0 5mm. identified by an arrow mark on the piston crown, which must always point to the front of the engine.
Plain big end bearing shells are fitted to each,connecting rod. DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION 5,Lubrication Engine numbers without suffix B. 1 Oil strainer 5 Main gallery, 2 Crankshaft main bearing oil feed A Oil to cooler. 3 Oil pressure relief valve B Oil from cooler,4 Oil pump. 6 DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION,Lubrication Engine numbers with suffix B.
1 Oil strainer 5 Main gallery,2 Oil pump A Oil to cooler. 3 Pressure relief valve B Oil from cooler,4 Oil pressure switch. Engine numbers without suffix B All engines, The full flow lubrication system uses an external Oil is drawn from the pressed steel sump through a. gear pump which is driven by the distributor drive strainer and into the oil pump excess pressure. shaft The oil pump gears are housed in the timing being relieved by the pressure relief valve The oil. cover and the oil pressure relief valve and warning pressure warning light switch is screwed into the oil. light switch are fitted to the oil pump cover pump cover and registers the oil pressure in the. main oil gallery on the outflow side of the filter. Engine numbers with suffix B Pressurised oil passes through an oil cooler if fitted. to the full flow oil filter and to internal drillings in the. The full flow lubrication system uses a gear type oil crankshaft where it is directed to each main bearing. pump driven from the crankshaft The assembly is and to the big end bearings via Nos 1 3 and 5 main. integral with the timing cover which also carries the bearings An internal drilling in the cylinder block. full flow oil filter oil pressure switch and pressure directs oil to the camshaft where it passes through. relief valve further internal drillings to the hydraulic tappets. camshaft journals and rocker shaft Lubrication to, the thrust side of the cylinders is by oil grooves. machined in each connecting rod big end joint face. which are timed to align with holes in the big end. journals on the power and exhaust strokes,DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION 7.
MANUAL This overhaul manual is applicable to 3 5 3 9 and 4 2 Litre V8 engines with or without suffix B added to the engine serial number Publication Part No RCL Published by Rover Technical Communication 1996 Rover Group Limited INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION 1 INTRODUCTION How to use this Manual To assist in the use of this Manual the section title is given at the top and the relevant sub

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